Dragon Husband Chapter 643-644

Chapter 643

The snake of war came with wind and thunder, and there was a gust of wind out of thin air.

The people at Lingyue Villa were so scared that their faces were earthy, and at the moment of the moment, they scattered all around.


This blow shook the mountain again.

This marble floor was so vulnerable that it was smashed into a hole in the ground.

The people at the scene escaped the blow, and all had lingering fears.

It’s too strong, I don’t know how to resist the enemy.

The members of the Green Snake Spring League stood still, with smiles on their faces, as if they were watching a good show.

With the snake of war, they don’t have to take action at all.

Zhuang Ningning beside Wiliam was trembling all over.

Her skill is the lowest in the audience, besides being a woman, how can she not be afraid of such a terrifying puppet snake.

Wiliam got close to her and said to her, “Go to the martial arts hall, put down the Qilin Wall again immediately, and leave it to me here.”

Zhuang Ningning naturally knew that Wiliam didn’t want her to continue to be frightened. Although he was unwilling, he nodded gratefully, and then rushed into the martial arts hall.

Wiliam yelled, “Run out with me.”

Stay here, the snake of war will follow here.

At that time, if the unicorn wall is put down again, the snake of war will also be locked in it.

Therefore, the war should be transferred to Lingyue Villa.

The disciples behind Wiliam could only bite the bullet and rushed outside with Wiliam.

Rao is outside, and there are more than fifty meters away from the Green Snake Spring League.

And this snake of war completely obeyed She Renyi’s orders, and when Wiliam and the others fled, they also rushed out.

With such a huge body, the speed of the snake is faster than that of Wiliam and the others!

“No!” With a stern cry, Wiliam turned around, and his eyes were slightly cracked.

A disciple was slapped into flesh by a hand of the snake of war because it was too late to escape!

And this is not over yet, the Snake of War actually grabbed the disciple who was already inhuman and threw it into the air.

Then, six or seventy human heads on the snake’s head opened their mouths and drank all the blood in the sky.

This scene cast a heavy shadow in everyone’s hearts!

Death is miserable!

“Retreat! I’ll come!” Wiliam saw that those disciples had long been eager to fight, and when he was helpless, he could only shout.

He is the strongest in martial arts and the highest status, so he should bear the brunt.

After he shouted, he took the initiative to rush towards the snake of war.

She Renyi, who was not far away, let out a sneer, “It’s ridiculous that the worm shakes the tree.”

The power of this snake of war is enough to rival a mid-level master of inner strength.

Wiliam was only in the late stage of external power, and he was two realms behind.

What’s more, there is a huge gap between external power and internal power.

Inner strength warriors can cultivate internal strength, which is far different from external strength warriors.

Wiliam didn’t even have any internal power, and wanted to use brute force to fight the snake of war, so he wanted to die!

Sure enough, Wiliam kicked on the ground and slammed into the abdomen of the snake of war.

With this blow, he used the impermanence nine-style second-style soldier Changshui.

With a punch, the fist plunged directly into the snake’s abdomen.

The snake’s belly is made up of several people’s torsos, and Wiliam’s fist directly penetrates one’s body.

But the snake of war didn’t feel like it at all, and he patted his stomach with all his hands.

Wiliam escaped this fatal blow at the moment of his death.

He fell back to the ground, breathing heavily.

No, this is not the way to go.

The snake of war is completely a puppet, and there is no pain at all.

Even cutting off its hands and feet will not help.

Where is the weakness of this snake?

Wiliam originally thought, catch the thief first, catch the king, as long as she kills She Renyi, the snake will naturally become an unowned snake and lose control.

However, She Renyi’s masters around him are like clouds, and his own strength is strong, which is not what Wiliam can shake now.

Rao is Wiliam’s mentality and toughness, and at this moment he also feels powerless.

The gap is too big.

However, if you can’t take She Renyi, this snake.

A light suddenly flashed in Wiliam’s head.

I heard from Jin Lieyun before that the snake body of war is a puppet, and it is controlled by Gu worms.

Since it was a Gu worm, it was the only living thing on the snake.

As long as you find the Gu worm and kill it, the snake will naturally retreat.

Wiliam kept dodging, while observing the big snake.

After a while, he saw a clue.

Not far away, She Renyi kept issuing orders.

And this snake, the first to move, is always a human head on its head.

This human head seems to be a living thing, unlike other human heads.

After She Renyi issued the order, the head of this person would jump suddenly and the snake would move again.

Wiliam was sure at the moment that this Gu worm must be hidden in this person’s head!

Thinking of this, Wiliam mustered up his courage again, leaped up, and smashed at the head fiercely!

A gleam of light flashed in She Renyi’s eyes not far away, and she couldn’t help applauding, “Ho ho, that’s not bad, I can detect the place where the old man’s poison is. But, is it useful? How about seeing that?”

As soon as the voice fell, Wiliam’s body was like a kite with a broken wire, slamming to the ground fiercely.

He struggled to get up, but a mouthful of blood came out.

This is Wiliam’s first injury today!

Just now, he was about to attack that person’s head, but a raised hand that didn’t know where it came from, smashed him down fiercely!

He glanced intently at this moment, and couldn’t help but give birth to a trace of despair!

This sudden big hand, where is one of the four hands just now!

Obviously the snake body gave birth to a hand again!

This hand, unlike those four hands, is composed of human hands!

It is composed of the torso!

Wiliam felt a sense of helpless despair.

This snake of war can change form at any time!

This is simply invincible!

“Ho ho ho, do you now know how powerful my war snake is? It’s a bit late, go and kill him.” She Renyi smiled.

The biggest mystery of the snake of war is that the body can be reorganized at will, let alone four hands and four legs, as long as the conditions are available, a thousand hands and a thousand feet are not a problem.

She Renyi lost interest, and the snake of war suddenly showed great power.

It was more than ten times more powerful than before.

From time to time, his body stretched out a hand from various unexpected angles to give Wiliam a severe blow.

After a while, Wiliam’s body was bruised and bloodshot on his mouth.

The people in Lingyue Villa, with their eyes full of cracks, a pessimistic pessimism that could not return to the sky completely enveloped these people.

With a violent beating by the snake of war, Wiliam was beaten to the ground again.

But at this time, on the ground, there was a rumbling sound again!

Everyone was shocked, but Wiliam was overjoyed and shouted, “Quick! Hide in the village!”

Ten minutes have come, and the Kylin Wall restarts!

As long as they hide in, they can block their vision and escape from the secret door.

But when Wiliam was about to hide inside the wall, he suddenly heard a distraught voice not far from him, “Wiliam!”

Chapter 644

Wiliam grabbed his head in horror, and suddenly saw his wife Feliicity and other women standing not far away, with sad and angry eyes and tears in their eyes.

And around them, there were also a few people from the Green Snake Spring League.

Wiliam saw this scene, his eyes were cracked!

Wiliam had previously confessed to them not to come out and stay in the hotel.

Feliicity has always listened to Wiliam’s words.

Now that they are all here together, it only means that the people from the Green Snake Spring League have captured them from the hotel.

For a while, the anger in Wiliam’s heart burned completely.

A few of them are just ordinary women.

The people of the Green Snake Spring League are so unscrupulous.

Capture them!

It’s so shameless!

Wiliam’s body stopped abruptly on the ground, but without thinking, he rushed towards Feliicity and the others.

When Feliicity saw Wiliam coming, her voice was even sharper, and she kept shaking her head, “Don’t come here! Hurry in!”

Wiliam didn’t care about the sound of the Feliicity.

Hide in?

What should they do if they hide in?

Although Wiliam was ruthless, he couldn’t do that to abandon them.

She Renyi, who was not far away, shook her head, apparently lacking interest in this scene of the love between husband and wife.

He had really overestimated Wiliam before, so he arrested these women early in the morning and wanted to restrain Wiliam.

But now it seems that this is unnecessary.

So he didn’t bother to send people to kill Wiliam.

And with a few limited manpower, where is Wiliam’s opponent.

Wiliam was angry at this moment, bursting out the strength of his whole body, and within a minute, all those people were repelled.

However, when Wiliam looked at the Qilin Wall, his heart became colder.

The unicorn wall is about to rise completely at this moment.

And the snake of war is also rushing to the door of the unicorn, planning to wait for the rabbit.

Wiliam took Feliicity’s hands and ran towards the Qilin Gate crazy.

The speed at which it exploded suddenly pulled Feliicity and the others like catkins in the wind, their faces hurting from being cut by the wind.

When they got outside the unicorn wall, the snake of war was about to kill.

Wiliam didn’t have time to think about it for half a minute. He pulled Feliicity all of a sudden and threw her into the air!

Then he shouted as hard as he could: “People inside, catch them for me!”

Feliicity and the others did not allow any resistance at all, they were thrown into the air by Wiliam three times.

Then, when the Qilin Wall was completely closed, the last Xena also fell safely inside Lingyue Villa.

With an unpleasant bang, the unicorn wall finally closed completely, enclosing Lingyue Villa into a semicircular egg shape.

This is the final form of the Kylin Wall, and it will not be the case if it is not a last resort.

The only way to enter and exit the Qilin Wall was the Qilin Gate. If Zhuang Ningning allowed it, no one could enter or exit the Qilin Wall.

Wiliam finally breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the unicorn wall close.

But the woman inside the wall saw the disgusting war snake killed through the door, and tears came out one by one.


It was Wiliam who rescued them.

Now they are safe, but it prevents Wiliam from returning to the unicorn wall, completely exposing himself to the eyelids of the enemies outside!

If Wiliam died, they could not shirk the blame.

“Okay, don’t worry too much. Since Wiliam has arranged this way, he naturally has his intentions. What we can do now is trust him.” Although Zhuang Ningning was also worried about Wiliam, he could only bite the bullet. Comfort everyone.

It was the first time in her life that she had seen so many beautiful women, and she had already set off a stormy sea in her heart.

It’s a pity that the situation is not right, otherwise she will definitely worship Wiliam well, as the gods are.

Several women wiped their tears, and gradually stopped crying.

Because the situation off the court is changing rapidly.

When the snake of war was killed, Wiliam immediately returned to the situation where he had been beaten by the snake of war without fighting back.

Although he was trying his best to avoid it, the strange hands and feet of the snake of war caused Wiliam to suffer enough.

Fortunately, he is agile, and although he is scarred, he has no fatal injuries.

On the contrary, Wiliam has never been so suffocated in his fists and feet.

The blood in his heart was also beaten out by the snake of war.

His eyes gradually turned red, and after landing once, he stood up again, punching his chest with a single fist, “Come on! I am a living person, and I am afraid that you will not be a dead thing!”

Even the snake of war can’t deal with it, so what about revenge for Grandpa!

You know that the people of North Lu’s family are a thousand times more cruel than this snake of war!

Bet on life!

Bet on dignity!

Also cut the snake of war under the horse!

For a moment, Wiliam felt his body warm up completely.

The blood in the body seems to be burning, surging and rushing!

The blood is constantly surging, it seems to be breaking out at any time!

With this bloody energy, Wiliam’s figure became more fierce, and he completely held the offensive of the Snake of War!

This scene made everyone in the Green Snake Spring League stunned.

What is going on with this person!

Obviously, he is the warrior of the later period of Waijin, and there is a huge gap with the snake of war.

Why is it more and more courageous to fight, and now it can be equal to the snake of war!

Quite weird!

She Renyi on the side suddenly felt a loss of face.

He thought he could clean up this kid casually, so he didn’t take precautions at all.

Now people were saved by this kid, and the people in Lingyue Villa were also guarded by this kid.

What’s even more hateful is that this sudden death is like a hundred-legged bug!

So far, there is no decline!

Where does this place the dignity of such a person and the snake of war!

Thinking of this, She Renyi sneered, “Then let you see the final form of the snake of war, and you will be dead without regret.”

After speaking, She Renyi’s eyes moved!

The snake of war entangled with Wiliam seemed to have received an order.

Wiliam’s body, as if being hit inexplicably, slammed back straight to the ground.

Another mouthful of blood was spit out severely.

Wiliam looked at the snake of war in amazement!

What exactly is going on!

Where did the attack come from just now!

Wiliam was thinking about it, and suddenly he felt a fierce wind hit him again.

He looked intently, his scalp numb!


I saw a hand of the snake of war, slammed it fiercely!

The arm of a man flew out of the snake of war and turned into a sharp weapon to attack the landing leaf!

Wiliam was hit by this trick just now!

Wiliam’s eyes suddenly became even more bizarre!

This war snake can not only make free moves, but now it can also turn the composition of the body into a sharp weapon to throw. It is really terrifying!

It’s just that these innocent Lingyue Villa disciples who have become unjust souls are pitiful.

Wiliam was thinking about it, and he heard the voices of the disciples coming from inside the Qilin Wall that were beyond anger!

“My fellow brother, how can I be trampled on like this!”

“Brothers, fight this life, kill!”


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