Dragon Husband Chapter 626

Chapter 626

Everyone looked at this little sister paper that didn’t know where it came out jokingly.

You are too courageous, I don’t know that Lu Fengbin is in anger at the moment.

Doesn’t this hit the gun?

And Zhuang Ningning also got angry, slapped the table, and shouted loudly: “I can’t change my name or my surname! Zhuang Ningning is too!”

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere on the scene suddenly became quiet.

Everyone seems to have auditory hallucinations?


Zhuang Ningning?

Why is this name so familiar?

Lu Fengbin was also stunned on the spot, his eyes flashed fiercely.

And Zhuang Ningning suddenly felt proud of seeing everyone being fooled by herself.


The old lady has long wanted to report to her family and scare you.

However, there is a shit-chucking stick around me that has been pressing on me and not letting me talk.

Now that I have said it, you still have to obediently roll in front of my old lady and beg for ass!

Humph, I am the owner of Lingyue Villa who you just wanted to see and couldn’t see!

Zhuang Ningning was thinking triumphantly, but suddenly heard a loud laughter from the scene.

Everyone looked at Zhuang Ningning’s young and reckless appearance, and she laughed.

“Oh, what did I hear? She actually said she was Zhuang Ningning?”

“Zhuang Ningning, the owner of Lingyue Villa? I’m so scared.”

“If the owner of Lingyue Villa was so fooled by you, we would have burned the incense, which would save us much.”

Hearing everyone’s laughter, Zhuang Ningning’s face flushed with anger, and he shook Wiliam directly, “Wiliam, why don’t they believe me?”

Wiliam looked at Zhuang Ningning amusedly, “The owner of Lingyue Villa who made everyone extremely jealous is a violent young woman. Who can believe this? I told you a long time ago. It’s useless. “

It’s really useless. In everyone’s mind, after the discussion just now, they have long formed a stereotyped impression.

He can use this trick to kick people out of his prestige, and the owner is a very scheming person.

Besides, to be the owner of the village, he must be very old.

But the woman in front of her, in her twenties, looked like a bloody head, and couldn’t match the image of the owner.

At this time, Lu Fengbin sneered, “I must have heard our discussion just now, and dare to pretend to be the owner of Lingyue Villa here! Impudent! It’s almost death!”

Wiliam pulls Zhuang Ningning, who has long lost his senses, behind him, and said lightly to Lu Fengbin: “Whether you believe it or don’t believe it, let’s talk about things, I don’t have so much time to fool around with you. “

This remark aroused Lu Fengbin’s anger again, “Hoho, okay! You’re so fast! Then you just don’t want to give your hands and feet! Do you want to give your life?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “My life, you are not qualified to take it.”

Lu Sixian on the side had been staring at Zhuang Ningning since just now.

He suddenly stood up and said righteously: “Why don’t you give me an opinion? The woman next to you just now dared to do something that pretends to be the owner of the house. You just have to give this woman to my Qiulu Group. Deal with the grievances between us, how about a one-off write-off?”

Lu Fengbin frowned slightly, not thinking that his son had such a passionate feeling. At this juncture, he was still thinking about something about the bed.

He wanted this woman, and the ghost could guess that he wanted to keep it for himself.

This is under the public.

Lu Fengbin was about to scold his son, but Lu Sixian stared at Zhuang Ningning and said, “Dad, listen to me, aren’t we going to ask the owner of Lingyue Villa right away? Now we are catching this woman posing as her Dedicated to the real owner, a public anti-counterfeiting campaign is also a great accomplishment, so that no one will ruin the reputation of the owner outside. This is good and harmless. Why not do it?”

Lu Fengbin glanced at Lu Sixian in surprise, and began to ponder.

My own son usually seems to be doing things absurdly, and he doesn’t think that he can see everything clearly in women, and he is not foolish.

Thinking of this, he nodded, “Okay, just do what you said.”

Lu Sixian was happy, and even more choked.

Since Zhuang Ningning appeared just now, his eyes have been unable to move away.

Although this woman was only meeting for the first time, she had this face and figure.

Although it is slightly worse than the seven women I saw yesterday, Sheng Zai has a pungent temper, a little hot pepper.

So Lu Sixian had a tamed mind in his heart.

This kind of woman is much more interesting to conquer than that kind of well-behaved woman.

He obtained his father’s approval, and said to Wiliam proudly, “Is there anything you heard about me? Did you think about it?”

Zhuang Ningning was so angry that he wanted to rush up to fight in public, but was dragged down by Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Lu Sixian amusedly, “What? You want this woman?”

“Of course!” Lu Sixian said without thinking about it, but when he said it, he immediately changed his words, “It’s not that I want this woman! It’s that we want to listen to the heavens.”

“Okay, I’m still saying that. If you dare to ask for it, take it, just because you don’t dare.” Wiliam said lightly.

Zhuang Ningning was so angry that he slammed Wiliam behind him, scolding his friendly betrayal as the deadliest.

This little bastard actually pushed himself into the fire pit?

Lu Sixian laughed suddenly, he had already collected the money just now, and even ridiculed the kid severely.

Now he is actually doing the same thing again?

Woman, what can I not accept?

For a beautiful girl like this, I will charge as much as I come!

“Who is this person from you?” Lu Sixian asked, worried.

Wiliam said casually, “Similar to a maid.”

Zhuang Ningning has a black thread, your sister’s maid!

You have played too much COSPLAYA!

When Lu Sixian heard this, his thoughts followed, “Ho ho, then it seems that you are qualified to give this woman away. Okay, I will accept it, come, and give this maid who pretends to be the owner of Lingyue Villa I’ll grab it!”

Everyone happily watched the jokes one by one, “Hey, hey, just a lowly maid who dares to pretend to be the owner of Lingyue Villa who is above ten thousand people! It deserves it!”

“An ant fakes Kunpeng, what do you think, what is his status and status?”

Just when Zhuang Ningning was about to explode, the door of this hall was pushed open again.

A man in a suit hurriedly walked in and said to Lu Fengbin: “Mr. Lu, you asked me to inquire about the owner of Lingyue Mountain Villa last night. I finally found out. This is a photo of the owner, please You have a look.”


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