Dragon Husband Chapter 688

Chapter 688

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere on the scene calmed down instantly.

Everyone was shocked at first, but after listening to these words, there was a joke on their faces.

Now that everyone knows, there is no need to care if this kid fouls or cheats.

It was that Lu Defu was about to humiliate this kid in public.

Take off your pants, interesting.

What a dignified thing a man is forced to take off his pants in public.

When Lu Furong heard this, her face suddenly became extremely ugly. She couldn’t care about anything anymore and asked sharply: “Housekeeper Lu! What are you going to do! Do you have any grudges against me! Why bother against one? The applicant is so unscrupulous? If you do this, you will not be afraid of spreading it out of my Beilin Lu family’s face?”

However, Lu Defu’s words have already been said, and there is no reason to take them back.

He sneered: “Ho ho, isn’t this person the one who broke the rule in the first place? I was wiping your butt, don’t you know? You still have the face to say this?”

“You!” Lu Furong was speechless by Lu Defu.

She suddenly looked at Wiliam, her eyes full of guilt.

This was originally an intrigue between the two housekeepers of the Lu family, but now this kid is a victim.

Lu Furong didn’t feel uneasy in her heart.

She didn’t have the face to persuade Lu Yeyin to endure it.

Lu Defu looked at Wiliam arrogantly and said, “You can choose not to continue the medical examination. I will give you a chance to get me out of my Beilin Lu’s house neatly.”

Lu Furong’s eyes flashed, and she signaled Wiliam to leave quickly and stop staying in this place of right and wrong.

However, Wiliam took a deep breath, and waves gradually formed in his heart.

Everyone didn’t know how Scarface was injured, so they chose to have a physical examination in public.

However, what can be learned from the physical examination?

The reason why Scarface got hurt was because Wiliam had just practiced to wait for needles.

In his body, there is Long live Honglian!

Long live Honglian has completely become a part of Wiliam’s body.

As long as the palm of Scarface hits Wiliam’s body, Wiliam’s body can pierce the long live red lotus between the electric flint and directly penetrate the palm of Scarface.

Then he retracted into Wiliam’s body.

These ordinary people, how can they see the mystery between this electric light and flint.

Now I have to check my body, but I want to humiliate myself.

If you want to be humiliated, then come.

Wiliam has been wronged since he was a child, and he has never encountered the shame of stripping his clothes like the one he encountered today.

Up to now, his body is trembling slightly, and his heart is suffering!

Take it as it is, feed the dog with flesh and blood!

“You don’t need to do it, I will do it myself.” Wiliam took a deep breath and said lightly.

His voice was still trembling slightly, obviously trying to forbear it.

The people on the scene heard Wiliam actually want to do it himself, and burst into laughter.

Things have evolved to the present, it has been a good show.

This kid is really a tortoise in the midst of suffering.

This humiliation can be resisted.

Wang Yiran smiled extremely exaggeratedly, and his previous grievances were wiped out.

However, no one noticed that Feliicity’s tears were falling down when Wiliam’s voice fell.

Even a strange red flashed in his eyes again, no one knew.

Lu Furong was almost to death by Wiliam.

This kid, what should I say about him!

Don’t retreat when it is time to retreat, and rise to the difficulties!

Retreat when you shouldn’t retreat, without integrity.

I don’t even have the slightest eye to see!

At this time, Wiliam’s hand was already on his waistband.

He was heartbroken and took off his pants.

Only a pair of boxer pants remained.

He raised his trousers and threw them to the people in Lu Defu, and said indifferently: “You guys check it out.”

Lu Defu thought that Wiliam would be so simple, and he was deterred for a while.

Several of his men also checked carefully and found that there was nothing wrong.

After Lu Defu learned of the results of his inspection, he was suddenly in a dilemma.

He was going to use this hand to force this kid to go crazy, so he had a reason to do it against him or even Lu Furong.

Either this kid would just admit it, and just mock him.

What’s going on now?

The pants are all stripped, and there is no check result.

It puts Lu Defu in a dilemma.

Could it be that the last fig leaf of this kid should also be taken off?

Just as he was thinking, Wiliam asked indifferently, “Do I need to take it off again?”

Directly brought Lu Defu into the army!

Lu Defu was trembling with anger!

No one is arrogant!

Really thought I didn’t dare!

The little ants have turned against me again and again!

Just when he wanted to speak, Lu Furong stood up resolutely this time.

She seemed to calm down her anger completely, and what she said was surprisingly calm.

“Steward Lu, if you continue to be rude to make things difficult for today’s applicants, I will go to the master now, and let the master come over and comment in person.”

This is like burning jade and stone!

How dare Lu Defu alarm his master about such a small incident.

He also knew that Lu Furong was really angry.

Otherwise, according to her wise and self-preserving character, she wouldn’t be able to say such words.

Lu Defu hesitated, gave Wiliam a fierce look, and said, “If this is the case, then go ahead.”

His men also threw Wiliam’s pants back to Wiliam.

Lu Furong looked at Wiliam and suddenly sighed. Even if he joined the Beilin Lu family, it would be a disaster for such a ignorant person.

He stayed at Lu’s house in Beilin for a long time.

Why obsessive?

Lu Furong then presided over the competition and said, “So, according to the rules, Wiliam won the game just now. Do you have any comments?”

Originally, Wiliam was tied with his hands and feet and did not make a move, but now he has won.

This weird situation made everyone quite dissatisfied.

This winning is too unclear, right?

In particular, Wang Yiran directly said in a weird way: “This round is a contest of martial arts, this kid can show nothing, how can he be considered as winning?”

With him fanning the flames, several people quickly agreed.

The scene suddenly became messy.

Lu Furong looked at these people with disdain in her heart.

There is no justice, there is a guilty heart.

Such people are exalted as servants…

Lu Furong said in a cold voice: “The rules just now were made very clear by Steward Lu himself. You still don’t give up, don’t you? Okay, I’ll give you another chance. I’ll count dozens of them in a while, but anyone, Dare to challenge Wiliam, the rules remain the same, as long as you dare to…”

“Put a punch on this kid!”


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