Dragon Husband Chapter 629

Chapter 629

Zhuang Ningning was so angry that he would say this.

Wiliam has an incomparable kindness to her.

Let her be the owner of Lingyue Villa, which in her opinion is nothing but a favor.

And to teach her what the real martial virtues are, and let her be baptized from the depths of the soul, this is where Zhuang Ningning is most grateful to Wiliam.

The group of people in front of him, especially this Lu Sixian, had slandered her in every possible way.

Now he started directly at Wiliam, arguing what he said was useless.

This made Zhuang Ningning couldn’t help it anymore.

After she said these words, the scene suddenly became quiet again.

Lu Sixian’s eyes were about to burst.

What did he hear?

This little white face turned Zhuang Ningning into the owner of Lingyue Villa?

And the owner of Lingyue Villa was just a servant of this kid?

In that case, how mysterious and noble the identity of this kid is!

It is completely above Lingyue Villa, let alone above the group of people in front of him.

This shocking reversal made Lu Sixian feel out of breath.

How can it be!

Why did things turn out like this!

But when he came back to his senses, he was shocked again!

If what Zhuang Ningning said is true, then…

Not only did he offend Zhuang Ningning, but now even Zhuang Ningning’s master is offended.

Thinking of all the extraordinary behaviors he had done to this kid in Haitian Yise Resort yesterday, Lu Sixian suddenly felt like a disaster.

No wonder.

This kid is so extraordinary, it is no wonder that he always has a high and indifferent expression.

I thought he was pretending to be coercive, even ignorant of admiration.

I don’t think he has such confidence and qualifications to make such an expression!

Thinking of this, Lu Sixian took two steps back and looked at his father. He wanted to ask his father for help, but he couldn’t say a word.

Before offending Zhuang Ningning, he was almost beaten to death by his father.

What now……

This is how to do ah!

Lu Fengbin is also not well.

Unexpectedly, this meeting today would have such a shocking change!

Not only did it unexpectedly usher in the new owner of Lingyue Villa early, but now even the owner of the new owner has come out.

This kid is hiding so deep!

There was no one at the scene who could see his extraordinary, and no one had the slightest suspicion of him!

His city mansion is far above Zhuang Ningning!

“Lu, Master Lu…” Lu Fengbin said shiveringly, and he didn’t know how to deal with the situation.

At this time, Wiliam sat in a chair casually and said to Zhuang Ningning, “I will leave it to you today. It is also an experience for you.”

“Yes! Your lord!” Zhuang Ningning bowed respectfully to Wiliam.

This scene was seen by everyone again.

This Wiliam’s tone was so indifferent and could not be rebutted.

Zhuang Ningning is so respectful again, it seems that there is not the slightest contrived meaning.

Lu Fengbin didn’t dare to look at Wiliam, so he lowered his head and said to Zhuang Ningning: “Owner, you see, we were really wrong before, but we are still loyal to Lingyue Villa. Jian dare not deceive anything. We still want to create brilliance together under the leadership of Lingyue Villa, so see if you can…”

Zhuang Ningning has understood what’s going on here since just now.

She smiled and said without a smile: “Oh, isn’t it just becoming a vassal of Lingyue Villa? This matter is easy to talk about! Good to talk about!”

Two consecutive talks made Lu Fengbin feel like a chill.

This is hard to say.

Zhuang Ningning first looked at the two suitcases stacked on the side, and said casually: “Just now, I was carrying these two suitcases along the way, so I was really tired.”

When Lu Fengbin looked at the two boxes, his face was pale!

He suddenly remembered that his son had blackmailed the 30 million Master Lu!


Capital crime!

He stared at the bewildered Lu Sixian with murderous eyes.

Lu Sixian was not well.

He was still on the side triumphant just now, taking the kid’s money, and making this kid speechless.

Now, how could the situation suddenly become like this!

Looking at the two suitcases, he suddenly felt that the money was so hot!

As this kid said before, just accept it if you have the courage.

I didn’t know before, I had the courage.

Now that I know, I don’t dare to accept it if I give him a hundred courage.

This money fell into his own hands!

Lu Sixian wanted to make up for it, and ran over and pushed the suitcase to Zhuang Ningning’s face, and respectfully said: “That, the owner, I will give you this money as it is. By the way, I just tore it. I’ll make it up for you right away.”

However, Zhuang Ningning laughed and said nothing.

She finally understood what Wiliam meant.

Wiliam asked them twice if they had the courage to accept it.

Once it was money, once it was people.

People, standing in front of them now, they shivered and dared not resist.

As for the money, since you have received it, there is definitely no possibility of it being returned!

This Wiliam, good intentions.

They ate them to death from the beginning.

Now I’m waiting to see their ugliness.

When Lu Sixian saw Zhuang Ningning not speaking, he looked at his father for help.

But Lu Fengbin is hard to protect himself now, so how dare he speak for his son.

He stared at Lu Sixian fiercely, as if to say, you have taken care of this matter yourself.

If you can’t clean up, I’m asking you!

Lu Sixian feels aggrieved, he is clearly in control, and now he is forced to this level!

The beauty is gone, and the money is gone.

He was heartbroken and said: “Wait for me.”

After speaking, he ran out.

But five minutes later, he came back again, carrying a bag of money in his hand, shivering and putting it into the suitcase.

Then he said to Zhuang Ningning, “I tore up about ten or so pieces before, and now I pay you half a million yuan. This is the best deal. I really didn’t know before…”

Yes, he really didn’t know that this money was poisonous.

Zhuang Ningning showed a mysterious smile again, still not speaking.

The atmosphere at the scene was extremely suppressed.

This matter is not over, it seems that Zhuang Ningning will not take the initiative to jump to the matter of restoring the old good with everyone.

So they stared at Lu Sixian one by one, forcing Lu Sixian to solve it by himself.

Lu Sixian was stared at by so many people, almost crying on the spot.

He is really awkward, he has never been so aggrieved in his life.

He choked up and said to Zhuang Ningning: “Zhuang Zhuang, what on earth do you want me to do? You are saying something, I will die.”

Zhuang Ningning finally spoke at this time, “It won’t be enough. However, Master Lu said a word before, I don’t know if you remember it.”

“He said, these 30 million are worthless to you, but to him, they are…”

“A piece of gold!”

“Do you know what I mean?”


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