Dragon Husband Chapter 691

Chapter 691

He suddenly became extremely embarrassed when he heard it. He hesitated and said, “Steward Lu, are you talking about the bottle the little princess put in the drawer? That thing, but even our elders are a little bit unable to distinguish. If you bring it here, won’t there be a certain number by then?”

But Lu Defu wanted this kind of effect. He touched his beard and smiled proudly: “Ho ho, you don’t understand. Sometimes, if there is an answer, it is the best answer.”

The subordinate was nervous and asked weakly, “But if the little princess knows about this matter…”

Lu Defu suddenly became a little impatient, “How long has the little princess come back? I dare not deal with any small things, what am I keeping you for?”

As soon as the threatening words came out, the subordinate nodded respectfully, “I will do it now!”

The other people on the scene, because the medicinal materials had been prepared in advance, they began to distinguish the medicine first.

These are just basic knowledge, but they are like enemies one by one.

After all, they all know the basics, and now they are fighting for accuracy, and then adding time to the accuracy.

In just five or six minutes, everyone at the scene had already answered.

Then the referee announced the results one by one.

Wang Yiran has the best results.

Wang Yiran burst out laughing when he heard that he was number one.

And everyone, also hypocritically congratulated.

Everyone knows that Wang Yiran has his uncle draped over here, and it is difficult to win.

Then, everyone’s eyes were cast on Wiliam.

This guy with his mouth, nose and eyes covered is still standing in front of a clean table.

There is nothing in front of me, but it makes people feel like they are in their hearts.

Everyone is now waiting to see the show.

This is unprecedented difficulty in the history of Beilin Lu family recruiting servants.

Not to mention the recruitment of servants, the recruitment of staff members last year has not changed so much. The difficulty of the state.

They just waited to see how this kid made a fool of himself.

Don’t be scared by the time, if you can’t answer a word, it will be really funny.

At this time, Lu Defu’s men hurried over.

In his hand, he held a bottle carefully.

He carefully handed the bottle to Lu Defu.

And Lu Furong on the side, seeing the bottle of plaster, suddenly his face changed!

She was furious on the spot, “Housekeeper Lu! Do you dare to move the little princess privately…”

But she didn’t finish her words, and was interrupted coldly by Lu Defu, “Lu Furong, are you going to vent the question now?”

Lu Furong choked, so angry that he slammed his fist in the air!


The difficulty was already as high as the sky, and now I use an unsolved problem to test this kid!

If the little princess comes back, she must take a good look at this old book in front of the little princess!

Lu Defu personally took the bottle of ointment, came to Wiliam’s face, and asked arrogantly: “Are you ready?”

Wiliam nodded, indicating that he was ready.

Lu Defu put the ointment in front of Wiliam and said jokingly, “What you have to distinguish is the composition of this bottle of ointment, but I’m the first to talk about this bottle of ointment, but we are a big man in the Lu family in Beilin. This is a very cherished ointment. Only this one bottle is reserved for the collection. So you can never use too much, otherwise, even me, will not save your life.”

Everyone was speechless.

This Lu Defu is really cunning.

There are only two conditions, and this sentence undoubtedly adds several difficulties.

It made Wiliam not allowed to use more ointments, which increased the difficulty of identifying medicines.

It also gave Wiliam extremely pressure.

On his head, there is now a sharp sword hanging!

Wiliam didn’t change his expression, took a deep breath, then stretched out his hand and touched the bottle of ointment.

But when he touched the bottle of ointment, his heart shook.

The brows frowned slightly.

He opened the bottle of ointment casually, stretched out his finger, and lightly tapped the ointment.

Everyone saw clearly that this bottle of ointment was a green-green ointment.

In the sun, between the blue and green, it is crystal clear and beautiful.

And people who are close can even smell a faint fragrance.

It’s refreshing.

Some people do not know how to smell it desperately, wanting to say if they can smell something.

But three seconds later, they all gave up.

It’s too difficult to smell the herbs.

Everyone saw that Wiliam rubbed this little ointment on his own face.

Then, he did not speak for a long time.

No one knew what Wiliam was thinking about now.

It should be very nervous, very nervous.

Can’t smell, can’t see.

Now I can only do this, and I can recognize it by touch and feeling.

But these two feelings, if you want to distinguish the medicine, I am afraid that the reincarnation of the genius doctor will be enough.

Lu Furong looked at Wiliam’s face sinking like water, and her throat was also mentioned in her heart.

Although it was a good ending to know that this kid couldn’t tell, she seemed to have a sixth sense in her mind.

This kid seems to know something.

Is he thinking?

Sure enough, after a while, Wiliam signaled that the referee could put the ointment away.

This scene made Lu Defu’s mouth twitch slightly.

Sure enough, the previous words are useful.

This kid didn’t dare to use the ointment anymore, even if he was afraid that the medicine couldn’t tell the difference, he also ended up angering the big man of Beilin Lu’s and separating his head and head.

Then, Wiliam continued to the referee next to him: “I said, you remember.”

As soon as this word came out, the eyes of everyone around him widened.


Can you really tell?

What a fool?

Only two insiders, Lu Defu and Lu Furong, showed surprised expressions.

No matter what Wiliam said, it was wrong.

It’s useless work.

But the referee seriously took the paper and pen and listened to the names of the medicines that Wiliam slowly said.

“Bailiang rice 3%, Bai Fuling and Pokeweed 0.8% each, Chaoben 0.34%, Gansong and Lingxiang each 1.2%, Polygonatum odoratum 0.7%…”

However, the people at the scene were full of hip-hop.

“Yo yo yo, this kid is getting more and more true, and getting more and more energized.”

“There is still 0.34%, so accurate, I almost believe it.”

“Ho ho, who wouldn’t be a serious nonsense? It’s just to save yourself a little face. I’ll know how ignorant I am when I get beaten up later.”

They laughed happily, but they didn’t realize that the two people present, like a medical saint, had cold limbs!

At the beginning, Lu Defu was listening to this kid with a joking heart.

But the more he heard the end, he only felt his breath, as if being severely choked!

His eyes widened!

Until Wiliam finished speaking, Lu Defu took two trembling steps back!

He pointed to Wiliam in disbelief, as if he saw a wild monster born out of the sky, full of infinite fear!

Because only because!

The medicinal materials that Wiliam said were the same as the speculated medicinal ingredients he had previously obtained from an elder of the Lu family in Beilin!

Exactly the same!


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