Dragon Husband Chapter 667-668

This result is undoubtedly the worst.

It is also the last thing everyone wants to see.

After all, Feliicity has always been a gentle and kind little woman in everyone’s impression.

Occasionally being strong is also for Wiliam.

Such a lovely woman, no one would dare to imagine that she would become a devil.

He Tiantian looked at everyone’s worried winks, and didn’t tell everyone about this speculation.

After all, the Feliicity do not wake up, everything is unknown.

He Tiantian casually ordered: “Find a clean room in the villa and bring the Feliicity over. I will inject some internal strength into her in a while.”

Several women nodded and quickly joined forces to transfer the Feliicity to the villa.

At this time, He Tiantian showed it to Wiliam.

Anyway, this kid also fainted. Wouldn’t it be a shame if he didn’t show him.

At this sight, He Tiantian yelled out directly lying down.

What’s the situation!

Looking at this kid’s physical condition with his eyes, it couldn’t be worse.

To the naked eye, there were deep scars everywhere.

Although the wound had stopped bleeding, the visual impact of the skin and flesh turned out was still great.

It was a miracle to survive this way.

He Tiantian checked Wiliam’s body with this shock, but he was extremely surprised.

In his body, it was calm and stable.

It seems that the outside of his body and the inside of his body are two completely different worlds.

Outside the body, gun smoke filled the war.

Inside the body, singing and dancing promote peace and longevity.

What is the situation!

He Tiantian admitted that he had seen many people, but he had never seen such a miraculous scene.

Not reconciled, she carefully checked Wiliam.

Now, finally found a clue.

The problem lies in Wiliam’s blood!

This kid is completely different from the blood before.

Before, He Tiantian wanted to add Professor Wiliam to take care of the needles, and also checked Wiliam’s body.

At that time, although his energy was tumbling, there was always a feeling of bluffing and domineering.

Blood gas is like foam.

So at that time, He Tiantian said that Wiliam’s bloodline was not suitable for cultivation to take care of needles.

But now, his blood is mediocre, very different from before.

It’s as if a change of blood.

Especially in his blood, there is always a faint green air lingering in the air.

He Tiantian didn’t care at first, thinking it was an illusion.

Until the second inspection, she discovered that it was this green air that was silently infiltrating his injured body.

And he was recovering Wiliam’s body at a speed many times faster than ordinary people.

He Tiantian suddenly noticed this strange breath.

It was finally determined that this was the internal force in Lu Yekou.


It was the same as his husband.

He Tiantian’s husband has the spirit of a golden dragon.

When I first awakened, it was like this, completely beyond the dantian, and spread all over the body.

You know, when ordinary people step into the realm of internal strength, internal strength will only exist in the Dantian.

Only when there is a need, internal forces will circulate every day to help.

However, Wiliam and He Tiantian’s husband are obviously unusual people.

From the beginning, the internal force spreads all over the body, infiltrating the veins.

It seems that this kid is destined to embark on an extraordinary road.

He Tiantian thought, patted Wiliam’s body casually, and said to Zhuang Ningning, who was standing by, “He is going to be alive and kicking in a day or two. Don’t worry, throw him into the hospital. Go inside and observe.”

Zhuang Ningning was stunned.

It was obvious that Wiliam was going to die before, but now his injuries still looked shocking.

This He Tiantian actually said that he would be alive and kicking in a day or two?

Do you treat Wiliam as a beast?

After He Tiantian finished speaking, he dropped Wiliam and went to Lingyue Villa to continue watching Feliicity.

Zhuang Ningning was at a loss for a while, staying in place was a little helpless.

Why Wiliam is her leader, can’t you really just leave him here?

After deliberation, Zhuang Ningning decided to follow He Tiantian’s words and throw this kid into the hospital.

At least the doctors will respond in time if there is a problem.

So He Tiantian made a decisive decision, immediately called and sent Wiliam to the best local hospital.

After injecting internal strength into Feliicity, He Tiantian thought about it, and called his husband.

Because from her observation of Feliicity just now, even if Feliicity wakes up, she will suffer serious sequelae.

But to cure the sequelae, I think it needs more sophisticated medical skills and more rare medicinal materials.

Although Wiliam has superb medical skills, he has just stepped into the realm of inner strength after all, and sometimes he is powerless to search for some natural treasures.

That’s why she decided to call her husband.

After all, her husband has a strong realm and good medical skills, and she has some messy medicinal materials on her body at any time.

The call was quickly connected.

A slightly playful voice came over, “Sister Tian Tian, ​​why are you still not coming back? I miss you.”

He Tiantian rolled his eyes when he heard this.

Her husband’s name is Liu Lang.

When Liu Lang was in high school, He Tiantian was his head teacher and English teacher.

Later, it also made a golden and jade marriage.

It’s a pity that this Liu Lang is sincere and sincere, so that several girls are also devoted to him.

In the end this kid, under the auspices of his grandmother, just married several wives.

He Tiantian listened to Liu Lang’s voice at this moment, and said bitterly: “Do you remember your sister Tian Tian? I thought you only remember your sister Qing Xian’er…”

Liu Lang’s voice stiffened, and immediately became cheerful again.

After mutual complaints, He Tiantian told Liu Lang what was happening to Feliicity.

Although Liu Lang is cynical, but he really meets things, he is still reliable.

After he listened carefully to what He Tiantian said, he fell silent.

He Tiantian felt nervous.

She knew her husband’s abilities, and thought that if Liu Lang shot, everything could be easily done.

No one thought that Liu Lang was so capable, but he was silent at this moment.

“You are talking.” He Tiantian was anxious, and his irritable temper came up.

Liu Lang sighed and said, “I probably know the situation. This woman named Feliicity can be saved, but there is one thing I must tell you.”

“What!” He Tiantian said in his throat.

Then, Liu Lang said a word, making He Tiantian’s heart cold for most of the time.

What Liu Lang said is!

“After saving, if something is wrong, you must kill her on the spot as soon as possible!”

“Because there is an 80% probability that this girl will plant demons with a kind heart and do harm to the world!”


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