Dragon Husband Chapter 653-654

Chapter 653 Ice Cocoon

The blizzard in the sky is just floating and flying.

The picture is so hot, so desolate.

It’s like this world has held an unparalleled wedding for a beloved couple.

Look at that red flower, IKEA is suitable for room.

Erbul, no blame, come with Erche, bribe with me…

It’s like the sorrow of the world, the funeral is known to all, you know and I know.

The whole city is plain and angry.

The red and white snow was still floating, and the scene seemed to be still.

Only Feliicity murmured.

She fell to the ground, her eyes blurred with blood and tears.

Her heart seemed to shatter into pieces along with the snow flakes.

Just thinking about it, I can return to netherworld sooner, and feel at ease when I see my love.

It’s a pity after all, there is no revenge for you personally, Wiliam…

And the several women in Lingyue Villa, looking at the red and white snow in the sky, were already crying on the ground.

People in the world are so lifeless, who else can do this like Feliicity.

They can’t.

They are not worthy.

It’s just a pity that a good pair of Bi people turned into blood-stained butterflies within one day, and both died.

“Dare to break my war snake! The old man will smash you into thousands of pieces today!” A vicious voice completely broke this dreamlike beauty.

It was She Renyi who got up from the ground, feeling uneasy.

He is a mid-stage master of dignified inner strength, and he didn’t expect to be forced into this kind of field by a little girl today.

Even faceless in front of his disciples and grandchildren!

Just looking for death!

At this moment, She Renyi was murderous.

He rushed to Feliicity’s body in a few steps, and looked at Feliicity condescendingly.

“Huh! Are you still dead! The old man will make you more uncomfortable than death!” She Renyi suddenly stretched out his foot and stepped heavily on Feliicity’s body.

Feliicity was indeed dead.

But only the last breath remained.

Her body is bloody, and her veins are broken.

The power of frost that she had forcibly stirred up before has also completely disappeared at this moment.

She is the original poor little woman.

She was severely stepped on her body, and suddenly another mouthful of blood came out.

However, she snorted, not knowing where the courage came from, trying to crawl forward.

“Ho ho! Do you still want to escape? Where did the mighty power go? You stand up! I see where you can escape!” She Renyi had already disregarded the master’s demeanor at this moment, facing a hand without the power to bind a chicken. The woman who got her kicked again.

Feliicity was spitting blood, but still crawling forward stubbornly.

She Renyi seemed to be deliberately trying to humiliate Feliicity. Every time she climbed, She Renyi kicked.

It was like kicking a stray dog ​​in the snow.

This scene was seen by everyone.

Everyone couldn’t bear to look straight.

She Renyi, victory is not martial!

Obviously this woman had already had the power to fight back, and it was too disrespectful for him to humiliate her.

Talking about this woman, why bother you!

Obviously there is only one breath left, so you can just wait for death on the ground.
Do you want to escape before you die?

Can you escape She Renyi’s palm?

Don’t do unnecessary struggles!

Inside Lingyue Villa, there was a heart-piercing yell, “She Renyi! You bastard! I’m fighting with you!”

But it was Xena who had already cried so much.

Xena watched her brother-in-law die, and now her sister has fallen into the hands of the enemy and is still so humiliated.

With a blast of her head, she rushed out of the unicorn gate.

But as soon as she took a step, she was pulled back.

Xena turned around to see that it was Melissa.

Melissa obviously also cried so much that he had difficulty breathing.

But she still grabbed Xena and said in a choked voice, “Don’t go there! Don’t forget what Feliicity said before! This is her choice!”

Xena stared at Melissa in a daze, suddenly wowed, plunged directly into Melissa’s arms, and burst into tears.

This feeling of powerlessness is really terrible.

She Renyi laughed grimly while kicking Feliicity.

It seems that only this way can he restore the trace of decency he just lost.

He wanted to see how long this woman would be stubborn.

He even wanted to see where this woman would escape!

However, in the next scene, She Renyi was stunned.

The audience was also dull.

Feliicity, still crawling on the ground.

But it seems to have reached the end.

She doesn’t move.

She seemed to have taken off all her defenses and strength, gently and softly, and got down.

And the place where she lay down was suddenly in Wiliam’s arms.

Everyone took a breath.

It turned out that this woman took the last breath, but actually wanted to crawl into this Wiliam’s arms.

Does life and death mean?

Feliicity lay in Wiliam’s arms, as if he was relieved.

Finally, go home…

She was delirious, but she remembered deeply that this man was her only home.

Even if he died, he could only die by his side.

With a trembling hand, she gently touched Wiliam’s already cold cheek.

She grinned and grinned hard.

If I still have some strength, what should I do…


She suddenly exerted force, and gurgling blood flowed out of her body again.

The blood flowed down her body and slowly drenched Wiliam’s body.

With this last bit of strength, she released it to her heart’s content.

Between her and Wiliam, a slight crackling suddenly sounded.

Everyone stared at it, and was stunned again.


This woman still has power!

It’s just that this strand of strength is too weak.

Even this woman was burning her last bit of fire.

The ice and snow slowly covered Wiliam and Feliicity.

The two are like butterflies in troubled times, forming a white and flawless pupa in this noisy world.

After Feliicity had done this last thing, her head dropped weakly.

However, she was still smiling.

I hope this ice cocoon can melt some of the hustle and bustle of the world, leaving me and my lover in peace at the last moment…

And She Renyi looked at the ice cocoon under her feet, and suddenly laughed, “Hahaha! Do you want to stay and fly! Okay! The old man will fulfill you couple of fateful mandarin ducks! Let me die!”

After finishing speaking, he actually rushed towards the disciple not far away, and snatched a shimmering knife from the hand of a disciple!

He returned to the ice cocoon again, with a grinning smile on his face.

With his hands raised high, he was about to pierce the two of them together!

The people at the scene couldn’t bear to look any longer, and Qi Qi closed his eyes.

However, in the next second, an unforgettable scene suddenly appeared!

Knife off!

Break the cocoon!

A skin-boned hand came out suddenly!

Tightly, grabbed the knife that stabbed Feliicity!

“Finally, I remember…”

“The only reason I still love this world…”

Chapter 654 Nirvana

In this scene, everyone on the scene exclaimed in unison!

Did they see a ghost?

That scrawny hand, at the moment when one hand was holding the knife, there was an unpleasant crash of gold and iron!

The blade had clearly cut through the palm.

But there was no blood flowing out of that palm.

Because of the owner of this hand, the blood has already drained.

As the hand stretched out, a crack appeared in that layer of ice cocoon.

The cracks became bigger and bigger, and finally made a slight sound, all of them shattered.

Now, everyone can see clearly.

The owner of this hand is Wiliam who has been dead for a long time!

Wiliam didn’t even open his eyes, but he caught the blade of She Renyi among the sparks!

She Renyi saw that it was Wiliam, and shouted out in shock, “Impossible! How is it possible! Why are you still dead!”

How could a person whose blood drained all over his body could not die!

This is completely against common sense!

However, it was indeed a dead person who held his blade.

The several women in Lingyue Villa saw this shocking scene, suddenly infinite ecstasy came into their hearts!

Li Chunfeng was the first to shout out, “It’s Wiliam! It’s Wiliam! He’s dead! He’s alive!”

This sound seemed to have completely vented the sad state of mind just now. After she shouted, her legs softened and she fainted!

And the other women, watching the return of the resurgent king, cried with joy and hugged each other!

Melissa’s heart was ecstatic!

I knew it!

I knew that the little bastard would not die so easily!

Finally, back!

Just come back…

The next second, this body moved.

Wiliam actually stood up stiffly like a corpse, and actually sat up slowly.

First, he gently placed Feliicity on the ground and slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing Feliicity’s bloody body, Wiliam woke up, as if he had been cut by a knife.

A tear slowly slid down his cheek.

A person’s blood dries out, and the only fluid in the body is probably tears.

Feliicity, I’m back…

Before the ghost gate closed, I thought of you!

Wiliam seemed to have had a long dream.

Since he was bled by She Renyi, his consciousness has gradually blurred.

In addition, he was so desperate at that time, thinking that there was no nostalgia in the world, so he already had a desire to die.

However, between the confusion, he faintly felt that he had forgotten one thing.

A very important thing.

It can also be said that forgot a person.

who is it……

With this dazed doubt, he gradually fainted.

Until, with his very cold body, he suddenly felt a warmth in the world, as if someone was holding him.

However, he couldn’t hear any sound anymore.

I just feel that the world around me is hot and cold, cold and hot.

He seemed to have escaped into a world of boundless darkness.

It was dark, deep, and icy.

It’s like a huge cage, wanting to make him live forever.

Until the moment before.

He felt warm again.

This time, it was not only warm, but a kind of scorching heat!

The breath he desires most in his cage.


A puff of blood spilled on his body.

It seemed to have injected new rain into his long-dried body.

His consciousness gradually became clear.

He felt that he was being held.

There was a person lying in his arms.

The doubt in his heart came out again.

Who am I forgetting?

Who is it, can’t let me down, shed tears and shed blood for me!

In the dark world, a white snow suddenly fell out of thin air.

At this moment, Wiliam’s mind suddenly jumped out of a desolate figure.

Like a life-saving straw, Wiliam caught it instantly.


I remembered!

It turned out that it was my Wiliam’s wife who was forgotten by me!

I know my wife for a hundred years!


With a thought, all emotions are born!

All the past events with Feliicity flooded into Wiliam’s mind like a tide.

These past events seem to have turned into a trace of blood, let Wiliam personally at the last moment!

Tear open the cage that tried to imprison him to death!

“Finally, I remember…”

“The only reason I still love this world…”

I can’t die because I still have Feliicity thinking about me.

That silly girl, without me, what should she be sad like…

Grandpa, sorry…

The Sri Lankan is dead, I shouldn’t indulge in the past, and I should cherish the people before me.

Therefore, at the moment She Renyi stabbed with a knife, Wiliam’s instinct suddenly woke up!

Hold the knife in one hand!

At this moment, looking at Feliicity’s flesh and blood, and then looking at the world around, the Feliicity continued.

As if thinking of something, Wiliam burst into tears.

Silly girl!

You are so stupid!

Sorry for making you like this.

I won’t let you die!

wait for me!

Destroy the people in front of you!

Thinking of this, Wiliam’s killing intent filled his heart, and he gradually stood up straight.

Face She Renyi!

She Renyi looked at the monster with a trace of blood in front of him, and was shocked to the extreme!

He had no idea that this kid would not die like this!

What a freak is he!

“You! Why are you dead! This is impossible!” She Renyi shouted loudly.

At this time, Wiliam showed an ugly smile, “Want to know? Then watch it carefully!”

As he said, Wiliam suddenly opened his hands, Yang Tian let out a violent shout!

In an instant, this piece of land actually seemed to have spiritual wisdom, giving birth to a heartbeat!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Wiliam’s bloodless body, in the next second, it was like a heaven of blood!

His skinny skin is plumping up at a speed visible to the naked eye!

The hands first bulged slowly.

It seems that he gave birth to blood from nothing!

A mysterious blood appeared in his body inexplicably, re-training his body now!

Then his legs, body, and finally his face.

However, after a short period of effort, Wiliam’s body returned to its previous appearance!

No, it’s even fuller than before!

Full of energy!

This scene completely subverted their understanding of the world!

This Wiliam is a man and a god!

How can we do such a magical thing!

It’s impossible!

Even the well-informed She Renyi was sluggish.

A dead person got up and said nothing.

Now he can recover blood by himself.

Where does this rootless blood come from.

It’s a fantasy!

However, the fact happened in front of him, and he couldn’t help but believe it!

Wiliam suddenly squeezed one hand fiercely, and his fists crackled!

His voice is as cold as winter!

“If it weren’t for me to come back from the dead, how would I know that I forgot my lover in the world, for me!”

“Moved the love of mountains, rivers and world! Blood and tears of a thousand years have been shed!”


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