Dragon Husband Chapter 621

Chapter 621

This change of coaches was a nightmare for Lu Fengbin, who was already in distress.

Originally, Lu Fengbin thought about it well.

Jin Lieyun came up with this Yaozi this time because he officially became the owner, so he would speak loudly.

So Lu Fengbin was also mentally prepared to be beaten by him.

After all, this period was an eventful period for Qiulu Group.

The Qiulu Group originally vassed the two forces at the same time.

One is Lingyue Villa, and there is a more subtle force.

However, it happened in the first two weeks that this force also spoke out loudly, saying that if they want to continue to receive asylum, they must provide them with 70% of Qiulu Group’s annual profit.

It’s not clear why Qiulu Group will give them free part-time jobs.

So at that time, Lu Fengbin was heartbroken and decided to devote all his efforts to please Lingyue Villa, so he turned down that power.

I didn’t know that Lingyue Villa was being coaxed out now, which gave Lu Fengbin a feeling that the room was leaking and it was rainy night.

Why did Lingyue Villa suddenly change its owner!

Did something happen to Jin Lieyun?

So just now, Lu Fengbin kept calling Jin Lieyun, but the phone kept shutting down.

The subordinate who was sent out only inquired a message that the new owner was a woman.

What is Zhuang Ningning.

This made Lu Fengbin confused on the spot.

Who is Zhuang Ningning?

What does it look like?

Three heads and six arms?

I have never heard of this name before in Jianghuai.

If this woman had a background, I would have known this person a long time ago.

Is it airborne?

Otherwise, how could he directly replace Jin Lieyun as the new owner.

So he asked people to inquire about Zhuang Ningning’s message, mainly focusing on the women who came to Jianghuai during this time.

“Sixian, have you heard the name Zhuang Ningning?” Lu Fengbin asked, “Don’t you know women best?”

Lu Sixian sweated, “I haven’t heard of it, but it’s definitely not a beauty, and I feel that to be the owner of the house, I must be very old.”

Lu Fengbin’s eyes lit up, “It makes sense! I even ignored this. Let me talk to my subordinates, so I can narrow the scope.”

He made a phone call as he said, and after explaining that Lu Sixian was still not leaving, he asked, “Explain your intentions? You are the master of the Three Treasures Palace.”

Lu Sixian laughed, then told Lu Fengbin about the afternoon’s affairs.

Of course he beautified himself in it, and vilified Wiliam.

And after Lu Fengbin heard this, he seemed to be disappointed, and said casually: “Isn’t it just to teach him in public tomorrow, I thought it was a big deal.”

Lu Sixian said with an ugly expression: “That kid is a little skillful.”

Lu Fengbin smiled, “What about a little skill? Not to mention whether he dared to coax in front of so many wealthy and famous people tomorrow. Just coming to my Qiulu Group has prevented him from leaving unharmed. Dang Where is my Qiulu Group? Come when you say it, and leave when you say it?”

When Lu Sixian heard his father say this, he immediately smiled, “Hahaha, thank you dad, and I must help me find this place tomorrow.”

Lu Fengbin sighed, “You, you will only cause trouble outside. You have been beaten. Can my father stand by? I really think our Qiulu Group is in the sunset? No matter, we will do it tomorrow. Just do it a little harder, and show everyone that a lean camel is bigger than a horse.”

Lu Fengbin had this heart in mind, and naturally he also considered it.

Although all the invitations have been sent out, those allies are not good at all.

Just do it for them.

After getting his father’s assurance, Lu Sixian left the study happily.

He can’t wait now. Tomorrow, he has to see how that kid can get off the stage.

My Qiulu Group will make you a cemetery, it’s decent enough.

After that kid dies, the seven beauties around him are all mine!

When the time comes, one dragon will wear seven phoenixes, and life will not be happy!

Thinking of this, Lu Sixian suddenly had a thought.

Taking advantage of his father’s carelessness, he slipped into a side room quietly.

Then he opened a simple box and secretly took out a small bottle of colorless and odorless liquid from the box.

The liquid looked very transparent, like normal mineral water.

It’s just that if you stare at the water intently, you can see that there seems to be a light cyan streamer in the water, flashing away.

“Hehehe, this thing is a good thing, you can’t follow me?” Lu Sixian smiled and secretly hid the bottle of water in his pocket.

The next day, Wiliam appeared at Lingyue Villa again, this time naturally also carrying Gu Zhiling.

Gu Zhiling wrapped himself tightly today, even wearing a black veil.

After all, she is a star and is easy to be recognized.

On the other hand, Zhuang Ningning handed Wiliam two large boxes of push boxes containing stacks of banknotes.

She finally asked, “Are you really not going to let me pass?”

Wiliam couldn’t say no, and suddenly asked, “Do you want to go?”

Zhuang Ningning nodded immediately, “Well, I want to go.”

This time, she decided that Daoshanhuohai would also break into Wiliam.

“Okay, let’s go together if you want to go, but don’t be so scared that you cry.” Wiliam said jokingly.

Zhuang Ningning blushed and said righteously: “What a joke! I, Zhuang Ningning, was terrified! Besides, I am now the owner of Lingyue Villa, what am I afraid of!”

“Well, this kind of confidence is good, but then everything will follow my instructions, and I won’t be allowed to speak,” Wiliam said.

Zhuang Ningning sweats, this kid still holds grudges.

This was not exactly what she asked Wiliam to ask when she asked Wiliam to come to Lingyue Villa.

I came back so soon.

She nodded, “Well, what do you say I do, I swear to God. If it works.”

Gu Zhiling couldn’t help but laughed out, “Okay, OK, don’t worry, I believe this little bastard, his other name is miracle.”

When Zhuang Ningning heard it, he was full of interest, “This is a very unique title.”

“A miracle?” Gu Zhiling asked casually.

“No, little bastard.”

Wiliam’s face was completely black.

The women around were all black and mouth.

“Go.” Wiliam checked that the time was almost up, and then strode forward.

“Hey, you forgot there are two boxes left.” Gu Zhiling shouted from behind.

Wiliam kept walking and said with a smile: “Why do you think I took the two of you over? Isn’t it good to be one by one?”

“You two scum, do you expect your Master Wiliam to push the box himself?”


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