Dragon Husband Chapter 624

Chapter 624

“What! You want to invite this villager over right away? This is too presumptuous! Besides, this villager doesn’t know if he is free? How disrespectful we are.” Someone immediately objected.

But Lu Fengbin had already thought about his remarks, and said forcefully: “Why did I just wait for everyone to agree on the conditions before I said this, just to temporarily invite this new owner.”

Everyone looked confused, “How do you say this? Why can’t I understand?”

Lu Fengbin looked out of the window, his tone of voice was majestic, “Huh, this new owner intends to kick us all out. This seems to us to reshuffle the cards and stand up, but is it true? I don’t know yet. So, a temporary invitation can best verify this answer!”

“Xinzhuang is mainly able to come, so we guessed it right, she is indeed standing up.”

“And if she doesn’t come, it shows that the new owner has other plans in mind, and we have to re-examine this matter.”

This answer immediately received praise from the audience.

Even Wiliam nodded slightly. Lu Fengbin was capable of doing what he is now, and he was able to come up with such a trick to seek skin with a tiger!

Pretty awesome.

After all, in their opinion, so many companies have been kicked out, this can be regarded as a way of killing one thousand and losing eight hundred.

After all, Lingyue Villa also depends on the vassal enterprise to do some things.

This is equivalent to abandoning his arms and ruining half of his own country.

So what is more important than re-establishing a master-servant relationship with these companies?

Thinking about it this way, the owner will either come or not. There are only these two ultimate answers.

At this time, Lu Fengbin continued: “Of course, we must also be fully prepared. That is, regardless of whether the new owner will come or not, we will immediately raise funds through the phone and take over the company’s account books last year. Then credit 20% to the same bank card.”

“If the owner can come, this will be a good situation for everyone. We respectfully send the card and meet the owner. I really want to see you in the future.”

“If the owner doesn’t come, everyone is here, and I don’t bother to swallow everyone’s money and just return to the place.”

After a brief loss of consciousness, everyone can only nod their heads, “Well, we will believe you once.”

Lu Fengbin nodded in satisfaction, “That’s fine, I have prepared the joint book on my behalf, we will sign one by one, and then send it to Lingyue Villa.”

Everyone knew that Lu Fengbin had made a good plan, and that was the only way to go.

It’s just that Zhuang Ningning below looks so frustrated.

The owner you are desperate to see is sitting there!

You don’t have to spend so much time and effort, and you don’t have to think about seeing so many things.

As long as you have a blind eye to recognize me, you don’t need to be blinded with so many human, material and financial resources.

It’s a pity that Zhuang Ningning’s bellyache is useless at all.

When all these things were done, everyone was relieved.

At this time, Lu Fengbin said again: “Now we are over for the time being. You can also take this opportunity to take a break. Next, I will deal with personal affairs. If you are interested, please take a look.”

Everyone’s hearts shuddered.


This Lu Fengbin’s method is about to be revealed.

He suddenly looked at Wiliam in the audience, “Aren’t you called Wiliam?”

Wiliam was still sitting in the chair and nodded, “Yes.”

“I heard from my son, you brought 30 million over today to pay off a woman’s debt, right?” Lu Fengbin asked again.

Wiliam glanced at the two large suitcases in front of him, and said, “The money is here, where is my friend.”

Lu Sixian’s voice also rang, “Come here, bring me that little bitch.”

At the door, someone immediately brought Cheng Suyi up.

Seeing Cheng Su’s face as usual, Gu Zhiling relieved his heart.

She was actually very afraid that Cheng Suyi was bullied by Lu Sixian last night.

“What about the money? Let’s pay the money and deliver the goods.” Lu Sixian said to Wiliam jokingly.

Wiliam didn’t even bother to speak, and suddenly stretched out his foot and clicked twice.

The two large suitcases glided towards Lu Sixian.

Lu Sixian was confused by Wiliam’s unreasonable behavior.

I still don’t have any exchange, so you send me the money?

Isn’t this money money?

Thinking of this, Lu Sixian immediately opened the suitcase, and suddenly the red banknotes inside fell to the ground with a crash.

He opened both boxes, and suddenly the money on the ground spread all over.

He flipped through several stacks of banknotes unwillingly, only to find that they were all real.

This makes Lu Sixian feel disappointed.

This kid, he really didn’t carelessly sent 30 million dollars?

This money is too good to make, right?

Could this kid be a fool?

“Is there something wrong? If you don’t, I suggest you let them go.” Wiliam’s voice came from the side, indescribably indifferent.

Lu Sixian’s anger was instinctively ignited, he was about to get angry, but was held down by his father.

“Sixian, people believe in what they say, we naturally have to do what we say and let others go.” Lu Fengbin said to Lu Sixian.

Lu Sixian was extremely unwilling, “But.”

“There is nothing, I said to let people go, then let them go.” Lu Fengbin’s voice also rose.

However, his eyes seemed to be saying to Lu Sixian, there will be a father who will decide for you in a while, so don’t worry.

After Lu Sixian understood this meaning, he angrily released Cheng Suyi.

After Cheng Su was released, Ruyan returned to the nest and threw it into Gu Zhiling’s arms, shivering.

Gu Zhiling kept comforting her, “It’s okay, it’s okay now.”

“But Wiliam…” Cheng Su still couldn’t rest assured of Wiliam.

Gu Zhiling looked deeply at Wiliam, who was incapable of anger and anger, and said helplessly: “Do you still understand this kid’s ability? We just need to be prepared to trust him, and he will take us away safely. here.”

“Hahaha!” Gu Zhiling’s voice was not high, but it was not low. When Lu Sixian heard it, he suddenly laughed, “Want to leave safely? It’s beautiful.”

“Lu Sixian! What do you mean! We have given you the money as agreed! What do you want to do to us!” Gu Zhiling was uneasy and cursed directly.

However, Lu Sixian seemed to have done something extraordinary, proudly unable to describe it in words.

“Yes, the money is handed over to me, and I will give it back to you. Is the matter really over? Have you forgotten the most important thing?” Lu Sixian smiled and took out one from his pocket The paper opened in front of them.

“The IOU is still in my hand.”


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