Dragon Husband Chapter 657-658

Chapter 657

In an instant, an extremely coquettish red light broke out on the scene!

This red light actually pierced everyone’s eyes at the scene.

But everyone still stared stubbornly, wanting to see the wonder of the world!

I saw that above Wiliam’s right fist, red light jumped, and finally, it condensed into a coquettish red lotus!

The Needles of Red Flower turned into red lotus petals.

This weird red lotus smashed at She Renyi’s ice snake blade and shield fiercely!


A violent loud noise!

The people on the scene gave out incredible exclamations!

The ice snake sword shield, which was previously solid, under the blow of this weird red lotus, at a speed visible to the naked eye, countless dense cracks appeared!

As if on the ice snake blade shield, a red lotus with residual color bloomed.


The ice snake blade shield instantly shattered and shattered to the ground!

And the Long Live Honglian in Wiliam’s hands is unabated!

The red lotus opened its petals and wanted to swallow She Renyi in one bite!

She Renyi is also a master of mid-inner strength anyway.

He reacted in an instant, his body quickly twisted to the side at a strange angle!


A stern wailing resounded through the audience!

I saw Long live Honglian smashing forward!

It was actually the right arm that She Renyi could avoid, the whole one was removed!

She Renyi hugged the bleeding shoulders, and her whole face became ugly!

How can it be!

My ice snake sword shield!

How could my ice snake blade shield be shattered by this kid!

How could he do this kind of thing because he is just a powerful warrior outside the area!

What is going on with this monster red lotus!

What happened to this world!

So unreasonable!

The people at the scene were silent after hearing She Renyi’s screams.

Because their eyes are all focused on Wiliam!

Long live Honglian, after removing She Renyi’s right hand, he flew back to Wiliam’s side quickly.

The red lotus slowly shattered, like the remaining flowers withered.

Instantly turned into a hundred silver needles with red light.

These silver needles did not actually land!

Instead, it hung directly in the air like this, surrounding Wiliam in front of and behind him.

It seems that these hundred silver needles have turned into Wiliam’s most loyal guardian!

And Wiliam’s body was in it, illuminated by the magical red light of the silver needle, and his eyes and hair all formed a strange red.

It’s like the reincarnation of a demon god, imposing power!

This scene was imprinted in the hearts of everyone on the scene forever!

They suddenly gave birth to a kind of powerless fear!

Even if this kid is in the late stage of Wai Jin, so what!

Even if the people present, and even She Renyi, are hundreds of times stronger than him, so what!

He has one hundred needles!

Still killed here today, dead mountain and blood!

No one can rival it!

Wiliam was in the silver needle, as if he also felt the anger and shout of Needles of Ruby Flower just now.

An invincible long live red lotus is the most vocal response of these silver needles!


Able to be the title of the world’s first needle!

Wiliam was moved in his heart.

It is this Needles of Red Flower.

Grandpa left his most precious wealth.

No one knows better than Wiliam, the origin of this long live safflower.

When Wiliam was young, his grandfather spent more than a year in retreat in the training room in order to forge this long live safflower.

If you do not come out for a year, you will be the king!

People in the realm of grandpa, the treasures of the world collected all his life, and the long live safflower that took another year to forge!

Is it that simple?

Today, I finally saw the power of the Needles of Red Flower Seal!

Grace of life!


The first time Wiliam felt the magic of Needles of Red Flower was the battle in Lantern Village.

Long live safflower drinking blood madly, revealing the chill of the world.

From then on, Wiliam knew that Needles of Ruby Flower was extraordinary.

Only waiting for an opportunity, the gods will come out, and the world will be shocked!

Waiting for this timing is too long.

If it weren’t for today’s Jedi, if it wasn’t for his own killing intent, I don’t know how long it will take to awaken the real Needles of Red Flower.

No, it can’t be called Needles of Red Flower anymore.

It should be called Long live Honglian.

And at this moment, Wiliam and Long Live Honglian had the same mind, and there seemed to be a kind of feeling between them.

He knew that this red lotus was just the first awakening of Long live safflower, the first form of Long live safflower.

In time, Long live the red lotus will be able to bloom the light that will make the sun, the moon and the dull world eclipse!

Just wait for yourself to grow, and bring Long Live Red Lotus to the world!

Wiliam’s heart moved, the hundred long live red lotus seemed to have received the king’s permission, and flew towards Wiliam’s body in an instant.

When they touched Wiliam’s body, it turned out that a drop of water melted into the sea.

Quietly, disappear without a trace.

This scene once again looked at everyone silly.

What kind of barbaric technique?

After Wiliam took back the Needles of Red Flower, he suddenly trembled.

If you hide the needle like this, it might not be…

Waiting for the needle?


This is just waiting for the needle!

He Tiantian had shown this ability to wait for a knife in front of Wiliam before, and so did.

At that time, Wiliam was still determined to learn this skill.

However, He Tiantian told him that his blood is not suitable for practicing this magical skill.

He Tiantian even jokingly said at the time that unless the blood on his body was cleaned up, it seemed impossible.

Today, the word has come true!

Her blood was indeed drained just now, and She Renyi was even more involved in the process of injecting the silver needle into her body.

He was holding the idea of ​​killing himself, but unexpectedly, it became his biggest help today!

By chance, he was able to learn by himself without a teacher and was able to take care of the needle.

Thinking of this, Wiliam couldn’t help but feel happy.

Everything has its own providence, God is destined, he will accept this trial of life and death, and only after the yin and yang bid farewell, Ma Sai suddenly achieved extraordinary achievements.

Think about it, today is really a twists and turns.

Just because I shed all the blood, it not only stirred up the effects of the Baixue Husheng Pill and the blue sea clearing the blood, but also trained the body to wait for the needle, and even unlocked the seal of Long live Honglian.

If we lose our horses, we can’t know what is wrong.

Wiliam was thinking about it, and suddenly he saw She Renyi on the opposite side and screamed bitterly.

His figure flew, and in Wiliam’s consternation, he picked up the twelve snake teeth that had fallen from the ice snake blade shield from the ground!

Those twelve snake teeth were not broken in Wiliam’s strongest blow just now?

On the contrary, there are black streams of light flowing continuously on the snake’s teeth, which is really weird.

Then, in the exclamation of everyone, She Renyi fiercely inserted the snake tooth into his body!

“Wiliam! The old man wants you! The corpse is broken into pieces!”

“The snake demon drops blood!”

Chapter 658

She Ren righteous hate!

Being humiliated by a kid like this in public!

The ice snake sword shield that he had painstakingly forged was completely shattered.

Now the right arm on which he was famous was also broken by this kid!

It’s nothing more than a dull face, his cultivation level will definitely fall to the next level!

Not reconciled!

He looked at Wiliam who was like a divine help, and there was endless resentment in his heart!

At this moment, he has only one thought left!

Even if you fight for this life, you will have to frustrate this kid!

Therefore, his head heated up, and he resorted to the great forbidden technique of the Green Snake Spring League!

Snake demon blood!

I saw the twelve snake teeth deeply inserted into She Renyi’s body.

Everyone was so frightened that their eyes fell to the ground.

They all saw the miracles shown by the twelve snake teeth just now.

This is a weird snake tooth that can suck up all human blood.

Now She Renyi actually uses this vicious thing on herself!

Isn’t he afraid of his blood being sucked up by snake teeth?

Is he going to commit suicide?

However, Wiliam stared at She Renyi warily!

Among them is fraud!

I saw that She Renyi’s body was not as dry as before after the snake’s teeth entered the body!

It’s the opposite!

His body swelled slowly!

His left hand, legs, and his torso were all swelling.

In the end, his clothes burst directly, revealing a lean muscle.

On his body, blue veins are like tangled old roots, and they seem to be in danger of bursting at any time.

However, he just smiled wildly, watching the changes in his body with satisfaction.

“Hahahaha! You! You are going to die! You are going to die!” She Renyi yelled, her voice gradually gradually becoming sharper.

His head is also gradually swelling, and his face is distorted because of the swelling.

Everyone was so frightened that they all backed up a few steps.

She Renyi is crazy.

He was completely crazy.

He knew that after using this trick, he would die forever.

But he still did.

This snake tooth is his last weapon.

How many people’s blood has this snake tooth drunk.

Let alone, there are seventy or eighty people.

Now, all the blood is used by She Renyi!

His body slowly propped up, and finally, in the panic of everyone, he turned out to be a three-meter-high weird giant!

This shocking change once again frightened everyone.

Today, they saw too many spectacles incompatible with the world.

Wiliam is like this, Feliicity is like this, and now even this She Renyi is like this!

The world of martial arts is really broad and profound!

And She Renyi’s body finally slowly settled at more than three meters, his blood-red eyes, condescendingly looking at Wiliam, as if looking at a little furry child.

He smiled jealously, but his voice was completely deformed, making it even more eerie and terrifying.

An aura that was stronger than before was slowly revealed from his weird body.

She Renyi laughed wildly.

This snake demon lowers blood and can increase the user’s internal strength in a short period of time, regardless of cost.

Now he has the power of a battle against the warriors of the last inner strength.

Not to mention the kid in front of me.

Kill a thousand enemies, hurt yourself eight hundred!

Also worth it!

It’s worth it!


He stepped on the ground and rushed out!

The speed is unexpectedly fast!

It’s completely out of proportion to his huge body!

Between the lightning and flint, She Renyi had rushed to Wiliam’s body, using his left hand to smash against Wiliam!

Wiliam wanted to hide.

But I found that my speed is far from that of She Renyi!

He can only take a sigh of relief, hold his hands on his heart, and block it!


Sand splashes!

Wiliam’s body was actually blasted and flew upside down, a full ten meters away!

Wiliam spit out a mouthful of blood on the ground, looking at She Renyi in shock!

It’s too fast.

And this power is simply not something that the current self can shake.

Moreover, Wiliam had a feeling that even if he could perform the strongest blow that Long live Honglian just now, She Renyi would be able to resist in the monster state!

What’s more, after using Long Live Red Lotus just now, the spirit of Silver Needle seemed to have been damaged to a certain extent, and it was impossible to use it again in a short time.

Suddenly, Wiliam, who was so wise and close to the demon, could not think of a way to crack it.

In the face of absolute strength, no amount of tactics are useful.

And She Renyi didn’t plan to talk nonsense with Wiliam anymore, he walked directly over, as if bullying the small with a big deal, catching Wiliam was a severe humiliation!

In the blink of an eye, Wiliam seemed to be beaten back to his prototype, blood dripping again.

Are you going to lose?

Wiliam fell in a pool of blood, and suddenly this kind of powerless thought arose.

Even if he worked hard and created countless miracles, would he still be no match for She Renyi?

Just as Wiliam was thinking weakly, he suddenly felt a cold on his face.

He couldn’t help but touch his face.

There was a icy feeling in his hands suddenly.

He looked at the sky in surprise.

I saw a trace of snowflakes, thin as cicada wings, slowly falling.

His eyes widened in an instant, turned his head in disbelief, and looked at Feliicity, who had long been unconscious.

At first glance, his eyes met.

Feliicity didn’t know when she actually woke up.

She looked at Wiliam, who was covered in blood, and suddenly showed a sad smile with difficulty.

She wanted to speak, but there was a stream of blood that came out before the words.

With blood in her mouth, she just said vaguely.

“Wiliam, take…I…home…”

“I… so tired… I want to… sleep…”

In Wiliam’s astonishment, Feliicity’s body, like a snowflake, seemed to melt away completely!

A lot of blood suddenly oozes out of her body!

At stake!

Wiliam’s eyes instantly turned red.

Come back home!

Come back home!

His heart, as if it was deeply stung by something, actually stood up slowly from the ground.

After a brief consternation, She Renyi rushed towards Wiliam again.

This time, he jumped up and fell from the sky, trying to smash Wiliam into flesh!

And Wiliam, as if she couldn’t see She Renyi.

His eyes closed slowly.

Words are as firm as a rock!

“Hmm! Go home! I want to take you!”

“Come back home!”

He closed his eyes, but as if instantly, opened another door of a vast heart!

The surrounding vegetation, flesh and blood, are all in the heart.

He suddenly opened his arms slowly and clenched his fists!

A gloomy wind suddenly appeared on the ground!

Everyone suddenly noticed that a very strange scene happened around!

Before, the blood of the snake of war that was broken up by Wiliam and crushed by Feliicity with the power of frost!

At this moment, it was trembling slightly!


And Wiliam spoke again, his tone calm, but the words came from Jiuyou!

“If the living have faith, they will be invincible!”

“If the dead have spirits, all demons are broken!”

“Kirin disciples, life and death, human beings and ghosts, all follow my fate!”

“The hundred brothers who died, borrow my last piety and faith!”

“I will take you home together!”


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