Dragon Husband Chapter 675

Chapter 675

The young woman’s husband doesn’t dare to abuse her again. Then her insomnia will heal naturally?

This trick is ruthless!

Solved the matter directly from the root cause.

Lu Xiaolu wanted to understand this, looking at Wiliam, it was like looking at a beast!

What kind of black belly can make this kid think of a way to knock the mountain and shake the tiger like this.

It’s simply amazing and speechless.

Is this still a doctor?

Simply a bitch.

But Lu Xiaolu had to take it again. This method is good, because the young woman doesn’t know the inside story, so she can be considered decent.

For a while, Lu Xiaolu didn’t know how to evaluate Wiliam.

Obviously, no medical skills were shown, but she still handled a patient ingeniously.

“Huh! Little cleverness, not a big weapon!” Lu Xiaolu said nonsense and went on to see the patient.

But this time the situation has become very delicate.

The shadow of the young woman seemed to be transferred to Lu Xiaolu’s body.

Lu Xiaolu glanced at Wiliam with a guilty conscience after seeing a patient.

Then Wiliam naturally understood what she meant, and pointed casually on the side.

“This is wrong, it’s not Hand Sun Lung Meridian.”

“Aren’t you telling the patients the precautions?”

“Are you sure that the debridement is such a debridement?”

“That’s not right, Xiao Lu.”

“Are you stupid?”

“Ho ho.”

“Ho ho.”

“Ho ho ho.”

The more Lu Xiaolu listened to the side, the more depressed he became, and the more he listened, the more the universe burned.

She wanted to make a case and rebutted the kid harshly.

But found that there is no way to speak.

This kid, I don’t know if he is really capable or just blindfolded, and everything he said is right!

That’s it.

At the end of the day, this kid was like giving up her completely. When she said something, Wiliam just wailed.

Don’t even say why ho ho!

Ho Ho, your uncle!

Her little universe finally couldn’t help but exploded completely. She pushed her hand and said angrily: “Come, come, come! You can do it, you come! The pen is here for you!”

This was originally her angry words, to fully show her anger to this kid.

But Wiliam smiled ho ho ho, “It should have been this way, wasting my saliva.”

With that said, he just stood up from the wheelchair while Lu Xiaolu was stunned, walked over and squeezed Lu Xiaolu away.

Lu Xiaolu’s outlook on life was fragmented on the spot.

She looked at Wiliam in disbelief, “You! You! Can you walk?”

You know, when she checked this kid two days ago, his body was considered very bad.

After a hundred days of injury, Lu Xiaolu felt that God was blinded by this kid now being able to sit in a wheelchair.

Now, he can actually stand up and walk?

And have the strength to squeeze yourself away?

God is not blinded, but blind!

The scourge left for a thousand years is justified.

Wiliam didn’t bother to pay attention to her and greeted the patient directly, “Come on, hurry up, I’m in a hurry.”

All the patients hesitated.

Originally, they had treated this kid as a neuropathy before.

But when I saw this kid just now, I was able to point out Dr. Lu, and he couldn’t say a word in refuting Dr. Lu.

Everyone can tell that this kid is still a bit capable.

Now Dr. Lu has directly abdicated to make Xian Xian, this…

Under hesitation, someone came up.

And Wiliam didn’t delay, he diagnosed the pulse directly, and then observed it from time to time.

Finally, directly prescribe the prescription to leave.

For each patient, the time is precisely controlled within one minute.

And while Wiliam treated the patient, he was sighing in his heart.

Giving a patient a consultation is a return to the heart of a doctor.

Over the years, he has devoted himself to studying medicine, but after all, he has given too little return to the society.

It is also a good memory to have this opportunity to return to the original heart.

Seeing Wiliam sitting in the doctor’s office is very tasteful, and Lu Xiaolu’s heart is not to mention too much.

First of all, this has seriously violated professional ethics.

She sees a doctor, but is qualified to practice medicine.

But now that a kid who has no medical qualifications is allowed to take her to see a doctor, she feels that her life is coming to an end.

But Lu Xiaolu didn’t care about this job very much. She was angry now, thinking about how to sneer from the side like Wiliam just now.

Unfortunately, Wiliam didn’t give a chance at all.

Seeing fewer and fewer people, Lu Xiaolu’s heart became more and more anxious.

I tried to talk nonsense several times, but I was held down by my professional ethics.

Until the end, only a few people remained.

Lu Xiaolu had to sigh, this kid, the speed is first-rate.

If there were so many people, Lu Xiaolu couldn’t finish seeing the darkness.

This kid only finished reading it in forty minutes.

This man is so fast.

After reading the last one, Wiliam looked up at the door and found that there were no other people.

He tapped the pen in his hand to see if anyone else came back.

After all, Lu Xiaolu is an internet celebrity doctor, and many people come to her.

After five minutes, Wiliam found that no one was coming again.

He looked at Lu Xiaolu on the side, and the atmosphere suddenly became a bit awkward.

When things are busy, both people’s attention is on the patient.

There are no people now, and the two of them stare at them with big eyes.

Until the end, Wiliam couldn’t stand the angry look in Lu Xiaolu’s eyes, and said a little bit of a jealousy: “Then what, if it’s really boring, I’ll take a look for you?”

This sentence once again detonated Lu Xiaolu.

But this time, she didn’t feel mad, but when she was in front of Wiliam, she suddenly cried out with a wow.

This cry directly frightened Wiliam.

He could accept that this little girl was playing a rogue, but he didn’t even think that she would cry directly.

Three-year-olds are more mature than her.

Lu Xiaolu looked at Wiliam, as if he wanted to vent the grievances in his heart completely, crying in disregard of his image.

While crying, she sat on the floor with a duck, her entire face was crying in an instant.

Wiliam broke out in cold sweat.

Fortunately, there is no one at this time, and if someone is seen, they think what happened to her.

What’s the matter with this girl?

With such a bad temper, how do you cry now?

“Then what, why are you crying? If you have something to say, can’t we? This is a public place, there is a camera, I can’t do anything to you.” Wiliam was really helpless when she was crying.

But Lu Xiaolu didn’t care so much, still crying there.

She cried so much that Wiliam felt that she could cry and faint.

After five minutes, Lu Xiaolu’s cry gradually subsided, and then he bumped and said something that would destroy Wiliam Sanguan.

“Woohoo, I really am a trash worse than a bug! I am a scum! You can call me! If you don’t call me, I feel so uncomfortable now.”


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