Dragon Husband Chapter 690

Chapter 690

As soon as Lu Defu spoke, Lu Furong’s brows wrinkled deeply.

This old and shy person is getting too much!

Everyone blindfolded some of them, some covered their noses, and Wiliam had to cover both. The difficulty has more than doubled!

You know, the herb is either looking at the appearance or smelling.

Lu Defu had completely blocked Wiliam’s two necessary roads, and he was completely not giving Wiliam a way out.

It’s not over now?

There are two small conditions?

Knowing these two small conditions with your toes will definitely make things difficult!

“Housekeeper Lu, don’t go too far!” Lu Furong said calmly.

She and Wiliam are now completely tied to a rope, and it’s hard for anyone.

So if she can fight for Wiliam, she will still find a way to fight for Wiliam.

However, Lu Defu went directly over Lu Furong and asked Wiliam: “What do you say?”

“You continue.” Wiliam just replied lightly.

Medical doctors can’t distinguish medicines by taste and vision.

Relying on taste and vision alone is nothing but the helpless action of ordinary doctors.

At the level of Wiliam, there are actually several ways to distinguish medicine, which these people don’t know.

Lu Furong was so angry that she almost wanted to strangle the bastard on the spot.

The old lady is so cheesy here to help you figure out a solution, but you are better, just one sentence to feed the dog.

Lu Defu seemed to have known Wiliam’s answer a long time ago, and glanced at Lu Furong provocatively.

His eyes seemed to say, how? The protagonist doesn’t say anything, what are you worrying about here?

Then, Lu Defu said graciously: “These two conditions, one of them is that the medicinal materials you distinguish are different from these people.”

Lu Defu had thought out all the countermeasures just now.

According to his thinking, the difficulty has increased more than ten times!

Thousands of times!

It is simply not something mortal can do.

Lu Furong’s face was cold, suppressing the unhappiness in her heart, but she was already panicking.

Lu Defu continued: “I will give you something alone, but this thing is not a medicinal material, but a finished plaster.”

As soon as Lu Defu finished speaking, Lu Furong exploded directly!


It’s so deceiving!

These people at the scene, the medicinal materials they were trying to distinguish, were blindly integrated, not mixed, and placed in front of them.

They were able to distinguish in order.

Now, even a finished ointment is directly given!

Everyone present knows a little bit about drugs.

The finished ointment is to grind several medicinal materials into powder according to a certain ratio and then mix them together.

Finally, after a certain process refinement, it can be called a finished product!

In this process of mixing and refining, the taste of some medicinal materials has long disappeared.

Even a lot of chemicals will be added in the middle.

How can it be distinguished!

Otherwise, the medicines that everyone uses on the market all smell of Chinese medicine, so who would use it?

This Lu Defu is simply deceiving people too much.

People have already covered their noses and eyes, and it is even more impossible to distinguish the finished ointment.

These people present, let alone distinguish, it is estimated that the eyes and nose are used together, and they will all have to be blind.

Not to mention the scene, even some doctors in Beilinlu’s family would not be able to do this.

This completely surpasses the basic qualities of a healer.

The Beilin Lu Family’s assessment was not recruiting servants, but a great god.

If Wiliam has this skill, come to Beilin Lujia to dry wool!

Isn’t it fragrant to go out for a meal with this craft?

Everyone at the scene had already thought of the difficulty of climbing into the sky, and they were all speechless.

This is nothing more than a move, a move is fatal.

This kid can’t do this at all.

But Lu Defu’s words continued.

“As for the last condition, I want you to write down the specific ingredients of the finished ointment, and it is not bad before it is considered to pass. If the medicinal materials are in the wrong proportion, this will not work.” Lu Defu said slowly.

With the difficulty of the previous ointment, now it is proposed to be 100% accurate, and everyone has felt it is not surprising.

After all, I can’t tell the difference. Why do you want this second point?

Solve the first point before thinking about the second point.

Lu Furong only felt a trance.

This is not as simple as making things difficult for people.

Let Lu Defu answer with his conscience, Beilin Lu Family, how many can meet the requirements he just mentioned?

I am afraid that only the old prince can do it in the whole government!

Lu Furong shook her head, failing.

Also, Lu Defu had already settled his grudge with Wiliam, how could he let this kid enter the Beilin Lu family again.

That’s fine. After Wiliam failed, he would save his life to save this kid’s life and let him leave the Beilin Lu family.

Thinking of this, Lu Furong didn’t bother to care about Lu Defu.

She even asked Wiliam for Lu Defu: “What do you say now?

And Wiliam nodded, “What are you talking about? Are you finished? Let’s start.”

And everyone was completely baptized by Wiliam’s arrogance, and now seeing him agree to it again, it’s not as surprised as before.

Anyway, this kid has a tough head, so he should use a realistic beating to teach him how to be a man.

Lu Defu smiled with satisfaction, and then said: “Then wait and see, I have confidence in you, I hope you don’t let me down, I’m in the third level, waiting for you! Come on!”

After speaking, he asked his men to cover Wiliam’s nose and eyes.

Feliicity was feeling a little uneasy on Wiliam’s back.

She is a layman who knows how disgusting Lu Defuti’s condition is.

However, the words of worry cannot be said.

Suddenly she stretched out her slender hand, gently writing on Wiliam’s back.

She wrote four words and a punctuation, “Are you confident?”

Wiliam shook his head lightly, and answered honestly, “Not confident.”

Yes, according to these conditions, Wiliam himself was not confident that he answered 100% correctly.

After all, the mouth, nose and eyes are an important channel, and if they are completely closed, it is also an annoyance for him.

If the mouth, nose and eyes were still there, Wiliam would have no idea how to distinguish ointments.

After all, he had done this kind of thing in front of everyone in Q City ( Qena City ) before.

At that time, the old expert named Wang Yuming suddenly treated him like a god.

It’s just that now, I can only take one step, which is one step.

As Wiliam got ready, Lu Defu suddenly whispered to his men and said, “Go, you go and get the bottle of plaster that the little princess likes most, ho ho, that bottle, but a good thing.”


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