Dragon Husband Chapter 680

Chapter 680

He Tiantian was taken aback, “You…”

Wiliam’s eyes were clear.

He Tiantian has already talked about it for this purpose, can he hear anything wrong?

He Tiantian had guessed Wiliam’s identity, and then he was so afraid of Wiliam revealing his identity. There was only one reason.

This old woman, nicknamed “March of the Dead,” must have been exiled from the Lu’s house in North.


North Lujia…

Wiliam thought of this name, and a wave of emotions occurred in his heart.

That was his most persistent obsession since the death of his grandfather.

Seeing that Wiliam had understood, He Tiantian nodded softly, “I hope you can understand.”

Wiliam naturally knew that what He Tiantian thought was for his good.

“I know what to do. I am willing to endure any humiliation and grievance for the Feliicity.” Wiliam finally said in a deep voice, representing his thoughts.

“Well, you can understand. The deceased is marching and his name is Lu Lingyun.” He Tiantian whispered.

Lu Lingyun…

Wiliam thought of the name, and fell into deep thought for a while.

Beilin Lujia…

This is the spokesperson of the North Lu family in the world.

The Beilin Lu family provides all the economic resources for the North Lu family. In the area of ​​Beilin, it can be regarded as a well-known family.

However, after all, he was the spokesperson of the North Lu family.

Wiliam didn’t even think that he would be involved with the Beilu Lu family for so long.

According to my grandfather’s instructions, to have something to do with the North Lu family, he must practice the “Impermanent Medical Classics” to a certain level and earn a full 100 billion.

Wiliam is still far from these two goals.

People are not as good as heaven.

“Lu Lingyun, it’s not that easy to calculate, and it’s not something that can be shaken at your level. I hope you can temper your temper, just treat it as the Feliicity.” He Tiantian said helplessly.

In their realm, there are too many shackles.

She felt extremely guilty for not being able to help Wiliam.

But Wiliam just nodded to express his gratitude.

From a young age, Wiliam has experienced suffering and humiliation that ordinary people can’t.

Now for the Feliicity, this point bears the humiliation, what’s the point.

The heart of Yanhuang…

Although Wiliam didn’t know what it was, he had already made up his mind to get the Heart of Yan Huang and give Feliicity a new life.

“Three days later, it seems that the Beilin Lu family has recruited servants. This is a chance to get closer to the Beilin Lu family.” He Tiantian felt a deep guilt when he said this.

She could already guess that Wiliam was a long-hidden figure in the North Lu family, and now letting him serve as a servant of the vulgar Beilin Lu family is a great shame to Wiliam.

The North Lu family picked up a character at random and placed it in the Beilin Lu family. They were all incredible characters.

This is too wrong for Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t feel any grievance at all.

After the life and death separation from Feliicity, in his opinion, there is nothing like Feliicity’s life.

Even if you are a slave or a maid, you will not hesitate.

Seeing that Wiliam was silent, He Tiantian knew his intentions.

She left the hall silently.

Melissa and the others knew when they appeared in front of Wiliam.

When they looked at Wiliam, there were many things they couldn’t say in their hearts.

It has nothing to do with Fengyue.

“I know your thoughts, so I don’t need to talk about it anymore. I am willing to do anything for the sake of the Feliicity.” Wiliam looked at them and said in a deep voice.

Everyone felt sad.

They all knew that Feliicity had an irreplaceable role in Wiliam’s heart.

No matter how sentimental, no matter how much thought, it can’t shake Wiliam’s heart.

“Wiliam, we must save the Feliicity, otherwise, we will never let you go.” Melissa said firmly on behalf of everyone.

Although they all have a good impression of Wiliam, after watching Fengxueshe’s life and forgetting to die, they can no longer give birth to any love.

Wiliam should belong to Feliicity alone.

No one in the world can overcome Feliicity’s infatuation and justice.

Wiliam Qiqiao’s exquisite heart, why didn’t he know their friendship.

It’s just that I still have tears in my eyes, and I hate to meet when I’m not married.

I am sorry.

In my life, Wiliam, I have only entrusted the Feliicity, and no one else.

In these two days, Wiliam almost stayed away from Feliicity.

I’m afraid that there is not enough time to talk about love.

Feliicity is more open-minded than Wiliam.

In the two days, she seemed to accept her destiny, smiled and smiled at everyone.

It seemed to be content to stay with Wiliam in this short lifetime.

Feliicity’s body has not yet fully recovered.

Wiliam carried her on his back and embarked on the road to the Lu family in Beilin.

On the evening of the third day, Wiliam stood at the gate of Beilin Lu’s family.

The Beilin Lu family is also considered a famous family in Beilin City.

The Lu Family of Beilin has shocked the world in medical skills and is well-known in Beilin City.

Not only medical skills, but also martial arts accomplishments are obvious to all.

Even a small servant recruitment activity is crowded with people in the square of Beilin Lu’s family.

Less to say, there are more than one hundred people who apply for the servants of the Beilin Lu family.

And when Wiliam stood in the middle of the square with the Feliicity on his back, he was immediately greeted by everyone.

“Hahaha, this is the first time I saw someone dragging a family to apply for a servant.”

“I can’t take care of it anymore, and I’m still carrying one. Isn’t this funny?”

“It’s just the Lu family that this bowl of rice is so fragrant, everyone wants to come and share a bowl of soup.”

Wiliam didn’t understand everyone’s guidance.

Wiliam had long been used to these cold words.

He lamented that the Beilin Lu family was indeed a rich family.

Even those who applied for servants were foreign fighters.

This opened Wiliam’s eyes.

Outsiders with strong external power are all indispensable characters.

He was honored and honored and came here as a servant.

It can only be said that the Beilin Lu Family has its own unique features.

At this time, a gorgeously dressed woman came up and said to the people present: “Everyone has got the number plates. Today, our Beilin Lu family recruited servants. There are three rounds of examinations in total.”

“Everyone knows that our Beilin Lu family is a family of medical martial arts. Therefore, medical and martial arts are inseparable. The first round is a martial arts interview, and the second round is a medical interview.” The woman said.

More than a hundred people present, as if they had known the interview rules for a long time, nodded all together.

However, the Lu Family of Beilin only organizes recruitment of servants once a year, and only recruits three to five servants each time.

But there are hundreds of applicants.

The difficulty can be imagined.

“Are you all ready?” the woman asked.

Everyone nodded.

Wiliam stood at the end, holding a 183 number plate, and nodded.

However, the woman suddenly looked at Wiliam and said contemptuously, “That player, what is your intention to carry one person on your back? Do you think that our Beilin Lu family will raise useless people?”


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