Dragon Husband Chapter 687

Chapter 687 The Scar Is A Man’s Medal

As Wiliam slowly got up, the young prisoner on his body fell to the ground.

The people at the scene actually screamed as Wiliam got up!

This scene is incredible!

This scene was extremely shocking!

How could the youth rope on Wiliam suddenly fall!

You know, this is a young prisoner rope!

This is the rope used by Beilin Lu’s family to imprison prisoners.

Not to mention the people present, they are the strong insiders, and there is no way to get out of it!

But this Wiliam can do things that even a master of internal power can’t do!

This completely subverted everyone’s cognition!

Because from the materials submitted by Wiliam, Wiliam is just a strong external player.

How did he do it!

It was Wang Yiran, Lu Defu and others who also fought a cold war inexplicably.

The youth rope fell to the ground.

Wiliam’s words lingered in his ears!

Really think I am Wiliam, compassionate!

This is what an arrogant sentence!

Wasn’t he always inexperienced with the people present before?

What kind of supreme position is this standing in to speak such words of the audience?

Lu Furong looked at Wiliam proudly at this moment, and she felt like she was overwhelmed.

What kind of momentum this kid!

Why has it suddenly become so unbelievable!

Could it be that I have always underestimated him!

But it shouldn’t be. If he has great abilities, why should he come to my Beilin Lu family as a servant?

No, there must be something wrong!

At this time, under Lu Defu’s eyes, two or three servants quickly picked up the young prisoner who had fallen in front of Wiliam and placed them in front of Lu Defu.

Lu Defu carefully examined these sections of the young prisoner’s rope, and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

I saw deep cutting marks on these young prisoner ropes.

It should be that the young prisoner’s rope had been damaged long ago, so this kid could take the opportunity to break free.

It is not that he has the ability to break free.

Because he has no weapon at all.

It was a false alarm.

Lu Defu scolded his men fiercely: “You didn’t know when you took the young prisoner’s rope to check it carefully! It’s okay today, it’s only used to tie this kid, if one day it is used to tie a vicious criminal, he will be caught Break free, when the time comes, the master asks the crime, can you afford it! A bunch of waste!”

Those subordinates were so bloody scolded, they looked at each other and felt extremely wronged.

How could they not check the quality of this young prisoner’s rope?

I’ve obviously checked it before, there is no problem.

I just don’t know why this kid can break free…

But seeing Lu Defu’s aggressive manner, they all suffocated all the grievances in their hearts.

Lu Defu looked at Wiliam again this time, his eyes filled with heavy hatred.

It was this kid who made him lose his face on the spot, making him unable to look up!

Originally, he didn’t care about this kid at all, but now it seems that he wants to blame himself.

“Take his clothes off for me, I want to see what he is hiding!” Lu Defu shouted sharply.

Wiliam’s eyes moved, and his expression became indifferent.

Just when Wiliam wanted to fight back, suddenly a person stood in front of Wiliam.

Lu Furong.

Lu Furong had been paying attention to Wiliam’s face since just now.

Seeing that Wiliam was really angry now, he didn’t know why, and he stood up when his heart moved.

She held Wiliam’s shoulder with one hand, shook her head slightly, and said in a low voice: “Although I don’t know why you have to come to our Beilin Lu family as a servant, you still have to bring your wife with you. But I want to tell You, since you have asked the Beilin Lu family, you have to endure a little grievance. You are not here to be a king, but a servant.”

This sentence exploded in Wiliam’s ear like thunder.

Wiliam couldn’t help turning his head, looking at Feliicity.

At this moment, Feliicity’s face was full of worries, but Wiliam only saw him pale.

How long can this paleness last.

Yes, I had promised Sister Tian Tian a long time ago to bear the humiliation.

How can you give up all your efforts at the beginning…

it is good!

I will endure!

Wiliam insisted on holding on to his arrogance, standing like loose, unmoving.

Seeing Wiliam finally calm down, Lu Furong breathed a sigh of relief.

She always felt that if this kid really got angry, she would definitely not be kind today.

Although this kid will not be able to reach Beilin Lu’s family after all, it is definitely not a good thing for her to make things so big.

Now that he could calm down and be a little wronged, it couldn’t be better.

And Lu Defu sneered, and gave this kid a hundred courage. He would dare to oppose my Beilin Lu family?

He gave an order and the three people surrounded Wiliam.

Then he was arrogant and unreasonably tore off Wiliam’s upper body clothes!

Wiliam just stood there without making a sound, his eyes slowly closed again.

Longyou Shoal suffered a shrimp scene!

Tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by a dog!

For the Feliicity, I took the butcher knife…

In an instant, all the clothes on Wiliam’s upper body had been torn off, revealing a strong muscle.

But everyone saw his upper body and exclaimed again.


Wiliam’s upper body was covered with numerous scars!

Although these scars have been scarred, but so densely covered, they seem to be extraordinarily crippled!

What did this kid do against the sky, there are so many scars on his body!

Moreover, with so many scars, he is still alive, and he can still retain his life.

It’s really fateful.

It was Lu Furong that saw Wiliam’s body hurt, and her heart was violent.

The scar is a man’s medal.

Such scars, just to prove him, stand upright! Seven-foot man!

Jin can kill the enemy with a thousand injuries, and retreat can protect the lover and lover.

This is a real man of flesh and blood!

Feliicity saw Wiliam being stripped of his clothes in this way, and saw the intricate wounds on his body, the past events once again surfaced before him.

Her eyes were instantly red.

You can make Wiliam bow his head and bend his waist, there is only Feliicity in the world.

I am sorry……

And Lu Defu and others carefully checked Wiliam’s clothes, trying to find out what hidden weapons were in it.

But they searched carefully for five minutes, and in the end, they even tore their clothes into strips of cloth, without any hidden weapon.

There were even two people who carefully fumbled on Wiliam’s upper body, still not having any clues.

This result made Lu Defu even more angry.

How could there be no hidden weapon!

If there is no hidden weapon, how did that scar face injury come from!

Absolutely impossible!

Besides, it was oneself who made people strip the clothes, but now there is no result, it is still his own face!

Lu Defu was anxious and frustrated, and shouted coldly, “Pick off this kid’s pants!”


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