Dragon Husband Chapter 655-656

Chapter 655

In order to live up to the red snow, for the century of Changping!


Stop killing by killing!

In an instant, Wiliam’s body suddenly burst into a powerful aura!

Seeing this scene, She Ren couldn’t help taking two steps back!

He couldn’t believe it at all!

Wiliam in front of him, now resurrected from the dead, is actually stronger than before!

Seeing the momentum on this kid, there is a faint sign of breaking through the external power and reaching the internal power!


Where is the problem!

How did he survive!

How did you become stronger than before!

This couple is more weird than the other!

She Renyi didn’t know why Wiliam came back from the dead, but Wiliam did.

In this world, how can there be any rootless blood?

Talk about resurrection from death?

The reason why Wiliam is dead is that he has lost his horse.

The most important thing in this is the two things Wiliam swallowed before!

The blue sea washes the blood!

Baixueshengsheng pill!

Wiliam had only heard of these two drugs before, and they had the mystery of amazing things.

But he didn’t know how to use these two things together.

The only Huang Daoming who knew the inside story also died early.

So Wiliam swallowed these two medicines directly.

Unfortunately, at that time, the two medicines were like stones sinking into the ocean, and there was no wave of trouble.

Wiliam didn’t take it seriously either.

But today, at a time of misfortune, the miraculous effect of the combination of these two medicines was completely aroused, and he was pulled back from the ghost gate!

Wiliam now knows how to use these two medicines.

The blue ocean washes the blood, as the name suggests, is the wash of blood.

Drain all blood from the whole body.

And Baixue Shengsheng Pill also means literally, in the state of being bloodless, it will give birth to brand new blood!

Wiliam, who had recovered his sanity, couldn’t help but feel lingering when thinking about the situation he had just put to death and reborn.

These two medicines are really evil medicines in the world!

No one, put all the blood on his body clean.

This is the practice of a lifetime of death.

If you are not careful, you will die.

If Wiliam had learned about the use of these two medicines earlier, Wiliam would not dare to take it easily even if the two medicines could achieve the magical effect.

After all, it is too risky, saying that the nine deaths are benevolent.

But today, by chance and coincidence, let him complete this exchange of blood that has never happened before!

Feeling the blood flowing in his body like a vast river, Wiliam felt full of power!

Even in this hot blood boil, Wiliam could feel a trace of ice-cold strength.

This should be the ice vein of the Feliicity.

Wiliam knew that Feliicity had returned to him at the very moment of the battle.

Under the circumstances, she used her blood to start the blood exchange process on Wiliam’s body!

So Wiliam could wake up again this time, and Feliicity had no credit for it.


Wiliam turned around and glanced at the totally unconscious Feliicity, feeling extremely distressed.

All of his was in exchange for Feliicity’s life.

I don’t know, how is Feliicity now…

“Yes! You can live again! The old man can kill you again! But there are still no children who have stepped into the realm of Huajin. The old man is afraid that you will not succeed!” She Renyi’s savage shout interrupted Wiliam’s thoughts. .

Although he was shocked by the miracles on Wiliam just now.

However, She Renyi, who had regained his composure, judged rationally that his strength was far above this kid!

So this kid has no chance of winning!

Thinking of this, he flipped it casually, and the shiny black ice snake blade shield appeared again!

“I want to look again, what does the blood that appears inexplicably on your body look like!” She Renyi laughed and rushed towards Wiliam.

The disciples beside him had no orders from She Renyi, but none of them dared to come forward.

She Renyi held a sword and shield and pierced Wiliam’s body fiercely!

Wiliam’s eyes were fierce, and he didn’t dodge at all.

He slammed a punch and directly hit the shield of the Ice Serpent Blade Shield!

This time, Wiliam took three steps back viciously.

And She Renyi also took a step back slightly.

She Renyi burst into laughter at the first match.

He expected something wrong. Although this kid was stronger than before, he was far from his opponent.

What’s more, this ice snake sword shield is a weapon of the gods, superimposed in two directions, how can this kid can compare.

“Hahaha! Boy, the old man wants to see if you can pick me up a few shields! You know, from just now to now, the old man has never done anything! The old man now has strength!” She Renyi laughed again and charged. Come here.

Wiliam’s heart shuddered.

As She Renyi said, he has always retained his strength, until now he is officially shot.

Can you win?

When Wiliam thought of this, his blood boiled suddenly.

Died once, are you afraid of this second time!

The two were entangled again.

However, Wiliam is clearly at a disadvantage.

This Ice Snake Blade Shield really deserves to be a magic weapon, Wiliam’s bare-handed fists, there is no way to penetrate the blade shield.

Every time he hit the shield, Wiliam’s hand hurts for a while.

The defensive power of the Ice Serpent Shield is not covered.

When several women in Lingyue Villa saw this scene, their hearts raised their throats again.

Although he was delighted at the return of King Wiliam, the scene before him was so similar.

Is it going to repeat the same mistake again?

Thinking of this, they have a deep sense of suffocation.

The grief just now came again, they absolutely couldn’t bear it.

“Hahaha! If you want to use your fists to break the old man’s ice snake sword shield, dream! Even if my brother uses the same magic weapon, he can’t break my shield!” She Renyi had the upper hand, laughing loudly , His eyes were full of mockery.

Not to mention double fists, even with a sharp weapon, the Ice Snake Blade Shield is not afraid at all.

And Wiliam seemed to be aroused for a while!

His eyes gradually became cold!

Why can’t you break with two fists?

What do you say about Dadun Qiang Wushuang?

Today, I have to use this iron fist!

Gouge through your shield!

Smash you into mashed flesh!

Thinking of this, Wiliam exploded once again, and he fisted at the sword and shield desperately!


Two punches!

Three punches!

The dense fists, like raindrops, smashed on the sword and shield!

Wiliam’s fist went out faster and faster, and in the end, it seemed like a phantom appeared!

It seems that there are thousands of fists smashing on the shield!

And She Renyi laughed arrogantly while defending, “Fool! Is it useful? At the end of the crossbow, you are in vain! When you stop your fist, it is when your life is lost!”

Wiliam, as if he couldn’t hear him at all, punched more frantically!

Hundred punches!

Thousand punches!

Ten thousand punches!

I am going to beat the world to pale!

Smash the mountains and rivers to pieces!

His fist has become bloody.

But he didn’t realize it, as if he had fallen into a magical realm!

Just when She Renyi resisted and retreated, and finally was unable to retreat and planned to fight back, suddenly, a shocking scene appeared!

The first red light suddenly appeared on Wiliam’s airtight fist!

The second thread, the third thread!

Until his fist was full of magical red light!

She Renyi was taken aback, this red light was definitely not the blood on this kid’s fist.

What will it be!

The people around who saw the red light on his fist suddenly screamed!

“It’s a needle! It’s his red needle before!”

Chapter 656 Red Lotus! Broken!

I saw that on Wiliam’s fist, the red light occasionally flickered from the beginning, and to the back, it was densely packed with strange red light.

He was so angry that he was like a god!

Everyone was so scared that their scalp was numb by this scene!

Looking closely, the red light is not the same red needle Wiliam used before!

However, at that time, Red Needle was all beaten back into Wiliam’s body by She Renyi.

Wiliam regained consciousness just now, and everyone suddenly forgot that there was such a thing.

Thinking about it now, this kid is really weird!

The body is full of silver needles, and it is not dead!

Now the silver needle seemed to have life, and it all gathered on his fist!

No, the Silver Needle still didn’t appear outside his fist.

Everyone took a closer look, and their chins were about to fall to the ground.

Wiliam’s arms were already covered with red light after another.

The red light was like a flying star and a flying firefly, and it swiftly moved between his arms.

How did this happen!

The silver needle is clearly still in his body.

This scene suffices to explain that the silver needle in his body not only did not damage this kid’s body, but now it seems like a fish in water!

Swimming in his body!

Is this still the body of an ordinary person?

What a weird silver needle this is!

Wiliam seemed to be mad, his eyes were already red, so he could not even notice the change in his hands.

He only felt as if thousands of tiny lives had been awakened in his body. These beings were in his blood, rejoicing and jumping, seeming to celebrate Wiliam’s rebirth and the nirvana of these small beings.

This is an incomparably mysterious feeling, as if these little beings are connected with him and become an inseparable part.

With these little beings, Wiliam only felt that the blood in his body was vast, better than before!

A majestic force bred from Wiliam’s dantian.

They are eager for more crazier and violent blood!

They are eager to break through Wiliam’s body and reach a wider world!

She Renyi was so shocked by this scene that her scalp was numb.

How many secrets are there in this kid!

Every secret, he has never heard of, never seen!

Now what’s the matter with this red light and silver needle!

What does he want to do!

Could it be!

Just as an unknown foreboding emerged in his heart, the picture suddenly changed again!

The red light that originally converged on Wiliam’s arms, now gradually converged on Wiliam’s right fist!

Suddenly, his right fist was thriving!

And Wiliam’s momentum has also reached the highest peak at this moment!

Towering like a god of war!

Air cover the world!

His fist seemed to send out the power to destroy the world!


She Renyi only felt the shield in his hand tremble!

There was an unpleasant sound of gold and iron.

He looked intently and was even more alarmed!

There was a silver needle that came out of Wiliam’s fist and hit his shield fiercely!

The silver needle smashed, and a rebound force caused it to retract back into Wiliam’s fist.

According to normal circumstances, Wiliam would definitely be stabbed by this rebounding silver needle.

But his fist seems to have become the home of Silver Needle.

The silver needle can go in and out unscrupulously on his fist.

One, two!

In an instant, densely packed silver needles unexpectedly got out of his fist.

It stabbed hard on She Renyi’s ice snake blade shield.

For a time, She Renyi’s pressure surged!

He was overwhelmed by these silver needles.

Even more shocked by Wiliam’s momentum, he just wanted to retreat.

However, he gritted his teeth forcibly!

Can’t refund!

This kid is obviously only a warrior in the late stage of Wai Jin, and he is still overpowered compared to himself.

He must be the same as the woman just now, using some secret method to burn his life!

Therefore, as long as he survived this crazy offensive, he should not be able to do so.

At that time, this kid wasn’t letting me go!

Thinking of this, She Renyi insisted on resisting this pressure and refused to retreat.

And he also noticed that although this kid Silver Needle was weird, his momentum was also compelling at the moment.

But his own ice snake blade shield was not damaged at all.

Seeing this scene, he was overjoyed and couldn’t help laughing, “Boy, you just keep smashing it! The old man’s ice snake blade shield is the strongest defense in the world! When you have the strength, it is Your death date!”

Wiliam didn’t know how strong the ice snake blade shield was.

However, since he had a murderous heart, he became a demon and never looked back!

Vow to kill this She Renyi to this point!

There are no people who can bully Feliicity like that!

Laozi lives and guards the Feliicity, and he does not bear death!

He seemed to be completely mad, smashing his fists desperately.

And he gradually noticed the variation in his fist!

His heart was stunned, is it Needles of Ruby Flower?


It’s long live safflower!

Seeing clearly on his fist, Long live the red flower is like a meteor, and his face suddenly showed a kind of ecstasy and sorrow!

The good news is that Long live safflower can still be used for its own use. Is the magical vitality in the body just now long live safflower?

But the grief is that it is useless so far!

So useless!

His heart was cruel, and his tongue bite!




Nine impermanence and fourth form!

At this moment, he was used madly!

You know, he only used it once before, and he would lose all strength.

Now, he punches three times in a row!

There is still more courage!

With his use of Zhen Xinghe, She Renyi’s footsteps suddenly trembled!

He was directly blasted back by Wiliam!

This is something that has never happened before!

She Renyi was horrified, and saw Wiliam chasing him in front of him, continuing to bombard him desperately.

However, there is always no defense to break the ice snake shield.

The people at the scene looked stupid.

They absolutely could not imagine that the Three League Masters would be slammed into defeat by a kid who didn’t even step into their internal energy.

Very embarrassed!

And the violence in She Renyi’s heart was also agitated. Although she was constantly blasted back, she laughed more arrogantly, “I want to see how much you have! You can use it all! Ice snake knife All the shields are affected!”

The more Wiliam boomed, the less power he had in his body.

The more violent his heart!

Extremely useless!

Long live safflower, is that useful!



“Needles of Ruby Flower! You come out for me! You come out for me!” Wiliam suddenly roared to the sky!

“Go all! Go all!”

“give me!”

“All out!”

“Lao Tzu’s blood is for you to drink! The meat is for you! You!”

“Don’t come out yet!”

As Wiliam shouted violently, the long live safflower in his body seemed to be completely agitated.

A horrible bloodthirsty intent suddenly spouted from Wiliam’s body!

Wiliam’s fist suddenly hung in the sky, and time seemed to freeze!

Long live safflower, feel it!

Feel the injustice in Wiliam’s heart!

They seemed to have all the arrogance aroused by Wiliam!

netherworld blooms red flowers!

Long live the world!

Let the world see, the scenery of hell!

Wiliam’s fist, amidst the exclamation of everyone, slowly appeared a scene of wonder!

A hundred silver needles all leaped on Wiliam’s fist!

They slowly condensed into a monster shape!

When Wiliam saw this scene, the corner of his mouth happily ticked!


Entrained the meaning of netherworld evil spirit!


“Long live!”

“Return it!”

“Gulian! Broken!”


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