Dragon Husband Chapter 651-652

Chapter 651

As this person shouted, everyone looked towards the sky!

At this look, countless people took a breath of air!

It used to be blue and white, but now it is the early morning of summer.

In the sky, a trace of silver debris slowly floated down.

These debris slowly fell on everyone.

They couldn’t help fighting a cold war.

It’s so cold!

In the sky, it really snowed!

No, this should not be snow, but ice slag.

Why does it snow in summer!

Feishhuang in June!

Everyone was frightened by this bold guess!

This is simply not something that can be done in reality!

June Feishhuang only exists in literature.


what happened!

And when everyone was horrified, someone shouted, “Look at that woman! Around her, and on her body!”

Everyone turned their gazes to Feliicity again. This look was even more frightening!

Feliicity, who had always held Wiliam, seemed to be still at this moment.

Even more weird, her hands! On her body!

A thin layer of frost has formed!

Under the scorching sun, Frost was shining with cold light, looking shocking!

This layer of frost slowly extended from Feliicity’s body to Wiliam’s body.

The two are like a couple that transforms into butterflies, as if at this moment, a huge ice cocoon is about to come out!

What is even more terrifying is the land around Feliicity.

The ground was also covered with frost, and it slowly extended towards the four directions at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Everyone’s eyes widened. Who is this woman!

There is such a strange surprise!

The women standing at the door of Qilin were shocked to see the falling snow in the world.

Feliicity, what did you do?

Was it your infatuation that moved the sky and snowed it, or did it sound for Wiliam’s injustice?

For a moment, they could not find any words to describe the shocking scene before them.

It’s completely beyond their knowledge of the world!

Even She Renyi’s eyes widened, feeling incredibly incredible at the scene in front of him!

what’s going on!

However, She Renyi, who had reacted, suddenly flashed a deep feeling in his eyes!

Although he is a warrior in the mid-inner power stage, he belongs to the strong in this world.

But he knows that there is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world.

There are people at higher levels, they have all kinds of mysteries, and they can do things that ordinary people can’t even imagine.

Could it be that this ordinary-looking woman has a mysterious body!

Thinking of this, She Renyi couldn’t help getting excited. He thought, if he could capture this woman and then study it, maybe he could get even more magical results!

He wanted to catch Feliicity immediately when he left, but after thinking about it, his steps stopped again.

It seemed that this woman didn’t even know what was happening to her.

Is it the first awakening?

So, She Renyi made up his mind and kept watching to see what magical things could happen to this woman?

But just as She Renyi thought, Feliicity was completely immersed in the sadness of Wiliam’s death at this moment, and didn’t know what happened to her body.

Until there was more and more snow in the sky, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped.

Feliicity shivered suddenly before she came back to her senses.

This time, she saw the difference in herself.

A deep chill came out of her heart.

She almost couldn’t resist it and wanted to faint.

However, she bit the tip of her tongue stubbornly, and suddenly bleeding came from her mouth.

With this sting, she looked around in a trance.

Everyone’s shocked eyes, as well as the white snow on the ground, were captured by her.

Her heart trembled.

She tried hard to raise her hand, but found that her hand had already frozen with Wiliam’s body.

What’s going on here?

Feliicity had endless doubts in her heart.

However, she suddenly thought of what Wiliam said to her last night.

Wiliam told her that she was born with ice veins and was a genius of martial arts.

Ice veins…

Is it Bingmai?

That’s why it’s like this.

What is ice vein?

Feliicity wanted to think about this problem, but found that his head was completely frozen, and even his thoughts seemed to be completely frozen.


She stared at the sky blankly, and the rustling snow fell on her body one by one.

She suddenly smiled.

The smile was very touching.

She didn’t understand what Bingmai was.

But what snow is, she knows better than anyone.

Xue is a good match between me and Wiliam eleven years ago.

Snow is a romantic promise I made last night.

Snow is the frosty world today, the eyes of thousands of miles of grievances.

Snow, it’s me!

Feliicity’s name!

Thinking of this, her tears came out again, and she actually stabbed her cheeks with slight heat.

She couldn’t shake Wiliam, but she said in a choked voice, “Wiliam, open your eyes and see, it’s snowing.”

“This snow, it seems that I dropped it.”

“My promise to you last night, I have done it now, and I will show you the most beautiful snow.”

“But you, you promised me…”

Speaking of which, she cried even harder.

Snow is my power, but it seems, this power is too late…

You can’t open your eyes at all when you are late, and you have gone to my snowstorm…

Feliicity meditated, and suddenly closed her eyes slowly.

If He Tiantian was present at this moment, he would definitely be shocked.

This scene is indeed the awakening of the ice veins in Feliicity’s body!

However, it is not an ordinary awakening.

But wake up!

Because of Wiliam’s death, Feliicity’s mood was extremely agitated.

The cold poison in her body completely hit, completely controlling her limbs.

Even an ice vein owner with the best talents will never be able to awaken like Feliicity, frosting the four directions and making the world fall into snow!

This is Feliicity burning her life!

However, she couldn’t control it at all.

Every piece of ice and every piece of snow here is the life of the white Feliicity trickling down!

And I don’t know how long it has been, Feliicity, who has been closing his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes!

At this moment, everyone was shocked to find that Feliicity’s eyes had completely changed!

Become extremely red!

Like a female devil!

She bit her lip suddenly, and bloodshots appeared.

When she used her hand hard, she pulled it out from the frozen state!

She gently put down Wiliam, and then picked up the wooden stick with one hand.

With her grip, the stick quickly formed frost!

With this hollow look, she looked at the aloft She Renyi and let out a weird laugh.

“Since I’m talented, I’m lucky, it’s not too late. Feliicity has the final say!”

She flicked her stick and pointed at She Renyi!

Where the stick is!

From the ground to the wind!

Chapter 652

This gust of wind caught everyone by surprise.

With snow in the wind, snow swept the audience by the wind!

Everyone was shocked again by this scene.

What kind of evil is this woman!

What is she going to do!

Is it to challenge She Renyi!

She Renyi also looked at Feliicity incredible.

This little Nizi, the more I look at it, the more mysterious it becomes.

Just forget about frosting for no reason, now it can generate wind without a hit!

This gust of wind was so fierce that there was a kind of icy cold on the face.

The snow flakes seemed to have become Feliicity’s weapons.

Pieces of snow scraped on people’s faces, and some people touched them with their hands, and they were surprised to find that their faces were scratched by snow!

Feliicity just held the stick in one hand, pointing to She Renyi.


Revenge for your husband!

What a fate!

She didn’t know any martial arts at all, and she was completely hardened by her courage!

After a brief absence, She Renyi laughed again.

He has seen enough.

It also seems to have a clue.

This woman seems to have abnormal blood in her body.

If this woman can be captured and turned into a furnace for her own cultivation, there might be unexpected benefits.

Thinking of this, he laughed and said: “Little girl, today, the old man will let you see and see, what is the world’s biggest, there are no wonders!”

With that said, he actually waved with one hand!

A tube of silver-white snake teeth appeared in his hand.

The snake teeth were crystal clear, as if they were carved into a flute.

He put the snake-tooth flute to his mouth and suddenly began to play it.

A strange sound floated from the flute.

It sounds like goose bumps all over.

With the sound of the flute, everyone was surprised to see that many people’s heads scattered on the ground were trembling slightly at this time.

One of the human heads suddenly whizzed and flew towards She Renyi!

This head fell on the body of the fist of war in an instant.

Then a weird rhythm happened under the eyes of everyone.

The head twisted, and the heads of the surrounding people also twisted.

The heads of each person actually swish and flew directly towards the fist of war!

In the blink of an eye, those heads fell back to the fist of the Fist of War.

It was reassembled into a fist of war!

On the ground, there was a rumbling sound.

The fist of war, which was motionless just now, started to move slowly.

Nirvana rebirth!

The flute stopped, and She Renyi let out an unpleasant laugh.

The Fist of War was the refining artifact he had worked so hard to find.

How could it be easily destroyed by Wiliam?

As long as this Gu worm does not die, it can connect all the torso heads.

It’s a pity that this reorganization is a reorganization, but after all it has been traumatized, the power is definitely not as strong as before.

However, it is more than enough to deal with a little girl who knows nothing.

Maybe, she was scared silly.

Thinking of this, he looked at Feliicity triumphantly.

But at this sight, he was suddenly shocked.

As a woman, Feliicity should be extremely frightened of this kind of flesh and blood.

But at the moment Feliicity’s face was calm, even with the red eyes moving, the corners of her mouth hooked slightly.

She seemed to have lost her mind, completely transformed into another person.

“Catch her alive!” She Renyi shouted, standing on the fist of war.

The Fist of War suddenly fell towards the white Feliicity!

This pressure, as long as Feliicity does not hide, will definitely be crushed to pieces.

The hearts of the people at the scene mentioned their throats.

Is Feliicity hiding?

Don’t hide!

Seeing that Feliicity never moved her footsteps, she just watched the fist of war pouring towards herself.

She grinned suddenly and smiled very coldly.

“Ah!” There was a terrible cry from her mouth.

With this ghost-like voice, the chill in her body instantly rose!

The chill became ice instantly!

This strand of frost actually followed the direction of Feliicity’s fingers and swarmed towards the fist of war!

In the blink of an eye, Frost touched the Fist of War.

Frost kept climbing on the Fist of War, as if to completely freeze the Fist of War.

When She Renyi saw this scene, her face was startled!

not good!

He suddenly discovered that he had miscalculated!

He expected that this little girl was awakening from the bloodline and didn’t understand any exercises at all.

But what he didn’t expect was Feliicity’s cleverness!

Feliicity naturally didn’t understand martial arts, let alone how to use the power of frost that suddenly appeared on his body.

However, she guessed a little bit.

That is her state of mind.

It was her completely broken state of mind that touched Bingmai’s awakening.

So, might as well be presumptuous!

Might as well be more aggressive!

I want me to see it, it’s dead!

I want me to be angry, it’s all frozen!

A violent mood breeds in her heart.

There is no kindness and kindness in her eyes.

Only endless killing and revenge!

With this stern roar, the power of Frost is even greater!

And she even discovered that her sanity was slowly fading.

Her remaining self seems to be talking to another thing.

Please, although I don’t know what you are…


I have nothing left.

I also lost my mind.

All I have is this body…

If this is what you want, take it…

As long as I am very evil, these people will be in front of you!

Frustrate your bones!

In order to avenge Wiliam, Feliicity discarded all her kindness and reason.

Sacrificing his body completely and completely to this inexplicable frost power.


Nine deaths without regrets!

In her eyes, the whites of her eyes were no longer visible.

A pair of eyes are completely red!

Suddenly she opened her hand and screamed to the sky!

An even more violent chill rose from her body!

Go straight to the fist of war!

There was a burst of blood mist suddenly bursting out of her body, and her body was bleeding like an instant!

Her facial features also shed bright blood in an instant!

The whole person looks terrifying!

The Fist of War, frozen at a speed visible to the naked eye, could never fall down.

Rao is the realm of She Renyi, and suddenly he fought a cold war, feeling a strong killing intent.

“Not good!” He yelled, and no longer cared about face, he jumped directly from the fist of war and rolled on the ground in an extremely embarrassing manner!

In a few millimetres, where he stood just now, a glacier shone with cold light!

The entire fist of war, under the eyes of everyone, formed a huge block of ice!

Feliicity coughed out a mouthful of blood, slammed the stick in his hand, and thrust it straight into the fist of war!

“Lend me the power of Frost! Give it to me!”


The fist of war that killed the Quartet before did not even have the power to counterattack, and under the roar of Feliicity, it shattered into bloody ice and snow in the sky!

Feliicity’s body also burst into a thick blood mist again.

Whole person!

Crashed down!

Red and white are the best match…

Like a wedding letter, like a sacrifice…

Lang Zhuma, concubine green plum…

Live with one heart, and die with one grave…

What a happy ending, I like it very much…

Such red and white snow, is it romantic? You must have never seen it…

I can’t wait to go down and tell you, I have fallen for you a unique snow in the world…

Would you still be willing to touch my head and laugh at my ugly appearance…



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