Dragon Husband Chapter 635-636

Chapter 635

People at the scene saw Lu Fengbin kill his son by himself, and got goosebumps all over his body.

What is this going to do!

Although everyone kept saying that they wanted to kill Lu Sixian, but if they really wanted to kill, no one dared to do it.

So just now they were thunder and rain.

I don’t think Lu Fengbin is really cruel.

Hand up and down!

That’s the case for one life.

At this moment, Lu Fengbin was tearful, as if he was getting older.

The eyes of Lu Sixian in his arms had gradually disappeared. In the end, Lu Sixian’s hand wanted to grasp Lu Fengbin, but he fell weakly.

Lu Fengbin’s heart twitched fiercely, as if waking up from a big dream.

He knew what he did.

This is his favorite son.

The foundation of Qiulu Group is completely destroyed today!

He suddenly let out a sneer and looked around.

Everyone didn’t even dare to look at him, evading his eyes.

“Ho ho, are you satisfied like this?” Lu Fengbin said foolishly, and slowly stood up holding the dead Lu Sixian.

He looked at everyone on the scene and wanted to keep in mind the appearance of everyone!

Especially Wiliam and Zhuang Ningning!

Today his son died, everyone present is a murderer!

The scene was silent, I don’t know what Lu Fengbin is going to do next.

After Lu Fengbin finished speaking, he was silent, holding his son and struggling towards the door.

Until he gradually disappeared at the door, the people on the scene breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Fengbin just now was terrible.

Those eyes, as if to choose someone to eat!

In the future, we must never join Lu Fengbin again, let alone fight him.

He is someone who can even get his own son!

Too many things have happened to everyone here today, one by one has long since had the heart to continue chatting, and they scattered all around.

Wiliam and Zhuang Ningning also left the Qiulu Group.

Because Cheng Suyi grew up in Jianghuai, and there are still some unfinished matters that need to be handled, Wiliam asked the native Zhuang Ningning to accompany her to handle it.

Gu Zhiling accompanied Wiliam back to the hotel.

Along the way, Wiliam’s brows kept frowning, as if there was something still invisible.

“Wiliam, what are you thinking about? Isn’t the matter over? Are you sympathizing with Lu Sixian?” Gu Zhiling asked casually.

Wiliam shook his head indifferently.

That kind of person wouldn’t make Wiliam feel any waves of thought.

Wiliam did have an insoluble doubt.

It’s this green snake.

The reason why Wiliam knew about the green snake flow was from the “Impermanent Medical Classics” passed on to him by his grandfather.

Originally, Wiliam had seen the green snake flowing in Gu Zhiling’s body before, but he still felt nothing unusual.

But today he was at the scene, knowing the origin of the green snake flow, so he always felt something was wrong.

Since the Green Snake Liuzhao was developed by the Green Snake Spring League a year ago, it was only one year ago.

However, the “Impermanence Medical Classic” was included in time, and only one possibility remained.

It was his grandfather who made it up personally.

Wiliam’s doubts are here. How could grandpa know that the green snake flows?

Did he have an intersection with the Green Snake Spring League before his death?

But it shouldn’t be. Grandpa was the elder of the Lu family in North before his death. He was obsessed with completing the “Medical Scripture of Wuchang” all his life, so he would not just go out casually.

Even Huang Daoming and He Jifeng said that he had seen his grandfather travel as a doctor in the rivers and lakes for many years.

In short, this fascination took root deeply in Wiliam’s heart.

Wiliam had a huge curiosity about this green snake spring alliance.

“Wiliam, thank you for today’s affairs. In fact, you don’t have to do so much for me…” Gu Zhiling said to Wiliam suddenly moved.

Wiliam turned his head, just to see Gu Zhiling’s tender eyes.

Who is Wiliam, a thousand-year-old straight man is by no means an understatement.

In addition, he was thinking about other things at the moment, so he ignored her Yijiang Chunshui, “Oh, with a little effort, you must also want to figure out what happened last year, you’re welcome.”

Gu Zhiling’s eyes turned to the sky when he saw him with a stone heart.

There is no cure for this little president.

Gu Zhiling didn’t say anything, but he had already made up his mind to repay Wiliam well tonight.

But this reward is naturally not promised by body.

She knew Wiliam’s feelings for Feliicity, and she would never do anything despicable to intervene in their feelings.

She was just thinking, to invite Wiliam to have a drink and a supper tonight, it would be considered as having a good time.

Besides, Gu Zhiling still had a knot in his heart.

Since the incident of the “Big Doctor” movie, Gu Zhiling’s impression of Wiliam has completely changed.

However, the two of them were stunned that there was no suitable opportunity to sit down and talk.

Gu Zhiling always felt that he had to talk to Wiliam.

Then take this opportunity.

Thinking of this, Gu Zhiling breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the scenery outside the car window.

Big cities are like flowers.

As for the little world, the actor is passionate.

No words all the way.

On the other side, Lu Fengbin took his long-dead son back home.

After placing Lu Sixian in the lobby, he returned to the room sluggishly, and fell asleep.

This sleep is three hours.

When he woke up, the sun was still golden, and cicadas cried outside.

Like a walking dead, he first went into the bathroom to wash, and then put on a dignified suit.

It’s like going to a great event.

He walked out the door slowly, but when he locked the door, he put his hand hard.

The key broke directly in the lock.

Then he hit a car and headed for the suburbs.

When the car reached a deserted place, he got out of the car and walked slowly.

Until it came to a mass grave.

He knelt down in front of a dilapidated tombstone and knocked his head heavily, “Qiulu Group, please see Lu Fengbin! Qiulu Group! Lu Fengbin please! Qiulu Group! Lu Fengbin please!”

He knocked his head and shouted as if he was not conscious.

Until the forehead became bloody again.

No one could see that his eyes were completely red and full of resentment.

After not knowing how long, the tombstone suddenly moved slowly, until a black hole appeared, and gusts of cloudy wind blew out, with a disgusting smell of decay.

As if this hole leads to hell.

Lu Fengbin bowed his head respectfully again, and then stepped towards the cave.

The tombstone slowly closed again after Lu Fengbin stepped in.

With the last ray of sunlight outside, four big bloody characters were faintly visible on the back of the tombstone.

“Green Snake Spring League”.

Chapter 636 Green Snake Spring League

Lu Fengbin walked for more than ten minutes until he walked all over his body and came to an empty place.

This place is dark all year round, and the taste is even more mixed with a strong smell of blood.

And faintly can hear a sizzling voice, which makes the scalp numb.

Lu Fengbin has been here more than once, and naturally knows what this strange sound is.


The Green Snake Spring League breeds all kinds of venomous snakes all year round. This place is the base camp of the Green Snake Spring League and a snake nest.

When he came here for the first time, Lu Fengbin was so frightened that he couldn’t get out of bed for three days.

At that time, a snake was at his feet, eyes gleaming with faint green light.

Snakes don’t bite people, just staring at Lu Fengbin like this, Lu Fengbin feels like he is walking on the edge of hell.

But at this moment, Lu Fengbin’s heart was calm, even numb.

He is full of hatred, but hopes that the world will be invaded by poisonous snakes.

At this time, a swift footstep sounded, and after a while, several people in black were seen standing in front of him.

Lu Fengbin respectfully said, “Qiulu Group Lu Fengbin, please see the three leaders.”

The people on the opposite side looked like dead people, and they didn’t talk for a long time.

On the contrary, suddenly, there was a burst of laughter from hell, and the scalp was numb.

“Lu Xiaoer, the old man remembers, there seems to be nothing to say between us, aren’t you very hard-tempered, did you break with us?”

Hearing this voice, Lu Fengbin gave a fierce twitch in his heart, then knelt down directly, “I beg the three leaders to show up. Lu has something to discuss.”

At this time, a sharp breaking wind sounded.

Lu Fengbin almost couldn’t see clearly, and he felt a black shadow in front of him.

Then the black shadow disappeared again, and there was already a person sitting on a chair not far away.

Then, the surrounding lights were lit.

In the dim light, Lu Fengbin finally saw the person sitting in the armchair.

An old man with gray hair and a gloomy look leaned back against a chair lazily.

The most goosebumps are that there are two light blue snakes lying on his body.

This person is surprisingly the three leaders of the Green Snake Spring League-She Renyi.

Speaking of this Green Snake Spring League, there are a total of three leaders.

The three leaders are brothers. The boss is She Tianyi, the second is She Diyi, and the third is She Renyi.

Lu Fengbin was trembling, but still knelt down, “Worship the three leaders.”

She Renyi, who was on the chair of the Grand Master, was smiling, but her hands were playing with the two little green snakes on her body.

He asked casually: “What kind of wind is this today that blows you over, and sees you still get a head of blood, tusk tusk.”

Lu Fengbin first knelt down and apologized, “The three leaders, Lu Mou had eyes and no beads before, and I missed your kindness. I made a special trip to apologize.”

She Renyi is an old monster, how could he believe this nonsense of Lu Fengbin.

He smiled and said: “Ho ho, it’s a coincidence that you also came. The old man came here less than half an hour after he left the customs. It’s a pity that my two brothers are still in retreat, but they should leave tomorrow at noon. Close, you should come back tomorrow.”

Lu Fengbin’s face became stiff, knowing that She Renyi had seen through his mind.

He dared not conceal any more, and said in a deep voice: “The three leaders, there is nothing to hide, this time I came here to ask the Green Snake Spring League to help me! Help me eradicate the evil!”

She Renyi laughed loudly, “That’s right, if you have something to say directly, don’t give these kind words to the old man. Since you have asked our Green Snake Spring League, what are the conditions we discussed before…”

Lu Fengbin’s body straightened, knowing that She Renyi was talking about what the Green Snake Spring League had said to Qiulu Group Lions.

A while ago, the Green Snake Spring League asked Qiulu Group to pay 70% of its annual profits.

Lu Fengbin seems to have made up his mind a long time ago, “As long as the leader is willing to avenge me, let alone 70%! I Qiulu Group all the properties, I am willing to offer it with both hands!”

Lu Fengbin killed Lu Sixian with his own hands, and he had no affection for the world.

If you can trade the family business of the Qiulu Group in exchange for the death of your enemy, it is worth it!

She Renyi looked at Lu Fengbin in amazement, “Hahaha! Interesting! 70% of the time you were killed before, but now you have promised to give it all, tusk tusk, it seems that you really cannot let go of the hatred in your heart. what.”

At this time, Lu Fengbin gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t wait to vent the anger of those people with cramps!”

Therefore, Lu Fengbin reiterated the matter of today’s noon, and finally said angrily: “Please take action and kill Lingyue Villa! Leave no armor!”

She Renyi laughed gloomily at the end when she heard it.

He didn’t answer Lu Fengbin’s words directly, but he felt a sense of joking by chance.

Lingyue Villa?

What a coincidence.

Originally, She Renyi and his three brothers left this time to destroy Lingyue Villa with their own hands.

I didn’t think that Lu Fengbin would come here this time, but also to deal with Lingyue Villa.

What exactly did Lingyue Villa do that caused everyone to be so indignant?

Seeing Lu Fengbin’s fierce and angry face, She Renyi suddenly said, “Is it Lingyue Villa? Well, it’s a bit difficult.”

When Lu Fengbin heard this, he was immediately anxious, “Three League Masters, as long as you promise to send troops to Lingyue Villa and kill that named Wiliam, and that Zhuang Ningning, I will pay no matter what the price!”

She Renyi was waiting for Lu Fengbin’s words.

He pretended to be contemplative, and when he took the last shot of the Grand Master’s chair, he was shocked that the two little green snake heads stood up directly, showing a fierce look.

“Ho ho, because we have been working together for many years, you have done your best to my Green Snake Spring League. No matter, the old man will give it up this time! But, you are right, there is really a condition. Come, the old man. Take out the ice snake blade shield that was just refined.”

The few people around who bowed their heads immediately went down.

After a while, they came up with something that seemed thick.

And seeing this thing, Lu Fengbin got goose bumps all over his body.

This is a hexagonal shield.

It’s just that the shape of this shield is really weird.

The shield was black all over, gleaming under the light.

On the six corners of the shield, there are twelve snake teeth that look extremely sharp.

These snake teeth are as long as 20 centimeters and extend to the shield body.

On the shield body, there are blood grooves.

The entire Ice Snake Blade Shield exudes a cold and bloodthirsty aura.

What the hell is this!

She Renyi grabbed the ice snake blade shield with one hand, as if looking at his own flesh and blood, with a cruel and loving look in his eyes.

“Is the old man’s conditions? My Ice Snake Blade Shield is the first time I set off. Before I set off, I have to drink until I’m full, Lu Xiaoer, what should I do?”


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