Dragon Husband Chapter 625

Chapter 625


Gu Zhiling heard Lu Sixian’s frantic laughter, but he felt like he was struck by thunder!

She has cold hands and feet!

The attention of everyone just now was indeed only on Cheng Suyi, even in front of Lu Sixian’s superb acting skills just now, she didn’t even think of IOUs.

Even Cheng Suyi himself forgot about the IOU.

That’s it!

Gu Zhiling feels like a catastrophe is imminent!

The thirty million is now a ditch.

As long as the IOU is still in Lu Sixian’s hands, this kid can give birth to many tricks out of thin air.

How did you forget the most important thing!

Now he was threatened indiscriminately by this kid.

Cheng Suyi originally thought that he had escaped from birth, but he thought he was still in the cage, and even caused Wiliam endless trouble.

Her eyes suddenly turned red, “Wiliam, I’m sorry, you should leave now and leave me alone.”

Wiliam looked at Cheng Suyi coldly, “Do you want me to slap again?”

Cheng Suyi’s neck shrank, and he dared not speak.

And Lu Sixian smiled happily when they saw that they were helpless to apologize to each other. The IOUs in his hand, every word and word, all made a stubborn mockery of the three men in front of him.

At this time, there was a sharp breaking wind.

Lu Sixian’s laughter stopped abruptly!

The IOU that he had spread in front of Wiliam and the others was torn into two halves.

A chopstick is inserted on the wall behind him, and the end of the chopstick is still trembling slightly!

It turned out that Wiliam just picked up a chopstick casually and flew toward the IOU in Lu Sixian’s hand.

Tear the IOU in half.

Everyone’s eyes were straight.

Someone dared to act on the Lu family in front of the Lu family!

What a fate!

Lu Sixian’s face has become uglier than shit!

What is ecstasy!

You are so proud of yourself!

If you don’t show off this IOU, will this kid be torn apart?


It turns out that I have full advantages, and I want to show my skills.

This kid, even downplaying a chopstick, swept away all the disadvantages, and stood on the same starting line with himself again!


I would not take out this IOU if I knew it.

“Now, can we continue talking?” Wiliam said lightly as if he had done something trivial.

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded.

How crazy this kid is.

After offending Lu’s family, it was totally unimportant.

I don’t care if I don’t take it seriously, so I took the initiative and asked if there were other things?

There are too many things.

Lu Fengbin didn’t make a fuss about the IOU. After all, the money was paid back, and his son threatened with the IOU. This seemed to be very unethical in the Lu family.

So he smiled, “Good boy, really courageous. Okay, then the matter between my son and that woman was wiped out. Si Xian, you are not allowed to trouble this woman in the future.”

Although Lu Sixian was dissatisfied, he nodded and agreed.

When he saw money all over the floor, he suddenly sneered again.

He walked to the pile of money, then picked up a pile or two, and walked towards Wiliam.

As he walked, he fanned the stack of money until he stood in front of Wiliam.

“You kid, didn’t you say that I didn’t dare to take your money? What’s wrong with me now? I not only took your money, but also…” Lu Sixian said this, and suddenly tore the stack of money and threw it away. on the ground.

Seeing that this kid was speechless by his own refutation, Lu Sixian was very happy.

Let you pretend before me.

I’m slapped in the face now!

“Ho ho, in my opinion, this piece of red paper is not as good as a dollar.” Lu Sixian said with a smile again.

Wiliam smiled at this time, “Really? Then I’m just the opposite of you. In my opinion, this piece of red paper is worth a thousand dollars.”

When Wiliam said this, the audience suddenly laughed.

Both Gu Zhiling and Zhuang Ningning blushed.

What’s the matter with this kid!

I was still carrying the audience just now, but now my momentum is suddenly weak!

People stone money is like dung, why don’t you come to see money like life!

Your nouveau riche nature is immediately exposed!

You are finally embarrassed in front of these traditional aristocratic families!

Hey, this man is not lasting!

The audience was indeed laughing at Wiliam, who was stubborn and respectful.

There was a polite and upright look ahead, and I didn’t expect to value money so much.

But it’s a mere mortal.

Lu Fengbin also laughed, as if he had put down some guards completely.

After finally trying out the true face of this kid, then there is no need to be afraid of him.

“I’ll accept this money. I’m sorry. If you have a piece of gold, it seems to cost you 30 billion. Tsk tut, local tyrant buddy!” Lu Sixian laughed again, and then slowly returned to Lu Fengbin. Behind.

The audience was also amused by the words.

Gu Zhiling pinched Wiliam severely behind him, and whispered: “If you want to pretend to be forced, just let me die. What’s the matter if you lose thousands of miles in the middle! Are you a man!”

Wiliam was speechless for a while.

Forget it, you don’t understand me, I don’t blame you.

“Hoho, boy, this debt is over, then let’s talk about another thing.” Lu Fengbin cut back to the topic and said lightly.

Wiliam had been mentally prepared for a long time, “You can speak directly, I don’t like to help others.”

These words made Lu Fengbin angry and didn’t know how to praise him!

“Huh! You beat my son Sixian yesterday, how do we calculate this bill!” Lu Fengbin furiously said.

There was an uproar at the scene!


Lu Sixian was beaten by this kid!

Xiaobawang was beaten by someone, this is not bad!

No wonder Lu Fengbin would do something with a little-known kid, it turned out that the face of the Lu family made this kid step on!

This kid seems dead today.

“What do you do?” Wiliam threw the question back to Lu Fengbin.

Lu Fengbin sneered, “Leave your hands and feet! I might be able to spare you not to die!”

Wiliam still didn’t talk, and Zhuang Ningning, who was next to Wiliam, couldn’t calm down anymore, “Fuck your mother’s shit! Are you sick?”

She was very upset from just now, these people deceived too much.

Lu Sixian was beaten, but why didn’t you ask why Lu Sixian was beaten?

Wiliam came here alone, which proved his courage and boldness.

All of you are big brothers, so you can just sit on the sidelines and smile and encourage them to cheer?

Have your consciences been eaten by dogs!

Especially this Lu Fengbin, you are a bullshit, your nostrils are upright, my old lady can’t crush you!

Lu Fengbin didn’t think that Cheng Yaojin would come out halfway through. This woman who had been afraid to speak since just now jumped out and cursed herself!

He couldn’t help but patted the table, “Where did you come from! Are you looking for death? Sign up!”


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