Dragon Husband Chapter 627

Chapter 627

When the people on the scene heard what the subordinate said, all eyes flashed.

Have you finally inquired about the mysterious and true face of the owner of Lingyue Villa?

It’s really timely!

The real Lingyue Villa master is coming, it is always good to know in advance, know yourself, know the enemy and win every battle!

“Quick! Bring me the photo.” Apparently Lu Fengbin was also excited, and he said eagerly to the subordinate.

The subordinate quickly handed over the stack of photos in his hand.

On the other hand, Lu Sixian didn’t understand the message brought by this subordinate at all.

He was full of Zhuang Ningning’s beautiful appearance now, thinking about how to push her to the ground later.

He called two of his men and was about to force Zhuang Ningning out.

Gu Zhiling was nervous, and kept poking at Wiliam, signaling Wiliam not to go too far.

Zhuang Ningning was furious, clutching Wiliam’s arm tightly without letting go.

“Come on, pull me away!” Lu Sixian exclaimed triumphantly.

And Lu Fengbin and others looked at those photos with joy.

At this look, it was suddenly struck by lightning!

He didn’t believe in evil, and quickly flipped through the photos.

But after reading the photos, he was even more confused.

How could this photo be a young and beautiful woman?

And so familiar?

He looked up and saw Zhuang Ningning’s violent and beautiful little face.

It’s completely right now!

The woman in this photo turned out to be the silly girl in front of you who does things with no brains?

He felt like eating shit in his heart, and asked in disbelief: “Are you really sure that the person in this photo is the owner of Lingyue Villa? Are there any mistakes in the shooting or giving them to me?”

The subordinate hurriedly nodded and said, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. This photo was taken from Lingyue Villa. I paid a lot of money. It’s true!”

This strong guarantee makes everyone watching the photos look like an ice cellar!

Even now, they still cannot believe this fact!

The young woman in front of her turned out to be the owner of Lingyue Villa!

Nothing was wrong. Just now this woman was still saying that she was called Zhuang Ningning.

But who can believe it just now?

Who can believe that the owner of Lingyue Villa has become such a beautiful and young woman?

What is her background, what is her background!

Just when Lu Fengbin wanted to see how to solve the matter in front of him, he suddenly saw that his son was about to rush to arrest someone.

He was so scared that his soul was about to fly, and he immediately yelled, “Stop! Stop it!”


Since this girl is the owner of Lingyue Villa, what is his son doing?

Will the owner of Lingyue Villa be arrested?

This is a capital crime!

He rushed up with a quick stride. Seeing that Lu Sixian was about to grab Zhuang Ningning with one hand, he hurriedly kicked Lu Sixian on the ground.

“Hey, I’m the grass! Which bastard dares to kick!” Lu Sixian didn’t know that his father kicked the foot for a while, so he got up on the ground and cursed.

After this curse, I realized that the surrounding atmosphere had become very strange.

And standing in front of him was Lu Fengbin.

“Dad? Did you kick me just now?” Lu Sixian couldn’t believe it.

“Nonsense! I told you to stop, are you deaf?” Lu Fengbin wanted to vomit blood in depression.

Lu Sixian was immediately annoyed, “Dad, didn’t you agree with me just now? Besides, as long as we catch her, we can do a great job…”

“Let your sister! Show me a good look at who this is!” Lu Fengbin gave Lu Sixian the photo in his hand.

Lu Sixian glanced intently and couldn’t help but said: “Oh dad, when did you secretly photograph this little girl? Do you like him too? Or, you first?”

As soon as these words came out, the scene quietly could even hear the needle falling.

Lu Fengbin’s face had completely froze.

My own good son, this is not to spare no effort to cheat!

Give me back?

Screw you!

You know, who did you say this in front of you?

How many heads do you have enough?

Lu Fengbin was so angry that he waved his fists, and directly beat Lu Sixian to make him not open his eyes!

I will be killed by this turtle son today!

“Dad! Why did you beat me! You want me to die, and you want me to die in vain!” Lu Sixian was beaten out with blood, and didn’t dare to fight back, holding Lu Fengbin’s thigh forcibly and shouted.

Zhuang Ningning on the side was also puzzled, what’s the situation?

She was busy entangled in the mess in front of her just now, and she didn’t realize that Lu Fengbin’s side had completely changed.

She asked Wiliam blankly, “Is Lu Fengbin taking the wrong medicine?”

Wiliam pointed to the photos on the ground with his eyes, “Here, look at it for yourself, the time for you to pretend has arrived.”

Zhuang Ningning looked to the ground, and it was her picture.

She felt like lightning struck her head, and she understood it instantly!


The majestic identity of my old lady was finally recognized.


“This picture is really ugly! There is no way to take my beauty.” Zhuang Ningning said disdainfully.

And over there, Lu Fengbin didn’t know what to say. He slammed his foot on Lu Sixian’s face and broke the truth, “You opened your dog’s eyes to see clearly! This person you want to catch, It is the owner of Lingyue Villa! The owner!”

Lu Sixian seemed to be blown by the strong wind, and his whole body was messed up.

He looked at the ground first, and then at Zhuang Ningning, who was smiling jokingly. The whole person was not good!

What a special thing!

What’s the situation!

Isn’t this woman that kid’s maid?

Isn’t the status extremely low?

How could he suddenly become the owner of Lingyue Villa?

Is this reliable?

He wanted to prove his father, but seeing his violent appearance, he swallowed his words again.

“Well, what the hell is going on…” At last he could only ask this sentence blankly.

This sentence is also the question of everyone on the scene.

At this time, a telephone rang at the scene, but it was Zhuang Ningning.

Zhuang Ningning was in anger at the moment, picked up the phone and directly raised her voice, shouting angrily: “Dry hair!”

Obviously, the other end of the phone was stunned, and after a while, a weak voice came, “That, the owner of the village, the vassal alliance headed by Qiulu Group sent a letter, saying that they would invite you to visit their company now. , Discuss important matters, look at…”

This voice caused Lu Fengbin to fight a cold war out of thin air!

Isn’t it just the prestigious Jin Lieyun before?

Ever heard Jin Lieyun huff so low!

Could it be that Zhuang Ningning…

At this time, Zhuang Ningning shouted directly into the phone: “You tell them, let them explode in place and die on the spot, OK!”


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