Dragon Husband Chapter 622

Chapter 622

The expressions of Gu Zhiling and Zhuang Ningning froze instantly.

Master Wiliam…

Lu Yeda your sister!

We are not your maid!

You are the scum!

Your whole family is scum!

There is no sense of pity for Xiangxiyu!

Letting two beauties carry the box is indeed the single king of a thousand years!

The two of them slandered, but they were pushing a box to chase Wiliam.

And just as they drove to the Qiulu Group, on the top floor of the Qiulu Group, a fierce argument was unfolding.

Although today’s event is said to be a cocktail party, it is more like a meeting.

There were more than 30 men sitting around the table, and each one spoke fiercely.

What they discussed was naturally Lingyue Villa.

“Okay, don’t quarrel anymore. I called you all over today for the purpose of discussing big plans, not one by one.” Lu Fengbin patted the table, a little furious.

Seeing Lu Fengbin’s face, the people at the scene were silent.

“I think it’s up to me to preside, not much gossip, let’s get straight to the subject. Lingyue Villa not only kicked us out of the ranks of vassals, but also changed the owner yesterday. I want to ask you, what does this mean?” Lu Fengbin asked Tao.

Someone at the scene immediately said in a weird manner: “This shows that once the emperor and the courtier, this new owner has a darker heart than Jin Lieyun! It must give us a bit of power to let us know who we should rely on in the future. .”

Many people nodded and agreed with this view.

Even Lu Fengbin agrees with this view.

The new official has three fires, and the new owner seems to be a stubborn problem.

I plan to use this hand to polish everyone’s eyes and let everyone see who they should be loyal to in the future.

“I think everyone thinks that way? Then there is no objection. I will ask you again, what are you going to do?” Lu Fengbin asked again.

Soon the scene was frying again, and some of them utterly said that they would withdraw, and they would not wait for them in the future.

But more, it means how to curry favor with the new owner. After all, for their long-term development and rooting in Jianghuai, they will inevitably have contact with Lingyue Villa.

“Okay, after listening to what everyone said, I probably understand it. In fact, I also mean that. Since the new owner has the heart to stand up, we simply obeyed the new owner’s will, and it is easy to win. After all. We can’t afford Lingyue Villa. If we can return to the original mode, it would be better. If there are people who don’t want to rebuild the old good, they can leave now.” Lu Fengbin is indeed a bold person, and a trick Taking retreat as advancement actually made everyone at the scene not leave.

Even the few people who just said not to wait, were sitting silently.

Who dares to leave?

Leaving is not only an enemy of the big guys present, but also an enemy of Lingyue Villa!

After all, everyone understands that Lingyue Villa’s move is the main force of Xinzhuang. If someone does not cooperate with the show, they choose to leave the team.

Will this person still be able to mix in Jianghuai in the future?

Everyone is a business man, and the doorway inside can be seen clearly.

Lu Fengbin looked at the scene with satisfaction, coughed, and said again: “Very well, I am very pleased to see that everyone is so connected, then we will move on to the next topic. How do you plan to cooperate with such a new owner to rise to power? ?”

The audience was quiet now, and no one expressed his opinion.

Everyone also heard Lu Fengbin’s implication.

What kind of play do you play with Xinzhuang?

The only way for everyone to vassalize Lingyue Villa is to pay for it.

So the core of acting is how to pay now to meet the new owner’s meaning.

Before, everyone paid in the same way, handing over 10% of the company’s operating profit to Lingyue Villa.

It now appears that this 10% must be mentioned online.

Everyone knows that how much is mentioned is the topic of today’s meeting.

They couldn’t help whispering.

During this period, Lu Fengbin kept closed his eyes and didn’t even speak.

It wasn’t until five minutes later that everyone’s voices became louder, and he said again: “I see, you don’t need to discuss it anymore. How can I set a tone? Since the new owner wants to stand up, then we have to do it. Let this matter be done well, and let the new owner take a high look at us. It is better to set this percentage to 20.”

As soon as this was said, the scene was in an uproar!

Just now, everyone was arguing. When it was mentioned that 15%, some people blushed with thick necks, as if they had cut their flesh.

Now Lu Fengbin actually speaks 20%!

Don’t treat money as money!

“It’s too high, absolutely not!” someone said on the spot.

“Yes, 20%, then we have done it for nothing! We still have so many employees to support! We can’t work hard to make wedding clothes for others!”

“Yes, I don’t agree, 15% we still have to seriously consider it.”

Lu Fengbin sneered, “If you disagree with 20%, please leave.”

These words are extremely overbearing, and make the faces of the people present look ugly!

No matter if there is an overlord above!

Now dare to have another little overlord!

Someone slapped the table on the spot, “What do you mean, Lu Fengbin! I have tolerated you for a long time! Everyone is a vassal, no one is higher and who is lower! You show yourself as a leader! I will pay it back today! If you don’t buy your noodles, what can you do with me!”

Many people’s faces flushed, and they all said, “If you Lu Fengbin want to slap other people’s flattery, you can’t pit us all together! Your family is big and you can afford it, where can we afford it!”

“I see, someone is clearly going to step on our bones. How can he care for us?”

Listening to the angry voices one after another, Lu Fengbin’s face also became cold.

He had known for a long time that these people at the scene would be upset.

So I have already made preparations for killing chickens and monkeys.

It’s just, this little chicken, when will he arrive?

Just as he was thinking about it, a notification suddenly came from the door.

“Dong Lu, someone outside asked for a meeting and said they would come in and give us money from the Qiulu Group.” The waiter reported.

Lu Fengbin laughed suddenly upon hearing this.

There was also a strong killing intent in his eyes.

Good coming.

Okay, it’s time!

Sending charcoal in the snow is just that!

It’s just a pity, I won’t thank you.

“Who is this! Lu Fengbin, are there any outsiders coming in today?” Someone heard that someone outside was coming in, and his face was full of dissatisfaction.

After all, this is an internal matter, just let people come in in any manner!

But at this time, Lu Fengbin smiled faintly: “It’s not an outsider, but…”

“Little chicken.”

“Let him in!”


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