Dragon Husband Chapter 631-632

Chapter 631 Don’t Take Advantage of Me

Zhuang Ningning looked at such bold Wiliam, her eyes straightened.

“You are a buffalo, so you can drink it!” Zhuang Ningning whispered to Wiliam.

Wiliam just smiled, without saying anything, picking up his glass of water and taking a sip.

After he drank it, Zhuang Ningning would naturally not drink it again.

The others had just experienced a thrilling experience, one by one was too thirsty and intolerable, drinking water one after another, also relieved the embarrassment by the way.

Even Gu Zhiling took several sips.

Then everyone’s attention returned to business.

Lu Fengbin said earnestly: “Owner, what are you going to do? Somehow, we have a bottom in our hearts.”

The others nodded together.

Zhuang Ningning looked at these people jokingly, and said casually: “Forty percent.”


When these words came out, the audience was in an uproar!

Everyone’s faces turned pale.

What a big lion!

This Zhuang Ningning’s appetite is really shocking!

Open your mouth and take 40% of your annual profit!

This is really the knife on your neck!

They worked so hard, earning billions of dollars a year, and handing in 40%, so what is there to earn!

It’s so deceiving!

Twenty percent had been difficult for them to accept before, and now it has doubled!


After saying this, Zhuang Ningning seemed to be too lazy to look at their faces and closed his eyes directly, seeming to be refreshing.

But the scene was upset, and one by one said angrily: “Owner of the village, we are here with a sincere heart. You can’t chill our hearts! Even if we did something wrong before, it’s 100% Add five more points to the twentieth basis, and we will treat you as enough as a reward!”

“Forty percent, don’t we have to support our family anymore? This is absolutely impossible!”

“Yes, if that’s the case, we might as well make a clean break, and it will be even easier!”

Lu Fengbin was also beeping a dog!

This little lady, looking at her young age, she didn’t expect to be very ambitious!

Does she want to talk about it anymore!

For a while, Lu Fengbin didn’t know whether Zhuang Ningning was bluffing and asking for a price to pay back the money, or if he was really determined to pay 40%!

Everyone was arguing, but when Zhuang Ningning didn’t speak, his voice gradually became quieter.

Finally, Lu Fengbin asked for instructions in a low voice: “Owner, you have to say a few more words to us! Let us be convinced! We are so unexplained and unwilling to die.”

Zhuang Ningning opened his eyes slightly at this time, and everyone’s hearts were raised in their throats.

The boss spoke.

Does it depend on everyone’s enthusiasm and plan to make a small step?

No, even a small step will not work!

If you are sincere, you must make a big step!

At this moment, Zhuang Ningning spit out two words again.


At the scene, there was a full minute of silence!

Everyone looked at Zhuang Ningning in disbelief.


Fifty what?

50% profit?

Just now, 40% of the scene had been exploded, and now, she did not give in!

Don’t compromise!

What a special plus again!

Fifty percent!

Even more impossible!

Lu Fengbin was also so angry that he couldn’t help it anymore, and slapped the table, “Owner, you have all our hearts in your eyes, why are you so aggressive! Didn’t you deliberately embarrass us! If it was because of the previous children You are still irritated, you don’t have to. After all, what we are discussing is our century-old development plan, and there is absolutely no need to put personal grievances in it. This also detracts from your owner’s mind and reputation. ?”

Lu Fengbin, like everyone thought, thought Zhuang Ningning was angry.

And Zhuang Ningning smiled again this time, “Sixty.”

“You!” Lu Fengbin flushed with anger, and pointed at Zhuang Ningning in public.


The scene was silent!

Everyone finally saw it clearly!

This Zhuang Ningning does not allow everyone to refute!

Everyone dares to refute even one word!

She dared to continue to increase!

In this way, she is either confident!

Either they simply don’t have the development plan of today in mind!

She is playing with everyone!

Lu Fengbin finally realized that Zhuang Ningning had no intention of negotiating.

Still sitting here in unintentional negotiations, isn’t this playing us!

“Owner, what do you want to do! Just say it! Since you want to break with us, we are equal! You don’t need to beg for everything, right!” Lu Fengbin’s tone became tough.

Don’t say 76 to 50%, it is 40%. Today’s negotiations will not go on at all.


These groups of us, without your protection from Lingyue Villa, can’t it be developed!

As long as we do not cause hostility to you in Lingyue Villa from now on, you can still argue that you can’t force sanctions on us!

Zhuang Ningning also showed a joking smile at this time, “What? I finally see it? Okay, I’ve watched enough of the play, and if there is anything, we will leave first.”

The people at the scene are so angry that their liver hurts!

The master of a dignified village is so brazen!

How many people should laugh at this spread!

But when someone really clutched their heart and liver, they kept screaming.

Lu Fengbin thought that everyone was anxious, and he also pretended to be angry.

But he still didn’t react. Suddenly someone wailed and fell directly to the sky.

Lu Fengbin was full of spirits, and just about to go over to see what was going on with that person, suddenly a strong heart palpitations surged.

He actually stopped on the spot, covering his heart, so painful that the veins on his forehead burst out!


what happened!

What’s wrong with everyone!

What’s wrong with me!

Lu Fengbin looked at the audience, almost everyone looked in agony.

And there are only three people, An Ran is here.

Zhuang Ningning watched these people suddenly fall to the ground, scared to get goosebumps, she grabbed Wiliam and asked nervously, “Wiliam, did these people just be mad at me and look like they were going to die? , What should I do? I don’t want to be a murderer.”

Gu Zhiling also turned pale, and instinctively leaned on Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “You still don’t have such a great ability, don’t worry, these people just drank water, according to your understanding, they are considered poisoned.”

“Poisoning!” Gu Zhiling’s face turned paler, and he fell on Wiliam with a cry, “I drank water too! My heart is so uncomfortable! I’m dying! By the way, you drank it too, and got two big cups. , Will you die faster than me?”

Wiliam pushed her head with a black thread, “Don’t take advantage of me, you drink it, but you have nothing to do, and I have nothing to do.”

Gu Zhiling’s face flushed, just about to ask why, at this time the door was kicked open.

A ferocious and crazy voice came from the door.

“Hahaha! Do you want me to die? Now let’s see who died first!”

Chapter 632: Goodbye Green Snake

Everyone followed the prestige, but it was Lu Sixian who had gone and returned.

At this moment, Lu Sixian’s hair is messy, and he has no such grace as the previous son.

There was a grinning smile on his face, as if he wanted to kill everyone in the audience.

Seeing the people at the scene falling to the ground in pain, he let out a crazy laugh again.

He was crazy, he was completely crazy.

He was driven mad by this group of people in front of him, especially his father.

Lu Fengbin clutched his heart, looked at his son so mad, and couldn’t help shouting: “Si Xian, what have you done to everyone! What are you doing! Are you crazy!”

Everyone at the scene stared at Lu Sixian with hatred.

Lu Sixian walked in slowly, but kicked a person close in front of him casually.

He said viciously: “What! I want to kill all of you! See what you can kill me! Is the water you just drunk delicious?”

Lu Fengbin’s heart shuddered and said in disbelief: “You! You were poisoned in the water just now! Why did you do this! Didn’t I say that I will keep you! Why did you not let your dad let go? !”

Lu Sixian walked in front of Lu Fengbin, and suddenly stuck his father’s neck with one hand, and said grimly: “You still remember that you are my father! Why didn’t you remember when you beat me just now! And just said you want to kill? When I was, why didn’t you remember that you were my father! Say it!”

The blue veins on Lu Fengbin’s stuck face burst out, and his heart is in pain!

He did that just now because of difficulties!

If they hadn’t done anything to their son in front of Zhuang Ningning and Wiliam, how could they give up!

And just threatening to kill him, it’s just the scene!

My son, how can he take it seriously!

Until now, the Lu family has only one son and one daughter. Lu Sixian has loved Lu Fengbin since childhood.

How could he kill his son with his own hands!

Kill him, the family business of the Lu family, who else will inherit!



Lu Fengbin wanted to explain, but in front of Wiliam and Zhuang Ningning, he still dared not say these words.

“So, you all go to die!” Lu Sixian slammed his father to the ground.

Lu Fengbin was unwilling, and asked lowly: “You, what kind of poison did you give us!”

Lu Sixian laughed loudly at this time, “What kind of poison has been put down? My dear father, don’t you know this kind of poison best, and you are not the most precious? You can’t even bear to give me a little bit.”

When Lu Fengbin heard this, his head buzzed, and a cold sweat broke out from the whole person, pointing at Lu Sixian and cursing frantically: “You are crazy! You actually took mine…”

At this time, someone grabbed Lu Fengbin on the ground and shouted with difficulty: “You tell us, what kind of poison have we been poisoned! Your father is crazy and crazy, but we still want to live!”

Lu Fengbin lay on the ground feebly again, only four words out of his mouth.

“The Green Snake…”

“What! Green snake flow!” These four words, the sound is not loud, but it seems that there is a thunder on the scene!

Everyone’s eyes widened.

There were many people present who knew what Green Snake Liuqi was.

The Green Snake Flows, that is a dark and evil force in Jianghuai-the treasure of the Green Snake Spring League!

The three leaders of the Green Snake Spring League spent their entire lives to develop this vicious thing.

They use this kind of thing to control the apprentices in the league.

And this kind of thing, up to now, there is no antidote at all, and I have not heard of anyone who will solve this horrible disaster!

Lu Fengbin has been relying on two big forces over the years.

One of them is Lingyue Villa, which is white.

And the other one is the Green Snake Spring League, which is black!

Thanks to these two forces of black and white, Lu Fengbin has been able to develop and grow smoothly over the years.

He also made a contribution to the Green Snake Spring League last year, and only then did the great leader reward him with a bottle of Green Snake Flowing Goat.

During this year, he regarded this bottle as a treasure at the bottom of the box, and he never showed it easily.

But I didn’t expect that he was taken out by his own son now and used to poison him!

For a while, Lu Fengbin lost all his energy, and looked very depressed.

The people at the scene burst into tears.

Everyone knows that Green Snake is hopeless.

Now they have been sentenced to death.

What awaits them is suffering and death.

They cried heartbreakingly on the ground one by one, and some even hugged Lu Fengbin’s feet and shouted sternly: “Lu Fengbin, I don’t want to die! You must know that there is a way to solve this problem, right! You save me OK! I will give you all the family business!”

Lu Fengbin shook his head miserably, “I’m not saved, I’m not saved, even I’m going to die.”

As Lu Sixian laughed again, the scene was full of mourning.

They hate that they shouldn’t drive Lu Sixian crazy, otherwise everyone will not die together now.

And in this sorrow, there is one person, but the whole person is dumbfounded.

Ancient Ling!

When Gu Zhiling heard the words Green Snake Liuqiu, he drank like a bang!

These four words have been an unforgettable nightmare for her in the past year!

She was shooting a variety show on Jianghuai, and she was inexplicably caught in this disaster.

Thanks to Wiliam, she was able to heal this strange disease.

Now, when she heard these four words again, the whole person was like a divine enlightenment.

She understands, she thoroughly understands what this is all about!

A year ago, it was also this Lu Sixian.

At that time, Lu Sixian stalked herself in every way and wanted her.

However, the ancient Ling did not give in, so it must be this Lu Sixian who secretly smashed the green snake.

Unexpectedly, it was this Lu Sixian who caused myself to suffer pain!

For a while, Gu Zhiling’s eyes burst into strong resentment.

It’s this bastard who has made him not a man or a ghost!

The career was almost ruined!

Today, he did the same trick again. If it weren’t for Wiliam, he would have to drink this poison and would repeat the same mistakes!

And Gu Zhiling finally understood what Wiliam said before, why should he bring her here!

It turned out that Wiliam had already guessed the twists and turns in the scorpion, and knew that Lu Sixian had green snakes.

So he brought himself here just to avenge himself!

Gu Zhiling felt moved when he thought of this.

These little bastards, although they usually call them, these women call them like dogs.

But being good to them is the kind that makes people grateful.

No wonder those little fairies are silently interested in him…

“Wiliam, help me kill this bastard!” Gu Zhiling suddenly gritted his teeth, “I will repay you tonight!”


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