Dragon Husband Chapter 669-670

He Tiantian was completely speechless.

The worst result she expected, in Liu Lang’s mouth, the probability was 80%.

In other words, Feliicity, a silly girl, seemed destined to die.

Thinking of this, He Tiantian wanted to hang up.

But at this time, Liu Lang on the other end of the phone suddenly took the initiative to say: “So, after this girl wakes up, call me again and tell me some symptoms after waking up.”

He Tiantian nodded, and now that’s the only way to go.

I hope God will take care of this kind woman.

At the Jianghuai Hospital, Wiliam lay on the hospital bed for two days.

Zhuang Ningning stood alone in front of the hospital bed, watching Wiliam motionless, the more he thought about it, the more he was afraid.

Fortunately, this guy was sent to the hospital.

Otherwise, after lying outside for two days without waking up, he might be buried directly.

He Tiantian also said that this guy will be alive and kicking in a day or two.

Zhuang Ningning was thinking boredly, and suddenly saw Wiliam frown in a coma.

Her heart froze, and she hurried to Wiliam’s bed and said nervously, “Wiliam, are you awake? Can you hear what I said?”

After yelling for a few words, Wiliam didn’t respond at all, but his brow furrowed deeper and deeper.

Zhuang Ningning was about to give up. Suddenly Wiliam sat up directly on the head of the bed, and sternly shouted, “Feliicity!”

Zhuang Ningning looked at it and was overjoyed, “Wiliam, you finally woke up. Did you know that you slept for two days and scared me to death.”

Wiliam opened his eyes and saw that he was in a single room with only Zhuang Ningning in front of him.

Wiliam recalled what happened before, and asked anxiously, “What about my family’s Feliicity, is she having trouble?”

Zhuang Ningning sweated, the first thing this guy did when he woke up turned out to be asking his wife if he had anything to do.

Really infatuated.

“Let’s take care of yourself first, how is your body? Where else does it hurt?” Zhuang Ningning said angrily.

Wiliam felt his body.

Before, his body was riddled with sores, and his body was numb and painful like the gnawing of worms.

But when I woke up at the moment, there was no pain in my body.

Instead, I feel that there are countless strengths in my body.

The blood is tumbling, even more so.

It’s a pity that there is still a thick bandage on his body, otherwise he can check the injury.

Wiliam no longer hesitated, and continued to ask, “How about the Feliicity? Didn’t Sister Tian Tian agree to save her before?”

Zhuang Ningning has a black line, how can anyone agree?

You fainted without saying a word, so there is no chance for others to refuse, okay?

“Feliicity is still in a coma, but Tian Tian and other young ladies are taking care of her, so there should be nothing wrong with her.” Zhuang Ningning said truthfully.

“Where is she? Take me to see her.” Wiliam said and was about to get up.

Zhuang Ningning held him down, “She’s not in the hospital, but in Lingyue Villa. Besides, you have suffered such a serious injury, so take care of yourself first.”

“I’m in trouble, let me go through the discharge procedures for me.” Wiliam said lightly when Feliicity was temporarily in danger of life.

Seeing that Wiliam insisted on leaving the hospital, Zhuang Ningning had no idea, “Then you wait here first, and I will help you with the discharge process. However, according to the rules of this hospital, there are some necessary discharge inspections to be done before discharge. , I’ll make arrangements right away.”

Wiliam nodded, and Zhuang Ningning walked out directly.

After a while, Zhuang Ningning came back and said to Wiliam with a look of depression: “The discharge check has been arranged, but your attending doctor is busy now and there are more people in line. It may take a while.”

Lu Yeyihan, what are you doing, so many messy programs.

Is your body still unclear?

Besides, I am also a healer anyway, do I need a doctor to examine myself?

But Wiliam turned to think about it, it seemed that Zhuang Ningning hadn’t seen her own medical skills.

So Wiliam asked, “How long will it take? How many people are there in the queue? Who is my primary doctor?”

Suddenly Zhuang Ningning didn’t dare to look at Wiliam, and said weakly, “There are more than fifty people in line ahead.”

When Wiliam heard this, he held a grassy in his heart.

More than fifty people will not be able to leave the hospital until tomorrow.

Zhuang Ningning seemed to know the depression in Wiliam’s heart, so she said: “Your attending doctor is said to come from a well-known family and has good medical skills, so many people are looking for her. The queue will naturally grow a bit longer, but it should also be fast. Right.”

Wiliam looked at Zhuang Ningning speechlessly, and Zhuang Ningning was embarrassed.

Wiliam murmured again: “I said, you are also the owner of Lingyue Villa anyway, so you can’t use some personal relationships to help me join the team? Or just get discharged?”

The speaker was unintentional and the listener was intentional. This seemed to hit Zhuang Ningning’s sore spot, and Zhuang Ningning exploded on the spot.

“You’re so embarrassed to say! You give me a boss, but it’s so special that my old lady has only been a day’s time, and she has completely changed the light pole commander! You give me some time to develop contacts! I am afraid that I am the shortest life in history. The owner, okay!”

Lu Yeyihan, what Zhuang Ningning said seemed to make sense.

Speaking of it, this girl is quite sad. Just as the owner of the house, people still don’t recognize it, so they encountered the Green Snake Spring League conquest.

Then in the entire Lingyue Villa, she was the only one who survived.

It’s also miserable.

Wiliam was immediately embarrassed to continue talking about the topic of finding a relationship. He changed the subject and said, “Otherwise, you can take me to the treating doctor. I will see the situation.”

Zhuang Ningning gave Wiliam an angry look, and pulled a wheelchair from the side, and said fiercely: “No, can you still move? If you can, sit up and move by yourself.”

Wiliam’s face turned black, what kind of nasty talk about this.

He wanted to reject Zhuang Ningning’s wheelchair, but seeing Zhuang Ningning’s murderous eyes, he followed her heart and got into the wheelchair.

Zhuang Ningning pushed him round and round, then turned to a relatively remote corner.

It was remote, but there was a lot of people here, and many people lined up at the door of a consulting room.

“Now, this is it. These people are all queuing up for check-ups to be discharged. Let’s just wait here. I believe that with the famous appearance of this doctor, the speed will be very fast. Maybe it will be our turn in the morning.” Zhuang Ning Ning said optimistically.

Wiliam nodded, then stopped talking.

He is watching carefully the time it takes for the patient to go in and out.

Looking around, Wiliam was depressed on the spot.

A Wiliam looking ruddy patient entered. According to Wiliam’s idea, all the diagnoses could be done in less than a minute, and then the next one.

However, it took a full twenty minutes.

Wiliam’s face turned black, what kind of doctor is this?

Zhuang Ningning seemed to feel that Wiliam was on the verge of an explosion, and quickly joked, “Eh, ho, that doctor seems to be very talkative. He actually talked for so long, but then again, this young man A promising doctor has the same surname as you, you still belong to your hometown.”


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