Dragon Husband Chapter 637-638

Chapter 637

This ice snake blade shield was indeed made by She Renyi himself during this retreat.

The materials used for the sword and shield are extremely strange, and there are some insidious things among them.

Its name is Knife Shield, which can naturally attack and defend, advance to kill and bloodthirsty, and retreat can sit back and relax.

Especially the material of the shield, it can be said that it is inexhaustible. Under the world, I am afraid that there is nothing that can penetrate the defense of the shield.

She Renyi himself is a master in the mid-inner power stage, and now with this personally forged sword shield, it can be said to be even more powerful, and it can be a battle against the late-stage inner power master.

When Lu Fengbin heard She Renyi’s words, his face paled in shock.

What the hell is this!

It turned out to be like a living thing, and had to drink until it was full!

These martial arts practitioners are really weird one by one!

However, Lu Fengbin, a layman, could feel the extraordinary power of this shield, and he seemed more confident in She Renyi’s march.

He was heartbroken and said to She Renyi: “This is easy to handle. I’ll buy some chicken blood, duck blood and pig blood, and I’ll bring it to you right away.”

As soon as she said this, She Renyi smiled directly.

Lu Fengbin bit his scalp and asked, “Three League Masters, what are you laughing at? Am I wrong?”

She Ren smiled and said nothing.

Lu Fengbin was numb with laughter, and finally his head seemed to flash across his head, and he cried out, “Could it be that the blood you mentioned is human blood!”

“Otherwise? The old man thought you were ignorant, and temporarily pardoned your rants and insulting my sword and shield.” She Renyi said without a smile.

Chicken blood, duck blood, pig blood?

Go with my sword and shield drink?


My sword and shield are the destiny of heaven and earth. If you want to drink, you will drink the most poisonous blood, if you want to kill, you will kill the most evil person!

“Then, then I’ll find someone to buy some blood…” Lu Fengbin’s lips were white, and he said tremblingly.

“Ho ho ho, buy some blood? A little bit is not enough? Don’t you listen to the old man, you should drink blood until you are full!” She Renyi said again.

Lu Fengbin suddenly felt a trance, and couldn’t help asking: “Then, what should I do? You said, I’ll go find it.”

She Renyi stared at Lu Fengbin jokingly, “My sword and shield, drinking the blood of ordinary people, I am afraid that a hundred people will not be enough. But, if you drink the blood of a hostile person, one person is enough.”

Lu Fengbin and She Renyi looked at each other, his head blew as soon as he said this!

He finally understood what She Renyi meant.

The heart is hostile, and I said, isn’t it me…

This She Renyi is so vicious that she wants me to feed the sword and shield!

I am a living person, not a cat or dog!

This Green Snake Spring League is really cruel and terrible!

Lu Fengbin wanted to resist, but looking at She Renyi’s playful eyes, he swallowed back when he resisted.

He stared at the shield, and he felt that the shield was magical.

As if the twelve snake teeth turned into twelve ghost eyes, calling him affectionately.

The previous scenes of Lu Sixian’s tragic death in Lu Fengbin’s hands are constantly being summoned, forcing Lu Fengbin to collapse his whole body.

In the end, he actually smiled miserably, as if he understood his destiny.

That’s right, before I left, I took a shower and changed clothes. I had already planned for the worst.

Now it seems that it is a surprise to be able to get the Green Snake Spring League to take a shot.

Do you still want to survive?

“Okay! I can agree to your terms, but I beg you to send troops to conquer Lingyue Villa tomorrow! I don’t want to see those people at ease for a day!” Lu Fengbin gritted his teeth and suddenly said viciously.

“Yes.” She Renyi agreed directly.

Anyway, he planned to conquer Lingyue Villa, but it was only three days in advance.

Besides, the two elder brothers will also leave the customs tomorrow. When the three brothers join forces, how can Lingyue Villa be the opponent of my Green Snake Spring League?

Lu Fengbin suddenly sighed when She Renyi agreed.

He knew that his life had reached the last moment.

But he has no nostalgia for this world.

She Renyi suddenly threw the shield in his hand forward, and the shield was inserted straight into a table in front of Lu Fengbin.

Twelve snake teeth, cold and stubborn people.

“Come on by yourself, the old man is tired, so I won’t give you the last ride. Tomorrow, I will let those people, Huang Quan plead with you.” After She Renyi said this, she straightened her body and disappeared into this hall. .

Lu Fengbin looked at Snake Fang with a tragic smile.

Unexpectedly, the chairman of Tangtang Qiulu Group is also a famous figure in Jianghuai.

Today, I want to humble and take the initiative to such an extent, even if I die, I have to beg to die by myself.

He died in a place that this man hated and hated.

The world is not worth it!

He laughed, and walked towards the shield.

His chest rested on the twelve snake teeth.

One hard!


Snake teeth have been inserted into his body.

A terrifying suction made Lu Fengbin instinctively want to get away.

However, the twelve snake teeth seemed to be alive, biting Lu Fengbin’s body tightly.

Lu Fengbin could clearly feel that the blood in his body seemed to be sucked away bit by bit.

This kind of weird waiting for death made Lu Fengbin go crazy.

“No! No!” Lu Fengbin yelled frantically.

But there was already no one in the hall, and there was only his helpless echo everywhere.

He gradually felt that the blood in his body seemed to have dried up.

Finally, he didn’t even hum, and fell directly to the ground limply.

If anyone was present, he would definitely be frightened by Lu Fengbin at the moment.

Is this still Lu Fengbin!

Skinny and bony, how can there be half a drop of blood?

It was clearly sucked into a corpse by snake teeth!

The Ice Snake Blade Shield, which was full of blood, suddenly flashed a coquettish red light in the darkness, and then slowly returned to silence.

“Hoho, is it done? My dear sword shield, tomorrow, I will let you drink again.” Jiejie’s laughter came out in the dark place again.

And that night, in the hotel.

Gu Zhiling was in the room alone, with a bottle of expensive red wine and a bag of takeaway snacks on the table.

After ten o’clock, she heard it quietly outside, and then she mustered up the courage, opened the door with red wine and snacks, and was going to find Wiliam.

She knew that Wiliam lived alone, and Feliicity was occupied by Xena.

She looked like a cowardly thief, and slid towards Wiliam’s room.

After all, these women shouldn’t know about this, otherwise they might tell some jokes.

“Ding Dong.” She rang the doorbell at Wiliam’s door, and then suddenly the little deer bumped into her heart.

She secretly scolded herself for not being able to live up to her temper, she just came here to give something to eat, and she didn’t treat herself as a food to give to the little bastard, she was shy of wool!

At this time, the door opened with a clatter.

But the moment he opened the door, Gu Zhiling was dumbfounded.

The person who opened the door was not Wiliam.

It’s the woman who knows how to do things the most, and who Gu Zhiling doesn’t want to be bumped into tonight!


Chapter 638

Gu Zhiling saw Xena with a surprised face, his head was big.

She stayed in the room for so long just now to avoid this wild girl who was running around.

As a result, she was so immortal that she rushed to Wiliam’s room.

And Xena opened the door and saw Gu Zhiling, he was also directly stunned.

“What are you doing here? You don’t sleep in the middle of the night?” Gu Zhiling, anyway, how old is Ruoshuang, preemptively.

Sure enough, Xena replied blankly: “I am playing in my brother-in-law’s room…”

“What time is it? How decent is the lone man and widow in the same room! Even if you are a brother-in-law and sister-in-law, you have to avoid suspicion. Why don’t you go back to sleep?” Gu Zhi Lingyi said righteously.

“Oh oh oh, I’ll go back soon.” Xena’s head was blank, and he was actually taken away by Gu Zhiling’s words.

Gu Zhiling let out a long sigh of relief when she saw that she was leaving.

However, after taking two steps, Xena suddenly reacted and returned to Gu Zhiling’s face, looking up and down Gu Zhiling with a playful expression.

“Oh, Sister Gu, who is in the middle of the night, you can wear it, a camisole, hot pants, oh, she still has red wine in her hand, so emotional, I don’t know if Sister Gu knocked on my brother-in-law’s door in the middle of the night. What are you here for?” Xena asked strangely.

Gu Ling’s heart sighed and scolded this little Nizi as not a vegetarian.

This also kills a carbine.

Gu Zhiling felt guilty, and all of a sudden he hesitated.

“I see, you want to be with my brother-in-law in the middle of the night, right? All dressed up like this, and brought wine, it is clear that you want to use the wine to show off, right?” Xena suddenly stretched out his hand. In Gu Zhiling’s heart, he caught it hard.

Gu Zhiling was frightened, and he immediately backed up two steps, blushing, “What are you doing! Talking back to talking, don’t move your feet.”

“Cut, I guessed it with a guilty conscience? I tell you, my brother-in-law is more affectionate to my sister than Jin Jian, and won’t like your type. On the contrary, it’s a cute type like me. Pooh, anyway. My brother-in-law will not like you.” Xena said stubbornly.

Gu Zhiling caught her speech disorder in an instant, and smiled jokingly: “Why, does he like your cute type?”

Xena choked for a while, “You!”

At this time, Gu Zhiling gently pushed away Xena, deliberately stood up in front of her, and said disdainfully, “Ho ho, my sister tells you a truth as a person over here. In front of sexy, cuteness is nothing. value.”

After speaking, she entered Wiliam’s room and closed the door.

Xena was so angry that she stomped her feet outside, “Oh, you ancient Ling! You shameless little bitch, I tell my sister to go!”

Gu Zhiling entered the room and let out a sigh of relief.

She also wanted to understand just now, she had a guilty conscience.

It’s not really here to sell yourself.

At most, come here to send me a drink. Isn’t it okay to go by myself?

Thinking of this, she saw Wiliam meditating on the bed, her eyes closed.

“Hey.” Gu Zhiling shouted angrily.

Just now, this little bastard must have heard them arguing outside, but he didn’t say a word.
Humph, big pig’s hoof.

“Why are you here?” Lu Yezheng opened his eyes and asked lightly.

Gu Zhiling angrily threw the things in his hand onto his table, “I will repay you and give you food!”

Originally, Gu Zhiling still dreamed about drinking and chatting to the moon.

But after seeing Wiliam’s stubborn face, his daughter’s thoughts were lost.

Roll over, little calf!

“Okay, thanks.” Wiliam said again.

Then there is no such thing.

Gu Zhiling stared at this incomprehensible big wood annoyed, and he was beeping in his heart.

Although the old lady is not particularly glamorous and sexy, she is also graceful and slender now.

Will you open your dog’s eyes and see if you will die?

She was so angry that she grabbed the red wine on the table, “I’m leaving.”

I kindly give you a good wine, it’s a violent thing, the old lady goes back to the room to drink slowly.

But she became angry, and finally put down the wine before going out.

And Wiliam didn’t even take this matter to heart. After Gu Zhiling left, he was immersed in the study of “Impermanent Medical Classics”.

But tonight is destined to be an unquiet night.

After a while, the door was knocked again.

Wiliam frowned and got up to open the door.

Standing at the door this time is Xena and Feliicity.

Obviously Xena went back to file a complaint, and then pulled Feliicity over to catch the rape.

Seeing Wiliam opening the door, Xena went straight in, planning to smash the little bitch of Gu Zhiling out.

Feliicity looked at Xena amusedly, and said to Wiliam: “She doesn’t know what’s going crazy, she has to pull me over…”

“Come in.” Wiliam gently pulled Feliicity into the room.

Xena searched in the room, and finally asked Wiliam angrily, “Where did you hide that little bitch? Everything is still hot!”

Lu Yezheng said angrily: “People have already left. I did her a favor during the day. To thank me, she came to send me some supper and left after delivery.”

Xena was obviously not willing to let it go, but Wiliam got furious at this time. He directly carried Xena’s collar and pushed her out of the room and locked the door.

He no longer paid attention to the hysterical roar outside the door, but turned around and said to Feliicity, “Sit down and eat together.”

Feliicity is obviously a bit embarrassed, after all, Xena’s ward round just now made her very embarrassed.

“The wild girl has this character, why are you embarrassed? Come on, sit down. It’s been a long time since our husband and wife have been together to talk.” Wiliam said with a gentle look.

If Gu Zhiling heard this and saw this expression, he would vomit three liters of blood.

She did a beautiful job of marrying clothes!

Wiliam’s hand borrowing flowers to offer Buddha is also shameless!

Feliicity nodded obediently, and then sat down.

Wiliam opened the red wine, poured a glass for Feliicity, and then opened the side dishes.

The food is still warm.

The two of them drank wine and ate vegetables like this, and within a few minutes, they didn’t even say a word.

Because there is no moon or big stars in the sky.

Because there are stories hidden in my heart and small grievances.

Feliicity reluctantly smiled. When will the couple become so restrained?



The two spoke at almost the same time.

Feliicity’s face blushed slightly, and she took a sip of the red wine in confusion, “What are you going to say? You can say it first.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, placed his hand gently on the back of Feliicity’s hand, and said warmly, “Will you stay here to sleep tonight?”


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