Dragon Husband Chapter 678

Chapter 678


What does this mean?

He Tiantian can be considered a well-informed person, and I have never heard of Frostmaw.

“What is Frostmaw?” He Tiantian asked eagerly.

“She was awake before the ice pulse, and poured out the power of frost all over her body at the last moment, so her body completely collapsed.” Liu Lang said slowly, “All that remains in her body is condensed into frost. Poison.”

“If the poison of the frost stays in her body, she will definitely die on the spot. Fortunately, the poison of the frost has gathered in her throat, and there is no further damage to her body.”

“Now that she can’t speak, it means that her throat is completely frosted. The poison of the frost will only exist for a short time. If it develops for a long time, it will inevitably erode her body again. At that time, even Daluo God will not be able to save her. Up.”

He Tiantian’s expression suddenly became serious.

She had no idea that the white Feliicity in front of her was so pitiful.

I thought she was escaping from the dead, but I thought that fate still didn’t let her go.

Frostmaw is really vicious.

“Is there any cure, or pull out the poison of frost from her body?” He Tiantian asked.

“In this way, let me think about it. I’ll call you back tonight.” Liu Lang seemed to feel a little bit tricky about the poison of the frost, and he didn’t have the promise on the spot.

After He Tiantian hung up the phone, his heart seemed to be blocked by a stone, and his breathing became heavy.

She knows her husband’s abilities.

Now even people in his state feel a bit tricky.

Put it in this world, it is more poisonous than terminal illness.

She comforted Feliicity a few words, and then went out.

Feliicity lay on the bed blankly, looking at the strange surroundings, and his eyes showed incomparably desolate and helpless eyes.

She already knew the condition of her body.

She is afraid…

Since she was a child, she has never experienced such a thrilling thing.

The previous battle slowly resurfaced in her mind

The picture kept flickering and changing, and in the end, there was only a bloody figure standing proudly.

Wiliam, where are you?

I am so scared……

Will you come back soon?

take me Home……

In a short while, He Tiantian ran into Wiliam who hurried back in Lingyue Villa.

Wiliam had to rush in to see Feliicity without saying anything.

Feliicity missed him, so why not Wiliam?

After ten years of staying together, the two of them have already had a good heart.

Wiliam knew the Feliicity at this moment, and he must have been terrified.

need companion.

But he was stopped by He Tiantian, “You wait, I have something to tell you.”

Wiliam frowned, and said pleadingly, “Sister Tian Tian, ​​can you let me see Feliicity first, and talk about it later?”

He Tiantian shook his head, sighed and said, “Feliicity has woke up just now, but there is something wrong with her body. I still don’t tell her, but I want to tell you first to make you mentally prepared.”

Wiliam’s heart twitched, and the whole person became nervous, “Then tell me, what happened to my family’s Feliicity?”

He Tiantian looked at Wiliam, who had fought bloody battles with Yibo Yuntian a few days ago, and now he became so uneasy for a woman, and he felt even more uncomfortable.

This pair of fateful mandarin ducks.

He Tiantian told Wiliam what Liu Lang had said before.

After Wiliam listened, the whole person was stupid.

The poison of frost!


These words are Wiliam, who has shocked medical skills, and I have never heard of them.

He Tiantian seemed to understand Wiliam, and said: “You have never heard that it is normal. After all, this is completely beyond your current realm. The poison of Yin Frost is neither medical nor martial, and it is not something you can touch now.”

“Then what to do?” Wiliam asked eagerly again.

“I’m still waiting for my husband’s call, but you have to be mentally prepared. My husband can’t solve the poison. You can find more people. According to my estimation, your family’s Feliicity can only Let her survive for two or three months…”

After Wiliam heard this, his whole body was dull.

Two or three months…

Feliicity, only two or three months of life left?

Suddenly, countless thoughts surged into my heart.

He had no idea when He Tiantian left.

When he woke up and looked at the door of that room, for a while, he didn’t dare to reach out and push the door.

Behind the door, what a pitiful and undeserving person…

Finally, he summoned his courage and pushed open the door.

With a glance, he saw Feliicity lying on the bed with dull eyes.

Feliicity heard the sound and turned her head.

The moment he saw Wiliam, tears fell straight down his cheeks.

She opened her mouth diligently, trying to call the name that she had thought about in her dream.

But it can only make a babbling sound.

Wiliam looked pale. At this moment, Feliicity, who tried very hard to speak but couldn’t speak, turned red.

I have only two lines of tears in my life, half of the common people, half of the beauty…

He stepped in, almost staggering to Feliicity’s side.

Feliicity looked like a helpless little girl, reaching out her hand hard, trying to hug Wiliam.

Wiliam hugged his hands lightly, and put this weak body into his arms.

So cold…

Wiliam only felt that the body in his arms was so cold that he wanted to fight a cold war.

However, the warmth of the beauty in the arms is heart-wrenching.

The two of them held each other silently, without talking for a long time.

Feliicity saw the beloved man, and all the fears and grievances in her heart burst out at this moment.

She was sobbing and crying, wanting to talk about it, but finally fell asleep.

Her pressure is too great.

Wiliam held her and couldn’t bear to let go for a moment.

Two or three months.

It is to embrace each other day by day and hold hands every night. How much is left of such warmth?

Until the dusk is heavy, until the willow shoots on the moon.

Until Wiliam stiffened, he refused to let go.

Moonlight, gentle and gentle spilled into this room, insects sang outside the window, and the breeze blew.

Everything is too beautiful.

Feliicity finally woke up slowly.

After waking up, he found that Wiliam was still holding her with gentle eyes, as if it had only been a short second from when she fell asleep to when she woke up.

The one you love never leaves and sleeps well.

Feliicity suddenly gave Wiliam a gentle smile.

She picked up the phone on the head of the bed, then groaned, her eyes poignant and focused.

Then, she handed the phone to Wiliam.

There was only one sentence on the phone screen.

A short sentence made Wiliam burst into tears instantly!

“I’m sorry, I don’t seem to be able to sing for you…”


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