Dragon Husband Chapter 681

Chapter 681

As the woman asked, everyone on the scene turned their eyes to Wiliam.


Wiliam and Feliicity were too maverick in the audience.

Everyone came to apply for servants, and everyone was gearing up to adjust their status to the end.

Because there were no chairs at the scene, Wiliam was the only one, carrying Feliicity on his back.

Feliicity seemed to be sleeping.

Wiliam didn’t talk to people, and stood alone.

At this time, a few people came forward with a carefree look and looked at Wiliam arrogantly, “Is there anything I heard from my sister in the assessment? If you want to apply for a job, you can quickly let unrelated people go out and wait. We all have time. Very precious, can you afford it?”

Wiliam looked at the three people in front of him, and the one who spoke was the middle-aged man standing in the front with a shaved head.

The middle-aged man had a livid smile on his face, and he looked like a social gangster.

Wiliam said lightly: “She is not an unrelated person. I can’t leave her alone outside. You speak quietly and don’t disturb my wife to sleep.”

These words instantly angered the three in front of them.

One person behind the middle-aged man rushed up, “Brother Wang, this kid obviously doesn’t put you in his eyes and fuck him!”

This man named Brother Wang, his real name is Wang Yiran.

He has something to do with the Beilin Lu family, so I know in advance how many people will participate today.

His martial arts can be ranked here.

People at the scene, who dare not put him in the eyes?

Now I see a little-known kid who is still from a foreign country who dares to be rude to him, and his temper suddenly rises.

The strong dragon does not crush the snake!

Besides, you are really a wool dragon!

Just as Wang Yiran wanted to teach Wiliam a lesson, the woman who took the test frowned and said flatly, “Wang Yiran, go back.”

Wang Yiran immediately pointed to Wiliam without annoyance, “What is he? Examining one person and entering two? Does this count as cheating?”

With some arrogance in her eyes, the woman said to Wang Yiran: “I have my own decision, you first step back.”

Then, the woman walked towards Wiliam in full view.

She stood in front of Wiliam and said, “Give you two choices. One, put this woman outside, and you continue to participate in the competition. Two, you and her, leave here directly.”

Beilin Lu’s family has no life.

After entering Beilin Lu’s family, life is not your life, people are not yours.

Everything belongs to the Beilin Lu family.

There has never been a practice of bringing a family with one’s mouth.

Wiliam said in a deep voice, “My wife is sick and can’t leave me. So I want to have a third choice.”

“The third choice?” The woman sneered directly after listening.

Humble people.

It seems that you simply don’t have the Beilin Lu family in your eyes.

Only the servant of Beilin Lu’s family has ever died.

No servant asked the Beilin Lu family.

“Well, the third choice. Isn’t it to assess martial arts and medical skills? Then I deal with it with twice the difficulty than ordinary people. In this case, can my wife stay with me?” Wiliam said every word. To say.

He had long thought that there would be such a questioned result.

So I have already thought about it.

When everyone heard what he said, they all stunned.


What a kid!

I don’t know where the courage comes from, to say such a thing?

Nearly two hundred people competed for three to five servant positions.

It’s already a fierce fight.

This kid has to increase the difficulty twice?

Really be the servant of Beilin Lu’s family taking an exam, just sprinkling water to do it?

If ignorance reaches this level, this life will be explained here today.

After hearing what Wiliam said, the corner of her mouth twitched slightly.


She can be regarded as the little butler of Beilin Lu’s family. How has she seen someone as arrogant as Wiliam in recruiting servants these years?



“Yes, but you can say it in advance. It is twice the pressure you proposed. I will weigh the pressure and ensure fairness and justice. But you also have to promise that wherever there is your game, life and death will be safe and destiny.” The woman said jokingly. .

She also said casually, just to scare this kid.

I never thought about the possibility of this kid winning.

However, Wiliam almost hesitated and nodded, “A word is settled.”

The woman glanced at Wiliam in surprise, an interesting person.

I really don’t know who the wife on his back is.

It’s worth his risk.

Over the years, she has been doing the job of recruiting servants.

She knows why there are so many powerful foreigners rushing to be servants.

It was for the medical resources of the Beilin Lu family.

Ordinary martial artists, if they have not received guidance and orthodox training, will not be able to enter the ranks of internal strength.

The Beilin Lu family also provided space for servants to practice martial arts and study medicine.

Being a servant in Beilin Lu’s family is far better than groping outside.

What’s more, as soon as you enter the Beilin Lu’s house, it is unpleasant to say that you will depend on the owner when you hit the dog.

In Beilin City, who would dare to offend Beilin Lu’s family?

This kid, judging from his indifferent expression, does not look like a person who wants to study martial arts. He didn’t expect to be so stubborn that he would bring his wife into the Beilin Lu family?

Then play a game.

The lofty Beilin Lu family never takes the life of a servant as his life.

What’s more, these people are not even servants.

“Okay, let’s start the draw and match.” The woman glanced at Wiliam, then turned and stood on the martial arts stage.

The lottery was conducted under the auspices of the staff and was quickly divided.

But Wang Yiran saw Wiliam also get the lottery from the side, suddenly a shadow flashed in his eyes.

He whispered a few words casually to a scarred person beside him.

The Scarface was knowing, and quietly walked towards a corner.

Wiliam drew a contest with No. 27.

According to the order, he has to play in the 27th game.

When everyone squeezed into the martial arts stage to cheer the other players, Wiliam was the only one, who seemed to be afraid of disturbing Fengxueqingmeng and stood in a corner.

He is already an inner strength warrior, and he can’t take any interest in the competition of these outer strength warriors.

He was alone, standing silently, eyes slightly closed, as if resting.

And he hadn’t noticed that someone came quietly behind Wiliam.

Wang Yiran.

From the very beginning, Wang Yiran was curious about the person Wiliam was carrying.

Because the person on Wiliam’s back wore a large loose cloak and a black hat, covering this person’s appearance tightly.

He expected that the person on Wiliam’s back must be an extremely ugly person who would not dare to see anyone.

Therefore, he just wanted to ridicule this unaware kid on the spot.

Suddenly he slid and pulled off the hat from Feliicity’s head, and exaggeratedly shouted, “Hid your head and show your tail, everyone looks ugly, hahaha!”


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