Dragon Husband Chapter 686

Chapter 686

Everyone saw the look in the hands of Scarface and exclaimed again.

It was Scarface who slapped Wiliam, but why did Scarface’s hands all have blood!

Could it be that this kid will not be successful?

No, even if you can move flowers and trees, it is still palm strength, which will make a person’s bones torn apart, not like now, bones are only bleeding.

Wang Yiran below, his face was hard to see the extreme.

He stepped forward, stood under the martial arts platform, and sternly shouted: “Little Scar, what the hell is going on!”

The big cold sweat on Scar’s face was still falling down.

He has no idea what happened!

It’s like hell.

He was very confident in his palm, and he could beat this kid to pieces, vomiting blood.

But when his palm reached Wiliam’s back, he felt a sharp pain suddenly coming from his hand.

Then, the harder the palm of Scarface, the deeper this heartache!

Until the end, he could no longer bear the pain of the heart, and cried out in pain.

When Wang Yiran sternly questioned, Scarface felt his face lost.

He looked at Wiliam bitterly.

I saw this kid sitting silently as if he had no idea what was going on.

Moreover, his clothes are thin, and he doesn’t seem to be someone with hidden weapons.

Is this scene just now an illusion?

Scarface looked at his hand, still suffering from it.

The blood is still flowing.

“You kid, you can do it. If you don’t, you can come down. Don’t embarrass me by being on it.” Wang Yiran’s face also cooled.

After all, the scar face represents his face.

To deal with a kid with tied hands and feet, he still attacked from behind, and it was a full blow.

Even the fur of this kid was not hurt, and he was bleeding anyway.

This is not to release water, others should be able to believe it.

Scarface was questioned by Wang Yiran in public, and his face rose to the color of pig liver.

His loyalty to Wang Yiran is a lesson from the sun and the moon!

He was cruel, and suddenly endured the pain, stretched out his left palm!

Ready to use the palm of his left hand to give this kid a big blow again.

Fortunately, only once, there will not be a second time!

But this time, it was exactly the same as before!

Scarface’s hand hit Wiliam’s shoulder.

Wiliam didn’t move.

Calm down.

However, Scarface wailed in pain again.

His left palm is also dripping with blood!

At this moment, everyone showed horrified eyes.

If the previous scene was a coincidence and a mystery, everyone can still accept it.

What now?

The second time, the second palm, still so!

It’s this kid who should never die!

This kid still has a different technique!

Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to be lucky twice in a row!

Lu Furong also looked at Wiliam strangely in an instant.

Want to see some clues from him!

She gave birth to a strange mind for the first time.

It seemed that all the rants that this kid said to her before had become so sincere.

All is just telling the truth.

What secret is hidden in him.

He was able to ignore so many masters at the scene, tied his hands and feet, and still so calm and relaxed.

The gentleman holds weapons, wait for time to move!

Wang Yiran’s expression changed drastically on the spot.

He even looked at Lu Defu in awe.

Lu Defu couldn’t hold his face anymore.

He didn’t even put Wiliam in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, in the end the problem actually appeared on the people next to Wang Yiran.

Okay, I’m so special that I made people tie that kid’s hands and feet. Wang Yiran is going to rebel, isn’t it?

Lu Defu immediately gave Wang Yiran a fierce look.

Wang Yiran went wild on the spot, “Scar, you get me down!”

Scarface’s hands were full of blood, which was questioned by Wang Yiran.

He looked at Wiliam bitterly, and shouted: “This kid, there is definitely something wrong with him! He broke the rules! He has hidden weapons that hurt people!”

Scarface seems to have guessed it now. It must be this kid who is wearing a body armor similar to a soft hedgehog, so he can protect himself and make his opponent hurt himself.

And in the fight, similar to this kind of armor, are not allowed.

Wang Yiran was taken aback and looked at Lu Defu.

Lu Defu seemed to understand, and said leisurely: “I don’t want to understand why the opponent will be injured for no reason. If someone cheats in our Beilin Lu family’s fight, it is a felony.”

He seemed to have said this to others on purpose.

Lu Furong, who was next to him, changed her face after hearing this!

That’s it!

If Wiliam really cheated, it would be a disaster for her!

You know, Beilin Lu’s family in Beilin City kept their promises, and the weight was extremely heavy.

No one has ever dared to cheat in the Beilin Lu family’s fight.

If this were discovered, it would definitely be a capital crime.

At that time, I will be implicated to death by this kid.

Thinking of this, Lu Furong suddenly felt uneasy.

According to normal thinking, Wiliam must have cheated if he could achieve an incredible situation in the audience.

At this time, Lu Defu said to his subordinates: “Come here, give him a medical examination.”

Lu Furong’s heart sighed, and said in a deep voice, “Steward Lu, if you are not as skilled as people, you will doubt others indiscriminately. It seems that this is not the work of a gentleman?”

But Lu Defu fully knew Lu Furong’s psychology.

He sneered and took the lead to walk towards Wiliam.

Wiliam finally opened his eyes again and looked at these people in front of him.

The opening of his eyes made Lu Defu, who was originally determined to win, lost his words!

What kind of eyes are this!

As if the stars are hidden in the eyes!

As if dragons and snakes are coming from the sky!

Gujing is not waved, but it makes people watch, endlessly lost.

Under this indifferent and eternal look, Lu Defu was lost on the spot.

It was his subordinate who gently woke up Lu Defu.

Lu Defu rubbed his eyes in disbelief, then looked at Wiliam.

But I never saw the same star Hanbo eyes again.


That’s right, how could a kid in such a dreadful look have such terrifying eyes.

Almost shocked by him.

In order to conceal his guilty conscience, Lu Defu sternly shouted: “Come here, take off his shirt for me!”

Lu Furong was suddenly upset.

Even if Wiliam didn’t cheat, it would be a speechless humiliation for him to be stripped for medical examination on the spot!

However, Lu Furong had no idea.

She can only pray in her heart, this kid must not cheat.

Feliicity was even more nervous.

She knows Wiliam best.

This is clearly Wiliam’s own ability, and what is cheating.

Now that he was asked for a physical examination, according to Wiliam’s temper, how could he be able to bear it!

Things are going to be bad!

Sure enough, Wiliam slowly raised his head, his eyes instantly becoming fierce!

All the young prisoners on his body suddenly fell apart!

“I don’t sin against people, but people sin against me…”

“I really thought, Wiliam…”



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