Dragon Husband Chapter 628

Chapter 628

When everyone was stunned, Zhuang Ningning quickly hung up, apparently still angered.

But everyone is like being struck by lightning, and it feels like things are getting bigger now.

Lu Fengbin’s whole person is not good, he stays in place and doesn’t know what to do.

At this time, his phone rang, and it looked like it was Jin Lieyun’s.

He quickly picked up.

As soon as I connected, Jin Lieyun’s more irritable voice came from the other end of the phone, “You are sick, are you? Are you trying to make Lao Tzu unhappy? Now that Lao Tzu is not the owner, you just play with Lao Tzu, right? I’m waiting! Our owner spreads a word to let you explode and die on the spot! Get out!”

After Jin Lieyun scolded, he also hung up.

These two phone calls back and forth were completely confirmed. The Zhuang Ningning in front of him was undoubtedly the owner of Lingyue Villa.

Now, no one dares to doubt Zhuang Ningning’s identity.

Lu Fengbin can’t wait to slap himself with two big ears!

Scolded the next door!

When Zhuang Ningning confessed his identity just now, why couldn’t he be more careful!

I have to mock her!

Forget it, his stupid son publicly proposed to arrest Zhuang Ningning, why can’t he keep an eye on him!

He has to let him coax things into trouble before he is willing to give up!

Now it’s good, how to end it!

Completely offended the owner, and even humiliated her!

She can forgive the people present for hell.

Lu Fengbin hated him very much.

All of my previous work was in order, and everything was under control.

But halfway through, he killed his stupid son!

I have to kill that surnamed Lu today.

Okay, now the owner of the village is also involved, and it’s completely messed up.

If I knew it, let my son explode and die on the spot.

Thinking of this, he was furious, and kicked a few more at Lu Sixian, who was still dazed!

Lu Sixian also knew that something was wrong, and he actually caused a catastrophe.

So let his father kick and dare not say a word.

After this kick, Lu Fengbin said to Zhuang Ningning tremblingly: “The owner of the village, just now I was waiting for my eyes but didn’t know Mount Tai. I didn’t expect you to be the new owner of Lingyue Villa and also our master. We look down on people…”

While apologizing, he also admired how deeply the village owner’s city mansion was.

It’s not as careless as it seems on the surface.

Can a carefree person, after kicking everyone out, quietly appear in this venue today, and see everyone’s ugly state just now?

She listened to all the discussions about her just now.

Now, even if the village owner is willing to forgive them, I am afraid that the 20% of the annual offering is definitely less.

This trick is absolutely amazing!

Zhuang Ningning was still angry, but he gave a cold snort without speaking.

She is too lazy to talk.

This group of people in front of them is simply a pair of bad people, a bunch of rubbish!

She looked at it more and was disgusting!

At this time, other people also reacted, leaning forward, bowing and apologizing, “Owner, I’m sorry, we were wrong just now, we promise not to do it again.”

“Hmph, I can’t afford it. After all, my status is low and I am not qualified to talk to you.” Zhuang Ningning said strangely.

This made the people at the scene even more embarrassed.

Sure enough, the owner is very vengeful.

“Owner, we are all a family…” Lu Fengbin said bitterly.

“Dare not! I dare not be a family with you.” Zhuang Ningning said stiffly.

Seeing that Zhuang Ningning still refused to forgive them, the people at the scene suddenly became anxious and shouted at Lu Fengbin: “Lu Fengbin, it’s all good things done by your family! If you didn’t have your son, how could we offend Zhuang Zhuang? Lord! You have to give us an explanation!”

Lu Fengbin felt even more aggrieved when he saw everyone taking advantage of the situation.

With great difficulty, he stopped the group of people in front of him and made them stand in the same boat with him.

Now it falls short!

Not to mention all the hard work, but also aroused public anger.

How can it be done now?

“Lord Zhuang, look, what should I do to calm your anger? You speak up.” Lu Fengbin whispered to Zhuang Ningning.

Although Zhuang Ningning was angry, he still knew the general idea.

Knowing what happened today, Wiliam is still the protagonist.

So she looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam understood, stood up, and looked at the group of people in front of him amusedly, “Didn’t you tell you already? As long as you have the courage to accept her, she will go to accept it. Now, it’s like this. It’s not pretty.”

This was like a slap in the face and hit the Lu family’s father and son severely on the face.

Damn it!

What the hell is this kid!

There is a place for you to talk!

Don’t you just rely on the backing of the owner of Lingyue Villa?

What kind of score is placed in front of us!

However, although they are not angry, their depression is true.

Because this kid kindly reminded him before, he said he would take it if he dared to take it.

But at that time, how did they know that Zhuang Ningning would actually be a high-powered owner!

And Lu Sixian was even more depressed, because he had Wiliam’s words before.

Even the 30 million thing he said he would accept as soon as he dared to accept it. Is there any trouble if he accepts it?

So no one would think that there would be a thunder here.

What kind of relationship does this kid have with the owner of Lingyue Villa? Can the owner be so protective!


Is it really a little boy?

The more Lu Sixian thinks, the more likely it is. Didn’t he still see seven beautiful women yesterday.

It is possible for a normal person to conquer seven beauties at the same time, but that’s not right, plus this owner, eight.

Definitely a little boy.

Thinking of this, he felt even more unhappy.

It’s all men, why are all the beauties looking for this bastard? Where is he good?

In the matter of women, Lu Sixian has been completely stunned.

Seeing Wiliam flaunting his power in front of him, he couldn’t bear it, and he rushed forward, and he was about to hit Wiliam, “What are you doing! With the support of the owner, you can do whatever you want.” No! I tell you, men rely on real skills! Not on women’s superiority! Without the owner, you are nothing! Don’t pretend to be in front of me!”

Wiliam was alive with these words, but it seemed to have touched Zhuang Ningning’s inverse scales.

Zhuang Ningning suddenly slapped Lu Sixian’s face, showing a cold smile.

“Ho ho, he depends on a woman to dominate? Lu Sixian, just now, he was really right about one thing. I, Zhuang Ningning, is his maid!”

“I am the owner! He threw it to me to play!”

“Does this rely on a woman to dominate? You can rely on me to see!”


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