Dragon Husband Chapter 682

Chapter 682

As Wang Yiran yelled, everyone present turned their eyes to them.

After Wang Yiran shouted, he also looked at the woman on Wiliam’s back.

At this look, his laughter stopped abruptly!

The woman on Wiliam’s back, where is the shameless ugliness!

She is clearly a woman who looks like a fairy!

The woman closed her eyes tightly and her face was pale, but her flaws were not hidden.

That face is so wonderful.

Is there really such a beautiful woman in the world?

Everyone saw Feliicity’s face clearly, and their mouths opened wide.

They couldn’t believe that the woman on Wiliam’s back was so pretty!

As soon as her face appeared, the people on the scene almost had no way to look away from her!

Even the two people who were playing happily on stage stopped their hands together.

Seeing this face, the world is dull.

Feliicity was obviously noisy by Wang Yiran’s actions.

She opened her eyes in confusion, seeing the crowd in front of her, suddenly showing a trace of timidity, and buried her head on Wiliam’s back.

Lu Yezhen thought that Wang Yiran was so shameless, he pulled his hand and put the cloak on Feliicity again.

Then he looked at Wang Yiran, with a fierce look in his eyes!

act recklessly!

Wang Yiran had no idea that Wiliam was behind the allure, and now he couldn’t even speak.

He completely forgot, his intention was to give this kid a nice look.

Wiliam was about to step forward and confront Wang Yiran.

But Feliicity gently grabbed Wiliam’s hand behind him.

There was a hint of pleading in his eyes.

Can Feliicity still know Wiliam’s character?

The world can humiliate him, but not the Feliicity.

Feliicity naturally knew the purpose of Wiliam’s trip, and didn’t want him to fail because of himself.

Her eyes were saying, don’t go over it, just forget it, don’t care about that person.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity’s pleading eyes, sighed, and silently carried Feliicity on his back, and came to the other side.

“What are you looking at? Don’t let me go down if you don’t want to fight.” The woman who presided over the match said her voice was high.

Only then did everyone gradually wake up from the appearance of Feliicity.

The eyes they looked at Wiliam were filled with endless jealousy.

How lucky is this kid to have such a sweet wife in his arms.

And Wang Yiran’s eyes were filled with jealousy.

Hehehe, such a beautiful beauty, it is a pity to leave you a stinky boy.

It seems that the sky is worthy of me.

After today, this kid will even explain.

Such a big beauty is naturally a good one.

He became more determined in his heart and wanted to get rid of this kid.

Then, he saw that the scarred face came back quietly.

In his hand, there was still a sign.

Wang Yiran took a look and signed the number written on it. It was the 27th!

Wiliam’s opponent!

“You go up later, no matter what you use, you will kill him! Anyway, life or death, ho ho ho.” Wang Yiran whispered.

“I know how to do it. By the way, your uncle will come here in person and support you in a while,” said Scarface grimly.

Wang Yiran’s uncle is the housekeeper of this Beilin Lu family.

All servants, listen to his orders.

It is precisely because of such an uncle that Wang Yiran feels confident.

He thought for a while, and then confessed a few words to Scarface.

Most of the people at the scene were from Beilincheng.

Wang Yiran naturally knows their skills and details.

Only this kid from afar, Wang Yiran still doesn’t know the details.

Therefore, he must be foolproof!

Anyway, it’s just a fate.

Who cares?

Winners and losers have been like this since ancient times.

Scarface took his command and left the scene again.

And the woman obviously noticed the behavior between Wang Yiran and Scarface.

She watched Scarface leave to the backyard, and suddenly frowned.

However, she finally sighed helplessly, without saying anything.

The competition on stage is still going on. In this first round, the winner will go directly to the next round.

Half the elimination rate.

The game will soon be Wiliam’s turn.

And the scarred face had already come back, he said a few words to Wang Yiran, and then Wang Yiran showed a hideous smile.

It’s done.

Sure enough, after a while, someone shouted in the court: “The butler from Da Lu is here!”

With this shout, a fat middle-aged man slowly appeared on the court.

This person is Wang Yiran’s uncle.

He didn’t have a surname, but when he came to Beilin Lu’s family, he wanted to change his surname.

So his name is Lu Defu.

Lu Defu walked into the court with a proud look on his back.

No one would know Lu Defu, this is their future parents.

So everyone bowed to Lu Defu to greet him.

Even the woman who presided over the exam had to lean slightly, “Housekeeper Lu, how come you have time to come here in person?”

Lu Defu looked at the woman in front of him with disdain in his eyes.

Naturally, he would not put such a small assessment in his eyes.

It’s just that my nephew has to come out if he needs it.

Lu Defu first sighed pretentiously, and said to the woman: “Lu Furong, you have done your best to share the burden for me over the years. I was originally, I was quite at ease with you. But you shouldn’t have broken our Beilinlu. House rules!”

This was said in front of everyone.

The face of the woman named Lu Furong changed slightly.

The Beilin Lu family has two butlers.

One is the housekeeper of Lu Defu, and the other is her.

It’s just that she is a small butler and must be sent by Lu Defu.

They are all from the Lu family, what can I say in private?

Do you have to blame yourself in front of so many outsiders?

This Lu Defu seemed to be using some despicable means, so he first slapped others and labeled himself.

Lu Furong was able to be a small butler for so many years, and naturally she was also Qiqiao Linglong Xin.

She lowered her head and said in a deep voice, “I don’t know what the housekeeper is talking about?”

Lu Defu smiled with satisfaction. He said, “I heard that you just agreed to someone’s unreasonable request, letting that person bring an outsider into the game, and you also agreed to let outsiders join our Beilin Lu family? Is this bad? The rules?”

Lu Furong was taken aback, as expected!

That’s it!

Lu Furong had promised before, originally with a joke in mind, and didn’t expect that kid would agree in one go.

Now, the old man Lu Defu has grasped the handle!

Lu Furong is also a decisive person. She immediately said: “Since the butler has spoken himself, I will immediately expel the kid and his wife from the Lu Family in Beilin, right?”

However, where would Lu Defu agree?

The corner of his mouth ticked slightly, expelled?

Want to be beautiful.


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