Dragon Husband Chapter 661-662

Chapter 661

What does this mean?

Everyone was stunned.

Is She Renyi dead?


She Renyi was directly squeezed by that giant hand in midair just now.

Look at how he is now, where he looks like a living person.

It’s almost the same as the evil spirit?

But just after Wiliam’s voice fell, She Renyi, who appeared to be dead, suddenly let out a burst of laughter.

Really dead!

She Renyi slowly opened his eyes, trying to speak, but first vomited a mouthful of blood.

Although he was dead, his body was so bad that it couldn’t be worse.

His muscles and veins were broken, and even his bones were almost broken.

He has no way to move half a point at all.

Only this breath is left.

He wanted to pretend to be dead, waiting for the opportunity to make a comeback.

But I didn’t expect to be seen through by this guy.

“Ho ho ho, today I lost in your hands, the old man must not be reconciled! If there is a kind, you will kill me! Otherwise, in the future, the old man will definitely repay you thousands of times!” She Renyi said grimly.

Today is the most innumerable shame in his life!

Even in a violent state, and with the blessing of the Snake of War and the Ice Snake Blade Shield, he still lost to an unknown kid.

This kind of shame is even worse than killing him!

Wiliam looked at him without speaking.

She Renyi seemed to be willing to fight, and suddenly asked: “Who are you!”

He was unwilling.

There are so many miracles in this body, if he is said to be an unknown person, She Renyi would not believe it.

However, he didn’t know where this kid came from.

“Ho ho ho, if you don’t tell me, I probably guessed it. You have something to do with the unicorn state, right?” She Renyi smiled gloomily, “the unicorn state is destined to be destroyed, hahaha! You are the unicorn state, even more so. Well, prepare for death early.”

Wiliam immediately went straight to the point and asked him the doubts he had always had in his mind, “You are talking about the Green Snake Spring League, what hatred do you have with Lingyue Villa? Is it worth your instigation?”

She Renyi smiled righteously and said: “Enmity? If it is enmity, it is not enough to make us come out. I can only say that this is fate, damn fate, hahaha!”

The word fate, as if hitting a certain thought in Wiliam’s heart.

He asked again: “So, you admit that there is a relationship between the Green Snake Spring League and that Guhou Valley?”

She Renyi looked at Wiliam in surprise, “You actually know Guhuugu? Hahaha, yes! Green Snake Spring League is just a small vassal sect of Guhuugu.”

Wiliam frowned, thinking that Gu Huogu’s power was so large that it was not inferior to the unicorn power.

“I’ll ask you again, where did the green snakes of your Green Snake Spring League come from?” Wiliam asked.

This issue is also his biggest concern.

Because Green Snake Liuzheng is recorded in the supplementary version of the “Medical Classic of Wuchang”, there is a lot of mystery in it.

Seeing Wiliam’s doubts, She Renyi laughed suddenly, “It seems that you know that the Green Snake Liuzhao was not made by our Green Snake Spring League. Haha, aren’t you very smart? Guess it!Wiliam said faintly: “It should have been given by the old black flower. You, the snake of war, the shield of the ice snake blade, and the last blood of the snake demon are all given to you by that person.”

She Renyi’s eyes shrank, and she looked at Wiliam in disbelief, “You!”

Seeing the look in his eyes, Wiliam knew he had guessed it.

Sure enough, all the instructions behind the scenes were the old black man.

“Guhuu Valley’s Valley Master, the old man Heihua, who is it! Where is he!” Wiliam suddenly chilled and asked Senran.

This mysterious old man might be his grandfather’s enemy!

Otherwise, it is impossible to explain the truth of so many things.

But She Renyi laughed loudly, “Hahaha, the old man still said that. If you want to know, you can find it yourself! As long as your life is hard enough.”

Wiliam sighed, knowing that there was no way to learn more from this She Renyi.

Because She Renyi is nothing more than a small man compared with the old black man.

It is impossible to know some very secret things.

Just as Wiliam wanted to end She Renyi with his own hands, She Renyi’s eyes suddenly got cold, and she shouted frantically around: “You guys, what are you looking at! Not hurry up! Let’s go together and kill this kid for me!”

The disciples of the Green Snake Spring League all around were taken aback.

What’s wrong with the three leaders!

Just now he didn’t give an order, and he blew a lot of awesomeness with this kid Hu Tianhai.

After the bullying finished, did he give the order to besiege this kid?

For a while, a disciple of the Green Snake Spring League, you look at me, I look at you, there is actually no one who dares to really do it.

Move your woolen hands.

Now there are only thirty disciples of the Green Snake Spring League.

They were even more shocked by Wiliam’s display of power over and over again.

In the end, this kid really broke through to his inner strength.

This is still a woolen thread!

Can’t beat it at all, OK?

And in case this kid goes on and off again, who will be responsible?

Judging from the situation several times today, this kid is simply a stubborn, bug-like existence.

I am completely powerless to fight.

She Renyi saw that there was no one doing it, and suddenly her eyes were cold, “You! Do you dare to disobey the old man’s orders? Have you forgotten! Your life is still in the hands of the old man!”

Such a threat, in the eyes of this group, turned out to have no effect at all.

They do have green snakes on them.

But you can’t die in a short time.

And to confront this kid, blood and tears will be on the scene today.

We all know which one is more deterrent.

She Renyi was about to continue to curse, when she suddenly saw Wiliam in front of him, and let out an indifferent sneer.

“Do you want to delay time?” Wiliam said, breaking She Renyi’s conspiracy.

She Renyi looked at Wiliam in amazement, “You, you know?”

She Renyi is indeed delaying time.

Since he pretended to be dead and was broken by Wiliam, he wanted to delay time.

That’s why he had a conversation with Wiliam.

But when he saw that Wiliam stopped asking questions, and when he had a murderous intent, She Renyi immediately changed another method.

It was to let the disciples at the scene besiege Wiliam and delay time again.

Unexpectedly, these people should be like this!

There is no one who dares to do it.

Even now, Wiliam explained it.

She Renyi was shocked, what kind of medicine is sold in this kid gourd!

Knowing that he was delaying time, he still had no fear at all.

Just as She Renyi was trying to think of another way, suddenly there was a slight tremor on the ground.

It seems that there are thousands of horses galloping forward.

She Renyi looked into the distance.

To the left and right, the dust is everywhere!

He lifted his spirits and laughed loudly, “Hahaha! You kid, it’s too late to say anything! Just wait to die! The old man’s reinforcements are here!”

Chapter 662


Everyone looked to the left and right in horror!

Lingyue Villa is located in a triangular area, with two roads connecting directly.

At this moment, at the end of these two roads, a thick cloud of dust was raised.

There seem to be thousands of troops, galloping!

At this time, someone slapped their forehead and exclaimed excitedly, “Yes! Why did we forget about this! Today is the day when the Great League Master and the Second League Master will go out!”

This reminder gave the disciples of the Green Snake Spring League present a mixed blessing.

The good news is that the strongest combat power of the Green Snake Spring League is finally coming.

That was the Great Leader and the Second Leader. Not only did they surpass the Three Leaders, but this time they retreat and exit again, there must be another effort.

Moreover, they each lead their own troops, and this force is much stronger than those present.

The Green Snake Spring League was actually planning the three leaders to conquer Lingyue Villa together, but it was disturbed by Lu Fengbin before, so the three leaders would send troops in advance.

Now the two big guys are here, how could this Wiliam kid be their opponent?

What they worry about is their own destiny and future.

Although the three leaders were delaying time for them to besiege Wiliam.

But they really disobeyed the order. If they go back, the Three Leagues will take the charge…

For a while, everyone’s heart was panicked.

“Where is the third brother! Where is the third brother!” An energetic roar came from the end of the road on the left.

After such a distance, the person’s voice can still be heard incomparably, indicating that this person’s skill is far above everyone.

And on the right, the same response sounded, “Hahaha! I finally got out of the gate, and finally saw the sun! Third brother, is it safe here? Do you want to leave some heads for the eldest brother?”

This voice is actually louder than the voice just now!

Everyone distinguished that this was the voice of the Great Leader and the Second Leader.

On the left is the second leader, and on the right is the big leader.

Hearing the voices of the two leaders, She Renyi laughed loudly on the ground. Although he could not move, his heart was frenzied at this moment!

“Hahahaha! Boy, you are inevitable now! You alone, can you be against my two elder brothers? Can you be against a hundred warriors!”

Lu Yezheng answered, but he looked not far away.

He really couldn’t resist it.

Because Wiliam at this moment can be regarded as coming to the end of the strong crossbow again.

He has not healed from his old wounds, so he has just braced himself.

Now that the enemy is coming again, how to fight the enemy?

Seeing Lu Yezhen’s answer, She Renyi smiled even more arrogantly.

The winning ticket is in hand.

This battle is not easy to win!

But at this moment, She Renyi saw it suddenly, and Wiliam smiled.

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly, but his eyes gradually became cold.

“What are you laughing at!” She Renyi shouted loudly.

Wiliam was laughing, laughing at She Renyi’s ignorance.

Lu Yezheng answered She Renyi, but opened his arms and yelled, “Come! Come! Come!”

Just shout three sentences!

Sounds like a bell!

Air cover mountains and rivers!

It seems that there are countless strategies in their hearts!

There is even more passion for endless faith!


What’s coming

It’s this time, still not running?

Waiting to die?

Actually ask the enemy to come up?

What kind of temper is this?

Everyone was bewildered by the inexplicable three words Wiliam.

But just as the three words Wiliam fell, someone suddenly looked to the left in amazement!

Originally, there was more dust and smoke over there!

But in a flash!


As if there was just now, the dust was like a dream.

Everyone’s eyes widened, and the leader and his men, were the marching tired and resting?

The road is not shaking, the dust is not flying!

The road on the left, from the hustle and bustle all the way, suddenly became extremely quiet!

Even She Renyi noticed this strange situation.

He looked at Wiliam in astonishment, wondering what trick this kid had used!

But it shouldn’t be. Even if this kid is capable and others are still here, how could he pose a threat to the second brother?

He couldn’t help it anymore. He took a sigh of relief and shouted: “Second brother! Second brother! What’s wrong with you! Talk back!”

A shout made him cough up blood again.

However, there was still silence over there.

The atmosphere at the scene was terribly quiet all at once!

What happened there!

For a moment, everyone looked there, as if looking at a ghost gate!

Where is it?

Unknown, always looks terrifying.

And just when She Renyi couldn’t bear to shout again, the dust suddenly rose over there.

She Renyi was immediately ecstatic.

everything is normal!

What are you doing?

I scared my brother to death!

Could it be that the march is really tired and rests?

That’s right, only if you have strong soldiers and horses, you can hit the enemy head-on!

Thinking of this, She Renyi laughed again, “Come on! You just shout a few more words!”

His eyes are full of joking.

However, Wiliam’s eyes were fixed on the road on the left.

Over there, the first figure appeared.

A faint word also came from Wiliam, “You are optimistic, don’t you think it is strange?”


She Renyi couldn’t help looking at Wiliam, “What’s so strange? You don’t play mystery here! My second brother is an unworldly strong man, who is perverse and violent, what’s so strange.”

But when She Renyi finished speaking, someone suddenly let out a startled suspicion, “Hey, it seems that the leader over there is not the second leader, right?”

Because everyone can already see the people coming from the left.

A group of people wrapped in black are rushing.

This outfit did not look like that of the Green Snake Spring League at all.

Besides, the second leader travels, likes to be big, there are more than fifty people, he will never come out.

And now, on the road on the left, there are clearly only about twenty people.

This strange phenomenon immediately made everyone confused.

Even She Renyi was at a loss.

Is there no one in the house?

Is the second brother so shabby to play?

Just as everyone was stunned, the group of people was already close at hand.

Standing alone in front of Wiliam and She Renyi, slowly took off the black coat and hat.

Showing a strong face, a pair of piercing eyes!

Seeing this middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, everyone was stunned.

She Renyi couldn’t help asking: “Who are you? Are you my second brother’s disciple? How come you have never seen you in the Green Snake Spring League?”

The middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes glanced at She Renyi contemptuously, and suddenly asked, “This, is this the second brother in your mouth?”

With a look in his eyes, a person stood up behind him and threw something at She Renyi!

The people at the scene saw this thing clearly and screamed in unison!

Second leader!


But only came…

An angry head!


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