Dragon Husband Chapter 645-646

Chapter 645

It turned out that this scene just now was completely seen by the disciples of Lingyue Villa.

They saw with their own eyes that their fellow brothers and sisters, now they don’t say anything about their heads.

Now, even the hands and feet can’t be kind.

It was actually used as a weapon and discarded at will.

Everyone’s heads roared together at this moment.

This is their brother who gets along day and night!

Scenes of the past, like running water, appeared in their minds.

He once regarded blood as an alliance and regarded him as a brother of the opposite sex.

I used to stab each other and shed blood for each other!

I used to sing and indulge in wine and write about it overnight!

But at this moment, they can’t rest their souls, and they can’t make them all!

A rush of blood rushed to everyone’s heart!

Their eyes suddenly turned red.

What about death!

I’m afraid that at this moment and here, they can’t reach out their hands because they are humiliated!

What about death!

It is better to shed blood and tears with brothers!

With a loud shout, the Qilin door suddenly opened.

From inside, rushed out a dozen people with broken eyes!

There was no man staying in Lingyue Villa, and all the men would bear soldiers!

They all stood behind Wiliam.

Wiliam sighed while looking at them.

This is their choice.

When these people stood behind Wiliam, they could see more clearly that Wiliam was covered with scars, and some were still bleeding.

As for them, looking at their bodies again, the clothes have never been torn, and the blood has never flowed.

The fighting spirit is lost!

A strong guilt and shame came out of their hearts.

Master Lu, but he only had a relationship with his brothers, and he couldn’t even remember his name.

But at this moment, he is the only one, fighting alone for the fate of the entire Lingyue Villa!

The head alone, knelt down towards Wiliam deeply.

The others also knelt down.

“Master Lu! Forgive us for this passion, it’s too late!”

Wiliam nodded slightly, and said faintly: “Then you will die. Let’s fight this evildoer.”

Everyone nodded.

She Renyi, who was not far away, saw this scene, but laughed, “An ant’s meaningless dignity, today the old man will crush your dignity with his own hands.”

As soon as he thought, the snake of war in front of Wiliam suddenly roared to the sky!

Then, another horrible scene appeared in everyone’s eyes!

The snake of war had four arms and legs, like a giant god.

At this moment, the body is squirming strangely!

Those hands, feet, and heads, as if they were alive, were constantly flowing.

It all looks disgusting!

She put her hands and feet away.

The shape of the snake’s torso gradually disappeared.

Finally, in front of Wiliam and the others, a stranger puppet shape was formed!

What kind of shape is this? It was Wiliam that was a bit shocking to see!

The thing in front of me is still ten meters high.

But it can no longer be called the snake of war.

This thing takes the shape of a hand.

It’s just that the hand is holding a fist.

This fist is clearly composed of heads!

A fist of war!

Wiliam knew in his heart that the shape of the snake of war just now was suitable for marching assaults and was relatively mobile.

Now this fist of war focuses more on powerful attacks!

Wiliam probably couldn’t bear this punch completely!

Before thinking about it, the Fist of War had already smashed towards Wiliam severely.

Wiliam and others backed away.

But this retreat cannot escape the offensive of the Fist of War at all!

When the fist fell, seven or eight hands and feet flew out of the fist again, like a meteor rushing to the moon, and attacked Wiliam and the others!

Wiliam understood right now that the snake of war turned into a fist of war in order to be able to issue hidden weapons more unscrupulously!

Only this aroused the hostility of Lingyue Villa’s disciples.

“Really! Fight!” These people desperately moved toward the fist of war.

But in front of the Fist of War, they were really like insects, and they could not cause any harm to the Fist of War.

After a while, these people were also scarred, angered but unable to grasp.

The ground is full of debris, which looks like a human hell!

Those disciples seemed to know that with their current strength, they couldn’t cause any harm to the Fist of War, but they apologized and killed in awe.

They suddenly looked at each other and nodded together.

Let’s talk about life and death!

But so!

Once with my brother!

Now for the brothers!

Give me someone!

One of them, as if making a decision, bowed deeply to Wiliam, “Master Lu, next, I beg you.”

After all, they actually ran towards the Fist of War.

A dozen people, divided into different teams. Attack the fist of war from all directions.

For a time, She Renyi who was on the periphery did not know what these people were going to do.

His hesitation immediately gave these people an opportunity.

They jumped up all together, one by one directly on the body of the Fist of War!

Wiliam saw this scene, his eyes were cracked!

He finally knows what these people are going to do!

In exchange for a humble opportunity!

The hands and feet of these people are all attached to the Fist of War, and endless fighting spirit is also surging over their bodies!

“Brother! I’m sorry! I’ll see you, Huang Quan! Another glass of wine!” Someone suddenly laughed and laughed, but tears fell uncontrollably.

Although he is dead, he is still brothers and sisters.

Brotherhood is the most true at the moment.

These people all burst out attacks, and they actually tore a hole in the Fist of War!

And She Renyi also seemed to understand what these people were going to do, and for the first time today she showed an angry face!

“Presumptuous! Die to me!”

As soon as his voice fell, the Fist of War suddenly froze stiffly.

Then, a cry of wailing spread to the audience instantly!

I saw one hand stretched out from their chests!

These hands are indeed their former brothers!

A fatal blow!

Their bodies fell weakly to the ground!

But not lying down, but kneeling one by one.

Don’t kneel this arrogant fist of war!

Don’t kneel the cruel and cruel She Renyi!

But all kneeling in one direction!

In that direction, there is the last hope of Lingyue Villa, the last stubbornness of these disciples, and the last relief of all Lingyue Villa’s disciples.

“Then, please, Lingyue Villa disciple Wu Ping, kneel down…”

As the desolate and sad voice fell, in the direction where they all bowed and bowed, a silhouette like a gust of wind passed in front of them.

Wu Ping, whose life was about to die, suddenly felt his eyes lightly touched, as if to say to him, rest in peace…

I will judge all grievances.

A figure leaped high, and instantly jumped into this rift that was exchanged for death by a dozen disciples.

A cold and sad voice murmured to himself.

“Life is a hero, death is a strong man, your burning blood…”

“I feel it now.”

“The hope you want, I will…”

“Answer you.”

Chapter 646

This figure is not who Lu Yehui is!

He watched these people and traded his death for this faint hope.

The blood in his heart was completely ignited.

And what he said just now was really not out of thin air.

He really felt it.

Just when the blood of the group of people ignited, Qi Qi jumped into the fist of war.

Wiliam felt very clearly that his heart beat fiercely!

This is not a violent heart beat caused by any mood!

It’s a living, flesh-and-blood feeling!

It seemed that Wiliam could fully perceive the minds of these disciples.

The blood of these disciples is completely connected with Wiliam.

A bloody energy that had never been seen before was born in his body.

Different from the previous turmoil of blood, this is a sense of judgment that the same aura moves with the heart!

It seemed that Wiliam could easily kill these people’s lives with a single thought.

Although Wiliam didn’t know what kind of situation this was, seeing these valiant men being killed by the fist of war, he was angry again!

These more than a dozen people, just now, are bloody and courageous, they can be regarded as the real unicorn power!

It’s a pity that he died so embarrassed!

He fully felt the minds of these people, so the moment they died, their bodies were already moving.

Needless to say, Wiliam knew what to do.

This is another magical feeling.

As if my mind was at this moment, I also figured it out.

And when the man named Wu Ping said that sentence with tears on his knees, Lu Yerao was a seven-foot man, and tears filled his eyes.

He didn’t even know the disciple named Wu Ping.

But at this moment, this person named Wu Ping has been deeply imprinted in Wiliam’s heart!

His bleak smile, his sad eyes, and his unrepentant will, all deeply shocked Wiliam!

Wiliam ran, watching these people kneeling to death around him, wanting to keep these people in his heart.

These people are the last pride of Lingyue Villa.

And the dignity of the unicorn force does not allow anyone to defile it!

Let alone being humiliated by such a despicable person from the Green Snake Spring League!

The courage to live toward death stirred in Wiliam’s heart!

The moment he was wiping Wu Ping’s tears, his body had already jumped into the crack.

As for Wu Ping, after waiting for Wiliam’s firm answer, Qi Qi lowered his head.

“Disciple, retire…”

A faintly inaudible choking, more than a dozen sounds, all dispersed.

It seems that I insisted on this sentence for so long.

Nowadays, after accomplishing success and retreating, leave no regrets in the world!

Disciple, leave…

Master Lu, cherish…

Although they died, they were still kneeling upright.

Although they kneel, they still give people the illusion of standing upright.

This scene permanently burned in the hearts of everyone in the Green Snake Spring League.

They didn’t think that the cowardly Lingyue Mountain Villa disciple just now became so incomparable!

Not even afraid of death!

What kind of courage is it to support them to the point where it is hard to harvest it!

Lingyue Villa is full of blood!

Even She Renyi was slightly stunned, and for the first time gave birth to Lingyue Villa’s need to look high.

And this scene remained in Zhuang Ningning’s heart for a long time.

Her eyes were red from crying a long time ago.

As the owner, he let his disciples charge into battle.

Let Wiliam stay together!

As for her, she could only stand inside this guardian wall, crying feebly.

For a time, a sense of powerlessness and thirst for power filled her heart.

She knelt down on one knee.

See you off for those heroic souls of Lingyue Villa!

For this moment, Wiliam, who is still alive and dead, pray for blessings!

You guys, go well!

At this moment, Wiliam was completely in the body of Fist of War.

He put one foot on a torso, and looked carefully at the inside of the Fist of War.

This is also full of flesh and blood.

But She Renyi, who is smart, thought he could squander the bodies of these people and use his hands and feet as weapons.

Now this body is naturally empty.

What was even more unexpected to She Renyi was that now that Wiliam was hiding in this fist of war, he couldn’t see it at all.

Therefore, there is no way to talk about commanding the fist of war.

For a time, even She Renyi couldn’t find a better way.

His heart was cruel, and he shouted, “Kill me! Get that kid over for me!”

He can’t bear the hard work of the snake of war being destroyed from the inside.

And Wiliam heard She Renyi’s order in the Fist of War.

His brow furrowed slightly.

Must rush to destroy this fist of war before the people of She Renyi come.

Wiliam knew that there was a Gu worm hidden in one of the heads of the Fist of War.

It now appears that if you can’t find it for a while, you can only destroy it all.

Thinking of this, Wiliam’s body slid and jumped up continuously!

After a while, Wiliam came to the top.

This top is like hell!

The heads are so densely next to each other, it is disgusting to look at!

Wiliam didn’t say anything, and started punching out.

It’s a pity that these heads, as if they are wise, under the command of the head of the hidden Gu worm, they can avoid Wiliam’s attacks in an orderly manner!

This scene shocked Wiliam a bit.

Outside, there was obviously a burst of footsteps.

It seems that She Renyi is coming soon.

As long as they come and surround Wiliam, it will be difficult for Wiliam to fly!

Wiliam’s heart was cruel, as if he had made some decision!

Outside, She Renyi knew what Wiliam was going to do with Gu insect.

He suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, it turned out to be to destroy Gu worms, but unfortunately, if you don’t attack, Gu worms don’t know where you are. If you attack, your figure will be exposed. This is a dead cycle hahaha !”

She Renyi was extremely proud for a time.

Besides, this Gu worm is hidden between sixty or seventy heads, how could Wiliam find it!

Even if he finds it, his own person will definitely arrive. How can he destroy it?

This is simply unrealistic!

Before you were outside, you could escape.

Now that you are clever and hid in the body of the Fist of War, this is a cocoon, and we can easily catch a turtle in an urn.

Thinking of this, She Renyi showed a sneer, his people are almost here.

“game over……”

As soon as he said this, he suddenly saw an extremely shocking scene!

The fist body of the Fist of War, where dozens of heads are composed, suddenly burst!

Countless heads flew around, and they were the disciples of the Green Snake Spring League who had just gathered in front of the Fist of War, strangling more than 30 people at once!

An indifferent voice came from the fist of war.

“I don’t dare to let down the hope that was exchanged for more than a dozen lives…”

“Zhen Xinghe!”


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