Dragon Husband Chapter 684

Chapter 684

Lu Furong grabbed Wiliam and looked at this kid in disbelief.

Is he really stupid or fake?

Can you still hear that the butler Lu is going to make him a victim?

This matter, in fact, has nothing to do with this kid.

It is me that Lu Defu has to deal with now!

You kid, what are you doing here now!

Moreover, what makes Lu Furong even more puzzled is how obsessed this kid wants to join the Beilin Lu Family?

Not only did he bring his family with him, but now that his death is approaching, he still doesn’t know to retreat, and wants to face the difficulties?

“You stop for me!” Lu Furong shouted with a deep face.

Wiliam turned to look at Lu Furong, and asked faintly, “Do you have any questions?”

Lu Furong was about to be pissed off by this kid!

My mother kindly told you not to die!

You are so good!

Do I have any questions?

I don’t even have the slightest doubt, you can die!

Lu Defu didn’t even think that this kid who didn’t know where he came out would even agree to this condition.

Normal people know that this condition is extremely unfavorable to him.

Not only there is no possibility of winning, but even his life will be here.

He actually agreed?

For a while, Lu Defu really didn’t know if this kid was really capable?

Lu Defu is worthy of being a veteran. Seeing Wiliam’s calm expression, he made a living.

He stroked his mustache slowly, and said without a smile: “Okay, I really am a hero when he was born a boy. I promised you this, I think you have great abilities. But well…”

“Sometimes when people are facing danger, the body will instinctively resist. If you accidentally use your fists and kicks by then, won’t your skills and hard work be wasted? I will feel sorry for you. of.”

Lu Defu’s words stunned everyone at the scene.

Shouldn’t Lu Defu take such care of this kid?

Why are you talking so easily now?

However, Lu Furong’s face changed slightly.

And Wiliam, with a slight tick at the corner of his mouth, asked Lu Defu, “What do you mean by being a steward of Lu?”

Lu Defu then slowly said, “In order not to let your previous achievements go to waste, and also for our Beilin Lu family to not lose talent. I suggest that you can tie your hands and feet together so that you can’t use your instincts. It’s against the rules. I’m all for your good.”

As soon as this was said, the scene was in an uproar!

Everyone looked at Lu Defu in disbelief!

Before, letting hands and feet has made everyone feel incredible.

Everyone does not believe that this will be the words of a big housekeeper.

But now, I don’t think there are even more ruining views!

Not only must you tie your hands and feet, but also tie your hands and feet!

The words are so high-sounding!


Tie up your hands and feet, what is the difference between killing a dead fish!

Lu Defu is going to use the kid to die without resistance!

I really don’t know what hatred or grievances they have!

It is worthwhile for the butler to save his face.

Lu Furong was trembling with anger.

She couldn’t bear it anymore, and she cursed directly: “Lu Defu! Do you still want to compare your face! Are you afraid of flashing your tongue when you say this! If you want to deal with it, I will just say it directly. People who do it are bait! Is it interesting!”

If it were normal, Lu Furong still had a city mansion, and would never get angry as easily.

The main reason is that Lu Defu is too aggressive today, he has made every inch of it!

And the kid who didn’t know where he came out!

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, and don’t even know that dead words are written like this!


Go out without looking at the almanac!

When Lu Defu saw Lu Furong’s anger, even though he was scolded, he was extremely proud!

Why he is so aggressive is to ignite Lu Furong’s anger.

The more this little girl loses her temper, the more articles we can do about this matter.

Sacrificing a little-known kid to trip this little girl is so worthwhile.

Lu Defu deliberately sullen his face and shouted loudly: “Lu Furong! Please pay attention to your attitude! Are you talking to me! I will report what you just said to the master! The following is committed, but we are the leader of the Lu family in Beilin. avoid!”

Lu Furong’s face became stiff, and she stamped her feet with anger!

She knew that she was in the game!

This old man has caught a handle again!

Blame that kid!

Thinking of this, Lu Furong stretched out her foot depressed and kicked Wiliam’s calf a little.

And Lu Defu went on a journey, and he didn’t care whether he should tie up his hands and feet.

He looked at Wiliam jokingly and said, “Boy, you can be considered a sturdy person. I fully respect your opinion about this matter. If you want to tie it, I will let someone tie it. If you don’t want to tie it, I will also I totally agree, after all, everyone has their own ambitions.”

This is very beautiful, and it makes sense for relaxation.

Everyone suddenly had a new look at Lu Defu’s gaffe.

This kid is also fortuned.

The butler just said casually, and there is no mandatory requirement.

You know, if you really want to tie your hands and feet, this kid doesn’t even have a chance to save himself.

Besides, his performance is a matter of life or death.

He is very likely to be killed here on the spot!

He will definitely go down the steps given by the butler now.

And just as everyone was thinking about it for granted, they heard Wiliam faintly said, “If you want to tie it, tie it, don’t waste time.”

In a word, shocked everywhere!


This kid, God!

Don’t borrow the donkey!

Don’t take the opportunity to step down!

But at this juncture, take a high slope! Climb the high platform!

Does he know what he is doing?

I really thought I was the eight-armed Nazha, with his hands tied and six hands!

This person, he wanted to die, but he couldn’t help it.

Lu Furong only felt his head bang.

Today I was reorganized by a brat again and again!

It is also unforgettable.

If you want to die, hurry up!

The most surprising thing was Lu Defu.

He didn’t even put this kid in his eyes.

It was just to use him to do something to achieve the purpose of suppressing Lu Furong.

Now I want to let this kid go, but he is showing me arrogance?

Don’t waste time?


I will not waste your time rushing to netherworld.

Lu Defu is also used to being arrogant, and has never been scorned in public by a kid.

With a fierce look, he looked at Wang Yiran and the scar face.

Wang Yiran understood and showed a sullen smile.

But Lu Defu spoke again, but like the king of Hades, sentenced to death.

“Come here, tie up this kid’s hands and feet! This scene, but life and death are all destined, kid, I look forward to hello, you must never let me down. Yes.”


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