Dragon Husband Chapter 663-664

Chapter 663 Big Brother Save Me

Everyone was shocked by the incredible scene in front of them!

They can’t believe it, it’s true!

But after rubbing his eyes vigorously, he could see the thing thrown in She Renyi’s arms at this moment. It was indeed the bloody head of the second leader!

The two leaders seem to be unwilling!

Eyes still widened at this moment!

However, it couldn’t close anymore.

This is the second leader!

The strength is still above the three leaders!

The battle between the three leaders and Wiliam just now made everyone feel that people in this realm are like gods.

Now there is only one head of the fairy-like character on the scene!

What makes everyone feel extremely shocked!

Even the three leaders, Wiliam fought with him for more than an hour.

But, from the appearance of the second leader to the appearance of his head, it only took less than three minutes!

There is also time for this group of people to march over.

Could it be!

Just now the dust rose, the dust fell!

In this short period of less than a minute, did the second leader die in the hands of this group of people!

That group of people should be so powerful!

Everyone suddenly felt dry and dry!

The vigorous and powerful shout of the second leader just now is still in your ears!

This shocking change also made She Renyi’s eyes completely red.

He wanted to reach out and touch his second brother’s head.

But the body has long been unable to move.

He just looked at the second brother’s head, and murky tears suddenly appeared.

He suddenly raised his head, stared at the middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and asked sharply, “Who are you anyway!”

This middle-aged man doesn’t make any sense.

She Renyi shouted again: “My Green Snake Spring League has no grievances against you! Why do you want to kill us! What are you doing!”

This time, the middle-aged man laughed.

He sneered, with endless anger in his voice!

No grievances and no grudges!

This middle-aged man, surprisingly, was the unicorn envoy who had just visited Wiliam a few days ago!

Choi Sangyun!

Cui Shangyun was originally investigating the owner of the Black Flower Silver Needle, but he found a trace of clues and stayed around here.

Until Lu Yelin’s energy shook, Cui Shangyun and the others kneeled on their knees without any resistance, and were overwhelmed by the pressure of this distance.

He immediately felt ecstatic in his heart, who could be such a coercion and awe from the air, not the lord of unicorns, but who would it be!

From this coercion, he felt a trace of anger and killing, and immediately realized that it was Master Lu that had something to do.

So he made a decisive decision and rushed over with his team.

Who knows, met the second leader of the Green Snake Spring League halfway through.

Cui Shangyun was naturally the one who had investigated the Green Snake Spring League, so he recognized him.

The two sides immediately slayed.

It’s a pity that Cui Shangyun and more than 20 unicorn envoys are all masters of inner strength.

On the other side of the second leader, he was the only one who stepped into the inner strength.

Therefore, the battle was resolved in an instant.

Now, Cui Shangyun was standing in front of Wiliam, looking at the surrounding environment.

How sad and terrifying!

There is a river of blood flowing around, where there is no blood, where is not red!

The aloft Master Lu, although standing tall, his face was pale.

Everyone can tell that Master Lu has gone through a hard fight just now!

This is the lord of the unicorn!

You dare to offend!

Dare to say that I have no grievances and no grudges against me!

“No injustice and no enmity? She Renyi is right! Then you are optimistic! If this is the case, is it still! No enmity and no enmity?” Cui Shangyun said coldly, suddenly kneeling directly in front of Wiliam!

There were more than twenty people behind him, kneeling to the ground!

Lord Bailu!

“Master Lu! His subordinates are too late to help! The crime deserves death!” Cui Shangyun said in a deep voice.

He was very worried just now.

If I rush over here later, what will it end up like?

If Master Lu suffers any more harm, he will be guilty of death!

And seeing these extremely powerful people kneeling directly in front of Wiliam, everyone was frightened with goose bumps!

These one by one, but the characters who can kill the second leader in seconds!

This kind of skill, looking at the arena, which one is not a hero!

But at this moment, these heroes actually knelt in front of a young man, please!

Master Lu!

How much respect and loyalty is involved in this sound of Master Lu!

Who is this Wiliam!

The status is even higher than these heroes!

She Renyi looked at Wiliam in disbelief. The scene before him completely subverted his cognition!


How can it be!

How could this kid be the leader of these people!

Although his strength is very strong, he has just entered the realm of inner strength!

And these people in front of them can kill the second brother in an instant, indicating that their strength has long been the realm of inner strength.


A strong person is so loyal to a weaker person!

He was puzzled, but there were hard facts before him.

She Renyi recalled her question just now.

No grievances and no grudges.

Does this count as no grievances and no grudges?

If these people were Wiliam’s subordinates, then his second brother’s death was justified!



Where did these people come from!

Why does Wiliam have such a strong subordinate!

And since there are such subordinates, why didn’t they call out just now!

Do you have to bring yourself to death and resurrect this group of talents?

Isn’t this just asking for sin?

She Renyi was puzzled and unwilling!

Second brother, died tragically!

The opponent is strong!

This round is getting bigger and bigger and more difficult to solve!

At this moment, there was another violent shout not far away!

“What’s wrong with my second brother! Third brother, speak up!”

She Renyi’s spirit was lifted!


That’s right, why forgot Big Brother!

Listen to this voice, it should be almost here!

She Renyi gave birth to a glimmer of hope again in her heart.

The eldest brother’s skill is far above him and the second brother!

In the previous retreat, it was already the peak of the mid-term vigor!

The eldest brother said before the retreat, if you don’t reach the late stage of inner strength, you will never leave!

Now that he is out, it shows that he is already a master at the late stage of inner strength!

You know, it is not a problem for a late-stage vigorous player to be able to beat a dozen or twenty mid-range vigorous players!

Big brother, as long as the big brother comes, this round can be broken!

Thinking of this, he tried all his strength and screamed to the right: “Brother! Save me!”

However, his breath was weak after all, and his voice didn’t spread far, and then disappeared.

Wiliam didn’t stop him, watching She Renyi’s clown gesture coldly.

She Ren’s life is hanging by a thread, and she has already lost face at this moment.

He looked around and said sharply, “You guys, don’t you hurry to shout for me!”

Those disciples were caught off guard and shouted to the right: “Brother, help me!”

Wiliam almost laughed outright. Are these people here to make fun?

However, a group of people shouted, and the voice finally reached the ears of the great leader.

The great leader is more than 500 meters away from She Renyi’s side at this moment!

I heard a group of people calling for Big Brother to help me, although it sounds a bit funny.

But the great leader was anxious instantly.

The third brother must be in big trouble, that’s why he called people to shout together in such a disregard of face.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” The great leader sternly shouted at the people behind him.

The great leader was also anxious, wishing to fly to the third brother.

But at this moment, a sound like a natural sound came from midair.

“Yo? Also on the way? What a coincidence, so am I. Is it urgent? If I am in a hurry, I will take you a ride?”

Chapter 664 Fairy Boss

The Great Leader was taken aback, couldn’t help but look up to the sky!

At this look, it’s worth it!

A fairy in white fell directly in front of him from midair.

Rao is the great leader who has lived in his eighties, and he is used to seeing many pink ladies. After seeing this fairy at this moment, he is also stunned.

Looks like a fairy, and fell from the sky!

Is this woman really a fairy descending to the world?

This woman is not He Tiantian.

He Tiantian didn’t know the identity of the great leader, and thought that this group of people also rushed to Wiliam’s side.

So she smiled and asked, “I ask you, am I in a hurry?”

The great leader was unable to recover for a while, and nodded blankly, “Urgent, very urgent.”

“Okay! Take you for a ride! Other people, let’s continue to tortoise.” After He Tiantian finished speaking, he was directly holding the neck of the leader, and his body was vertical!

Take off again!

The group of people behind him was frightened.

What’s the situation?

A fairy came out halfway and captured the great leader?

But the leader of the big league didn’t even have time to react, and the person was already in the air.

He could only hear the sound of the wind, and his beard and hair were sore by the wind!

He reluctantly opened his eyes and found that the scenery around him was retreating rapidly.

This speed!

The great leader’s heart jumped violently!

Never seen such a speed in this life!

This time the great leader has indeed broken through to the late stage of inner strength!

He thought that he would be invincible in Jianghuai!

Unexpectedly, I met a fairy when I just came out.

This speed, this skill is definitely tens of millions of times stronger than him!

He looked at the woman on the road in amazement, feeling uneasy!

Where is this woman sacred!

Have the current masters crawled all over the floor?

How many centuries have I been in retreat?

Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly stiffened and landed directly.

He Tiantian put him on the ground and said casually, “Here, you are welcome.”

The Great Leader looked up and saw that he was his third brother in front of him!

Looking at the appearance of the third brother, the heart of the great leader was once again gripped!

The third brother at this moment is really embarrassed!

He, who has always had the best face, is like a wild dog, lying on the ground.

The whole body was like broken bones, limp, and only a breath was left.

His eyes blushed, he rushed over, and shouted with emotion, “Third brother! What’s wrong with you!”

In a hurry, he forgot to think about the identity of the fairy He Tiantian.

And She Renyi didn’t pay attention for a while, the eldest brother came so fast.

Seeing him coming, She Renyi suddenly wailed, “Big Brother! Take a look! This! This!”

He couldn’t move his hands, he could only nod his body with his head constantly.

The leader of the Great Alliance took a closer look and saw that She Renyi had a head on her body.

And this head is impressively the second leader!

This time, the great leader was filled with grief and anger!

“What’s the matter! Just now the second brother had a conversation with me! What an instant!”

She Renyi didn’t have time to answer, so she was interrupted by herself.

“Oh, what the hell is going on, it’s hot enough. Tsk tsk, this environment is too unsightly.”

Everyone followed the prestige, but saw a fairy-like figure walking slowly.

When everyone saw her face clearly, they were directly obsessed.

Is there really such a beautiful beauty in the world?

After hearing this voice, the main leader’s face changed completely.

How can I leave such a big boss behind!

For a while, he was a little afraid to see He Tiantian.

In fact, the skills are not as good as people, and the realm is too bad.

But She Renyi didn’t know what was going on, and at the moment she was completely abandoned, resentful in her heart.

No matter how beautiful this woman is, what good is it!

He wanted to complain to his eldest brother, but was interrupted by the woman, feeling quite unhappy, and said to He Tiantian viciously, “What are you! I’m talking to my elder brother, it’s your turn to interrupt!”

As soon as these words came out, the face of the great leader turned green!

He grabbed She Renyi and motioned him not to speak!

Damn, do you know what kind of big fairy this fairy is?

Do you know how your brother came here just now?

She was picked up and flew in!

Do you want to die so disrespectful to this fairy!

And He Tiantian seemed to see clearly that these people belonged to a group, and Wiliam belonged to the same group of people in black.

The two sides are still hostile.

So she ignored She Renyi, but curiously asked Lu Yedao, “Boy, you really know how to do things, let’s talk about it, what’s going on today? Coax such a big battle.”

Seeing He Tiantian’s embarrassment and She Renyi, the big leader’s heart was completely relaxed.

Escaped, Amitabha.

Wiliam was about to answer, but She Renyi on the side said sharply again: “Where the hell did you come from! Is there any place for you to speak here! Even if you have to ask questions, my eldest brother will take your turn! Shut me up!”

The main leader’s body shook, completely cold!

He wanted to make She Renyi shut up, but looking at He Tiantian, he dared not say this.

He could only blink frantically at She Renyi, motioning him to stop talking.

Your brother is a hairy!

This grandma has more cows than your brother!

Are you dead and blind?

She Renyi is not blind, and even has a better mind than before.

He had estimated that it would take a while for Big Brother to come.

But seeing the eldest brother coming in an instant, he immediately guessed that it was the eldest brother’s breakthrough, so he walked like flying.

Now that there is the eldest brother of the later period of inner strength, who is in the world!

He Tiantian glanced at She Renyi this time, frowned slightly, and explained, “I just asked Wiliam a few words, what are you trying to force? It’s so noisy.”

The leader of the Great League was trembling. He hurried down the steps and said to She Renyi: “Third brother, don’t talk about it.”

But She Renyi is resentful at the moment, and there is no reason to be backed by her elder brother.

He said fiercely: “Huh, come first, come first! This kid has a huge grudge against us! You have to ask him, and after we sanction him, go down to netherworld to ask!”

The implication of these words is full of threats.

It means, you hurry up and shut up!

If you don’t shut up, you can go to hell with this little Wiliam!

He Tiantian originally didn’t bother to care about such people, but when She Renyi said so, she suddenly showed a cruel smile.

She pointed to the leader and looked at She Renyi, “You mean, you want him to speak first, and then I can speak?”

As soon as the leader heard it, he drank it!

He waved his hand frantically, indicating that it was not like this!

Fairy, please please!

However, She Renyi nodded arrogantly, “Exactly! I am in a bad mood today, I advise you to leave as soon as possible, otherwise, even you are not welcome!”

As if struck by thunder, the great leader suddenly stared at She Renyi resentfully.

She Renyi only noticed whether the eldest brother’s eyes were blind, he blinked and stared again.

But at this moment, a terrifying scene appeared in the eyes of everyone!

He Tiantian, raise his hand casually!

A fierce breath suddenly struck towards the main alliance!

The great leader actually didn’t even have a reaction, and his head was directly caught by the breath!


The head flew high and fell heavily on the ground.

After He Tiantian fanned it, he slowly said to the stunned She Renyi: “Well, your elder brother has nothing to say, can I say it now? Or, do you have something to say? Otherwise, please?”


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