Dragon Husband Chapter 685

Chapter 685

This time, Wiliam gently placed Feliicity on the martial arts stage.

Said it was separation, the two were no more than one meter apart.

Although Lu Furong felt very unhappy with this kid in her heart, she did not know why she felt good about this pair of immaculate little women.

Seeing Wiliam put her on the martial arts stage, Lu Furong couldn’t help but said, “You are so close, aren’t you afraid of hurting her by mistake?”

As she said, she squatted horizontally before Feliicity.

It seemed that he was going to help Feliicity block some unnecessary flying disasters with his body.

Wiliam didn’t care, and sat on the ground on the martial arts stage.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam’s indifferent expression, her eyes filled with anxiety.

Wiliam touched Feliicity’s head lightly, and whispered, “Don’t worry, don’t you know what your husband is capable of?”

Feliicity sighed.

I know my husband’s abilities better than anyone.

However, even if he is capable, I should be worried.

At this time, two people came over with a turquoise rope.

Seeing the rope, Lu Furong’s face became stiff.

This is exactly the young prisoner rope used by Beilin Lu’s family to kidnap prisoners.

This kind of youth rope is made of an extremely tough plant. It is said that a master of inner strength has no way to break free.

This Lu Defu really does everything possible.

To deal with a child, even the youth rope was used.

Not afraid of making a fuss?

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had already tied Wiliam’s hands behind them.

Wiliam’s feet were also like crabs, tied by five flowers.

He just sat on the martial arts stage like a salted fish let others kill.

Looking at him like this, Lu Furong couldn’t bear it either.

The main thing is that she is thinking now, if this kid died here today.

What should he do with this beautiful and lovely little lady?

Who will take care of it?

For a time, Lu Furong had a big head.

At this time, the scarred face returned to the stage again.

He had received Wang Yiran’s death order, and his face had a fierce look at the moment.

Before, he changed the lottery through Lu Defu, replacing him with the same team as Wiliam.

In order to be able to teach this kid himself.

Now, the opportunity has come.

What kind of means does a kid who is tied up by the big five flowers use to vent his grievances?

“The game begins!” With the referee’s order, the unilateral massacre that everyone thought was officially started.

Scarface can also be regarded as a master in the mid-term of Waijin. He has followed Wang Yiran all the year round, and he is also a famous bastard in this neighborhood.

He looked at Wiliam condescendingly, grinning grinningly, “Boy, I don’t know if you have heard a word, everyone is innocent and guilty. I only blame you, ho ho…”

While he was talking, his eyes floated to the worried Feliicity.

No one thought that Wiliam would have such a beautiful wife.

Since there is such a good-looking wife, she must have enough strength to protect her well.

Rather than falling to today, the heart has more than enough energy.

Wiliam directly understood Scarface’s provocation, but slowly closed his eyes.

In this case, no one caught his eyes, no one disturbed his heart.

He doesn’t need to look, smell, or endure.

And this closed eyes fell in the eyes of everyone, causing another exclamation.

This kid is willing to fall!

Since he promised to tie his hands and feet, he should have the consciousness to fight to death!

Otherwise, it might as well go down the steps and save a dog’s life.

Now, he actually closed his eyes.

This isn’t what you want to die!

I really can’t understand this kid.

But Scarface was so angry that Wiliam closed his eyes, blushing and his neck thick!

This is clearly provoking him!

The killing intent in Scarface’s heart instantly rose.

He was still thinking about using some means to make this kid not as good as death, and to play with this kid.

Now, no more!

Scarface just wanted to use the most brutal means to spit out blood from the palm of this kid, which is happy!

Scarface thought, suddenly luck.

His palms formed, and he slammed Wiliam’s back fiercely!

Scarface was walking behind Wiliam at this moment, it was unintentional.

Wiliam closed his eyes again, and his hands were tied.

With this palm, Wiliam had no way to hide.

The people at the scene suddenly screamed.

“Fuck! This is the cracked stone palm of Scarface!”

“A shot is a big move. It seems that this kid is guilty of public anger today. He will be so young at a young age.”

“Who made him be so arrogant just now? Don’t talk about Cracking Stone Palm, even if we are in full bloom, let alone this kid.”

“I wonder if the coffin is arranged?”

Wang Yiran grinned at the corner of his mouth as he watched Scarface’s face used a cracked stone palm and smiled triumphantly.

His eyes looked at Feliicity naturally.

With this palm, all stories have an ending.

All stories have a new life.

This pitiful little lady also has a new destination.

Lu Furong couldn’t bear to close her eyes as she saw the wind and thunder in her palm.

Boy, Jie Ai has changed.

All previous arrogance comes at a price.

I hope that in the next life, you can keep a low profile, keep a little verbal in your words, and remember that others treat you well.

“Bang!” He slapped Wiliam hard with a palm!

This voice is dull and sour.

Just listen to it with all your strength.

do you died?

Everyone was thinking about it, and suddenly there was a painful wailing on the scene!

Everyone thought it was Wiliam with his hands and feet tied up.

But seeing the person who screamed clearly, everyone was instantly confused.

The one who screamed was a scar face with all his strength!

Scarface hit Wiliam’s body with a palm, but at this moment he tightly covered the palm of his right hand with one hand, his whole body was bowed to the ground, and a face full of cold sweat came out!

It seemed to have been severely beaten.

On the contrary, it was Wiliam who was hit with all his strength. At this moment, he didn’t even hum, and his eyes didn’t even open.

Everything is as it was at the beginning.

These two very different results made everyone at the scene dumbfounded.

Especially Wang Yiran, who originally thought that the outcome of this palm was already in his arms.

Unexpectedly, there will be such a strange situation?

Was Scarface hit by someone?

It’s so heartbreaking!

Lu Defu, who was smiling, stopped abruptly, staring at Wiliam with wide eyes, his eyes flashing in disbelief!


What’s the matter!

There was no one at the scene who knew what happened!

Even Lu Furong didn’t know, but in her heart, she felt fortunate that this kid had gotten back a little life after taking the shit.

At this time, Scarface screamed and exposed his right palm.

One hand of blood, four madness!


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