Dragon Husband Chapter 620

Chapter 620

Zhuang Ningning also knew that it was abrupt just now. Wiliam is a unicorn envoy, let alone 30 million, even if the entire villa was moved away, it was a matter of one sentence.

Wiliam rewarded him for his job as a cheap owner.

So she hurriedly said, “I’ll do it right away. By the way, should I tell Jin Lieyun about this matter?”

Wiliam frowned slightly, “You are now the owner, you have to put your position right.”

These words made Zhuang Ningning spit out her tongue, she was indeed a bit uncomfortable with this sudden high position.

Zhuang Ningning immediately called and asked her to withdraw money.

While waiting, Zhuang Ningning’s little woman’s mind exploded again, pulling the left and right lines of Gu Zhiling, chatting that Gu Zhiling’s brain hurts.

Gu Zhiling even glared at Wiliam bitterly, as if he was saying that you pulled me over to be a shield for this Hu Niu.

Talking about the topic and talking about the 30 million dollars, Gu Zhiling also told Zhuang Ningning the inside story.

But when Zhuang Ningning heard the cause of the matter, her expression changed drastically, “What! You have offended the Lu family!”

Gu Ling’s heart shuddered, looking at Zhuang Ningning’s expression as if a catastrophe is imminent, is it really that terrifying in the Lu Family?

Wiliam gave Zhuang Ningning a meaningful look.

Zhuang Ningning suddenly became anxious and rushed to Wiliam and said, “No, no! You definitely can’t go to Lu’s house! You will lose money even if you bring money! The people of Lu’s family, but they don’t vomit. The bones are well-known in Jianghuai, especially Lu Sixian, who is notorious.”

Wiliam asked faintly at this time, “Zhuang Ningning, don’t you know the backer behind the Qiulu Group?”

Zhuang Ningning was taken aback, “I don’t know? Are there any backers behind them?”

Seeing Zhuang Ningning’s face really bewildered, Wiliam also knew in his heart.

Zhuang Ningning used to be just an outer disciple of Lingyue Villa, and had no access to some of the affairs of the Villa.

In the morning, Wiliam was flipping through the ledger, which not only listed in detail the enterprises founded by the village’s disciples outside, but also listed all Lingyue Villa’s vassal enterprises.

The first to bear the brunt is Qiulu Group!

In other words, before this, Qiulu Group was the largest vassal enterprise of Lingyue Villa.

Lingyue Villa is one of the backers of Qiulu Group.

That’s why Wiliam was surprised when he heard that Lu Sixian had reported himself to the Qiulu Group. There was such a coincidence in the world.

And Wiliam also wanted to understand why Zhuang Ningning didn’t know. On the one hand, her predecessors were light-hearted and couldn’t touch these aspects.

More importantly, it is the vassal enterprises that secretly take refuge in Lingyue Villa.

After all, those business bosses are all decent people on the outside, and they don’t show up about who they are.

They vassalized Lingyue Mountain Villa to ensure safety, and even more so to use Lingyue Mountain Villa’s masters to help them do some shameful deeds.

One contributes money and the other contributes, very sparse and common.

Therefore, under the deliberate concealment of both parties, few people will know which enterprise is a vassal of which school.

Zhuang Ningning only became the owner today, and it is normal to not know for the time being.

To understand this, Wiliam didn’t say much, she would naturally know in the future.

“Wiliam, are you listening to me? Why are you in a daze?” Zhuang Ningning saw Wiliam look like a troublemaker, and his temper came up again, almost rushing to pull Wiliam’s ears.

“Well, I have my own opinion, my Wiliam’s money is not so easy to collect. They dare to collect, they must be psychologically prepared to double the return.” Wiliam said lightly.

Zhuang Ningning choked for a while, but after thinking for a while, she said to Wiliam as if she had made up her mind, “Wiliam, I’ll go instead of you! Anyway, they just want to collect the money, who will send the money. It’s all the same. You used to make things worse. I have no grievances with them. They should not embarrass me. What’s more, if they dare to be rude to me, I will say that I am the owner of Lingyue Villa! Scared them to death!”

Zhuang Ningning’s look at death made Wiliam want to laugh.

is it so serious?

“Well, you don’t have to worry about this matter, I have my own arrangements, and you can withdraw the money for me.” Wiliam said lightly.

Zhuang Ningning obviously wanted to say something, but Wiliam stared back.

But Zhuang Ningning obviously had a plan in mind.

For him, Wiliam had the grace to recreate. She could not save Wiliam yesterday, but she would never let this guilt happen again.

She quit silently and arranged money for Wiliam.

Gu Zhiling was so coaxed, but instead looked at Wiliam jokingly, “You can see it, wherever you little bastard go, where the harem opens, even Jianghuai can find such a beautiful girl. “

Wiliam Yihan said, “Don’t talk nonsense, my relationship with her is similar to yours, it’s innocent.”

But the speaker was unwilling and the listener intentionally, Gu Zhiling’s face blushed inexplicably.


Wiliam, you are innocent, but what if I am not innocent…

She would not say this to Wiliam.

On the other side, Lu’s family.

After Lu Sixian returned home, he went straight to the study to find his father.

His father is called Lu Fengbin, frowning in the study at the moment.

Seeing Lu Sixian coming over, he said majesticly: “Why do you have time to come to my study and not look for your messy women?”

Lu Sixian chuckled, but he was obviously used to being scolded by his father, and he cheered up and said, “Dad, are you thinking about the group reception tomorrow?”

Lu Fengbin often scolds Lu Sixian, but love is also extremely affectionate. He nodded and said gravely: “Well, since yesterday Lingyue Villa reported that all of our vassal companies would be kicked out, no one is wrong. Things are upsetting.”

Yesterday, Lu Fengbin and others suddenly received a call from Lingyue Villa, saying that they would draw a clear line with them, and from then on, the road would go to the sky.

Hearing this kid, Lu Fengbin was dumbfounded on the spot.

In recent years, Lu Group has been able to grow bigger and stronger in Jianghuai, and Lingyue Villa has to support it.

Now that they are kicked out of disagreement, all companies are nervous.

That’s why the Qiulu Group will take the lead in bringing these vassal companies together, and we will discuss tomorrow to see if there are any countermeasures.

He originally thought that Lingyue Villa could do such a thing, but it was in line with Jin Lieyun’s old immortal style. That guy, with a big appetite, would definitely want to catch them and beat them hard.

And just as Lu Fengbin was planning the reception for tomorrow, he received another shocking message two hours ago!

The owner of Lingyue Villa has changed.


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