Dragon Husband Chapter 649-650

Chapter 649

The time at the scene seemed to be permanently frozen at this moment.

The people at the scene looked at Wiliam, their eyes widened.

Did they see a fool!

Obviously, dense hidden weapons attacked him.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t avoid it.

Instead, he stretched out his hands at the last moment and opened his arms.

Collect all the silver needles as per the order.

Seeing the blood constantly flowing out of him, the people at the scene were too scared to say anything.

Even She Renyi is speechless.

what’s the problem?

Did this kid give up resistance?

A hundred needles were inserted into the body at the same time, and now it was the Immortal Daluo, and he could not save him.

She Renyi is obviously not satisfied with this ending.

How can I be satisfied!

This kid almost made him suffer before!

Do you want to die so easily?

Good idea!

The old man’s methods are more than these!

The old man wants you to drain the last drop of blood!

Resent to death again!

Thinking of this, She Renyi walked towards Wiliam again.

The women not far away, seeing this horrible scene, started crying in unison, “No!”

How could they believe this scene they saw before them!

How could they believe that Wiliam would die with a hundred needles in his body!

How could they believe that the person who was best at creating miracles died without miracles at this moment!

This is not Wiliam!

This is not true!

When Feliicity saw this scene, his head bounced, and he felt like a thousand arrows pierced his heart!

Wiliam, you really…

Will not.

Will not!

You can’t die!

For a while, Feliicity turned black in front of her eyes and fainted directly.

And She Renyi holding the ice snake sword and shield, slowly walked towards Wiliam, joking and cruel in the corner of her mouth.

Although Wiliam had a hundred needles in his body, his vitality was gradually passing away.

But he was still hanging out.

He maintained his stature.

I can die, but I cannot fall down.

Grandpa, sorry.

I have always lived in resentment, thinking of you day and night.

And all the thoughts, in the end, either turned into hatred and forced myself to death, or turned into aggrieved, hidden in my heart.

I can’t do what you expect…

Wiliam watched She Renyi walk slowly and smiled miserably.

Although unwilling, but exhausted.

Do I still have any unfulfilled wishes…

It seems that I can’t remember…

Wiliam’s face gradually paled, and his memory gradually blurred.

Many things seem to slowly become lighter and lighter with the passing of blood.

Even hatred has become insignificant.

At this moment, She Renyi was already standing in front of Wiliam, and when he saw that Wiliam could still laugh, he laughed cruelly.

“Do you want to die? Do you want to die happily? The old man is not as you wished!” She Renyi said viciously, and then, amidst the exclaim of everyone, he suddenly moved the ice snake knife shield in his hand forward fiercely One pass!

The twelve snake teeth shining with cold light actually penetrated Wiliam’s ribs directly and inserted into Wiliam’s body!

This scene made those women cry so much! They can’t wait to kill this vicious old man with their own hands!

Seeing that Wiliam is about to die, this old man is going to do such a bad hand!

Simply inhumane!

And Wiliam’s body was penetrated by the twelve snake teeth, and a mouthful of blood spurted out immediately.

The consciousness that he had gradually lost, unexpectedly condensed again at this moment.

There was an incredible expression on his face.

This snake tooth…

He could clearly feel that the blood in his body seemed to flow out of his body slowly with snake teeth.

And he could even perceive that the twelve snake teeth were sticking in his body, like mouths waiting to be fed, devouring his blood madly!

How vicious.

Do you want to suck up your own blood?

Wiliam looked at his hand miserably.

There was flesh and blood on his hands.

But at a speed visible to the naked eye, she gradually lost weight.

I believe that after a while, this hand and this body will become skinny.

Wiliam smiled bitterly, and slowly closed his eyes.

The feeling of waiting to die is not so pleasant after all.

At this time, he felt a pain in his body.

It turned out that She Renyi’s hand used force, and even the shield and the person were directly lifted into the air.

His body walked a few steps quickly, and then leaped for life, falling onto the motionless fist of war!

All eyes were focused on She Renyi’s body.

She Renyi held Wiliam high, as if showing off today’s spoils.

He laughed loudly, “Lingyue Villa, completely finished! This is the end of the fight against my Green Snake Spring League!”

Wiliam wanted to touch his face, but found that he had already lost strength.

His eyes were dark, and because of excessive blood loss, he completely lost consciousness.

The Ice Snake Blade Shield seemed to drink enough blood, and the blood flowing out of Wiliam’s body dripped drop by drop to the ground.

At the beginning, there was still a lot of blood.

Gradually, the blood became less and less.

Wiliam’s body gradually became as terrifying as a corpse.

His body was already hanging weakly, as if completely dead.

Everyone at the scene knew that this tough kid was finally dead.

Can a person live with a hundred needles in his body and drain the last drop of blood?

“Green Snake Spring League, for generations to come! Hong Fu Qitian, Lord of the Three Leagues!” This tidy voice slowly sounded at the scene.

She Renyi held Wiliam’s corpse in her hand and laughed unscrupulously when she heard the compliments from her hand!

But in Lingyue Mountain Villa, Feliicity, who had been in a coma, faintly woke up because of the noise.

The first thing she did when she woke up was to go to the door, wondering if the scene she saw just now was an illusion.

However, she saw an unforgettable scene!

Wiliam’s corpse was held high in the air by the old man, and the blood was completely drained, obviously for a long time.

Seeing this scene, she staggered and almost fell into a coma again.

Tears slipped silently.

The woman at the scene looked at Feliicity nervously.

Everyone knows the relationship between Feliicity and Wiliam.

Feliicity looked at Zhuang Ningning, and her voice was unexpectedly calm.

“Help me, open the door…”

“Feliicity, no!” Zhuang Ningning said worriedly, but didn’t know how to comfort Feliicity at all.

But at this time, Melissa stood up and said in a choked tone, “Open the door, we are going out.”

Several women stood firmly behind Feliicity.

Zhuang Ningning saw this scene with mixed feelings.

She suddenly laughed miserably, “Wiliam is dead, what’s the point of guarding this surviving Lingyue Villa!”

After all, she really opened the Qilin door.

But Feliicity, without hesitation, stepped out the door!

The other women followed to go out, but suddenly saw Feliicity grabbing a stick at the door, and with a wave of her hand, she drank these women back into the Qilin Gate.

“Feliicity, what are you doing!” Melissa asked in shock.

Feliicity’s eyes were red, but she smiled.

She bowed deeply to these women, and then strode towards the Shura Field outside.

“You guys, just stay here. Sorry, please fulfill me here today and be my Wiliam…”

“The one and only wife…”

Chapter 650

This sentence, like a knife, pierced deeply into the hearts of these women.

They looked at Feliicity who had decisively left, and for a while, they were out of breath.

They had never thought that Feliicity could be so arrogant.

They still know the feelings between Feliicity and them. It is a kind of deep love between girlfriends.

But at this time, she discarded all her identities, leaving only one.

That was Wiliam’s only wife.

Anyone can clearly perceive Feliicity’s death-seeking heart at this moment.

Her words, on the surface, sounded quite a bit of a complaint against them for being close to Wiliam.

But in fact, it left them a way out.

Tears fell down the cheeks of these women.

Headed by Melissa, they bend down deeply towards Feliicity.

Feliicity, follow your path well.

I hope you can see him again under the Yellow Spring.

Reconnect with him in your next life.

In the next life, you and that kid will be a pair of ordinary people.

Don’t meet us again…

Feliicity walked lonely with the stick in one hand.

As if between the world, only her and Wiliam were left.

These steps, she walked resolutely and frightened.

The Wiliam in her eyes turned into tens of thousands of emotions, lingering in her mind.

The way I am walking towards you is like that eleven years ago.

Unfortunately, there is no snow.

When the people outside saw the Qilin door open, a charming and charming woman walked out from the inside. They were stunned.

On the one hand, they are amazed by the stunning appearance of the white Feliicity and the deserted temperament of independence at this moment.

On the other hand, I was even more surprised, why a woman would come out at this time.

Lingyue Villa has reached the dusk of the end, why did she come out?

Please die?

It was She Renyi who also turned his attention to Feliicity.

The scene was terribly quiet.

When Feliicity walked under the fist of war, she raised her head and looked at She Renyi.

Too high.

Everything around is terrible.

They are all fragments, like purgatory on earth.

My family, Wiliam, has been fighting with the enemy for so long in such a tragic environment…

Suffer him…

At this moment, Feliicity realized that she really understood Wiliam’s suffering.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

“Return my Wiliam to me.” Feliicity suddenly raised the stick in her hand and pointed at She Renyi, her voice clear and firm.

A weak woman, holding a weapon and pointing at a mid-strength master?

This scene made everyone fall through.

Where is the courage of this woman!

And She Renyi was also amused by the woman’s unreasonable behavior.

I have never seen such a stubborn woman in my life.

Interesting, interesting.

Anyway, the overall situation has been decided, but She Renyi has a joking heart.

He wanted to see what this woman wanted to do.

So he laughed, “You are this kid’s wife, don’t you? Want him? I’ll give it to you.”

As he said, he threw Wiliam up high.

Wiliam’s already thin body slammed into Feliicity’s face.
Feliicity squatted down immediately, wanting to explore Wiliam’s breath.

She hugged Wiliam in her arms and turned to face herself.

Only then did she thoroughly see Wiliam’s face at this moment.

Her heart seemed to be pricked by a needle, a feeling of sorrow and weakness that persisted for a long time.

What kind of Wiliam is this.

He was covered in skin and bones, and his body had been cold for a long time.

His originally handsome face has now become as hideous as a ghost.

There was a trace of blood on his face.

Feliicity watched Wiliam look like this, Dou Da’s tears fell sternly.

A feeling of compassion came to my heart.

This is Wiliam from my house.

Have I ever seen my Wiliam look like this?

No matter how hard he is, he never lost his grace in front of me.

At this moment, he obviously couldn’t maintain that peerless gentle appearance.

How could he be like this before the mountains and rivers are exhausted?

How much has he suffered…

Feliicity sobbed, stretched out a trembling hand, and touched Wiliam’s face.

Tears pattered on Wiliam’s face.

Feliicity regrets!

She regretted that she had nothing to do with her. When Wiliam needed help most, she could only hide in a corner and watch him die helplessly.

Feliicity Hate!

Hate this group of murderous demons, and personally captured her most beloved man.

All of a sudden, her heart gave birth to all kinds of love.

She touched Wiliam’s already icy face lovingly, and suddenly burst into tears as everyone watched.

She still doesn’t believe that Wiliam died like this.

“Wiliam! Wake up! You wake up!”

“Do you remember what you promised me last night!”

In Feliicity’s mind, many memories with Wiliam suddenly appeared.

From the first time I met on a snowy night, I missed it for life.

Then four years ago, a wedding that sensationalized the whole city, a poem was set for life.

The last time went back to last night, and the bottle of red wine was reflected, and the two were in love and made a longer vow.

“Didn’t you say that, you want to take me to a bigger stage and listen to me singing? Didn’t you say that, let’s go home together today?”

“You bastard! You did everything you ever said, and I believed it.”

“But why, you can’t do it this time!”

“You are so cruel, do not believe in me, and leave me alone?”

Feliicity got more and more excited as she spoke, and actually fought a cold war out of thin air.

No one noticed that her lips had gradually turned purple.

As if suffering from extreme cold.

She shook Wiliam as if she was crazy, as if to wake up this dream.

It’s a pity that the Sri Lankan is no longer gentle.

And the people in the audience watched Feliicity crying heartily like that, it was actually a step forward.

The human heart is the most sensitive, and whoever is sincere and who is pretending will naturally be able to see through at a glance.

Everyone can see that this pair of men and women separated by yin and yang in the field have a deep love and promise.

As if I couldn’t bear to break this thread of remembrance, some of the people present actually lowered their heads in silence.

She Renyi was watching this scene, and the more he watched, the more pathologically proud he became.

He likes to see this cruel beauty.

The more cruel, the more beautiful.

Can it be more beautiful in a while?

How cruel is enough…

In the entire scene, only Feliicity murmured to Wiliam, and time seemed to have stood still at this moment.

Her tears were dry, her heart was sad, she was holding Wiliam’s hand, it was as cold as winter!

At this time, someone suddenly fought a cold war and looked to the sky in surprise.

Upon seeing this, someone on the scene suddenly exclaimed.

“Damn! Everyone, look at the sky!”

“It’s snowing!”


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