Dragon Husband Chapter 676-677

Chapter 676

Wiliam was shocked by her sudden words.


Isn’t this girl proud?

Why did it suddenly come to me that I am a scum?

Still let me scold her?

Is it possible that this girl is still shaking deep in her heart?

Like being abused?

Wiliam watched her sad and wiped tears, the more he thought about it, the more likely it was.

Yeah, she turned out to be a pervert.

Wiliam was taken aback by his thoughts.

Moreover, he really guessed something right.

This Lu Xiaolu does have a psychological problem.

She was born in a wealthy family since she was a child, and her grandmother was obedient to her, resulting in her arrogant personality.

And in this trace of arrogance, some negative things have grown.

She could no longer feel the satisfaction that such smooth sailing brought her.

After she grew up, she gradually got tired of the days when she stretched out her hands for food and opened her mouth.

She even thought that it would be okay for someone to pick her fault.

With this kind of thought, she told her servants in that home.

Through a feast at home, everyone drank wine, and some of the servants had the courage to explain some of the stinking problems of Lu Xiaolu over the years.

Lu Xiaolu, who had never heard criticism, collapsed on the spot.

Although those harsh criticisms are not harsh, they are stuck in her heart like needles.

She instantly felt that she was really bad.

Oneself is rubbish, scum.

This kind of thinking is out of control.

Even her grandmother noticed Lu Xiaolu’s psychological problems.

However, heart disease still requires heart medicine. In order to cure his sickness, Lu Xiaolu secretly left the house and went out alone.

Because in that home, the star Gongyue can never cure this disease.

According to her self-diagnosis, her disease can be summed up in two points.

One thing is to be ravaged by shaking M.

Another point is loss, negativity, and extreme psychological unconfidence.

These two points are actually contradictory. This is also the most terrifying aspect of her.

For this period of time, she has been deliberately cautious in her words and deeds, and her mental illness is well hidden.

Unexpectedly, I met Wiliam today.

I even thought of Wiliam’s poisonous tongue and black belly.

She has no choice but to criticize her most proud medical skills.

So when her mind collapsed, her mental illness completely exploded.

On the one hand, I really felt that I was a weak chicken in front of Wiliam, a scum.

On the other hand, I felt so comfortable being scolded by him.

“Well, you are actually not that bad, I’m in a hurry, so I speak a little straight…” Wiliam comforted with a black line.

“Woo, you scold me, you beat me. I feel that living is a waste of air and food, I might as well be a stinky maggot…” Lu Xiaolu Lihua choked with rain.

Wiliam couldn’t help sighing, this girl was so cruel to herself, she cursed herself to death.

“Then, get up first before talking. I was wrong just now.” Wiliam said, going to help Lu Xiaolu up.

But Lu Xiaolu couldn’t follow it, struggling desperately, “Don’t touch me, touching me will dirty your hands, and I will be stinky from the inside out.”

When the two were entangled, a horrified voice suddenly sounded at the door, “You guys, what are you doing!”

Wiliam looked at the door, and it was Zhuang Ningning who had gone back and forth.

Zhuang Ningning just dropped Wiliam and went out to find someone to open the back door for Wiliam to discharge from the hospital.

More than half an hour has passed since the time to find someone to do additional procedures.

During this time, the more Zhuang Ningning thought about it, the less he felt.

No matter how arrogant and arrogant that kid is, he is still his own master.

Besides, he is injured again, how could he be left there alone.

What if he offends everyone at the scene with his shocking words again, and everyone rallies to attack, what can Wiliam do?

So Zhuang Ningning ran back quickly.

No, as soon as I came back, I saw Wiliam and Lu Xiaolu pulling and pulling on the ground, Lu Xiaolu still cried so hard.

She hurried over, squeezed Wiliam away, protected Lu Xiaolu, and then looked at Wiliam with the look of animals, “What the hell did you do to Doctor Lu!”

Looking at this posture, it must be that the bastard wanted to assault Dr. Lu. Dr. Lu couldn’t resist, and the two of them fought on the ground.

Fortunately, he came back in time, otherwise Wiliam would make a big mistake.

Beasts, the wife at home is still awake, and his body is not healthy.

Are you so impatient?

But Wiliam didn’t bother to explain. Whether Zhuang Ningning came back, he quickly cleaned up this inexplicable woman.

“Is the discharge procedure completed? Can I go now?” Wiliam said lightly.

Zhuang Ningning nodded, still wanting to ask what happened just now.

However, Wiliam turned around and left, and he didn’t care about Zhuang Ningning.

Zhuang Ningning was so angry that he stomped straight behind him.

Lu Xiaolu cried in Zhuang Ningning’s arms for more than ten minutes before gradually calming down.

Zhuang Ningning wanted to ask Lu Xiaolu, but Lu Xiaolu would never mention the matter.

This made it an unsolved case in Zhuang Ningning.

After Zhuang Ningning left, Lu Xiaolu rubbed his red eyes and made a decision in his heart.

I thought that escaping from the house would cure my illness, but I thought that the sky was so big that it wouldn’t work wherever I hid.

It seems that he can only face his own illness.

For a long time, Lu Xiaolu felt even more unable to raise his head because of this disease.

She even deliberately forced herself to avoid facing this disease.

Now, she knew that escape was useless, and she could only seek a solution head-on.

Go home, with grandma guarding it, it is much better than facing it alone.

Lu Xiaolu faintly felt that if his weird mental illness was not treated, it would cause disaster sooner or later.

So after waking up at this moment, he made a decisive decision and decided to go home.

When she walked out of the consulting room, she suddenly grabbed a pen on the table and inserted it into her pocket.

In her mind, the figure of that kid just appeared.

A trace of hideousness suddenly appeared on her face!

He became ill again, the cause was him!

And he was so embarrassed in front of him!


When I get cured, I will definitely come back and ask you to settle the account!

Don’t cramp you! I’ll just follow your last name!

Wiliam, who didn’t even know, got in a car and hurried back to Lingyue Villa.

At this moment, in a ward of Lingyue Villa, Xena was guarding the unconscious Baifengxue bed.

She has been guarding it for two days, without sleep, no matter how others persuade her to be useless.

She couldn’t hold it anymore, her eyes narrowed slightly, and she took a nap.

At this time, Feliicity, who had been in a coma, suddenly screamed, and Youyou woke up.

As Xena opened his eyes, a faint red flash suddenly appeared in the depths of Feliicity’s eyes!

She suddenly widened her eyes and looked at Feliicity with a bit of shock.

In my eyes, it is more of a kind of entanglement and reluctance.

She and Feliicity looked at each other like this.

Feliicity had tears in her eyes, like a lost little girl.

He Tiantian suddenly took a deep look at Feliicity, and said, “I’ll make a call, you lie down first.”

However, Feliicity said that she would not lie down, and she babbled, as if she had something to ask.

He Tiantian seemed to understand Feliicity’s thoughts, and said, “Are you asking for information from your family Wiliam?”

Feliicity nodded suddenly and looked at He Tiantian gratefully.

Such a look made He Tiantian’s heart struggle even more.

In the end, she sighed and said, “Your family Wiliam is in trouble. Now in the hospital, I talked to Zhuang Ningning on the phone. He has already woke up. What’s the problem? I’m probably coming back soon. You Do not worry.”

Hearing that Wiliam was safe, Feliicity’s tears fell.

As if a long-cherished wish, he lay down slowly.

He Tiantian shook his head when he looked at Feliicity with such deep-rooted love.

The most important thing is that the world can’t keep it.

Feliicity is doing this for herself, but the first thing she does when she wakes up is to pay attention to her husband’s problems.

He said it was fake, but God didn’t believe it.

Said it was true love, her body…

For a while, Qiang Tiantian was a little at a loss.

Finally, she still called Liu Lang.

After all, Liu Lang had previously explained that she called him after Feliicity woke up.

Liu Lang’s knowledgeable and true medical skills should be of great help.

The call was soon connected, and Liu Lang’s voice came over, “Is that girl awake?”

He Tiantian hesitated and nodded, “Yeah.”

Liu Lang asked, “Then you should have done the check for her, how about?”

He Tiantian said lightly: “There is no major problem with her body, there is no such thing as what you said.”

“Huh?” Liu Lang was surprised, “Bingmai wakes up, there is nothing wrong with it?”

He Tiantian quickly changed the subject, “There is a problem, she seems to have a problem with her throat, she can’t speak anymore.”

Liu Lang pondered a little over there, as if he was relieved, “If it’s just a problem with the throat, then it’s really a blessing in misfortune. In this way, you take a silver needle and stick it into her mouth.”

He Tiantian looked blank, but knew that what Liu Lang said must have his truth.

She no longer hesitated, took a silver needle, and let Feliicity open her mouth in cooperation.

Then she slowly put the silver needle into Feliicity’s mouth, reaching her throat.

And when her silver needle penetrated into her throat, she only felt a tremor all over, and she almost couldn’t hold the silver needle.

She looked at Feliicity in horror and quickly drew out the silver needle.

At this look, her scalp was numb.

I saw a thin layer of frost on the silver needle that was originally cold and shining!

This layer of frost is very thin and scarce.

But He Tiantian’s hand felt a kind of icy cold!

Very cold!

He Tiantian was just about to pick up the silver needle and observe it carefully, but at this time, the silver needle was silent, and it broke into powder directly in her hands!

The silver needle was frozen to pieces!

He Tiantian didn’t dare to be careless anymore, walked aside and told Liu Lang about the weird scene just now, “Liu Lang, what is going on!”

Liu Lang over there seemed to be surprised by this situation.

After a long time, Liu Lang on the other end of the phone uttered a deep word.

“Things are not as beautiful as I thought. This girl is probably in danger.”

“She is…”



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