Dragon Husband Chapter 671

Chapter 671

When Lu Xiaolu said these words, he was actually very angry.

There was even a little out of control.

She thinks she is still a person with a sense of justice.

Because of her youth in the family, she met many geniuses and famous doctors.

Naturally, I have seen a lot of fame and honour.

No one in her family can shake her grandma’s position.

It is just because her grandma is skilled in medicine. Although everyone is afraid of her, none of them dare to question her medical skills.

Even her grandmother can’t get rid of the green snake, how can the world have the courage to open such a wild mouth?

Isn’t this a lie?

For a time, Lu Xiaolu even had a shameful mind.

It is a shame to have the same name as that person.

Otherwise, according to her usual manner of being cautious in her words and deeds, she would definitely not say such harsh words.

Now she said it, but she didn’t regret it.

Everyone is punishable by the wicked.

The director Li saw Lu Xiaolu suddenly furious, and he was a little stunned for a while.

Lu Xiaolu sneered again, “Didn’t you say that that person is very powerful? You called me in front of me. If he can really understand you, it means that his medical skills are better than my grandmother. I will give him three knees. It doesn’t matter if you bow down to him as a teacher! But if that person slanders the name of medical treatment, I, Lu Xiaolu, will not let this kind of rubbish easily.”

The atmosphere on the scene stagnated, and it was unexpected that Lu Xiaolu, who looked a little dull, would actually say such extreme things.

However, at this time, an irritable voice rang, “Hey! Doctor Lu! I respected your character before, so I asked for a doctor to come to you, thinking that you are such a person. There is no need for a mouthful of rubbish. Call someone else?”

Everyone followed the prestige, but saw a woman blushing in the corner, obviously also angry.

This person is really Zhuang Ningning.

Zhuang Ningning went to the meeting of the Qiulu Group with Wiliam before, so he also knew that the person Li said was naturally Wiliam.

Although she had serious doubts about Wiliam’s medical skills, she still felt that Wiliam was an upright person.

Will not do anything to deceive the world.

What’s more, Wiliam is her master.

This Lu Xiaolu took a bite of rubbish, didn’t he even scold him?

According to her upright character, she was angry on the spot.

Lu Xiaolu looked at the angry Zhuang Ningning and sneered, “I said that rubbish, why are you angry? Don’t you know that rubbish?”

As soon as the voice fell, I saw a wind-like figure rushing up!

“Master Lu! It turned out to be you! I didn’t expect you to be here too! The sky is endless, you save me, I will kowtow to you!” The man knelt down excitedly.

Isn’t it Mr. Li?

When President Li came here just now, his whole mind was on Lu Xiaolu, and he didn’t pay attention to the situation in the clinic.

So I just ignored Wiliam in the corner.

Now that I saw Zhuang Ningning, I naturally saw Wiliam in a wheelchair.

The heart of ecstasy was born, and he could no longer care about face, so he knelt down to Wiliam directly.

This scene stunned everyone at the scene.
Wiliam looked at Zhuang Ningning speechlessly.

This stubborn girl, you tell me not to get into trouble, you are better, I can’t help it first.

Lu Xiaolu was also taken aback by this scene.

But she reacted right away, walked to Wiliam’s body, and asked President Li, “Mr. Li, the adult with the same surname you just mentioned, and the person who can solve the green snake flow, will not be right here. Guy?”

President Li nodded naturally, and said excitedly: “Exactly! Exactly him!”

After the scene was silent for a full three seconds, there was a burst of laughter.

Even Lu Xiaolu’s original cold face showed a joking smile.

Things are just such a coincidence.

Manager Li was stunned by everyone’s smile, and couldn’t help asking: “What are you laughing at? Am I wrong?”

Everyone just laughed, and there was no one to talk to Mr. Li.

Seeing everyone burst into laughter, Zhuang Ningning felt that his face was lost at grandma’s house.

She stabbed Wiliam, motioning him to speak quickly.

It’s best to quickly show up a little bit of arrogance and leak all these people on the scene.

But Wiliam was silent, which made Zhuang Ningning even more angry.

At this time, someone laughed and said, “Mr. Li, don’t you know that this guy is a mentally ill person? I was still talking nonsense just now. If it wasn’t for Dr. Lu’s good temper, he would have driven this guy out. .”

Manager Li was confused, and the people around him talked and talked about what had happened just now.

After listening to Mr. Li, he became even more embarrassed.

He didn’t even know for a moment whether he should believe Lord Lu.

People pointed and pointed to Wiliam, “Look at him, you are a patient in a wheelchair, and you can still treat others? Isn’t this a joke?”

“The mud bodhisattva is difficult to protect himself when crossing the river, and he has to take care of other people’s nosy? President Li, you must have been cheated by him. You must never give him money. This kind of superficial deception will deceive you of this disease. People who are rushing to the doctor.”

Hearing the discussion of the people around, Mr. Li suddenly thought of something, and his heart was shocked.

Yes, President Li was not the only one present at the time.

Those are the big bosses of Jianghuai.

If this kid wanted to swindle their money, it would be a dozen or twenty people.

If everyone is like themselves, throwing all their money to cure the disease.

Doesn’t this guy make a profit?

It turns out this kid is holding this kind of thought!


Thinking of this, Mr. Li suddenly felt dizzy, and his disease could not be cured.

Zhuang Ningning knew that President Li had misunderstood Wiliam when he saw President Li’s distressed look.

She was anxious, and shouted at President Li: “Mr. Li, Master Lu is not that kind of person! Don’t you want to heal your sorrow? I’ll let him help you see!

But President Li showed a weird look, and said weakly: “You and him are in the same group, how do I know how you are going to speak loudly next?”

Zhuang Ningning stomped his feet with anger.

This wolf-hearted thing!

You deserve to die!

And Lu Xiaolu had been watching coldly since just now.

Her disgust for this kid rose straight up.

Looking at a handsome young man, he didn’t expect to be so aggressive and make a living by deceiving others.

If he is released today, maybe how many people will be deceived.

So Lu Xiaolu stared at Wiliam and said sternly, “Hey, didn’t you say that you can solve the green snake flow? Aren’t you very awesome just now? Then dare you show us in front of everyone?”

Zhuang Ningning also pushed Wiliam, “Quick! Use your hidden medical skills to break the dog eyes of this group of people!”

The scene fell silent.

Wiliam finally spoke up.

He looked at these people and suddenly said lazily: “Don’t dare.”


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