Dragon Husband Chapter 683

Chapter 683

Lu Defu’s face instantly became stern, “Hu Hong! You mean that our Beilin Lu family has agreed to their request, and now they are driving them out of the Beilin Lu family, and outsiders think that our Beilin Lu family is a little bit unbelievable. !”

Looking at Lu Defu’s pretending face, Lu Furong had an urge to nausea!

Really, this old man is not ashamed, it’s getting too much!

In the past few years, Lu Furong has been in a good mood because of the trust of Princess Lu.

The power in the Lu family has a faint momentum to surpass Lu Defu.

During this time, Princess Lu was not in the Lu family, so she started to fight against herself everywhere.


Hold a handle and let it go, right?

It’s not right to stay, or to go one by one, get sick!

Lu Furong was very aggrieved. She was not ashamed to find faults to make things difficult for her.

“What does the butler mean?” Lu Furong asked calmly.

Lu Defu looked at Lu Furong’s aggrieved look, not to mention it.

Deserve it!

The stinky lady.

Really think that if you have a backing, you can override my Lu Defu’s head?

Don’t you understand if you can sail carefully?

As cautious as you are, you will also make such ignorant mistakes.

Indeed, Lu Defu had always wanted to smash Lu Furong’s face. When he heard that Lu Furong had broken the rules, he was so happy.

This is also an important reason why he is standing here now.

He pondered for a moment and said, “Your fault, we will calculate it later. As for that kid, where is it?”

Everyone turned their eyes to Wiliam.

Wiliam seemed to be indifferent to the situation here, still standing straight.

Lu Defu also looked at Wiliam.

Seeing that he is not amazing, it doesn’t take him seriously.

Just a victim.

“Since you agreed to this kid on behalf of our Beilin Lu family, we should let him continue the game. However, whether it is difficult, I think it should be adjusted, otherwise I will not be able to explain. Ah.” Lu Defu said pretentiously.

Lu Furong frowned, adjusting the difficulty?

I think you clearly want to play this kid to death, and then break me up with dirty water, right?

“Then Steward Lu, how do you want to adjust?” Lu Furong said uncomfortably.

“Which one is it now?” Lu Defu asked directly in reply.

“It’s his turn next.” Lu Furong said.

“Then invite them to the stage first.” Lu Defu smiled, obviously there are a hundred ways to punish people.

Hearing this, Wiliam stepped onto the stage with the Feliicity behind his back among the crowd.

When everyone looked at him, they were all looking at Rehan.

Everyone even felt that he had a big deal today.

It caused the big butler to go out in person and adjust the difficulty for him.

So, you must keep a low profile.

The gun hit the bird.

Wiliam looked at the scarred face beside Wang Yiran who was standing in front of him, as if he understood something in his heart.

He glanced at Wang Yiran.

Wang Yiran didn’t hide the ferocity in his eyes at all, and raised his chin to Wiliam provocatively.

The scene fell silent for a moment.

Seeing this kid, Lu Furong was on stage, and she didn’t let go of the so-called wife, so she was almost pissed off by this kid.

Are you going to die with your wife?

What’s more, Lu Furong was even more worried.

Lu Defu is not ashamed. He doesn’t even say how to adjust the difficulty. Obviously, he has to play a lot.

Lu Furong took a step forward and said to Wiliam: “Boy, put your wife down first. After all, it’s a fight. If you hurt your wife, that’s not good.”

Wiliam looked at Lu Lotus.

This woman is not bad at heart.

It’s just that she has been in a high position all the year round and has cultivated her arrogant temper.

“No need.” Wiliam said lightly.

When Lu Furong saw that this kid didn’t appreciate it, she got up with an irritation.

Did your old lady give you a face?

What is your identity, what is your identity?

Even if you come in, you are only the lowest-ranking servant. What kind of score should you make with me?

Did I kindly feed the dog?

When Lu Defu saw Lu Furong deflated, he even sneered, “Housekeeper Lu, I think you should stop being passionate.”

“Go ahead, how to adjust the difficulty?” Lu Furong asked angrily.

Lu Defu then looked at Wiliam and said, “Since this kid has proposed to bring his wife to join our Beilin Lu family, he naturally has to be very good to let our master break this precedent. And since he is very good, he is ordinary. How can you show his strength in the competition? So, I thought of a way to stimulate the potential of this kid.”

Lu Defu continued to say in the eyes of everyone’s expectation: “That’s this kid, let the opponent have two hands and two feet, so that he can win, it is enough to show that he is excellent and worthy of our Beilin Lujia.com.”

As soon as Lu Defu’s voice fell, there was a burst of exclamation!



Let your hands and feet?

How to fight this special?

Lu Furong’s eyes widened even more, thinking that this old man was not ashamed, and repeatedly rearranging his own lower limit of ethics!

Let your hands and feet, you might as well just say that this kid should stand up.

Do you want this kid to use iron head skills to hit people with his head?

How ethical is to say this?

After a brief consternation, Lu Furong also understood.

The reason why Lu Defu made such an excessive request was that he was determined.

As long as this kid recognizes the counsel, it means that this kid is not good.

He has reason to participate in a book before the master.

And if this kid dared to agree, he would be beaten to death on stage.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a dead end!

Lu Furong looked at Wiliam who was still calm at the moment, and her heart was furious.

These guys are all good guys from the beginning!

I should kick him out at the beginning and give him the third choice of wool!

Now it’s alright, pit yourself in!

She wanted to scold the boy a few words to vent her anger, but suddenly she saw Feliicity’s pleading eyes behind Wiliam.

A pair of beautiful eyes, no impurities.

With people in this world, there are two ways…

This woman’s eyes seem to be able to speak, and they are the most beautiful love words in the world…

Lu Furong shrank back when she cursed.

Instead it became–

“Leave the Lu family yourself, don’t make the scene too ugly.” Lu Furong said lightly.

This is her biggest compromise.

It was also her greatest tolerance for Wiliam.

As long as Wiliam offered to leave, he could still save his life and be an ordinary couple with this little lady.

At most, he has been confined for a while, and the pain of flesh and blood can rival the pain of life and death.

But never thought that Lu Furong was kind enough to be treated as a donkey liver and lungs again.

Wiliam smiled lightly and passed directly over Lu Furong.

He stood in front of Lu Defu and said lightly: “Come on.”


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