Dragon Husband Chapter 647-648

Chapter 647

The people at the scene stopped all together and looked forward in shock!

The war beast stood upright in front.

However, that fist made up of countless human heads is actually bursting out with a dazzling light at this moment!

This is broad daylight.

This ray of light unfolded from the fingers of the fist of war, and then the second and third threads!

Until countless rays of light flashed together, the fist of war burst out!

Falling like a star!

Like a troubled world!

The fist of the Fist of War exploded directly!

A figure shot out from inside!

He just touched his fist with one foot like this, dripping with blood!

But his eyes were squinting, looking down on this decadent world coldly!


This scene scared everyone’s mouths together!

This kid is still dead!

And it can break out so powerfully from the inside of Fist of War!

Even blow the fist of the Fist of War!

What a terrifying force it takes to do it!

She Renyi’s eyes widened even more.

He knows the realm difference between Wiliam and Fist of War best!

It is clearly two steps away, and there is a huge gap between internal forces!

A person who has no internal strength, hit so many heads with his bare hands!

It’s hard to imagine!

But when the women in Lingyue Villa saw Wiliam rush out and stand on one foot, all of them burst into tears!

Just be dead, just be dead!

The people at the scene were frightened by this scene, but only Wiliam knew the real situation.

Relying on the supreme belief, at the last moment, Wiliam forced out the fourth form of the nine impermanence forms-Zhen Xinghe.

After this move, his physical strength was completely drained.

Although standing on his fist, his body was trembling slightly.

There is always the danger of falling from this ten-meter-high place.

Moreover, although this trick was brilliant, Wiliam was very dissatisfied with the effect it achieved.

Those heads were just knocked into the air by him.

But there is no crushing at all.

Unexpectedly, he could only cause such damage to Fist of War with a full blow.

The gap between the realms really cannot be made up by relying on strong willpower.

Wiliam didn’t know that according to the evil of this fist of war, there was no way to gather these heads together to form a new fist of war.

Therefore, to Wiliam now, time is life!

There are too many unknown variables.

But the people of the Green Snake Spring League were so frightened by Wiliam’s trick that they didn’t even dare to move.

They looked at the brothers who were still alive and yelling to kill, and died in front of them in an instant.

Let’s be afraid!

Killed more than 30 strong foreigners with one move!

How powerful is this Wiliam’s strength!

“Presumptuous! Dare to hurt me the snake of war! Looking for death!” A violent shout sounded not far away.

It was that She Renyi was furious when he saw that the snake of war was injured by Wiliam.

Suddenly he galloped from behind, and flipped over, revealing a shield that Wiliam had never seen before!

The whole body is black, and even faintly gleaming in the sun.

It looks weird.

The serpent teeth on the shield are even more frightening.

She Renyi was already furious at the moment, and she never wanted to entangle this kid any more.

Therefore, he directly showed the Ice Serpent Blade and Shield, ready to personally end this kid and avenge the dead doorman.

“Get out of me! The old man is going to kill this kid himself!” She Renyi roared while galloping.

The doormen wanted this, and quickly gave up a way.

Wiliam couldn’t help sighing when she saw She Renyi end in person.

What we should face, sooner or later we have to face it.

It’s just that my body…

Lu Yeqiang took a breath and jumped off the fist of war.

In front of him, facing the murderous She Renyi.

When the women behind Wiliam saw She Renyi’s appearance, they all turned pale in fright.

Looking at this posture, we all know that this old man is not easy to mess with.

I don’t know if Wiliam, who is all over his body, can beat She Renyi.

Zhuang Ningning let out a heart-wrenching cry, “Wiliam, come back soon, you can never defeat She Renyi!”

However, Wiliam turned around and looked at Lingyue Villa.

At this moment, the mountain villa is tightly wrapped by the unicorn wall, and it looks extremely stable.

But can I go back by myself?

“If I go back, who else will guard you in front of you.” Wiliam whispered, showing a wry smile.

Then the raging fighting spirit was burning in his eyes again!

Come and come!

Fight will fight!

I, Wiliam, have never been afraid of anyone!

Don’t you have strength?

I have blood!

I have meat!

These fists are Lao Tzu’s cry!

Thinking of this, Wiliam kicked his foot on the ground fiercely, and rushed towards She Renyi on his own initiative.

Seeing this, She Renyi flashed a vicious look in his eyes, “It’s just right! Let you taste the power of my Ice Snake Blade Shield!”

Speaking of this, Wiliam’s punch had already smashed over.

She Renyi readily raised the ice snake sword shield.

“Bang!” A dull voice sounded.

Wiliam’s body was hit hard and he flew out.

This scene made the women behind them even more worried.

And She Renyi was taken aback for a moment, but laughed loudly, “Hahaha, it turns out that you are already strong outsiders! The old man thought, how capable you are!”

From Wiliam’s punch just now, he could feel that the punch was soft and weak. It hit the Ice Snake Blade Shield, and he didn’t even have the strength to make She Renyi retreat.

The Ice Snake Blade Shield relied on its own strength to remove Wiliam’s punch more than enough.

Wiliam flicked on the ground and immediately stood up, spitting out bloody foam from his mouth.

He was like a mad beast who was fighting mad, and he didn’t even think about life or death at this moment.

Give birth to birth!

If you die, you die!

There has never been!

Life is better than death!

Wiliam rushed towards She Renyi again.

She Renyi strolling leisurely in the courtyard was obviously more skilled than Wiliam at the moment.

In the blink of an eye, a lot of blood was shed again from Wiliam.

And Wiliam became more frightened as he fought!

He already felt the extraordinary of this ice snake blade shield.

The closer he got to the Ice Serpent Blade Shield, the more he could feel a strange attraction!

Like the snake teeth of the ice snake blade shield, there is an inexplicable charm.

Want to suck his body completely!

It’s terrifying!

And She Renyi had obviously guessed Wiliam’s fright, and laughed loudly, “Hahaha, now you know how powerful my Ice Snake Blade Shield is! I might as well tell you another secret. The Snake of War is Composed of the chains of your disciples at Lingyue Villa, what about the blood of those people? Hahaha!”

When Wiliam heard this, a flash of resentment flashed in his eyes!

He stared at the ice snake blade shield closely!

“Old man’s sword and shield, but drank the blood of more than 70 people!”

Chapter 648 I’m Tired


This ice snake sword shield was actually made from the blood of a disciple of Lingyue Villa!

“I think you are very strong right now, but it is very suitable to give my sword shield another full blood, ho ho ho.” She Renyi smiled and rushed towards Wiliam again.

This time, he didn’t have any hands left.

And Wiliam was so crushed by him that he had no power to fight back, like a flat boat in the stormy sea, there was a danger that She Renyi would be killed at hand.

The people at the scene all mentioned their throats.

How strong is this kid’s willpower, he has been in the hands of She Renyi for so long!

Is he not at all slack!

But She Renyi couldn’t take it for a long time, and his anger would naturally increase.

He himself is a master in the mid-stage inner strength, and with the ice snake blade shield on his body, he has been entangled by this kid for so long!

Several times, it seemed that he was about to take the life of this kid, but he was evaded by the kid among the sparks.

What a shame!

He suddenly yelled, and the movements in his hands continued to accelerate.

The ice snake sword shield was actually danced into an airtight wall of swords!

It’s just that this wall of swords has the deterrence of taking lives at any time.

The faster he danced, the more calm Wiliam opposite was actually.

The reason why Wiliam held on for so long was because he was waiting for an opportunity.

Waiting for this old man to show his flaws.

Because Wiliam also has a killer.

It’s just that this killer can only be used once.

And it must be hit with one hit!

This is his last hope of survival.

Sure enough, after a while, Wiliam saw a glimmer of opportunity.

She Renyi didn’t seem to know that Wiliam still had his last killer. At this moment, she brandished her sword and shield completely unscrupulously.

During the fight, the sword and shield gradually turned completely offensive from its original defensive role.

In this way, there is a fleeting flaw!

Wiliam took advantage of this flaw and suddenly shouted!

Then, from his hands, there was a cold line shining with red light!

Red lines, like a goddess scattered flowers, gallop towards She Renyi!

The people at the scene saw that Wiliam not only held on to this, but now he was able to fight back, all of them exclaimed!

God this kid!

And She Renyi was so scared that her face was pale by the sudden red line.


The red line was extremely fast, and in an instant, it passed through the ice snake blade shield and came to She Renyi.

And through this gap, She Renyi finally saw clearly.

Those red threads were actually red silver needles!

Really shoot fast and ruthless!

In front of his eyes, there were dense red lines in an instant.

Actually forced him to retreat irrevocably!


This is Wiliam’s last killer!

Long live safflower!

He didn’t dare to keep any hands in these opportunities!

Even if he was avoided by this She Renyi once, he would be prepared.

Therefore, a hundred Needles of Red Flower, Wiliam burst out!

She Renyi’s retreat was completely sealed!

As long as this hand can cause serious injuries to She Renyi, he might be forced to retreat today!

And Wiliam clearly saw the unwillingness flashing in She Renyi’s eyes!

He can’t escape.

But at this moment, an extremely strange phenomenon suddenly happened on the scene!

The long live safflower, which was all headed towards She Renyi, was suddenly pulled by something inexplicably.

Long live the red flowers all attacked towards the ice snake sword shield!

Then, all the long live safflowers were all stuck on the body of the ice snake blade shield!

One by one is shining red light, it seems that there are thousands of unwillingness!

Wiliam frowned when he saw this scene.

How is this going!

Why did the Needles of Red Flower Club temporarily change its direction!

She Renyi, who had escaped the catastrophe, was obviously also stunned.

He also didn’t expect this kind of change to happen.

However, he immediately laughed.

The feeling of the rest of his life made his laughter countless joyful and bitter!

“Hahaha! The old man remembered that this ice snake shield is forged from the rare materials that the old man has collected all his life. Any gold and iron can be attracted by the old man’s shield! You silver needle, nothing It’s Fantie.”

Hearing this explanation, Wiliam’s heart was chilled.

He made a decisive decision and wanted to withdraw back.

However, his footsteps staggered and he almost fell to the ground.

Originally, Wiliam didn’t have much strength in him, but the sudden blow just now exhausted all his physical energy.

Not to mention running away now, just want to go, it is a bit difficult.

And She Renyi looked at Wiliam with bitterness.

Unexpectedly, I almost fell on this kid’s hands!

If it weren’t for the incredible magic of the Ice Serpent Blade and Shield, today I can’t say that I would suffer a big loss on this kid!

But now so many disciples are watching, if they are injured, how can their majesty exist in front of them!

Thinking of this, She Renyi’s murderous intentions spread all over and attacked Wiliam.

Wiliam watched She Renyi’s attack and wanted to hide, but his body was completely disobedient.

He could only stand forcibly, watching She Renyi come over.

She Ren and righteous before he arrived, he shouted violently, “Want to use this silver needle to kill the old man? Hoh ho, the old man will do you! Return all the silver needles to you! Come on! Let’s kill the old man again!”

After all, his Ice Snake Blade Shield flicked fiercely!

The long live safflowers that were densely inserted on the ice snake blade shield actually fell off and attacked Wiliam’s body!

This scene, reproduce!

However, the target of the attack became Wiliam.

Seeing these red lines, Wiliam smiled helplessly.

What a gentle long live the red flower, but I didn’t think that one day I would die under the red flower.



In an instant, many, many past events appeared in Wiliam’s mind.

Including his grandfather’s careful teachings to him, including the moment he learned that his grandfather was dead, his heart felt like a knife.

It also included everything Wiliam did in the past year to avenge his grandfather.

Which thing looks smooth sailing?

Which thing is not working hard?

On the surface, he tried to turn the tide every time.

But every time, I wandered on the edge of life and death.

This feeling of fighting wits and courage, Wiliam usually didn’t say anything.

But no one will feel tired.

Who can tell all the pain and suffering?

Who can help themselves?

Long live safflower in everything.

Now, finally Needles of Ruby Flower, it can be regarded as a slightly happy ending.

Wiliam smiled helplessly, looking at the long live safflower hit by the electric light flint, for a moment, there was an illusion in his eyes.

The red light seemed to transform into a gray-haired old man.

The old man was walking towards him kindly, with a familiar smile.


You came……

Wiliam’s eyes were red on the spot.

He couldn’t help but stretched out his hands and embraced the coming grandpa…

In an instant, hundreds of long live safflowers all entered Wiliam’s body, bringing up bloody flowers!

Wiliam’s body trembled slightly, and blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth.

He laughed, laughing desolately.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry…”

“I’m tired……”


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