Dragon Husband Chapter 633-634

Chapter 633

Wiliam looked at Gu Zhiling with red eyes at the moment with a speechless expression, and said with a smile: “It’s not a matter of course, it’s just a matter of effort, are you so moved that you want to accept it?”

Gu Zhiling glared at Wiliam in embarrassment. This little bastard was really incomprehensible with his amorous feelings.

Say something easy.

Your effort, to me, is Nirvana rebirth, you know?

Thousand-year one-handed dog deserves its name!

The conversation between the two of them attracted Lu Sixian’s attention.

Lu Sixian thought with all his heart that everyone on the court had been caught in the green snake, and it should have been painful.

However, when he noticed Wiliam, Gu Zhiling, Zhuang Ningning, and Cheng Suyi, he found that the four of them were actually fine!

His heart suddenly shook!

what happened!

He rushed over in a vigorous step, and sternly shouted: “You guys! Why are there poisonings!”

Zhuang Ningning looked at Lu Sixian’s smile abruptly and sneered: “Why are we not poisoned? Because we don’t drink this water!”

But as soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly thought of a shocking thing.

They didn’t drink the water with Cheng Su.

But Wiliam and Gu Zhiling drank it!

Then why are they doing nothing?

Zhuang Ningning is a straightforward person, and immediately asked: “No, Wiliam, you and Gu Zhiling also drank water just now, what’s wrong with you?”

The pupils suddenly shrank!

Someone drank water but was poisoned?

What’s going on!

The instinct for survival made them all look at Wiliam.

Wiliam said faintly: “Sister Zhiling was caught in the green snake flow last year, and her body will have resistance after getting rid of it. The green snake flow is already not useful to her. As for me, I won’t tell you.”

From the few words of Gu Zhiling, Wiliam inferred why Gu Zhiling was caught in the green snakes last year, and he happened to be in Jianghuai, or Lu Sixian he knew at that time.

So he boldly guessed that Lu Sixian was the one who harmed Gu Zhiling last year.

That’s why I brought Gu Zhiling over today, and I didn’t expect it to be Lu Sixian.

When he came, Wiliam would naturally not be unprepared.

He is skilled in medicine, and it takes some time to get rid of this green snake flow, but to prevent this green snake flow is just to prescribe a medicine in advance.

So he was not poisoned.

These words made Lu Sixian confused. He pointed to Wiliam, unable to channel: “You, how did you know that it was me last year…”

“Lu Sixian, you bastard! I must kill you today!” Gu Zhiling showed hatred again.

However, everyone at the scene focused their attention on what Wiliam said just now.

They pondered Wiliam’s words, but they suddenly became ecstatic.

Several people struggled to get up, and said to Wiliam very emotionally: “Master Lu! What you meant just now! This Miss Gu Zhiling was hit by the green snake last year, but was explained, right? ?”

This question, like a straw, lifted everyone’s hearts into their throats!

The answer is too important, it concerns the life and death of everyone at the scene!

Wiliam looked at these people indifferently, and said, “Drugs in the world are mutually reinforcing, and poisons are the same. There are no poisons that cannot be solved.”

These words were like a shot of a boost to everyone. A bunch of people knelt in front of Wiliam, crying bitterly and said: “Dare to ask Master Lu, do you know where there is such a genius doctor who can help us? Is the green snake flowing around? We have spent our wealth and don’t hesitate.”

Before, because of their 20% or 40% interest, they blushed and their necks were thick, and they did not hesitate to die.

On the eve of death, they suddenly felt that money is of any use.

Keeping this life is the most important thing.

Gu Zhiling looked at these people and shook his head.

Still a group of short-sighted people.

The genius doctor is right in front of you, but you don’t know Mount Tai without looking for a distance.

After all, you still look down on my Master Lu.

If you regard him as a miracle, how could you ask such a thing.

Damn it!

At this time, Lu Sixian was crazy again, he laughed loudly, “Hahaha, do you dare to believe what this kid said! Or, can you believe it? The prestige of the green snake on the land of Jianghuai, who I don’t know who doesn’t know! If there is an antidote, would the people of the Green Snake Spring League not know it? It’s just nonsense! You will have no heart to survive, and go to death with peace of mind!”

“You!” Everyone was stabbed with Lu Sixian’s words!

What Lu Sixian said is also reasonable.

If there is an antidote, how can the people of the Green Snake Spring League not know?

The Green Snake Flowing Eyes came from their hands.

In fact, everyone still didn’t believe that there was an antidote in their hearts. At this moment, it was a dead horse who asked Wiliam.

After being pierced by Lu Sixian, someone struggled to stand up and wanted to beat Lu Sixian.

However, Lu Sixian fell down again.

Wiliam let out a sneer.

When Lu Sixian was proud, he couldn’t help feeling angry when he saw Wiliam laugh, “You kid! What are you laughing! Am I right?”

Wiliam looked at Lu Sixian amusedly, “It’s so flawed.”

“What! What flaw? Don’t be clever here!” Lu Sixian couldn’t think of any flaw for a while, and suddenly became nervous.

Wiliam said casually: “According to what you said, the Green Snake Liuqi is used by the Green Snake Spring League to contain the disciples and let them follow the Green Snake Spring League with all their heart, right?”

The people at the scene nodded, because in all these martial arts sects, there are some things hidden in the dark.

The Green Snake Spring League is this green snake, and Lingyue Villa is said to have this kind of disciples.

It’s just that they don’t know.

Wiliam continued: “Since it is to contain the disciples, how can you die so quickly? So Lu Sixian, what are you proud of?”

These words, like a basin of cold water, poured Lu Sixian’s head and feet cold!

At the scene, after three seconds of silence, there was a loud shout!

“Hahaha! That’s right! How did we forget! This is just a check, the disciples of the Green Snake Spring League are living well, how could we die!”

“A word to wake up the dreamer! Hahaha! Lu Sixian! Your agency is too clever! I didn’t expect it to happen!”

“Huh! We can’t die, then you will die today!”

Everyone was completely pulled back from hell to the world by Wiliam.

Since they couldn’t die, their hearts of vengeance surged again!

Lu Sixian’s whole person is not well, he stared at Wiliam blankly, “This, this, you are talking nonsense…”

He didn’t even know the medicinal effect of Green Snake Liuqi.

Chapter 634

Last year, he stole a little bit and prepared to put Gu Zhiling down.

But after hearing that Gu Zhiling was still alive, he thought it was Gu Zhiling who had drunk the medicine at the time, so he didn’t care about it.

Even yesterday, he stole the medicine for the beauties around Wiliam secretly.

He even thought that as long as he dropped the medicine, he should not die.

And even die.

As long as they are happy one night, let them die!

He was so irritated just now that he poured out all the medicine. He thought that these people would be killed on the spot, but he didn’t expect to die!

Wiliam smiled and said, “I’m talking nonsense? Sister Zhiling was caught in the green snake flow last year. Within half a year of detoxification, won’t she be alive? And ah, you have forgotten one more thing, do you think Do all the people present today die?”

Lu Sixian couldn’t help nodding, “Of course!”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched, “Then when you saw my troubles just now, what were you still arrogant about? I was alone, was it a problem to beat you?”

Lu Sixian’s face completely froze.


Forget this!

This kid is also a warrior, and his skill seems to be very good!

Lu Sixian completely collapsed.

I thought it could kill everyone, but I didn’t think that there would be no one dead!


Now he completely offended everyone present!

Thinking of this, he wanted to run.

But suddenly he was stopped by a person beside him.

Lu Sixian thought that the person in front of him was poisoned, and his hands and feet must have strength.

He pushed hard, but unexpectedly, he staggered and fell to the ground.

He looked at the man in horror, “You, how can you have strength?”

The man also looked at his hands and feet in amazement, with a dazed expression, “I don’t know, I didn’t have any strength just now, but I didn’t feel happy to see you running.”

Others also touched their bodies, and found that besides the itchy back, their strength was gradually recovering.

Everyone look at me, I look at you, they don’t know what’s going on.

At this time, Gu Zhiling seemed to think of something, and smiled: “I understand, this green snake flow is like this. It will attack different parts of your body at any time. Just now, it was heart palpitations, but now it’s back itching.”

There was no one in the room than Gu Zhiling who had a say in this green snake flow.

She had been tortured by the green snake flow for half a year, and naturally knew the characteristics of the green snake flow.

The people at the scene seemed to understand, but they couldn’t die temporarily anyway.

Seeing Lu Sixian on the ground, everyone surrounded Lu Sixian.

Lu Sixian was completely scared now, because the eyes of everyone in front of him were red.

One by one, like jackals, tigers and leopards, they wanted to tear him apart on the spot.

He shivered, knelt directly on the ground, and kept kowtow, his voice also became trembling, where there was the arrogance and arrogance before.

“I was wrong, and I’m sorry to you. Will you let me leave my life? I won’t dare anymore, I don’t want to die yet.”

However, the more he begged for mercy, the more aroused the anger of the people at the scene.

“Kill him to me!” The crowd yelled, and the crowd was excited.

Lu Sixian shivered like a frightened quail in the middle.

Suddenly he looked at his father and kowped his head heavily, “Dad, save me, I know I was wrong, I am your son, save me quickly.”

Lu Fengbin was not far away, anxious.

Although he was also sad and angry for Lu Sixian’s behavior just now.

But after all, when father and son play, blood is thicker than water.

Lu Sixian really wants to have two shortcomings, how can he sit on the sidelines!

Lu Sixian is the only male in the Lu family.

Thinking of this, Lu Fengbin strode over, trying to persuade people around him to spare Lu Sixian’s life.

But at this time, someone sneered, “Lu Fengbin, do you still want to save his life?”

Lu Fengbin choked for a while, and his face became extremely ugly.

He saved his son, and learned from unknown.

After all, his son almost killed so many people at the scene.

He thought for a while, and suddenly looked at Wiliam and Zhuang Ningning.

He knelt down, and tears came out, “Master Lu, the owner of the house, for the sake of ignorance of the children, can you save my son? Will you save my son? I, Lu Fengbin, will be a cow and a horse for you in the next half of my life! I can give you all of his family business! I just ask you to save my son.”

His words also moved the true feelings.

Outside he is the cold-blooded chairman of Qiulu Group.

But at home, he is just a father, a father who is getting older and older.

Seeing him kowtow, Wiliam showed no expression at all.

All the grievances from the snacks are telling Wiliam, the king of the ruthless!

Especially for those who are more than guilty of death, are cruel to themselves in the future!

Wiliam harbored a big hatred, and he would never lose his sense in front of this little love.

Zhuang Ningning and Gu Zhiling both looked at Wiliam’s horse head. Seeing Lu Yezhen’s expression, they also did not speak.

Until Lu Fengbin knocked his head apart, Wiliam still looked cold.

His heart is getting colder and colder.

And the grievance in his heart is getting bigger and bigger.

He suddenly laughed sadly, as if he understood something.

He glanced at Wiliam bitterly, as if trying to impress Wiliam’s ruthlessness at this moment!

Then he strode towards his son.

“What are you going to do! I tell you! Don’t try to save your son today!”

“Yes! Lu Fengbin, don’t think how powerful your Qiulu Group is! Together, we will only be stronger than you, not weaker than you!”

The people around saw Lu Fengbin coming over, shouting.

But Lu Fengbin grabbed a goblet and crushed it with one hand!

Yanhong’s blood suddenly appeared along his hand.

“Get away!” Lu Fengbin shouted angrily.

The people around were taken aback by his crazy manners and couldn’t help but give way.

Lu Fengbin’s hands were bleeding, and his heart was bleeding.

He knew that his son would not survive today.

However, even if his son died, he shouldn’t die in the hands of these cold-blooded people!

His heart is decided!

Lu Sixian was overjoyed when he saw his father coming over, “Dad, you finally came to save me, I will honor you in the future! Only you are the best to me in the world.”

Lu Fengbin touched his son’s head with the other hand, as if he was infinitely pitying.

His tears fell again, “Well, I hope you are true. Be filial, if there is an afterlife…”

“Dad, what you said…” Lu Sixian was taken aback, but he didn’t react for a while.

But at this time, the goblet in Lu Fengbin’s hand was casually wiped from Lu Sixian’s neck.

While wiping, gently hugged Lu Sixian who was sluggish.

“My son, it doesn’t hurt, it won’t hurt if you bear it…”


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