Dragon Husband Chapter 623

Chapter 623

Act 619


Everyone was stunned, what does this mean?

Who on earth is here?

Afterwards, everyone looked at the door together.

Three people came in at the door.

One man and two women.

Seeing these three people, everyone was even more confused.

Who are these three people?

How come I have never seen it before.

At this time, Lu Sixian who had been waiting finally stood up and said grimly: “Okay, you really dare to come over, you are still a man!”

The visitors were Wiliam, Zhuang Ningning, and Gu Zhiling.

Wiliam looked at these people at the scene and smiled, “Look at everyone’s preoccupied look, what? The meeting is still not over? Why should I wait?”

These words made the pupils of the people at the scene shrink, this kid, who is it!

How would he know what everyone is doing here today!

Lu Fengbin was the most shocked.

He had never seen Wiliam before, and had never heard of this name.

Even last night, he thought this was just another prodigal son, not worth mentioning.

But this was the first time I met, and this kid’s words actually frightened everyone in the audience.

Lu Fengbin didn’t really care about what this kid knew. What he cared about was that this kid didn’t show the slightest nervousness or timidity from the time he came to the present.

On the contrary, judging from his expression, he was talking to these people with a mood of looking down on the world.

Lu Fengbin thought about it for a while, maybe this kid is strong in the outside world, pretending to be calm.

Okay, didn’t he take the initiative to say he wanted to wait.

Since he couldn’t see the details of this kid all at once, it’s not as good as what he said, let him wait.

Maybe this kid will be beaten back to his original shape after watching the next battle between the dragon and the tiger, revealing his original face.

Thinking of this, Lu Fengbin sneered, “Well, let’s finish our business first. Si Xian, you are also a half master, entertain them well for me, be sure to make them satisfied. Later, I will personally send them away.”

When everyone heard Lu Fengbin’s words, their hearts were suddenly chilled.

This Lu Fengbin has something to say.

It seems that the unknown boy in front of him offended Lu Fengbin, so Lu Fengbin deliberately sought him out, just to kill him in this place today.

Can really bluff people.

Wiliam smiled slightly after hearing Lu Fengbin’s words, and took Zhuang Ningning and Gu Zhiling to sit on the chair below.

He always had a smile that seemed like nothing.

Watching today’s coax drama.

“Okay, let’s continue the meeting.” Lu Fengbin returned to the meeting, but after saying this, no one on the scene dared to refute Lu Fengbin anymore.

Who knows what Lu Fengbin this lunatic will do in a while!

“Is there anyone who has different opinions?” Lu Fengbin gradually became proud when everyone was silent. It was not killing chickens, and every monkey was confused.

It’s really useless.

At this time, someone finally bit the bullet and said: “Turn in 20% to Lingyue Villa in exchange for the favor of the new owner. We can actually accept this through gritted teeth. But I want to say something ugly. When we see people die, we must see corpses. We always have to meet the new owner of Lingyue Villa, right?”

This remark immediately resonated with everyone on the scene, “Yes, yes! We have never seen the new owner, and the new owner doesn’t even know us.”

“Since you want to bleed your money, you have to see the new owner? Otherwise, isn’t the money paid for nothing?”

“Yes, seeing the new owner will also help us to develop work and exchange feelings in the future, right?”

Everyone was brought to this topic, and the words gradually increased.

Down below, Zhuang Ningning, who originally had a mentality of eating melons, ate melons and found that the more I ate them, the more they were wrong.

In the end, she finally realized that she was eating melons and eating melons.

Everyone talks about seeing the new owner of Lingyue Villa, isn’t that just about seeing me?

I’m standing in front of you, you are turning a blind eye, but are talking in full swing here?

Zhuang Ningning was a little suspicious of life for a while. She wanted to stand up and tell everyone that I was actually the new owner of Lingyue Villa, and the person you were looking for was me.

But it was stopped by Wiliam. Wiliam said with a mocking smile: “Don’t worry, let them continue.”

Zhuang Ningning now has a completely daunted look, “Wiliam, why do they want to see me? And judging from their attitude, they seem to be in awe of me. What is going on?”

When Wiliam knew that Zhuang Ningning didn’t know the vassal enterprise, he was not in a hurry to explain it now, and said, “You will be clear when you look at it.”

There was still discussion at the scene, and finally Lu Fengbin said: “Well, everyone listens to me. I know everyone’s worries. Your worries are my worries. Since last night, I have been trying to understand this new village. Who is the lord? After all, knowing yourself and the enemy is not dead. But so far, I have only inquired about the name of the new owner.”

Everyone suddenly raised their ears, “What is the name of the owner?”

Lu Fengbin slowly uttered three words to show the weight of the name, “Zhuang Ningning.”

Zhuang Ningning?

Everyone is even more blinded, and they still haven’t heard the name.

After hearing the name, Zhuang Ningning below had an instinctive urge to stand up!

She was so excited, these were all Jianghuai bosses.

Now they are actually discussing an unknown person named Zhuang Ningning.

And the tone is so respectful.

This gave Zhuang Ningning an expansive sense of vanity.

After hearing her name, she wished to stand up and accept the award.

But when Wiliam was pressed down again, Zhuang Ningning was always upset, “Why not let my old lady accept the award!”

“Owner, do you have self-respect! If you don’t behave like this, be careful that I remove your position.” Lu Yezhen said to Zhuang Ningning angrily.

Zhuang Ningning gave up depressed.

After the people at the scene pondered the name, some people asked suspiciously: “Then when we meet this Zhuang Ningning, do we call her the owner or the owner? It always feels like we have changed into a stutter. “

Lu Fengbin sweats, is this the crux of the matter?

The focus of your group is too strange.

He patted the table and said, “That’s probably what happened. I also know your demands. I sent someone out last night to inquire about the specific situation of the village owner. I believe my subordinates will come back to me in a while. , Everyone listened together.”

The crowd nodded reluctantly, and they agreed to Lu Fengbin’s harsh conditions.

And at this time, Lu Fengbin showed a smile on the layout of the story, “Well, now that everyone has agreed to this condition, I still have an idea. I don’t know what you think? It is that we are now using Lingyue Villa to vassalize the alliance. In the name, I extended an invitation to the owner of Zhuang Ningning and asked her to come and meet on the spot.”


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