Dragon Husband Chapter 672

Chapter 672

Dare not?

These two words made the eyes of the people on the scene go wide.

Especially Zhuang Ningning, she almost fell to the ground.

Isn’t this bastard usually quite capable?

All kinds of strategizing and all kinds of rampage.

Why are you so scared here today?

For a while, Zhuang Ningning’s head buzzed, and she just thought, is this kid really just talking about it before?

A slight disappointment bred from Zhuang Ningning’s heart.

Just a few days ago, Wiliam’s big image of a man guarding the village with great power has become a little indifferent.

The people at the scene stared at Wiliam with wide eyes.

They originally thought that even if this kid rescued President Li, they would always have to say something.

Or find a decent excuse to give yourself a step down.

Unexpectedly, he was upright.

Say dare not directly in front of everyone?


Lu Xiaolu smiled when he heard Wiliam’s words.

Sure enough.

No one can hide it if he has the ability to show his hand on the spot.

When Lu Xiaolu saw him admit his counsel, she didn’t have the heart to care any more. She said to everyone: “Everyone sees it. Go out to wipe the bright spot in the future. Don’t be fooled by this kind of person. You are stupid.”

When she said this, she also looked at the miserable President Li.

This is obviously for President Li.

Of course President Li is miserable.

The two words Wiliam undoubtedly sentenced him to death and extinguished his last little flame of hope.

He sat down on the ground in a trance.

But Zhuang Ningning was so angry that he stretched out a small fist and wanted to beat Wiliam.

But considering the injuries on Wiliam’s body, she just held back.

“What’s the matter with your kid! Where is your domineering? Is it because you are injured that your domineering can’t drive?” Zhuang Ningning said depressed.

But Wiliam looked at Zhuang Ningning amusedly, “I said, they are all aimed at me, why are you depressed?”

After hearing this, Zhuang Ningning turned his eyes to the sky.


Feelings are that the emperor is not in a hurry!

You deserve to be cast aside!

Seeing that Zhuang Ningning was indeed about to be injured internally, Wiliam also casually explained: “I said that, there are three main reasons.”

Zhuang Ningning has one ear, “There are three reasons why there are so many special? Well, you can tell me, let me see what kind of flower you can tell?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Once it comes, this green snake is not a common disease. It will take a period of continuous diagnosis and treatment to be effective. Now here, you are expecting me to get rid of the disease immediately, but it is a bit unrealistic. Up.”

Zhuang Ningning was taken aback, as if it made sense.

She also heard from Gu Zhiling before that Wiliam treated her for a long time before he was cured.

“Secondly, based on his previous understanding of him, this President Li has misbehaviour and deserved it. Why should I help him cure?”

Zhuang Ningning’s heart bounced, and it made sense, but I was speechless.

“How about three?” Zhuang Ningning’s voice couldn’t help becoming louder.

Wiliam suddenly looked at Lu Xiaolu who was about to return to his seat, and said faintly: “This man’s medical skills are unsightly. Wouldn’t I have to rely on me to kneel and beg me to accept her as a disciple? I can’t afford to lose that face.”

After hearing these words, Zhuang Ningning felt comfortable drinking ice in summer!


This sounds extremely shameless, but because Mao is so in line with this guy’s temperament?

This is Wiliam who pretends to be like the wind, he is back!

Degassing, very degassing!

Zhuang Ningning was also a little upset looking at Lu Xiaolu at the moment. Hearing Wiliam’s black belly, she felt uncomfortable.

After all, his skills are so superficial that he can’t keep up with Wiliam even if he talks about being cheap.

But these words made Lu Xiaolu, who was about to leave, listened.

She almost froze in place, and the muscles on her face were constantly shaking.

She was really angry.

After exposing the hypocrisy of this kid just now, she wanted to be forgiving and forgiving, no longer caring.

Unexpectedly, this kid is so gloomy, talking ill of others secretly!

Still saying that my medical skills are unsightly?

Did I kneel and bow down to him as a teacher or am I ashamed of him?


If you have the ability, you will save people on the spot!

Doing these unrealistic fantasies secretly, are you still a man?

Lu Xiaolu turned around suddenly, staring at Wiliam without speaking, eyes full of anger.

Wiliam didn’t care, and said to Zhuang Ningning: “It seems that she can’t complete the discharge procedures in her hands today. You can either send me directly to be discharged from the hospital now, or quickly change to another doctor. I don’t have time to be blind here. Consumption.”

Zhuang Ningning sweated, this kid is getting more and more true.

It’s a set after another.

This is what Lu Xiaolu said in the face, can there be good fruits to eat?

“Ho ho, want to go? You go show me?” Lu Xiaolu was really hot.

However, Zhuang Ningning walked away and left Wiliam directly.

Seeing the scene at the scene of violent swords and swords, in line with the principle of blindness, she threw a sentence, “I will help you change another doctor right away, you are waiting here.”

Wiliam was speechless when she saw that she was running faster than her grandson.

Although I can stand up and walk now, I am weak after all and cannot walk for long.

This little girl who is righteous, actually threw me here and ran by herself?

Lu Xiaolu watched Zhuang Ningning run away and threw Wiliam here, with a sneer in his heart. Those who have won the way will help more, and those who have lost the way will not help. Now, your little friends don’t want you.

I think where are you still going?

She knew how serious Wiliam’s injury was. Now that he could sit and talk, it meant that the eyeslessness of the sky had made him recover so fast.

So I am not afraid that this kid can leave by himself.

She stared at Wiliam and sneered: “Mr. Lu? Didn’t you say you want to treat this person for me? Didn’t you just say that my medical skills are unsightly? All right, then I have to ask you, now I To continue the diagnosis for these people, you will help me with pointers.”

She said these words deliberately to force Wiliam to make a fool of herself on the spot.

Good revenge.

But Wiliam said casually: “If you don’t count as apprenticeship, I can give you some advice for your sincerity.”

Lu Xiaolu was so angry that he wanted to use his stethoscope to kill this girl!

It’s getting more and more exciting, right?

How shameless I am I want to worship you a big liar as a teacher?

Are you worthy!

Will you explode on the spot if I kneel down to apprentice?

My mother is sincere about you, a yo-yo!

She held back her anger and planned to teach him to be a man with facts.

So Lu Xiaolu returned to his position and called a number in order.

Then, for the first time in her life, she devoted herself to the diagnosis and treatment so attentively, just to humiliate this shameless boy!

After she finished the diagnosis, she considered again and again to make sure that there was nothing wrong with what she said. Then she asked Wiliam with a smile, “Mr. Lu, don’t you know what’s wrong with what I just diagnosed? Please give me some pointers.”

After speaking, she showed a playful look, waiting to see this kid be beaten in the face by his own ignorance.

However, Wiliam suddenly didn’t dare to agree, “Hey, this is not the case, you are too modest, you need more than one or two pointers, there are as many as seven**.”


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