Dragon Husband Chapter 674

Chapter 674

Lu Xiaolu was struck by lightning.

Pig iron falls…

Just now, in order to humiliate this kid, I made such a big mistake and was caught by this kid…

Damn, how could I forget such an important thing!

Pig iron is a kind of ancient medicine, not unusual, but it is definitely not caught in the hospital now.

Depressed, this kid is so angry that he has forgotten everything.

“That, that…” Lu Xiaolu was at a loss for a while, and didn’t know how to turn the tide.

“I don’t think there is any need to prescribe a prescription for this disease, so who, you go back and sharpen a kitchen knife every night, cook the kitchen knife water and drink it, the medicine will be cured within a week.” Wiliam said to the woman.

The woman was skeptical and didn’t know who to believe.

Even Lu Xiaolu was dumbfounded. What kind of show operation?

“What the hell do you mean? Don’t prescribe drugs indiscriminately. If you fool my patient, can you afford it?” Lu Xiaolu said to Wiliam blankly.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaolu and suddenly sighed.

Up to now, this Lu Xiaolu still doesn’t understand the hidden secrets of Xiezhong.

Lu Xiaolu reluctantly asked: “You tell me why you are prescribing medicine for the patient indiscriminately! I have never heard of any kitchen knife water!”

Seeing everyone watching this, Wiliam asked Lu Xiaolu to bring the young woman to the side.

Lu Xiaolu was so angry that he continued to question Wiliam.

And Wiliam finally spoke, and said lightly: “Have you ever wondered why this young woman has insomnia? Or is she practicing medicine without going back to the root cause?”

“Huh?” Lu Xiaolu’s thoughts were suddenly deviated by Wiliam. I don’t know what he meant by asking this.

At this time, Wiliam looked at the young woman who was a little stubborn, and suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled the young woman over.

The young woman exclaimed in a low voice, and was caught off guard, and Wiliam had gently rolled up her sleeves.

Lu Xiaolu’s eyes instinctively fell on the young woman’s arm.

At this sight, Lu Xiaolu couldn’t help but exclaimed.

I saw deep and shallow bruises on this young woman’s arm.

The young woman seemed embarrassed to be seen by others, and immediately put down her sleeves.

Lu Xiaolu asked the young woman with a dull expression: “What’s the matter with your arm?”

The young woman hesitated, but did not speak.

Lu Xiaolu couldn’t help it anymore, so he went to see Wiliam, “Say! How do you know someone has an injury? Are you peeking at them?”

Wiliam was almost vomiting blood from the brain-disabled girl.

He endured depression and said: “Look, everyone wears short-sleeved skirts in summer, but she wraps herself tightly, don’t you think it is strange? Also, look at her neck, there are some Shallow bruises. These bruises should be caused by beatings. More importantly, she would unconsciously mention her husband in her words just now, and her eyes have been avoiding, so I guess these bruises are her It was brought to her by her husband. Her husband often raped her, that’s why it led to her psychological insomnia. This is because the medicine is ineffective. No matter how much medicine you give her, it will not have any effect.”

After hearing Wiliam’s words, the young woman’s eyes widened.

She didn’t even think that she didn’t say anything, that someone actually had a bruise on her body, and the husband mentioned in the words just now, she guessed so many accurately.

And they all got it right!

That’s amazing!

How could she casually talk about things like being abused by her husband at home.

And Lu Xiaolu was about to drop his chin on the ground.

This kid is so observant!

Can you see so many things from some clues?

“You, you…” Lu Xiaolu pointed to Wiliam, not knowing how to refute Wiliam’s words.

“Well, from the doctor’s point of view, you just go back and do what I said. But from the man’s point of view, I advise you to divorce your husband as soon as possible. Parents know you are so wronged and don’t know how much you should feel sorry for you. Your world is not just your husband. Go.” Wiliam said lightly to the young woman.

And after a brief consternation, the young woman heard the words “parents”, her tears suddenly fell.

Wiliam’s words undoubtedly hit the most vulnerable place in her heart.

She bowed deeply to Wiliam and left with tears in her eyes.

Lu Xiaolu didn’t react until two minutes later, shit!

Isn’t this kid really fooling the patient away?

“You! You!” Lu Xiaolu stammered.

Wiliam casually patted off her pointing hand, and said to Lu Xiaolu with a serious face: “Healers should treat people with roots and symptoms. You don’t care about the source, just treat the symptoms, you can’t even cure the symptoms. , What kind of doctor are you?”

This is undoubtedly very harsh.

Lu Xiaolu only felt a knife pierced deeply into her heart, and her heartache was so hard to breathe.



He was led away by this kid again.

The appearance just now shows that this kid has good observation and reasoning ability, but it has nothing to do with medical skills!

He is still fooling with a mouth!

Lu Xiaolu forced himself to calm down, vowing that he would not be led astray by this kid.

She angrily asked Wiliam, “Okay, even if I don’t know about her being domestically abused. Then I’m going to ask you. Didn’t you just keep saying that her insomnia medicine is ineffective? Then why did you prescribe something? If you give me the kitchen knife water, you can tell me something! If you can’t tell, and you’ve harmed my patient, I’m not done with you!”

Lu Xiaolu caught one of Wiliam’s speech problems and planned not to let Wiliam go.

But Wiliam showed a hopeless look, “Do you really think that it’s just kitchen knife water?”

“It’s not a kitchen knife, so what would it be? Didn’t you say it yourself?” Lu Xiaolu simply emptied his brain without thinking deeply.

It’s too easy to be confused by this kid.

However, Wiliam smiled without saying a word, “Think about it, you are serious about that picture.”

Lu Xiaolu couldn’t help it, and there was a scene of young women sharpening knives at home in his head.

Then, naturally, the young woman’s husband saw the young woman sharpening the kitchen knife at home every day.

Thinking about this, Lu Xiaolu collapsed on the spot and started directly, “Damn! It turns out that you made this horrible idea! I ask you to be a man!”

Wiliam’s method was not to let the young woman drink the kitchen knife water, but to let the young woman sharpen the knife.

She sharpens her knife every day, does her husband dare to abuse her domestically?

I’m probably afraid that the young woman will kill him when she sleeps!

What a trick!



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