Dragon Husband Chapter 679

Chapter 679

For a while, Wiliam seemed to dream back a few days ago.

That dreamlike night.

It was clearly a couple who had been together for more than ten years, but on that night, it was also such a gentle moonlight.

The two made their warmest promises to a bottle of wine.

One, take him to see the most beautiful snow.

One, take her to the most gorgeous stage to listen to her most beautiful songs.

Even, they promised each other and went home the next day.

However, all the promises were disillusioned in the sudden battle the next day.

Wiliam remembered in a daze that a dreamlike red snow fell during that battle.

It was so red that it was so red that it was also intoxicating.

That snow is not the most beautiful snow in the world, but which one will it be?

Feliicity, with her life, fulfilled her promise and laid the most beautiful snow in the world.

She did it.

and I……

Thinking of this, Wiliam, a big man, burst into tears!

I promised her to take her to a gorgeous stage to sing.

Now, she can never speak, let alone sing.

This promise, which could never be fulfilled again, was like a knife, leaving Wiliam riddled with holes.

A strong sense of guilt surged into my heart.

Wiliam hugged Feliicity distressedly, but couldn’t say anything to apologize.

Silly girl, it’s me who should apologize.

It’s not that you can’t speak, but use your mobile phone to communicate…

Feliicity felt the sadness in Wiliam’s heart, but stretched out her hand and gently lifted Wiliam’s face.

Her heart is tender.

It’s this face, very firm.

Give all the ruthlessness to heaven and earth, but also give all the tenderness to myself.

It’s a pity that I can feel your pain, but I can’t speak. It’s okay to say a word…

She thought about it, and tears fell again.

She gently wiped Wiliam’s tears, as if she was saying, don’t cry…

What kind of oath, what kind of love, what can be compared to the lover at the moment, and the long life…

As long as the two of us are together, growing up to the vicissitudes of life, short as a shock, I have no regrets in this life…

“Feliicity, I won’t let you do anything, trust me, I will definitely cure you…” Wiliam said distressedly while holding Feliicity.

“Yeah…” Feliicity patted Wiliam’s back lightly, and Li Hua showed a breathtaking smile in the rain.

She seemed to have become a little girl who was babbling, and her voice became milky and milky.

However, to Wiliam’s ears, it was not the unique nature of the world.

At the moment when Wiliam said this sentence, an incomparable firmness suddenly emerged in his heart.



In order to get revenge, to make Grandpa stare at him, Wiliam pushed himself to a desperate situation, very tired.

But now, Wiliam had another reason to continue fighting.

For a lifetime!

A double!

He was full of strength.

But the two of them had nothing to say, holding each other, and time seemed to warm up.

The bright moon outside is still the same round of frost on the ground a few days ago.

Mingyue seems to have no idea what kind of vicissitudes the two under the moon have experienced.

It still shines idiotically, warm and affectionate.

After Wiliam waited for Feliicity to fall asleep, he settled down again and studied the “Medical Scripture of Impermanence”.

There is not much time left for him.

And early the next morning, He Tiantian came to Wiliam again.

Last night, Liu Lang called her.

Wiliam seemed to pack his mind and looked at He Tiantian indifferently.

No matter what she said, she couldn’t stop Wiliam from wanting to save Feliicity.

Fortunately, He Tiantian brought good news.

“My husband told me last night that Feliicity still has the last glimmer of hope to survive, but the difficulty is not so big.” He Tiantian said.

Wiliam was silent, just looking at He Tiantian, motioning her to continue talking.

“My husband consulted grandma, and finally came to a conclusion that there is only one thing that can completely remove the poison of the frost, and that is the heart of Yanhuang.” He Tiantian said.

“Heart of Yanhuang? What is it?” Wiliam asked.

He knew all kinds of herbs in the world, but he didn’t know that there was such a thing as the heart of Yanhuang.

“So I said, your realm is not enough, this thing is not a medicinal material, but an eternal heart.” He Tiantian said.

Wiliam frowned slightly.

Can the human heart survive forever?

However, he didn’t want to think about these issues anymore, but asked straightforwardly: “Does your husband know where there is this Yanhuang Heart?”

He Tiantian showed a look of sorry at this time, and said: “I’m sorry, my husband is not clear, so I told you that the difficulty is not normal.”

Wiliam showed a look of disappointment.

But He Tiantian immediately said, “But my husband told me about someone and asked you to find that person.”

“Who?” Wiliam asked again.

“Well, that person has a very strange temperament. His biggest hobby in his life is to collect some heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys for medicine. It is also good and evil, but it is not easy to fool, so you can only try your luck in the past.” He Tiantian seems to be unspeakable. Said lightly.

“No matter who it is, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will go.” Wiliam said firmly.

“Originally, if I or my husband help you out, this matter is not a big deal, but people in our state have many rules and are not allowed to intervene in your affairs at will, so I am sorry, I can’t help. Busy.” He Tiantian said apologetically again.

Wiliam shook his head lightly, “You have helped me a lot.”

“That person is an old woman who lives in Beilin City and has a nickname called’March of the Dead’.” He Tiantian said slowly.

March of the dead…

When Wiliam heard this nickname, he felt the evil of this person.

At this time, He Tiantian suddenly became serious, and stared at Wiliam and said, “Wiliam, I don’t know where you came from, but your identity must be extraordinary! I guessed it vaguely. So you must keep my words in mind next. !”

“This’March of the Dead’ was exiled to your side from our world in the early years. She has a very weird personality. She eats soft but not hard, and she hates the people of the family very much! Therefore, you must never use you. Hidden identity to suppress her! Otherwise, not only will not save Feliicity, even your name will be difficult to protect!”

“If you can, I hope you suffer a little bit of grievances and tolerate a little bit, go and explore the wind first, and you can’t reveal your true identity!”

Speaking of this, He Tiantian looked solemn.

And Wiliam, under this solemnity, suddenly smiled.

He understands, where to go!

“So, the place I am going to is the Lu family, right?”


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