Dragon Husband Chapter 673

Chapter 673

After listening to Wiliam’s words, and looking at Wiliam’s disgusting expression, Lu Xiaolu felt that his small universe was on the verge of exploding at any time!

She has been spoiled since she was a child, and she has never been so angry!

A pen slammed in her hand and it was crushed.

Her body was trembling slightly and her face flushed.

Anyone can see that this little beauty is in danger of running away at any time.

But Wiliam looked calm and relaxed, and asked, “Would you like to listen to instructions? Are you not a doctor who is angry and hurts the liver?”

Lu Xiaolu’s head bounced.

Don’t understand?

Don’t understand?

These words seemed to hit her childhood shadow.

A character that she had always resisted, suddenly became tempted in her heart.

She almost resisted the urge to suffocate, and asked with difficulty: “Then you mean it.”

She wanted to see what this kid could tell.

However, she was disappointed.

Because this kid actually got serious.

He said solemnly: “This patient has just had an esophageal operation? You think that the patient will have complications of pulmonary effusion or something, nothing is wrong. Because I did not give him a pulse and check, so I just Point from what you just said.”

After speaking, Wiliam really took apart what Lu Xiaolu had said before, sentence by sentence.

From pathological analysis, to medication guidelines, to precautions for follow-up rehabilitation.

For almost every word Lu Xiaolu said, Wiliam either picked out the thorns, or spread them along.

During the speech, he also reasoned about some symptoms of the patient.

The patient heard his eyes straight, if it wasn’t for this kid who had never seen each other before, or the patient would have doubted whether this kid was a little undercover hidden in the same ward.

And Lu Xiaolu was holding a joking heart at first, wanting to show this kid out of his feet.

But after listening, she was in a trance.


Things don’t develop like this.

The rhythm is wrong.

Why this kid…

Lu Xiaolu is a very cautious person. Knowing that this kid is not educated and skillless, she still considered what she said just now, and said it after confirming that there was something wrong.

It was unexpected that, in the eyes of this kid, there was a mistake in every sentence that she thought was a seamless diagnosis. The mistake made her heart cold.

She deliberately wanted to interrupt Wiliam’s words, made some rebuttals, and then laughed at him presumptuously!

However, she was stunned that she had no chance.

Because there is nowhere to speak!

What this kid said was either a truth she also understood, or she was confused but seemed to have lost the truth.

As Wiliam spoke in one breath, Lu Xiaolu raised his hands like a pupil, but couldn’t answer the question.

After Wiliam finished speaking, he said to Lu Xiaolu: “Put your hands down, now you can ask questions.”

Lu Xiaolu was embarrassed and wanted to find a seam to get in. It was ashamed, it was too shameful.

He was so brutally smashed by this kid that he had nowhere to refute.

Unexpectedly, this kid really has some skill.

After Lu Xiaolu listened to Wiliam’s words, there was a mysterious feeling that he could not grasp it in a dazed manner.


Isn’t it because this kid was fooled into the cloud?

Lu Xiaolu immediately forced himself to calm down.

Since this kid is a liar, he must have a trick.

Although he said so much just now, he always felt like he had listened to some nonsense.

Don’t take it seriously.

At this time, Wiliam said: “Of course, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. What I just said is just a family statement, for reference only. In fact, the problems you just said are serious.”

This was like being taken a reassurance by Lu Xiaolu, she thought to herself, it was indeed like this!

The problem that the old lady said is that this girl is picking the bones!


Your mouth is really powerful, but I underestimate you.

Lu Xiaolu dismissed the patient casually, and was delighted when he saw the name of the next patient.

Hey there!

This patient is amazing!

This patient has a very rare type of insomnia.

I have seen many doctors but have not cured it.

Don’t tell me this kid, maybe I have never heard of this kind of insomnia.

He certainly couldn’t start.

My old mother is proud of you!

Thinking of this, she greeted someone sitting on the opposite side.

This is a young woman with a look of sadness and haggard, and she was dressed strictly in the hospital in summer.

After Lu Xiaolu helped her diagnose, he prescribed her a medicine.

The young woman obviously didn’t believe in Lu Xiaolu, and asked weakly: “Can this really cure my disease? If it is not cured, I will lose my job, and my husband is going to blame me again.”

Lu Xiaolu slapped his chest with a vow, “You believe me, I found this prescription from the “Huangdi Neijing”, and it has a miraculous effect on your disease.”

From beginning to end, Lu Xiaolu deliberately kept silent about the young woman’s illness, just trying to make things difficult for Wiliam.

An unknown disease, can you guys even make a debut?

Then I really kneel for you.

The young woman nodded gratefully and left, but was stopped by Lu Xiaolu.

Lu Xiaolu turned around and asked Wiliam, “Do you want to stop giving pointers?”

This time Lu Xiaolu was full of confidence.

Wiliam said with a heartbroken expression: “Xiao Lu, you are confused.”

With a word, Lu Xiaolu was bewildered.

Xiao Lu, is your name?

What am I confused, I am confused?

What are you talking about?

Wiliam looked at the young woman at this time, “You have insomnia, right?”


At this moment, the young woman didn’t speak, and Lu Xiaolu called out directly.

She did not hide the shock in her eyes.

This kid even said the young woman’s illness in one bite!


Lu Xiaolu was absolutely sure that he had not revealed anything related to insomnia just now.

Even young women, as if there is something unspeakable, do not mention insomnia.

Where did this kid see it?

Isn’t he a god operator who specializes in fortune-telling under the overpass?

“Tell me!” Lu Xiaolu didn’t believe it, “How did you guess it?”

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaolu and said, “You said that the prescription you just found was from the “Huangdi Neijing”. Isn’t this a prescription for insomnia? I guess what? Stupid.”

Lu Xiaolu’s head buzzed suddenly.

In this world, the big liar has started to read the “Huang Di Nei Jing”?

Do you need to work so hard?

“Then you said, what am I confused about?” Lu Xiaolu didn’t believe in evil anymore, she had faith in this prescription.

Wiliam said earnestly: “This prescription can indeed cure insomnia, but you are confused. Have you thought about it. Can this prescription be picked up in this hospital? Just the smell of pig iron in it, are you sure there is it in the hospital? Where can she find if there is anything?”


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