Dragon Husband Chapter 630

Chapter 630

Lu Sixian’s head buzzed!


Thousand dollars!

This was indeed what he said before to mock Wiliam to show off.

But at that time, it was also quick talk.

And when Wiliam just said that he had a lot of money, everyone didn’t even think about it.

On the contrary, he thought that this kid regarded money as his life, and he felt distressed over there.

It turned out that it was not distressed at all!

It turned out that I was just waiting here!

For a piece of money, this special meaning couldn’t be more obvious.

30 million, return it to him at the odds of a thousand dollars, otherwise, everything is forbidden!

Lu Sixian was not very good at math, so he grabbed one of his men and asked hurriedly: “You can calculate it quickly for me, how much is a piece of money?”

The man took out his mobile phone, pressed the number tremblingly, and then looked at the dense string of zeros, and he was almost crying.

“Damn! What’s not used! How much! Cry a wool! You don’t have to pay!” Lu Sixian was even more anxious by the expression of his subordinates, and he cursed directly.

“Three, thirty billion…” the subordinate said tremblingly.

30 billion!

The people at the scene were so shocked that their jaws were about to fall.


That’s how you counted a thousand dollars!

Add three zeros directly after thirty million, isn’t that thirty billion!

30 billion, this is simply a shocking number!

Not to mention the Qiulu Group, it was the people who were present who gathered up the 30 billion yuan, and they would all be hurt for a while.

Lu Sixian was so scared that he sat on the ground, and his whole body was dumbfounded.

If it is thirty million, he begs grandpa to tell grandma, he can always get it together.

Now, 30 billion, how can he get together!

It’s not enough to sell yourself.

He looked at his father infinitely, “Dad, you must save me.”

Lu Fengbin was trembling with anger!

Because of my son!

At first it provoked Master Lu, and then provoked the dealer!

Things will turn out to be like this!

All the initiative of oneself is given to the other party.

What else can I do now!

He can’t wait to kill his own son!

However, after all he thought of the relationship between father and son, he stood up and said in a low voice: “The village owner, our Lu family did a mistake in this matter, and I will naturally give you an explanation. You can rest assured that my Lu family is just selling iron and iron I will pay you the money. But after all, this matter is the grievance of my Lu family. Everyone here today has nothing to do with this matter, so can we get back to business…”

These words were righteous, and the people around couldn’t help nodding their heads and replied together: “Yes, the owner, can we sit down and discuss our win-win countermeasures in the future. Everything is easy to discuss. “

Now that they have said these words, they are completely emboldened.

There is an illusion that people think that I am a fish.

Wrong, they feel that they are the fish on the chopping board. As long as the owner of the house asks for money, do they dare not give it?

I didn’t think that Lu Fengbin used to kill chickens and monkeys, but Zhuang Ningning used it.

This little chicken is naturally the Lu family, especially this Lu Sixian.

And the monkeys are all present, and they are played as monkeys.

The owner of the village really didn’t have such a simple face.

“Okay, do you want to talk about it? Let’s talk about it.” Zhuang Ningning smiled evilly. In fact, she had already planned in her heart.

Since Wiliam had said before, to get rid of all these stinky fish, rotten shrimps, and to clean Lingyue Villa, then Zhuang Ningning would naturally not violate it.

What’s more, she had witnessed the shamelessness of these people with her own eyes, and she was even more disdainful in her heart.

The reason she agreed to talk was to see how bad their bottom line of personality could be.

However, after she said this, she glanced at Wiliam in awe.

It was because she suddenly realized that Wiliam was the kind of master who was resolute and resolute, and he agreed to talk. Didn’t she violate Wiliam’s ideas in the first place?

Will Wiliam blame her?

However, Wiliam nodded slightly, without any other indication.

From Wiliam’s expression, Zhuang Ningning suddenly had a strong sixth sense.

This kid, what seems to be waiting for why he stayed together?

What are you waiting for?


What else does he want to do!

Zhuang Ningning’s head is about to explode, this kid is too deep, not like a little meaty dog, not cute at all!

“Master Lu, and the owner of the village, then please take a seat.” Lu Fengbin respectfully welcomed Wiliam and the others to the chair where these people were meeting just now.

Then Lu Fengbin said to Lu Sixian viciously: “You don’t want to get out of here! Go back and wash your neck, I can’t kill you tonight!”

This was a circumstance. If Lu Fengbin didn’t speak harshly to his son, how could other people be willing.

However, after Lu Sixian experienced the heavy blow just now, when he heard that even his father was going to kill him, his head buzzed.

He actually didn’t know how to get out of this hall.

After walking out, he was awakened by the wind outside.

He was sober, with a spiteful look on his face!



Zhuang Ningning?

And your dog stuff!

Do you want to kill me!

Before I die, I will kill you first!

See who is ruthless!

Thinking of this, Lu Sixian hurriedly walked out, but clutched something in his pocket tightly.

And those people at the scene, although sitting at the round table, but you look at me, I look at you, no one speaks first.

They still don’t know what medicine is sold in the calabash gourd.

So I dared not speak rashly.

What if it offends someone again.

Finally, Lu Fengbin bit his head and said: “Owner, what we agreed before is that we will spend 20% of our group every year…”

When the words were not over, Zhuang Ning sneered.

Lu Fengbin closed his mouth consciously.

At this time, several waiters walked in, holding a cup of water, one by one to the people present.

When Wiliam saw the water, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

Zhuang Ningning closed Wiliam’s expression in his eyes and couldn’t help but mutter.

Is there something wrong with this kid?

When the money was placed in front of him, he dismissed it, but now he smiled when a glass of water came over.

It seems that the value of this water is greater than money.

How are you hungry?

Thinking of this, Zhuang Ningning angrily piled his glass of water in front of Wiliam, “You are so thirsty, so I can drink it for you.”

Wiliam was still thinking about how to make this stupid girl stop drinking this glass of water. Hearing her initiative, for the first time she felt that she was quite understanding.

He did not refuse, picked up the glass of water, and drank it all in one breath under Zhuang Ningning’s stunned mouth.


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