Dragon Husband Chapter 659-660

Chapter 659

When Wiliam said this, his eyes suddenly opened, and there was a bright light in his eyes, rising to the sky, reaching the sky!

At this time, an extremely magnificent and terrifying scene appeared in everyone’s sight!

It turned out that the Qilin disciple who was trembling slightly on the ground seemed to have obeyed Wiliam’s call!

The word home is unforgettable!

These flesh and blood actually flew from the ground together!

Then flew behind Wiliam from all directions at the speed of lightning and flint!

For a moment!

It only took a moment!

These flesh and blood seem to really have spirits in the dead!

Behind Wiliam, it condensed into a domineering flesh and blood fist ten meters tall!

Isn’t this the fist of war that She Renyi refined before!

The Fist of War suffered heavy damage from Wiliam, and was crushed by Feliicity’s ice.

Now it has reappeared!

And it appeared behind Wiliam!

This spectacle shocked everyone all over!

Why does Wiliam create such a terrifying fist of war!

Just looking at the momentum of this fist of war, it is actually better than the fist of war of She Renyi just now!


The living have faith!

The dead are alive!

The undead, who is beyond the limit, just want to return after their death!

Rather than being used as a weapon that can be humiliated at will by the adulterer after death!

The living keep their homes!

The dead come home!

After he died, the will of Qilin still exists!

This huge fist suddenly jumped upright!

This scene made She Renyi, who was already close at hand, his eyes widened.

He looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

This kid, what is this trick!

Why is there an unusually terrifying breath coming from it!

What kind of monster is he!

Just as She Renyi’s intention to withdraw, Wiliam’s eyes fixed on She Renyi’s body!

He has one hand!

With a blow to the sky, She Renyi who wanted to retreat was greeted fiercely!

The fist of war with incomparable conviction behind him was like Wiliam’s right fist at this moment!

He fisted right!

The fist of war is surging!

The huge fist hit She Renyi fiercely!

“Human ghost…”


With a loud shout, everything is silent!


A huge roar rang out in the air!

She Renyi had almost no counterattack, and at the moment when he was approached by the giant fist, his body seemed to be torn apart by thousands of ghosts!

He was in the air, wailing incomparably pain!

And everyone was even more shocked to see that this fist of war seemed to be alive!

It held She Renyi with one fist!

One hard!

A dense blood mist burst out of She Renyi’s body!

This blood mist floated down all over the sky in an instant, and there was another blood rain between heaven and earth!

And the surrounding air became extremely bloody!

It’s really bloody!

She Renyi’s tall body was crushed!

The blood that floated down was all the blood of Qilin disciples!

It’s just that the blood debt is paid!


After finishing this blow, Fist of War seemed to have fulfilled its long-cherished wish.

The huge fist burst open in midair, disappearing without a trace.

Only the blood on the ground seemed to tell everyone that the scene just now was not an illusion.

It is a compromise between ghost and man, entanglement between yin and yang!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in amazement.

What miracle did this kid create!

He actually punched She Renyi in a violent state!

Is this still an external force fighter?

It is impossible to measure this kid by common sense.

And Wiliam’s eyes were firm, with a touch of bottomless sadness.

No one knows how he did this incredible scene.

Do you think he is a ghost?

How can there be such a thing in the incident?

Do you say he is good at puppets?

He knew nothing.

The reason why this magnificent and subversive punch of the world’s three views is possible, Lu Yeping is the blood of a unicorn!

Wiliam knew before that most of the sects and families would give their disciples some checks and balances to make these disciples follow their orders.

Just like the Green Snake Spring League, the Green Snake Flowing Goblet is used.

Wiliam never knew what the Qilinshi established by his grandfather was used to make these disciples obey orders.

Until he was awakened by the Feliicity again, and the Qilin in his body was full of blood, he vaguely felt that his heart and eyes were open.

As if the flesh and blood of these disciples at the scene, he should know everything.

It was also just now that Feliicity called him home, and he was once again stirred up by the blood.

This feeling of flesh and blood made him realize instantly.

The Qilin Power, the thing used for disciples to obey orders, is the blood of the Qilin.

In other words, it is the will of the unicorn!

As long as Wiliam reaches a certain level, he can order life and death in a single thought!

It’s a pity that Wiliam’s previous realm was too shallow to achieve this effect at all.

And now…

Wiliam looked at his right fist, the veins of the right fist burst, like an anger and mighty!

He could barely do it, calling blood with blood.

Whether these Qilin disciples are alive or dead, their flesh and blood will eventually be planted by their grandfather to support the Qilin blood.

That’s why Wiliam gave a call to make these blood and flesh that had no intentions to regroup for his use.

With this punch, he has a clear conscience!

This punch is even more obligatory for him!

Seeing the rain of blood falling all over the sky, a touch of sadness flashed in Wiliam’s eyes.

Dozens and hundreds of Qilin disciples just dissipated in the power of their own punches.

This is dissipation, but also a relief.

Get rid of this entangled life and go to another bliss world, where no one hates.

In Wiliam’s mind, the disciple named Wu Ping once again appeared.

That disciple led a dozen people to sacrifice their lives to create opportunities for Wiliam.

“The disciple quits”, the voice is deep and sad!

A figure that knelt and never got up again, stunned.

In this rain of blood, which drop belongs to Wu Ping’s blood.

No way to know.

But Wiliam knew that now he was truly qualified to respond positively to Wu Ping’s “disciple retire” and that kneeling.

“Be flat, high mountains and long rivers, meet again…”

Wiliam muttered to himself, his eyes were crazy.

A series of amorous moods actually made Wiliam feel in a trance, with a kind of enlightenment.

He seems to be really right now, and he can stand up to others, “Lord of the unicorn!”

His heart seemed to be broken.

The late stage state of the external force he stayed in fell apart at the moment when Wiliam’s state of mind became enlightened.

Wiliam seemed to see an eternal and heavy door, standing in front of him.

He tore it casually and opened the hundred-foot iron door slowly!

A whole new world was revealed before his eyes!

Suddenly a strong green aura burst out of his body, rising to the sky, piercing the clouds and breaking the sun!

Lin Qi!


Chapter 660

This green air lasted tightly for about a second.

But let the people present be dumbfounded!

They looked up at the sky one by one, they couldn’t believe that this was something that one person could do!

When they looked at Wiliam again, they were all shocked.

Wiliam at this moment is like the one Wiliam just now.

Wiliam just now had a sharp edge, like an imperishable sword!

And now Wiliam’s body was green, but he never looked sharp again.

The gentleman hides his weapons in his heart!

Stay on time!

The current Wiliam didn’t seem to have the slightest attack power, but it gave people a sense of loftyness.

Everyone could not help shouting: “He, he broke through!”

The eyes of everyone changed.

Being able to fight back several times in a war, created one miracle after another.

Also in the trial of life and death, successfully defeating oneself, the realm is achieved in one go!

Who else in the world besides Wiliam!

In the scene, who else is Wiliam’s opponent now?

They swallowed together, and there was no even the slightest intention to fight in their hearts.

Wiliam didn’t know, and the people at the scene didn’t even know.

Just now, Wiliam’s green aura soared to the sky, what a disturbance in this turbulent world!

The king is home!

Between a pavilion, a few gray-haired elders sat on the ground, their eyes closed, as if they were studying something.

Suddenly, they all opened their eyes!

Set your sights on the sky!

A blue qi disappeared in a flash!

One of the old men suddenly yelled in disbelief: “Lin Qi is shaking the sky! It is Lin Qi that is shaking the sky!”

As this sentence fell, the bodies of these old men suddenly disappeared in place.

The next moment, they all appeared in front of a quaint ancestral hall.

At this moment, the ancestral hall was already crowded with people.

The scene of Lin Qi shaking the sky just now brought these people together in this ancestral hall.

They were about to ask these elders what was going on, and suddenly discovered in horror!

A vermilion unicorn stone sculpture that has been enshrined in the center of the ancestral hall, at this moment, the eyes are actually blooming with magical red light!

This scene caused a commotion among the people at the scene.

The expressions of the old men became extremely ugly!


Open your eyes!

Moreover, it opened the most domineering blood eye!

What does this represent?

The people present were deeply shocked!

No one knows better than them, what it means for a unicorn to open bloody eyes!

King Kylin, come!

For a hundred years, Qilin has never opened his eyes!

Why is it today! Bloody!

Among them, an old man wearing a hat, with a grim face, gritted his teeth and uttered a word!

“That person is dead!”

With this sentence, the scene was in an uproar again!

The old man wearing a hat stretched his body and disappeared again.

Three sentences were left.

“Second elder, take someone to open the coffin!”

“Three Elders, pursue this Lin Qi!”

“How can people who die early survive!”

As these three sentences fell, people at the scene left the ancestral hall one after another.

And the moment they left, the eyes of the vermilion unicorn stone sculpture burst out again with a green light.

The left eye is blood red!


Emerald green in the right eye!

Destroy the world!

If this scene was seen by the group of people just now, it would be a thousand times more shocking than seeing the bloody eyes just now!

King Kylin, what is it!

In this courtyard, a big black letter on the door beam is simple and vigorous, but at this moment, it seems to be shaky.


And in an exquisite room, a woman with an immortal appearance is enjoying red wine leisurely.

In an instant, she suddenly looked out the window, the red wine glass in her hand, quietly landing.

Her pretty face was instantly pale.

Then, she shook her head in distress and muttered to herself, “What is going on in this world? Ten years ago, my husband’s dragon spirit shook the sky and opened up the humanitarian dispute. Six months ago, a fledgling kid, Phoenix Qi shook the sky and pushed the humanitarian dispute to the end of all calamities. Today, another Lin Qi appeared in the world. Tsk tusk, isn’t it that kid?”

As soon as the voice fell, there was no half of a figure in this room.

Before the shocking Lin Qi shocked the sky, it was Yulu Qiongye that made her dull for a while.

In another remote mass grave, a river of blood was flowing all around.

A group of people in black was about to leave, but suddenly looked up at the sky.

From this look, the legs of this group of people were actually soft, as if they were pressed by a decree from heaven and earth, and they couldn’t lift their heads!

The middle-aged Ichiko headed by him burst into tears instantly!

“Quick! Back to Lingyue Villa at the fastest speed!”

And there was only a piece of white ice, an old man covered in black robe, after seeing this scene, the corner of his mouth twitched.

There was a wicked and compassionate smile.

“Is it here? What I did is right or wrong…” He suddenly covered his eyes, as if he wanted to fight something.

A line of turbid tears came out of his fingertips.

But in a moment, he put down his hand and resumed his hideous smile.

He stepped out one step at a time, and the world was like an inch.

A thin black needle is being inserted into a sturdy bear.

The big bear, as if corroded, instantly turned into a pool of fishy pus…

Between the heavens and the earth, some old monsters that are hidden from the world also opened their eyes at this moment.

Sleepy and can’t, the world is chaotic.

Wiliam didn’t seem to be aware of all these shocking changes.

After his astrological energy shook the sky, he only felt comfortable all over, and couldn’t help but screamed up to the sky.

In his body, there seemed to be a faint breath, flowing with the vast blood.

Wiliam was completely immersed in the breeding and spreading of this breath, only feeling that his body had an indescribable lightness.

He realized that this should be internal strength.

In other words, have you finally stepped into the realm of inner strength that mortal people dream of?

It’s ridiculous, it was here, it was at this time!

Wiliam turned around and walked towards the Feliicity falling in a pool of blood.

She was completely unconscious at the moment.

Wiliam didn’t have any hesitation, and injected all the internal forces he had cultivated into Feliicity’s body.

He faintly felt that his internal strength was extraordinary.

Now there is no other way to throw a bet.

When Wiliam stepped down, Feliicity let out a muffled grunt, his face slightly improved.

After he completely injected Feliicity’s internal force into Feliicity’s body, he gently put her down.

Finally hung her a sigh of relief.

Wiliam suddenly looked at She Renyi who looked like death not far away.

She Renyi at the moment, how can she be a bit human?

His body was bloody, and gave off a bad smell.

His face swelled and shrunk, and his five senses were all stuck together at the moment, looking very hideous.

But Wiliam strode to him and sneered, “Do you pretend to be dead in front of me?”

As he spoke, a red light flashed on his fist, and Long live Honglian wanted to come out!


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