Dragon Husband Chapter 689

Chapter 689

After Lu Furong finished speaking, the noisy people at the scene suddenly became quiet.

Everyone looked at each other, you look at me, I look at you, but no one dared to jump out.

Who dares?

This kid is very mysterious, everyone look at the scar face that is still wailing in the audience.

Those hands were still bleeding.

If you go up rashly and end up like a scarred face, who will make sense?

These hands are lost, and it’s not just a question of whether the competition can continue in the future, it may be ruined in this life.

Lu Furong showed a hint of playfulness.

This group of villains, that’s it.

Who would dare to tell the truth below and really come to power?

Seeing that everyone didn’t dare, Lu Defu could only bite the bullet and said, “Even if this kid passes the level, but I’m going to say ugly, this is the first level. Boy, you better have the ability to survive the test. Two levels down.”

With that said, Lu Defu came to Wiliam’s face and looked at Wiliam’s icy face.

He stretched out his hand and deliberately patted Wiliam’s face in front of everyone, as if he was encouraging a younger generation, but only the people around him could hear his voice clearly.

“Little guy, you’re crazy, didn’t you say you don’t want to be merciful? Then let me take a good look at how ferocious you are, ho ho.”

After speaking, he smiled arrogantly and patted Wiliam on the shoulder, “Come on, I am optimistic about you.”

This slapped face fell in the eyes of everyone, and once again caused a wave of ridicule.

Wiliam didn’t raise his eyelids, or said a word.

Lu Furong let the surrounding subordinates continue to preside over the competition, and then saw Wiliam return to Feliicity again.

He lifted Feliicity on his back, still not speaking.

Feliicity returned to Wiliam’s back, only feeling a warm current flowing in his heart.

Her hands were shaking.

She touched the criss-crossing scars on Wiliam’s back, tears dripping on his back.

How many of these injuries are marked for a woman who is ignorant and ignorant…

One by one, it is love.

“Feliicity, I have nothing to do.” Wiliam said softly as if he knew Feliicity’s heart.

These injuries were indeed caused during the battle of Lingyue Villa.

However, Wiliam’s physique was special, and coupled with his previous breakthroughs, these injuries would have no effect on Wiliam at all, he just looked at the cripples.

Feliicity gently put her head on Wiliam’s shoulder, suddenly opened her small mouth, and bit on Wiliam’s shoulder hard.

Wiliam snorted, but did not speak.

Feliicity shed tears while biting.

She has a lot to say in her heart.

But I can’t say it, I can’t say it.

This is the only way to let this fool know that some people will feel pain.

And when Lu Furong saw this scene, she felt sad.

What kind of vicissitudes did this young couple have experienced?

One has nothing to say, the other has nothing to complain.

She walked up to Wiliam and asked in a low voice, “You kid, how did you get that scarred face hurt?”

Wiliam looked at Lu Furong and said indifferently: “This has nothing to do with you.”

Lu Furong originally sympathized with this kid, but after hearing this, her heart would explode!

My mother is on your side anyhow now!

Would you die if you speak politely?

Originally wanted to help you, now you can ask for more blessings!

“Looking at this family history, Lu Defu will not let you go. The second medical examination will be done later, maybe he will propose something more shameless, and if you want to stay, you can think of a way.” Lu Furong After speaking with a cold face, he left Wiliam.

Staying next to this kid for a moment, she felt that the small universe was about to explode.

After the accident of Wiliam, the first level of the game became dull.

The game was over quickly.

More than one hundred and ninety people, half of them were eliminated directly, and the venue was suddenly empty.

Naturally, Wang Yiran also made it into the second stage with a strong force. After closing his opponent neatly, he provocatively compared Wiliam with his middle finger.

Finally, Lu Furong stood on the stage and counted the list of personnel who entered the second round.

After the personnel arrived, Lu Furong took out a piece of paper that had been prepared long ago and said: “If there is any objection now, we will directly start the second round of medical examination.”

“Everyone knows that our Beilin Lu family, medical and martial arts fellow practitioners, are based on medicine, so medical skills have an irreplaceable position in our Beilin Lu family. However, you only come to recruit servants, so for medical skills, we treat you The requirements will not be too high. It only requires that you know how to differentiate medicines.” Lu Furong said lightly.

As a servant in Beilin Lu’s family, it is natural to know some of the most basic pharmacological knowledge, so the assessment of everyone is also their familiarity with drugs.

It has not yet reached the level of curing diseases and saving lives.

Everyone also seemed to know the format of the exam, one by one, wiping their eyes, some blowing their noses.

Then, a referee instead of Lu Furong said: “Today’s medical examination, we mainly use two forms of medicine. You will start to draw lots later. What I want to explain here is that the difficulty of the two forms is the same, and it all depends on luck. .”

“The first one is to smell the medicine. As the name suggests, you will be blindfolded and put several medicinal materials in front of your nose. You need to identify them one by one, even if the challenge is successful.”

“The second kind is to recognize medicine. It is the opposite of smelling medicine. You need to cover your nose, and then rely solely on your eyes to distinguish the several medicinal materials in front of you.”

“We will time everyone separately, first of all, to ensure the correct rate. In the case of the same correct rate, the one who takes the shortest time wins. In this way, the top 30 will be taken into the final round of the competition.”

Everyone nodded their heads, the rules were already very clear, and then, it was up to everyone’s ability.

There is no possibility of mutual plagiarism in this level, because the medicinal materials the referee grabs are random and different from each other.

At the referee’s signal, everyone began to take their seats.

When Wiliam was about to take his seat, Lu Defu spoke again.

With a lazy smile on his face, he said: “Who, you wait. After all, you are racing against the rules, so your assessment should be calculated separately.”

Wiliam couldn’t comment, he had expected this step long ago.

And Lu Furong showed a trace of worry, and asked, “I don’t know Butler Lu, what are the shocking conditions to say?”

The meaning of the ridicule in this sentence is clear.

But how could Lu Defu fall into Lu Furong’s plan? He smiled sorrowfully and said to Wiliam: “For your assessment, first of all, naturally, you must cover your eyes and your nose.”

“Then, there are two small conditions.”


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