Dragon Husband Chapter 641-642

Chapter 641

Everyone saw an unforgettable scene in the eyes of the Kylin Gate!

How overbearing!

How weird!

How disgusting!

From the far end of the line of sight, a magnificent monster slowly appeared.

This behemoth seems to have an aura to cover the sky.

From a distance, it is a big black snake!

On the head of the snake, there seemed to be a person standing.

And this big snake has four hands and four feet, and it travels very fast.

In a short while, they could see the appearance of this big snake.

But when they saw it clearly, they were actually scared and stepped back.

I can’t believe the big snake I saw in front of me!

This big snake is ten meters tall, has a fat torso, four hands and four legs, and a huge head.

But this is not the place to frighten them.

What frightened them was the way the snake was composed.

This is not a living snake at all.

It’s all kinds of snakes spliced ​​together.

The spliced ​​object turned out to be a human body!

This snake body is made of a human body!

The four hands and four feet are made up of human hands and feet!

What is even more terrifying is the snake’s head, which is surprisingly spliced ​​by the heads of people!

These heads, fifty or sixty, were spliced ​​into a snake head with a diameter of two meters.

Those people, obviously, have been dead for a long time.

But one by one was full of anger, looking even more crippled.

What kind of monster is this!

How could the Green Snake Spring League create such a terrifying thing!

Seeing Jin Lieyun spit out the four words “Snake of War”, Zhuang Ningning quickly asked: “What is a snake of war!”

Jin Lieyun’s body was also trembling constantly, and he obviously couldn’t think that the Green Snake Spring League would even get out the snake of war.

And overnight.

He said dullly: “This snake of war, I have also seen it from ancient books, but it is a book, which has long been banned by martial artists in the world, because the refining method is too evil.”

“There are three major humanities in the world, one is martial art, the second is artisan art, and the third is martial art. Martial art is needless to say, but we are those who practice martial arts. Artisan is some strange people and strangers who specialize in some strange and weird things, such as Talking about mechanical puppets and the like, promote the spirit of craftsmanship. And Shudao is to engage in other professions, such as pharmacists and poison masters.”

“This snake of war is even more bizarre. It’s somewhere between artisanship and art. They used artisan techniques to first splice the limbs and trunks of these people into snake-shaped puppets. Then they use artisanship. , Similar to Gu worms, making this snake-shaped puppet take orders from them is really extremely powerful!”

After listening to Jin Lieyun’s words, Wiliam’s brows were deeply locked.

He also heard about this martial art, artisan, and skill when he was young, but it was people who were in the realm of the North Lu family that would dabble here.

It is simply not what the Huahua City can carry now.

This Green Snake Spring League is just a mortal sect, and it will dabble in craftsmanship and art.

This is worth thinking about.

What’s even more terrifying is that they actually have a way to get sex and refine evil things like the snake of war. It is impossible to say that there are no experts behind them.

For a moment, Wiliam only felt that a huge conspiracy and suspicion were slowly unfolding before his eyes.

At this time, someone suddenly shouted in horror: “Look at those heads, everyone, they are!”

Everyone’s attention was once again focused on the snake of war!

At this glance, everyone on the scene screamed in exclamation.

And then, one by one became out of anger.

“These heads are our disciples at Lingyue Villa!” Zhuang Ningning also said in shock, as if flames were burning in his eyes!

These people were surprisingly disciples who had just left Lingyue Villa yesterday.

No one thought that all of them died overnight, and they were made part of the snake of war!

“Damn it! I’m going to kill the people of the Green Snake Spring League!” Someone had red eyes, and he was about to rush outside.

But was held back by others.

No one would have thought that they were still the same brothers yesterday, but today they were in different places and died so tragically!

Even if you die, you can’t rest in peace, let the people of the Green Snake Spring League be so inhumanely sent!

“Ho ho ho, this wall is the unicorn wall, isn’t it? I really look forward to it. I don’t know how long this unicorn wall can last under the trampling of the old man’s war snake?” Outside the door, there was a very unpleasant sound. the sound of.

Surprisingly, it was the old shady bird who had been sitting on top of the snake’s head.

She Renyi looked at this steel wall with a playful smile.

The people inside didn’t have time to react, so they only felt a more violent shaking.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The four hands of the snake of war slammed toward the unicorn wall!

Rao is that the unicorn wall is extremely thick, and under this terrifying force, dents have appeared.

“This snake of war is too terrifying.” Zhuang Ningning said depressedly, “Wiliam, what are we going to do now? We won’t be here for long.”

Hearing this roar, Wiliam fell into deep thought.

No one knew what he was thinking.

And even more people noticed that Jin Lieyun on the side showed a more hideous cruel expression on his face.

After being shocked by the snake of war just now, he became even more crazy.

What Wiliam was thinking about was that the strength of the enemy and us is too far apart.

There are only less than 20 people left in Lingyue Villa, and they are all young people, and they are all worthy of entering the initial stage of foreign power.

And the Green Snake Spring League outside is clearly prepared, not only the number seven or eighty, but also the snake of war, as well as the leader of the three alliances.

For the present plan, the best way is to abandon this Lingyue Villa and take these people away through the secret door.

Only in this way can strength be stored.

Otherwise, how many people are here would not be enough for the Green Snake Spring League to kill.

Wiliam didn’t care about the humiliation of this retreat. After all, victory or defeat was a matter of military affairs, and the most important thing was to judge the situation and evaluate the situation.

But at this moment, someone exclaimed again, “Ah! What happened to the Kylin Wall!”

Everyone looked at the Qilin Wall.

I only heard the roar outside, and then the Qilin Wall was sinking at a speed visible to the naked eye!

When everyone saw this scene, they were anxious and shouted: “The power of this snake of war is so powerful that the unicorn wall can’t stop it for a few minutes!”

But Wiliam looked around deeply, just like Zhuang Ningning, showing angry eyes.

“It’s not that the Qilin Wall was breached, but…”

“Someone pressed the mechanism and put away the unicorn wall!”

When everyone heard Wiliam’s words, their hearts violently!

Someone pressed the mechanism!

Who will it be? Know where the mechanism of the Kylin Wall is!

Then he wanted to kill the people of Lingyue Villa!

Chapter 642

Everyone look at me, I look at you, and suddenly exclaimed, “One less person, one less person on the scene!”

They were going to see who was missing, Zhuang Ningning gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t look at it, it’s Jin Lieyun!”

Jin Lieyun didn’t know when, he had quietly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Everyone heard that Jin Lieyun was not there, and after such a guess, they were filled with indignation. “It was Jin Lieyun who opened the unicorn wall! This is to lead wolves into the room!”

Jin Lieyun had always been the deputy owner of Lingyue Villa before, and he naturally knew where the Qilin Wall was.

Moreover, he and Wiliam had a deep hatred before, and it was normal for him to betray the village at this moment.

Everyone was about to find where Jin Lieyun was when they heard a crazy laugh from the martial arts hall.

“Hahaha! The unicorn wall was opened by me, and it will take at least ten minutes to open it again. All of you are going to die, hahaha!”

Jin Lieyun laughed and walked out of the martial arts hall.

At this moment, he was exhausted, his entire face was written with ferociousness, and he was determined to be with the sky!

Yes, he didn’t want to live long ago.

The skill of his life was abolished by Wiliam, and his wise life was destroyed by Wiliam.

Let him live like a disabled old man with a heart higher than the sky?

This is worse than killing him!

Therefore, he seeks death!

And to drag the people of Lingyue Villa, especially Wiliam to die together!

Now that the Qilin Wall is reopened, everyone will be exposed to the attack of the Green Snake Spring League!

Ten minutes, let alone ten minutes, five minutes, is enough to make people on the scene die clean.

Originally, Jin Lieyun would not tear his face so thoroughly, and was always looking for the right time.

Because the switch of the Qilin Wall only had ten minutes to cool down, he was afraid that the cunning kid Wiliam would last for ten minutes.

But the appearance of the snake of war made him completely excited.

As long as there is a snake of war, Wiliam don’t want to live for ten minutes.

Listening to him laughing wildly, watching the unicorn wall gradually sink into the ground, the huge head of the snake of war outside has already been experienced.

The anger in everyone’s hearts burned completely.

“You lunatic! You did such a crippling thing!” Zhuang Ningning was really anxious. The current situation was in precarious condition, and he thought that this old dog was still in the most critical time and pushed them into the abyss!

Now, they just want to run, they can’t get away!

“Give me to die!” At this moment, several passionate young men couldn’t help but rushed towards Jin Lieyun. Someone was cruel and broke Jin Lieyun’s neck with a bang!

Although Jin Lieyun was dead, the whole face still kept a weird smile, and his eyes were not closed.

As if to use these muddy eyes to witness the destruction of Lingyue Villa.

“Wiliam, what should I do now?” Zhuang Ningning asked anxiously when he saw that the Qilin Wall had fallen to the height of only one person.

Wiliam shook his head, “I can’t escape anymore, let the flow go.”

Zhuang Ningning is like falling into an ice cellar.

Go with the flow.

How can this go with the flow!

Letting it go is a death

Could it be that even Wiliam has no way to reverse the situation?

However, this guilty thought disappeared in a flash.

Can you blame Wiliam?

The Green Snake Spring League came out, and it was not something that Wiliam could resist.

Wiliam is a man, not a god.

That’s it, it seems that today is going to be completely buried here.

When Zhuang Ningning was desperate, she looked at the surrounding brothers.

One by one, like Zhuang Ningning, they also showed hopeless eyes.

Because they saw the complete scene.

How big it is.

The snakes of war danced, seemingly waiting for a hearty killing.

Beside the snake of war, there were sixty or seventy men in black.

They are obviously already waiting for the time to attack.

In such a comparison, the dozens of people in Lingyue Villa, like lambs to be slaughtered, shivered and were helpless.

“Ho ho ho, it’s really bleak, I thought there were thousands of soldiers in this unicorn wall, but I thought that there were only a few dozen people, tusk tusk, the famous Lingyue Villa, is so vulnerable. It’s ridiculous.” She Renyi Jiejie on the snake of war said with a smile.

Wiliam stepped forward slightly, guarding these people behind him.

Don’t look at the people behind him who are older than Wiliam, but few have seen big scenes.

And since Wiliam is the master of the unicorn, he naturally has the responsibility and mission of guarding the unicorn.

Seeing Wiliam coming out more and more, She Renyi was surprised, “Oh ho ho, are you the Wiliam kid in Lu Fengbin’s mouth?”

Wiliam returned lightly, “Exactly.”

She Renyi laughed loudly, “It’s not bad, it’s brave, but it’s a bit courageous, but well, the strength is too weak, it’s not worthy of use. The old man was really bluffed by Lu Fengbin. With so many people, they even refined the snake of war overnight. It seems that it was a fuss.”

“The Green Snake Spring League has always been in harmony with Lingyue Villa’s well water, and the Three League Masters will never mobilize people to come because of a Lu Fengbin. So, what is your purpose?” Wiliam asked coldly.

She Renyi was taken aback and then laughed again, “Hahaha, good boy, but meticulous. It doesn’t hurt to tell you for your dying sake. We are just following orders, and we have nothing else. know.”

Follow orders.

These four words seemed to confirm Wiliam’s conjecture.

Sure enough, behind the Green Snake Spring League, an expert was secretly controlling.

It’s just that, who on earth is going to kill Lingyue Villa.

No, or more to say, to put the unicorn on the ground.

If you think so.

Wiliam’s mind flashed, and he thought of someone.

That’s it!

“Well, I have seen people, and I have said that, the old man really can’t take any interest in you, even the old man, the ice snake sword shield, is a bit bluffing, the snake of war, just hand it Here you are.” She Renyi looked utterly uninterested, and jumped off the snake of war with a lifelong leap.

He was indeed happy for nothing.

I thought that Wiliam would be such a strong opponent, but I didn’t think he was as famous as meeting him.

However, a warrior in the late stage of the extravagant force did not even step into the inner force, and even the inner force was not generated.

To deal with this kind of people, to invigorate the teacher and the crowd, is simply a booze.

He just wanted to end the drama as soon as possible, and if he even had time, he would rush back to report to the two elder brothers so that they don’t have to come out again.

With a wave of his hand, the snake of war roared again, with the power of the earth shaking the mountain, his body suddenly rose into the air, his hands and feet pressed towards Wiliam and other life winds!


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