Dragon Husband Chapter 665-666

Chapter 665

The scene, deathly silence!

Everyone is so real and frightened.

The head was still spinning on the ground.

A minute ago, the owner of this head belonged to a surviving figure who was utterly powerful!

One minute later, this inexperienced strongman didn’t even have the opportunity to speak, and he was directly destined to netherworld.

From birth to death, only one palm was used.

Even this palm seems so easy and freehand.

And just used palm wind.

A master of the later period of internal strength disappeared.

Everyone looked at He Tiantian’s eyes and all changed.

What a little fairy is this so special.

What a devil!

He looks like a country and how ruthless the methods are.

Killed the big leader if he didn’t agree.

But what awes everyone more is He Tiantian’s skill.

The palm of the wind to kill the enemy, the strongest in the audience, this He Tiantian’s strength can be regarded as unparalleled in the world.

She Renyi’s eyes were still staring at the head of the big brother who was spinning on the ground.

He was completely lost.

The head turned a few times, and finally stayed at the feet of She Renyi.

She Renyi looked at the second brother in his arms and the eldest brother at his feet, and suddenly shivered fiercely.

He finally knows what fear is!

Even in the previous battle with Wiliam, he was never really afraid.

My heart is just unwilling and aggrieved.

But now, he was scared.

He looked at the smiling but cruel beauty, and suddenly felt a depressing suffocation.

Absolutely crushing strength!

Even if the eldest brother was present, it was nothing more than a palm.

Where did this woman come from!

Why today, masters are rampant!

First came a group of people in black and killed the second brother instantly.

Another big beauty descended from the sky and killed her eldest brother in a word.

Their strength is definitely a thousand times stronger than the mortal people.

Why do such characters appear here today?

Is it for that kid?

She Renyi looked at Wiliam and seemed to feel a deep sense of powerlessness in her heart.

Command the heroes, this is the king.

Can these people gather here, could Wiliam’s identity be simple?

Today, I shouldn’t, absolutely shouldn’t, shouldn’t have underestimated this kid at first.

From the very beginning, I should go all out to make the ultimate move.

But now it’s too late to say anything.

The snake of war is destroyed, and the ice snake knife shield is shattered.

The eldest brother and the second elder fell, and he was completely abandoned.

There is no worse ending than it is now.

As for the other party, not only was the momentum like a tiger, but also helped by a flying fairy from the sky.

No matter how you look at it, today is the last sad song of the Green Snake Spring League.

“Hey, don’t you tell me? I’ll just say it if I don’t say it. I don’t want to ask the third time.” Seeing that She Renyi, who was still arrogant and domineering just now, could not help but ask again.

She Renyi trembled all over.

He suddenly discovered a very painful fact.

It was me who personally sent the eldest brother to die!

Originally, the eldest brother came over and had nothing to do with this woman.

Relying on his elder brother’s might and defiance, he repeatedly provokes this woman.

Moreover, She Renyi finally understood what the crazy blinking hint of the elder brother before his death was going on.

It means to shut up and don’t offend this grandma!

I can only hate it, and I can’t break it for a while.

This indirectly caused the death of Big Brother.

The three She family brothers have supported each other for many years.

The journey has been bumpy and brilliant, and the heart of brotherhood can be learned from the sun and the moon.

Today, the two elder brothers died tragically because of the third brother, how could the third brother live alone!

As soon as she thought of this, She Renyi sorrow came from it, she coughed suddenly, and a dark blood slowly overflowed from the corner of her mouth.

His eyes gradually dimmed.

He didn’t know where his last strength had come to re-send his already broken left hand.

He gently put the heads of the two brothers in his arms.

With the heart owed between the brothers, he died of anger.

For a while, there was a sense of grief in the scene.

Whether it is the disciples of the Green Snake Spring League who have stayed here to watch the dramatic changes in the audience.

It was the disciple who came back and wanted to support.

Silent at this moment.

The three leaders have returned to the west.

This represents the official collapse of the Green Snake Spring League.

They looked at the heads of the three leaders and suddenly knelt down together.

Facing the three respectfully, he knocked his head three times.

After the knock, they looked at Wiliam and He Tiantian again with deep awe.

Only then quietly left.

When he came, he was so energetic and wanted to fight blood on the battlefield and become famous.

When I left, it was even more depressed. No one knows the sacrifice of flesh and blood. It is better to go back.

With all these people receding like tides, this epic battle officially came to an end.

He Tiantian sighed when he saw these people walking, then quickly changed his face, and happily pulled Wiliam, wanting to ask clearly the question in his heart.

But she didn’t have time to speak, she heard Wiliam’s more eager voice than her, “Sister Tian Tian, ​​you are here at the right moment! Come with me! Help me see my Feliicity!”

He Tiantian was taken aback for a moment. Is it so rough to ask?

When she was stunned, Wiliam couldn’t help but drag her to the side of Feliicity.

Wiliam said with a serious face: “I used the internal force I just spawned to inject her into her body just now, and it seemed that she was hanging on her breath. Please help me take a look again.”

He Tiantian’s eyes flashed suddenly!

The internal force that just bred!

This shows that this kid really stepped into the realm of inner strength!

God God!

He Tiantian originally wanted to ask Wiliam a lot of questions. He choked around and turned his head angrily. He replied, “Don’t you claim to be good at medicine? Why don’t you keep watching it for her?”

However, Wiliam responded for a long while.

She felt even more depressed, and said without looking back: “This is your wife and not my wife, I didn’t promise you to save her…”

Wiliam didn’t reply again.

At this time, she was murmured in her heart, is this kid eating herself?

She was about to turn her head to pull Wiliam’s ears when she suddenly heard a rushing sound behind her.

She turned around and saw a black line.

Wiliam actually fell straight and fell into a coma.

He Tiantian beeped the dog in his heart.

Good guy, it’s no wonder that he is good at medicine but he doesn’t show it to his wife and wants me to see it.

It turned out to have been holding on, knowing that he couldn’t hold it anymore, so he explained the funeral before going into a coma.

You do not worry!

My mother is still not questioning, so you pulled me over first.

The old lady didn’t agree, so you fainted first.

Are you so advanced in everything you do!

Have pity for me and asked, but I helped you kill first, and then cleaned up the aftermath for you.

Is your conscience eaten by dogs?

I’m a master at any rate, do you still have me in your eyes? I don’t want face?

Don’t help! Absolutely do not help!

But at this moment, a stern cry came from not far away.


Chapter 666

Everyone followed the prestige.

I saw a wind-like figure flying over from Lingyue Villa.

A few people followed behind this figure.

And over the quaint Lingyue Villa, the towering and thick unicorn wall is slowly falling.

After this tragic battle, the blood brought Lingyue Villa’s majesty and solemn sense.

Facing the blood and hate, this figure has already rushed to He Tiantian’s front.

With a click, she knelt directly in front of He Tiantian and hugged He Tiantian’s thigh.

What a master He Tiantian, Rao was at a loss for a while.

This person who knelt down resolutely is not Xena.

And standing behind Xena are Melissa and the others.

Since the beginning of this war, the hearts of these women have been tugging.

During the period, there were several times when all thoughts were ashamed of tears.

Finally, they waited until the curtain of the battle ended before they walked out of Lingyue Villa.

However, Feliicity’s life or death was uncertain, and Wiliam fainted again.

How do they deal with themselves!

It was this couple who saved their lives!

Xena is undoubtedly the worst cry among them.

As a result, she was the youngest, and her mind was not mature enough for other women.

Secondly, there are two people in the field, one is her sister and the other is her brother-in-law.

Both of them can be regarded as her best relatives in this world.

Tell her how not to cry.

Seeing both of them fell to the ground, she couldn’t care about anything anymore, so she knelt in front of He Tiantian.

Because she knew that He Tiantian’s identity was mysterious and powerful, and there must be a way to save Wiliam and Feliicity.

He Tiantian was so embarrassed, his heart flew all over the sky.

I’ve never seen anyone who rolls around like this, asking for help.

Seeing that she didn’t say a word, Melissa and the others looked at each other, and they all knelt down towards He Tiantian as if they had a heart.

In the face of life and death, I still care about courtesy, justice and shame.

Melissa said in a deep voice: “Sister Tian Tian, ​​please, save them. They will guard a village and they will not hesitate to live or die. They are worthy of staying in the world.”

He Tiantian originally wanted to make a joke.

After all, she and Wiliam still have a friendship between teachers and students. Besides, He Tiantian’s mother repeatedly urged Wiliam to take good care of her.

So she would never watch Wiliam die easily.

And the more He Tiantian and Wiliam got to know each other, the more they felt that this little guy was staggering.

The more mysterious, the more deadly.

Wiliam and Feliicity, she would never die.

Didn’t think of making these silly women so serious, still kneeling together?

This scene gave He Tiantian a hint of calculation in his heart.

She looked at the women in front of her and then at Wiliam who was unconscious.

How much like this little guy.

Like my husband, there is always a charm that fascinates him.

Which of the few women in front of me is not a feminine girl, but when I met him, I missed her life.

I can only say one thing, you guys do it for yourself.

He Tiantian nodded and said, “You guys get up first. It was just a joke. I didn’t expect this kid to bloom.”

This sentence made several women blush.

However, they suddenly thought of something, and there was a bit of bitterness on their faces.

The one-of-a-kind wives before the Feliicity left, are still engraved in their minds.

They asked themselves if they couldn’t do the same Feliicity as before, moving the world, Xia Piaohongxue.

If you can’t give up life for love like Feliicity, you will be crushed.

If you can’t do this, what’s the face, complacent listening to the peach blossoms.

They are not worthy.

In this scene, He Tiantian, whose heart is like a fine hair, has a panoramic view.

She sighed, but didn’t speak any more.

This is the fate between them and Wiliam, and outsiders have no reason to interfere.

He Tiantian thought about it and looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity’s face was blood at this moment, and the occasionally exposed skin was also extremely pale.

Moreover, her breathing was extremely weak, as if she could stop breathing at any time.

But the magic is here. Every time I feel that it will be broken, there is always a mysterious power that continues the Feliicity.

He Tiantian earnestly helped Feliicity listen to the pulse.

Upon hearing this, He Tiantian’s eyes suddenly flashed a bright light!

The pulse is disordered, which means frosty cold!

this is!

Bingmai awakens!

He Tiantian gathered the smiling faces of Qi hippies, and immediately asked them what happened to Feliicity before.

Several women truthfully told the story of the previous Feliicity that caused the world to fall snow, the formation and cocoon of themselves, and the last shocking blow, the Frost Fist of War.

He Tiantian became more and more frightened as he listened!

This is Bingmai awakening!

No, to be precise, it should be Bingmai waking up!

Among martial artists, some people with surprising bones will have some magical bloodlines.

Like Feliicity, it has ice veins.

It’s just that when she was young, she thought that no one around knew this kind of thing, so she was tortured.

Even at that time, Wiliam could only determine from a medical point of view that Feliicity had cold poison on his body.

Wiliam’s diagnosis was also wrong.

Before the ice veins were awakened, if they were not guided, they did exist in the form of cold poison.

This kind of bloodline generally has three results in the human body.

One is that the bloodline is not awakened, and the bloodline holder does not know that he has the different blood for life.

Or it is like Feliicity and spring breeze, if they encounter Wiliam, their blood is not awakened, and they will die of cold and heat in the future.

The second result is the first awakening of blood.

Under the slow guidance of a caring person, the bloodline slowly awakens in a gradual manner, bringing huge unexpected gains to the bloodline holders.

The last result is Feliicity, bloodline awakened!

Bloodline awakening is also a kind of awakening, but this is when there is no warning, the bloodline suddenly rises up and bursts with powerful force.

It seemed to drain the blood of the bloodline holder.

This is undoubtedly the most dangerous. As far as He Tiantian knows, this kind of blood awakened person can’t survive for ten people.

Feliicity’s mood collapsed because she saw Wiliam’s body die before, and her inner demons were mixed, awakening the ice veins in her body.

So in the end, her destination is like the fate of ice, quietly melting into the world.

However, Wiliam took a sigh of relief and survived.

That’s the end of the matter, and in He Tiantian’s hands, Feliicity’s fortune-telling could not die.

It’s just that the road to waking her up is long and obstructive.

No one knows what side effects will occur when she wakes up.

And He Tiantian has a deep concern in his heart.

Because several women mentioned at the same time just now, Feliicity’s killing intent was everywhere, terrifying.

What He Tiantian is worried about.

If this Feliicity wakes up, but completely escapes into the magical way.

At that time, how should we face a white Feliicity that was completely blackened and possessed the power of frost against the sky!


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